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Getaway USA Tampa Florida / 3 day 2 night hotel stay (Complaint Comment)

Deepka Lalwani Jul 3, 2018

Have timeshare in other companies, have gone for different promotions but never came across such liers and cheats. Exploria resorts have stopped working with them. I was not given any reason but easy to understand why...

Royal Holiday / royal holiday timeshare scam, please be careful (Complaint)

catherine bates Jul 2, 2018

with this unwanted timeshare was finally resolved. We hope no one ever has to go through this nightmare! Thank Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a successful outcome and it was a pleasure working with them. If you are an old couple, beware of timeshare they are definitely not for you...

Holiday Inn Club Vacations/Orange Lake Country Club / timeshare/lying scamming thieves (Complaint)

Julio Fragosa Jun 26, 2018

Do not get a timeshare from these people. To listen to their salesmen, this was the best deal ever. Go anywhere, go anytime, easy on-line booking, value going up up up. We are telling you these promises are nothing but lies sold to us by high-pressure salesmen. I am going to tell you how it really is! I paid have paid over $17, 000 in the last 5 1/2 years and have gone on vacation 3 times...

Capital Resorts Biloxi Mississippi / Deceptive and fraudulent sales (Complaint Comment)

dklokis Jun 25, 2018

i wanted to sell my timeshare, to sell it back to them. I tried this morning and I was told that I can not sell it until it is all paid up, and at that point, i must go through a realtor to sell it. They are very deceiving and nothing that i was told at the presentation was true. If there is anything that can be done, please let me know??...

Bluegreen Vacations at Big Cedar Lodge Branson Missouri / timeshare (Complaint)

Jbms Jun 20, 2018

Sat through sales talk and decided to try the sampler. Of course, the summer months we could not use I found out when trying to book. Then, booked in November. The was not enough parking available so had to walk a good distance to bring everything inside. They had me as a platinum member s...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Oregon / not able to contact anyone has not delivered on contract (Complaint Comment)

Irene Parker Jun 19, 2018

You can contact Timeshare Advocacy Group, we are volunteer members helping members. We removed Dustin from Timeshare Release from our group. https://www. facebook. com/timeshareadvocategroup/ I just learned Dustin, one of our former Facebook members, has died of a drug overdose. This from a Timeshare Advocacy Group post, the Facebook Tina Timeshare suggested we launch during the AZ AG investigation due to the deadline to file for the DRI investigation...

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Cleveland Ohio / phone calls (Complaint)

Richard Carney Jun 18, 2018

to get us to sell a timeshare with Wyndham that we've never owned. We do not now nor have we ever owned a timeshare with Wyndham or anyone else and why people keep calling us trying to sell are imaginary timeshare is beyond us. These phone calls are coming in on a cell phone that gets charged by the minute I want Wyndham to take me off your call list...

Diamond Resorts International / customer service (Complaint)

TracyD769 Jun 12, 2018

people to buy into their timeshare...

Diamond International Resorts / timeshare (Complaint)

kw3 Jun 11, 2018

We are paying annual fees, and there are no available bookings any time of the year we want to go. Basically fraud, indicating you can take vacations at properties they list on website but after every search the website says no available dates. The consumer protection bureau should certain...

Les Maisons Investments Florida New York / Scamers (Complaint Comment)

Verna Duchesneau Jun 11, 2018

obligation to sell your timeshare. This review cost me $1, 996 to make - hope it saves you from making the same mistake! I am angry and embarrassed to have been caught in this scam! Verna...

Orange lake resorts/Holiday Inn Club Vacations Kissimmee Florida / deceitful timeshare sales (Complaint)

Gina Sheppard Jun 9, 2018

/> We first signed a timeshare contract with Holliday Inn/Orange Lake June 2, 2015, for 79, 000 points at the Las Vegas Desert Club in Las Vegas, NV. We signed an upgrade contract Nov. 12, 2016, at South Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC, for 136, 000 points and used equity from the first as a down payment...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

Shirley Yarbrough Jun 8, 2018

They are using timeshare properties for vacation clubs and timeshare owners have none of the benefits of the vacation club unless they spend thousands more to get points!!!...

Vacation & Timeshare Rentals El Segundo, CA / user scam (Complaint)

ranger** Jun 5, 2018

On this site is a timeshare rental offer for the Kaanapali Beach Club in Lahaina, Maui. The owner is listed as "Chase". We communicated with him and made an offer which he accepted. We were an extended family needing additional units and he said he had a second one available. He told us to make payments through PayPal which we did...

