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Spinnaker Resorts Spinnaker Resorts 35 DeAllyon Avenue Hilton Head, SC 29928 / customer service, booking department, sales and marketing (Complaint)

Mary811 May 17, 2018

the most difficult timeshare group to work in regard to making reservations, customer service, and dealing with the sales department at Spinnaker Resort. We were hoping the negative reviews on Trip Advisor were not true, however, we have found out the hard way that they are indeed true...

Diamond Resorts International Virginia Beach Virginia / timeshare (Complaint)

sassy1445 May 16, 2018

The timeshare presentation and the sales pitch was false and misleading. They promised a unit and then when I went to stay there they claimed I was entitled to a unit that faced the street. This was supposed to be an upgrade from an ocean front view unit. I attended the presentation and expected to be treated fairly but there were great discrepancies between representatives verbal presentation and the timeshare I actually received...

Royal Holiday / royal holiday is a scam! (Complaint Comment)

cynk1 May 16, 2018

and get my deposit on timeshare back. I was threaten by company for payment and i told them they will not get a cent from me so bring it on, I mailed all documents to bank and tourism and i got money back and timeshare was canceled, Main reason is because i made attempts to cancel with 3 days to no avail and had my receipts for mail sent and i refused to give them a cent and card was canceled so they couldn't take any money from it...

Unlimited Vacation Club / timeshare (Complaint)

Glynn55 May 16, 2018

Unlimited Vacation Club timesharelegal action against a timeshare company...

Worldmark by Wyndham Angels Camp Timeshare Angels camp ca / our stay (Complaint)

SaraRc May 15, 2018

Worldmark by Wyndham timeshare in California for 5/13/2018 to 5/15/2018. We checked in got our room I realized I had a bank alert from my bank app and realize that I was double-charged mind you they did not mention this when we checked in. so I called the front desk and they said that they had made a mistake and double-charged us and the girl that I spoke to gave me a 1-800 number to follow up to Wyndham extra holidays...

Raintree Vacation Club Menifee California / maintenance fees (Complaint Comment)


advantage of our fellow timeshare holders, we are getting desperate! Again, they don't care, just say to watch out for this and that company. I had another timeshare, bought at the same time, Playa Grande, and they were understanding. They just took back 2 weeks I had with them and did not charge a transfer fee...

Royal Club International Section 2 Noida UP India Noida / illegal withdrawal of money from credit card (Complaint)

manoj0083ster May 15, 2018

Company name - royals timeshare india private limited (royal club international) Registration number - 093513 Date of incorporation - 25/05/2017 Registered address - c - 3, first floor sector - 2 noida gautam buddha nagar up 201301 in Directors - pradeep kumar & arvind singh This is just a travel agency, does not have any properties in their name which most of the sales person will claim during the meeting with you...

Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts Los cabos / timeshare (Complaint)

murphy@texas May 14, 2018

My husband and I were visiting los cabos last week and we were lured into accepting an invitation for 90 minute presentation with some gifts. Everything was ok with our sales person called Wren (do not know the last name) until it came to decision time. since we were not showing interest i...

Hyatt Vacation Club / fraud (Complaint Comment)

lee dee May 12, 2018

then wasting it on a timeshare. You'll be stuck with the ever increasing maintenance fees, that they try to justify. Well I wonder. 250 x 52 x #of units (100? they don't know) = $6, 500, 000. 00. SIX MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for just this one resort! My God; just what kind of maintenance is needed on this place? They can't even replace the 12 year old towels...

Hyatt Vacation Club / fraud (Complaint Comment)

lee dee May 12, 2018

then wasting it on a timeshare. You'll be stuck with the ever increasing maintenance fees, that they try to justify when I ask about it. Well I wonder. !250 x 52 x #of units (100? they don't know) = $6, 500, 000. 00. Yes, that's SIX MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS every year for maintenance...

Worldmark By Wyndham / ownership scam and fraudulent practices (Complaint)

ReyRey2018 May 11, 2018

The promises about the timeshare have been unfulfilled and the sale was done under fraudulent conditions...

Diamond Resorts International Las Vegas Nevada / timeshare scammers (Complaint)

Rebecca Ransom May 11, 2018

cheap to get into a timeshare. They showed us a cheap monthly payment on a scribbled piece of paper that they didn't want to give us when we asked for it. The originals numbers presented never showed up on any of the documents rec'd afterward. We felt tricked into signing. Avoid this company. This mislead by acting nice and wonderful, only to hit you with an expensive cost later...

