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Interval International / / exchange certificates (Complaint)


the use of owning a timeshare for exchange when I am quoted those kinds of prices? I can go directly to other sites with all inclusive for a fraction of this price. This is a total ripoff. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I can't wait to get rid of my timeshare and get out of those scams...

Westgate Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee / timeshare (Complaint)

After purchasing a time share through them. We paid $500 down with an agreement to make a payoff payment on down payment in two months with income tax. When signing paperwork they then split the payment in two and had us scheduled in a month for the initial payment. They assured us the pay...

Worldventures / pyramid scheme with a twist (Complaint Comment)


This company topped my timeshare, my travel agent, and any trip I have booked myself. The trips I went on before Dreamtrips did not create a lifetime friendship I gained through this club...

Wyndham Vacation Ownership North Myrtle Beach South Carolina / went through a timeshare presentation (Complaint)

John3@& Feb 27, 2018

Before we did the timeshare presentation we asked that they would not run our credit check because it could affect our score and they said they would not run it but they did run it and it made a negative impact on our credit score. We are not happy at all! We also told them that we are in the process of buying a home and they assured us that it would not be ran...

Les Maisons Investments Florida New York / Scamers (Complaint Comment)

Susand1956 Feb 27, 2018

says they can sell you timeshare, auction it off, rent it. They are Scammers...

Westgate Timeshares Orlando Florida / Sales tactics (Complaint Comment)

franala Feb 23, 2018

the Westgate Resort timeshare presentation in Kissimmee in return for lower priced tickets for a theme park. The presentation, we were told, would last 90 minutes. We were there for 3 1/2 hours. Met with the sales rep and made it clear we were not going to invest in a timeshare. He did not listen to anything we had to say, but rather tried to convince us that we would save a bundle of $$ during our future travels...

Ivacasia Phuket / timeshare reseller (Complaint)

Glonic Feb 22, 2018

Ivacasia is a company based in phuket that offered to resell my marriott vacation club asia pacific (mvcap) for a fee. After paying the "advertising" fee, you will not hear from them again. They (doug hall and don) never called from a listed number but via voip, so you will not be able to ...

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC] Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic / vacation club (Complaint Comment)

R. DeShields Feb 22, 2018

not forever like our timeshare they told us they purchased. However we have not sent the deeds to LHVC and won't. If the class action suite gets started let me know. R. DeShields rgoode5@hotmail. com...

Palace Elite / palace elite tiempo compartido, horrible experiencia (Complaint)

Erik Gardner Feb 22, 2018

abogados de mexican timeshare solutions y ellos se encargaron de la cancelación. Con ellos fue una muy buena experiencia, solucionaron nuestro inconveniente de manera muy eficiente y eficaz, los recomiendo absolutamente, son un servicio profesional. Sí bien los honorarios no son baratos, terminan por serlo, al realizar una excelente tarea y librar a las personas engañadas y apuradas para firmar y pagar adelantos de un contrato absolutamente leonino...

Sell My Timeshare Now / Buyer, seller beware! (Complaint Comment)

Oldandhurt Feb 22, 2018

Sell my timeshare now is not what they seem. They tell you they are a marketing company. They put an ad on a web site that only people desperate to sell their timeshares go to. We fell for it. We are an older couple and feel we were scammed. They charged us over $3000 to put our timeshares on a website that is really not a marketing tool...

Diamond Resorts Las Vegas Nevada / platinum ownership scam (Complaint Comment)

kcmro Feb 19, 2018

getting out of your timeshare? We upgraded a couple years ago to what we were told was Platinum. Even when you log onto their website it states our status is Platinum. We did an owners update a few months ago in Kansas City & was told we were not Platinum but Gold. How can that be. I am so sick of always being told one thing & finding out later that is not the case...

Festiva Development Group Murrells Inlet South Carolina / timeshare (Complaint)

MarBev Feb 17, 2018

If anyone has any information on how to get out of this waste of hard earned money, please let me know. We signed up under the pretense that all we had to do was call and we could get an ocean front room anytime. We can't even get one away from there. Lies! Lies! Lies! Direct misrepresenta...

Marriott Vacation Club / stay away! (Complaint Comment)

MVC Owner Feb 17, 2018

We purchased a timeshare in Las Vegas for about $19, 000 in 2008. The timeshare is now worth less that $5000 and Marriott claims a marker downturn. As far as points, Yes, you can redeem you Week for Marriott Rewards points but they charge $134 to do so and they will deny the use of points for any reason...