Hilton Head Guest Services Hilton Head Island South Carolina / timeshare (Complaint)

Jaseeee Jun 5, 2018

Hilton Head Guest Services timeshareThe guy that runs this program his name is Jim. He is an old man who takes advantage of employees. The company housing is in the hood of Hilton Head, called Cordillo. It is a very poor place to live on this Island. If you like crack and heroin this place is for you. I would stay far away f...

Diamond Resorts International Las Vegas Nevada / timeshare... crooks... pressure sales (Complaint)

piruete17 Jun 5, 2018

My husband and I were Monarch Resort Timeshare owners. Once in our "update" the sales reps told us that Monarch went bankrupt. We were told if we didn't upgrade to Diamond Resorts international points we would only be left with 6 properties to choose from. They told us that trying to sell a timeshare associated with a bankrupt company would be impossible and that we would lose the investment we had made...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Lora Lee Jun 4, 2018

we were sick of our timeshare at any point in time they would buy it back for a 20% commission fee. When I called them to buy it back less the 20% fee and they told me they never did that. PLEASE include me in any Class Action Lawsuit! Thanks lora8555@gmail. com...

Westgate Resorts Kissimmee Florida / items taken from room, and no useful follow up from security staff (Complaint)

Sam Kell Jun 2, 2018

RCI Exchange for the timeshare that my dad owns. Unannounced, on the morning of March 28th, staff came in to clean the room. They did not clean any other day of the week and there was no notice of when they would come. I had a gold necklace on the bathroom counter that I had cleaned and left to dry...

Westgate Resorts Bronx New York / timeshare (Complaint)

David.Rodriguez217 May 31, 2018

I was told I was buying a two bedroom loft and he seems to be that they just took him $12 000out of my account and gave me a with Sealed talking tomorrow after you finish your vacation home and opened it up I'm thinking to purchase at home and it was all lies I was in a medical leave not w...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club / timeshare scam (Complaint)

Betty Uribe May 30, 2018

We purchased out time share in 2003 paid off 2008 NEVER missed a payment. Only used it two times, out dates were NEVER available even though I tried book year in advance. Also the "all inclusive" was outrages cost for family of four. During sale they promised airline discounts, free points...

Bluegreen Vacations / reservation for timeshare presentation (Complaint)

Barkley9633 May 27, 2018

When I made reservations on 5/22/2018, I was assured that I would be staying at a certain specific location. On 5/23/2018, I received an email regarding questions I had about the preview time, preview location and the location of the Welcome Center. The email gave me the location of the we...

Westgate Resorts Gatlinburg Tennessee / class action lawsuit (Complaint Comment)

Jeff1gil May 26, 2018

without having to buy the timeshare. They also did claim things in their sales process that they never did, like adding a water park at their River Ranch location...

Wyndham Rewards / reward points removed twice (Complaint)

running the show May 23, 2018

for their hotels and timeshare activities, there is a ever-increasing number of complaints in regard to deceptive practices. I know one thing for certain, I shall not stay with them again and I shall tell everyone about my experiences...

Fair Market Services New Port Richey Florida / timeshare scammers (Complaint Comment)

Miho Michael May 23, 2018

rent my membership of timeshare. Nothing happened for months. So, I tried to get refunded. But they insisted "No Refundable". In the beginning, the sales agent told me that if another company sold my membership, they would refund the service charge. Actually, my membership was transferred by another company...

Vallarta Gardens Resort wyoming? / promise to buy my fla. timeshare (Complaint)

marcella shaul May 23, 2018

timeshare. After multiple emails and lies regarding when I would receive payment; the most recent being "the end of April 2018", I have figure out it isn't going to happen. I noticed on my contract that the company who is supposed to pay me, ASCOMSC, is actually out of Wyoming. I am going to file a complaint with the Wyoming State Attorney General's office...

Vidanta / vidanta timeshare scam - resolved (Complaint)

christine morales May 17, 2018

After having a timeshare for a couple years with Vidanta group, my husband and I realized that it was a financial burden. The maintenance fees continue rising and each time it was a heavier financial burden. We had no complaint about the facilities because since we vacationed there without having a timeshare we liked them, but the fees kept going up and it was getting harder and harder to be able to book at the resort...