Bluegreen Vacations Boca Raton Florida / my timeshare ownership (Complaint)

DaveOrren May 10, 2018

presentation" about their timeshare program. We went to the meeting and were separated from our kids immediately. The video presentation alone lasted for an hour, then we were taken to the Shorecrest Resort to be toured through the facility for over another hour. We returned to the conference center to sit down with the sales representative to be subjected to a high-pressure sales presentation where NO was not an option...

Swiss Alliance Group Miami Florida / Scam (Complaint Comment)

Elizabeth Jessing May 6, 2018

I will never again buy timeshare properties. Vallarta Gardens should be held responsible for this company. Doing business with places in Mexico has its problems. So think before you give your money away...

Vacation Village at Parkway / Lando Resorts Florida New York / timeshare (Complaint)

Magdalena Lagun May 2, 2018

We purchased the timeshare in December 2015, the sales rep. Mrs. Eileen Luyando told us many things that we found out later that she lied about. What we paid for isn't what we got. We were tricked into a few hours TIMESHARE presentation at this resort. !!! I regret we ever stayed there, from the first conversation at the front desk...

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Timeshare Sales / time share scam (Complaint Comment)

lagioiella Apr 30, 2018

Do not purchase a timeshare from these people. They will type in a fake address on your contract so that you cannot send a timeshare cancellation letter let alone own a timeshare at a fake address. They will also discuss your finances with third parties. Be prepared to get weird phone calls from Mexicans claiming to be attorneys working for the Mexican Government that are investigating them that want all your personal information...

WLY* / unauthorized charges to bank account (Complaint Comment)

colinsv Apr 30, 2018

Resorts - if you are into timeshare holidays then it is a great company to join and you can have free holidays for life, if not they are people who are far too aggressive in their marketing strategies and can give you a giant headache. Complete savings should just be a bit more up front with the deductions and their reputation won't be damaged...

Villa Del Palmar Flamingos Puerto Vallarta / fraudulent services (Complaint)

Anonymous1783 Apr 30, 2018

after the closing of a timeshare. We wired him the money, at which point he sent us an example of what to write to the company and he would turn in to the company to have our contract canceled. After the company failed to cancel our contract, we asked that he send us our money back, he denied our request and refused to send us our money...

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Cabo San Lucas / timeshare fraud and breach of contract (Complaint)

lagioiella Apr 30, 2018

husband and I purchased a timeshare at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. The very next day they were in contact with a timeshare sales agent we know at the Diamonte Resort nearby and not only threatened to fine him if we cancelled our contract with Pueblo Bonito but they breached their contract by talking about our finances with him "a third party" which is stipulated in the contract...

Marriott Vacation Club International / timeshare purchase (Complaint)

Matthew Beck Apr 30, 2018

Vacation Club, the timeshare, not the resort itself, which is a beautiful place for a vacation. Below is the occurrence of events that has given my wife and I a lot of anxiety after being suckered into a timeshare with the Marriott Vacation Club. We can start two weeks after we signed the contract and before we made the first payment...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Maine / Timeshare (Complaint Comment)

Rachel Anne Apr 29, 2018

I am still responsible for my timeshare and wasted so much time and money on this person. I know his family and am disgusted that I believed in him and still he stole my money. DO NOT PAY HIM A PENNY!!! YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN AND HE WILL NOT DO WHAT HE SAYS...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

Lizzy Liz1 Apr 29, 2018

I am planning on reaching out to a Timeshare lawyer th st was recommended by someone I trust to see what they can do to help. My credit score is still unaffected and I am almost 2 years past due...

Westgate Resorts Tennessee / class action (Complaint Comment)

Please NO TIMESHARE CANCELLATION GROUP CONTACT ME. I AM NOT IN THE MOOD. This vicious cycle of Predatory sales and lending practices conducted by Westgate Resorts by THE THOUSANDS and the inability for the victims to be heard and the predatory practices of the EXIT CANCELLATION COMPANIES that COMPOUND the injuries HAS TO STOP...

Westgate Resorts Tennessee / class action (Complaint Comment)

A gentleman at a Timeshare cancellation company in Orlando (using timeshare scare sales tactics) told me Westgate paid for their A+ Better Business Bureau rating. I'm looking into it but he said that a company can pay to have negative reviews removed and be given an A+ rating at FLorida BBB...

Royal Holiday / Royal Holiday Scam, solved! (Complaint)

DebraGibson Apr 27, 2018

I Hired Mexican Timeshare solutions a lawyers firm and they get my contract cancellation in 3 months. I leave you more complaints about Royal Holiday if you have the desire to buy a timeshare, first read this. https://www. timesharescam. com/timeshare-complaints-resorts-black-list/7-royal-holiday-timeshare-complaints/...