Diamond Resorts International / diamond resorts international (Complaint)

Blondell Feb 16, 2018

I have some concerns with my timeshare. I went to a promotion in November 2016, I was pressured into buying a higher priced timeshare than I already had. Than in December 2017, I took one of the vacations with my points. I was only on a 4 day vacation and the sales people wasted a half a day of my vacation pressuring me into buying more vacation time that I did not need or want...

Westgate Resorts Tennessee / class action (Complaint Comment)

lrogariburns Feb 14, 2018

We were misled to believe this timeshare would be updated even brought into the same building with a newly renovated unit and shown how ours would look. Last time were there in 2014 nothing had changed; same carpets furniture EVERYTHING, except now it comes with a smell. I complained and asked how they can charge me maintenance fees if it wasn't being maintained...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Maine / Timeshare Cancellation (Complaint Comment)

Michael Harris Feb 11, 2018

Whatever the dispute with the Timeshare, the credit card is a 3rd party finance company, who had nothing to do with it. I just received an email from them to setting. What I'll try to do is arrange to pay the original amount charged, Less what I had already paid, and any fees/interest/penalties...

Timeshare Release Now Westford Massachusetts / no one can be reached, scammed? (Complaint Comment)

Michael Harris Feb 11, 2018

cancelling out of a timeshare, in situations of misrepresentation specifically (as in my case) the best thing to do is to look for an actual law firm specializing in Timeshare litigation, specifically in the state that the Timeshare adheres to. So, he gave me some contact information for a Law firm based in Nevada, as Diamond Resorts is based out of, and have to adhere to Nevada Law...

Timeshare Release Now Westford Massachusetts / no one can be reached, scammed? (Complaint Comment)

Michael Harris Feb 9, 2018

the sole owner of Timeshare Release Now. However, on the BBB website, there is another name listed as the Owner/President of the company. Johnathan Phillips. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find any contact information for him either. I've contacted family members I found mourning him on Facebook, but did not want to be to forward so soon after his passing to ask for business information...

Westgate Resorts / service (Complaint Comment)

Marvingardens Feb 7, 2018

All parties to the timeshare must sign. Do not delay. Otherwise you will be locked in to a perpetual obligation to Westgate. And just so you know, Noah was probably playing mind games with you. And they worked...

Westgate Resorts / service (Complaint)

JasmineMarie Feb 6, 2018

should purchase the timeshare to prove that I could afford the time-share. So I did. I am very hurt by the way I was so poorly treated by Noah. Everyone else that I communicated with from Joe to Carlos and Chris were great. However, Noah has left a terrible taste in my mouth and I don't want to associates myself with a Business that employs staff such as Noah...

Timeshare Release Now / release from timeshare contracts (Complaint)

Michael Harris Feb 6, 2018

else who contracted Timeshare Release Now, LLC, and is unable to contact Dustin Michaels (Dustin Lemelin) After nearly 3 weeks of unanswered phone calls, emails, and texts, I began searching Maine's various sites for Arrests, and obituaries. (not really thinking I would find anything, but again 3 weeks with no contact had gone by) I was shocked to find this: http://obituaries...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Maine / Timeshare Cancellation (Complaint Comment)

Michael Harris Feb 5, 2018

paid or contacted the Timeshare Resorts since Last August. For all I know, the paperwork needing to go to the resorts for cancellation request are sitting in his office, and I've not been able to identify any one who is potentially taking over his case files. I feel awful that such a young guy has passed, and left behind a young son, but I'm also in a situation where I'm thousands of dollars behind now on payments, with no way of knowing what the next steps are...

Brevan Asset Management Denver Colorado / breaking contract - non payment of fees (Complaint)

Unhappy Customer 21 Feb 5, 2018

We purchased a fractional timeshare in Los Cabos (Bloom Residences) on the condition of the sale of our existing timeshare on Dec 1, 2016. We have paid for the ownership in full in addition to the escrow fees for the sale of our timeshare. They guaranteed sale of our timeshare and payment in full for it by December 1, 2017...

Timeshare Release Now Westford Massachusetts / no one can be reached, scammed? (Complaint)

Nick Abbott Feb 5, 2018

promise of getting my timeshare resolved/ canceled. I have gotten letters showing something was delivered to the timeshare agency, Innseasons, however I received no responses. I finally received a call last week because an Attorney General complaint was filed and they want to settle for a partial fee...

Universal Vacation Club San Diego and Mexico California / Buyer beware of the villa group - uvc (Complaint Comment)

Pablo NLV Feb 4, 2018

availability within the timeshare inventory...