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Forever Grand Vacations Branson Missouri / Scam (Complaint Comment)

Bonnie Yoder Oct 17, 2018

She has two timeshares and of course they wanted her to get rid of them and just go with them. They started at the price of $10, 000. 00 dollars, she said she wasn't doing it, then it was $7500. 00, she still said no and they sent us to other people. Finally they said if we each bought one, they would do it for $5, 000...

Capital Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee / Unethical behavior (Complaint Comment)

JamesPenn Oct 16, 2018

my wife and I into a Timeshare. We were promised the moon and haven't got anything but hardship and regret. The fees increase every year. It is impossible to book at properties...

Westgate Resorts Lansing Illinois / timeshare (Complaint)

Proudnana77 Oct 12, 2018

We went to a sale seminar about the resort. And first off I feel like we were pressured into it. It's Westgate in the smokies that we got a condo at then it burnt down so we were never ever able to use. Then Westgate contacted me saying they wanted to transfer me to Orlando Westgate and I ...

Les Maisons Investments Holiday Florida / I paid them $1,996.00 to auction off my rci timeshare back on march 9th, 2018 (Complaint)

Mark A Thompson Oct 9, 2018

rent my RCI points timeshare. Rental Price $900. 00 Negotiable. Sale Price $30, 996. 00 negotiable. I paid them up-Front $1, 996. 00 from my Discover credit card. The person that I have talked to several times is Katherine Maloney. Her Rep license# TP 34482. I have not heard from her in 4 months. When I call and they answer the phone they always make up some story...

Capital Resorts Group Myrtle Beach South Carolina / death of owner/aged co-owner (Complaint Comment)

Traceys24 Oct 7, 2018

experience working for a timeshare company that you were not able to talk your parents into rescinding immediately. Perhaps they didn't tell you until it was too late. Also to complicate things there are also Capital Resorts memberships and Grand Crowne Resorts memberships (if they bought prior to 2014 and never upgraded to Capital)...

Westgate Resorts Fraud Orlando Florida / fraud sales practices and no fraud dept (Complaint Comment)

Johnclaud1 Oct 5, 2018

Hi my name is John Smithson about a timeshare from Westgate resort in Orlando April 2017 at sense my wife got sick and passed away in February of this year and I’ve tried to get them to cancel it I have not made no payments in nine months I found out after I bought it after the 10 day cancellation...

Capital Resorts Group Myrtle Beach South Carolina / death of owner/aged co-owner (Complaint)

B. DAndrea Oct 4, 2018

cash in full when the timeshare was purchased. Now, with him gone, she is on a very restricted income. She telephoned Capital Resorts asking for help as she can in no way afford the maintenance fee or travel anymore, asked if they would just take it back, no money exchanged, and they declined, actually found that suggestion humorous... Dover New Hampshire / fraudulent business practice (Complaint Comment)

DataQuest Digital Oct 4, 2018

Hi i would suggest you a best Timeshare Agency in Australia. Royale Timeshare Resales - They are a licensed (AFSL) timeshare broker who resells second hand timeshares throughout the South Pacific on behalf of timeshare owners who wish to sell their timeshares. Highly Professional licensed timeshare broker who offers the most competitive prices in the market...

Westgate Resorts / my room, housekeeping, bathtub (Complaint)

Robj007 Oct 3, 2018

of purchasing a 200k timeshare. First impressions are priceless, and mine was unpleasant. I complained after only being there for 5 minutes. They moved me to what they considered an upgraded room, and upon arrival to the new room it wasn't any better and the shower was running/dripping also. Another attempt was made after several complaints to move me to another room, thos time though I decided to observe the room for suitability...

Worldmark By Wyndham / reservation at wyndham club pass (Complaint)

1225min Oct 2, 2018

I have had my timeshare since 1999 never missed my maintenance fee and yet I just want a courtesy refund of my 99. 00 and credits towards my next reservation and they made me feel so unimportant and just nobody. Please look at this situation thank you very much...

Vacation Exits Ormond Beach Florida / overcharging fees (Complaint)

carolinaeagle Sep 29, 2018

appointment to meet with timeshare owners and way over charging people in some cases $60. 000 and many cases 40k and 30k where the attorney her a fraction of it whet $750 title transfer fee is oh on cost to get out I do have all intentions of notifying the attorney office Pam Bondy in florida ...

Westgate Resorts / timeshare contract/agreement representation (Complaint)

Chooie1972 Sep 27, 2018

They would not release me from the Timeshare and I was not asking for a refund or any compensation. I simply wanted to be released and they could keep the $1000 I had already paid into the program. Even before 30 days had passed of my first missed payment they had turned my account over to a collection agency...

Westin Lagunamar Cancun Cancun / customer service and management (Complaint)

Maria Elena Vigil Sep 26, 2018

interested in selling more timeshare. Nobody was concerned about my injury. I made it through the presentation from my wheelchair until I could bear no more pain. The hotel staff without calling a manager during my 3 hour interaction with top staff, placed me in our vehicle while screaming and crying for a 4 hour drive to Merida, Yucatan...

Westgate Resorts Gatlinburg Tennessee / class action lawsuit (Complaint Comment)

rep_all Sep 26, 2018

I purchased a Westgate timeshare in Orlando about 20 years ago. It has long been paid for but now I would like to get rid of it. You cannot give it away. Westgate will let me deed it back for $1200. 00 When I purchased it I was told it was a good investment. They are only interested in what they can get out of you...

Arabian Time Travel Tourism Burdubai, Karama / arabian time travel - scam (Complaint Comment)

Debjit Sengupta Sep 25, 2018

gulf news Timeshare company under investigation in Dubai Investors claim they lost thousands dirhams as Arabian Times Travel & Tourism LLC failed to honour deals...

Club Wyndham Leander Texas / timeshare presentation (Complaint)

Sat Pal Leander Sep 20, 2018

I signed up for a timeshare presentation at the Branson guest services on I-44 on 9/4/2018. Paid the 30 dollar deposit and went to the presentation next day in Branson, MO. They had us sign credit forms promising that these were just in case we accepted the timeshare. If not, they will be shredded immediately...

Envision Solution Wilmington Delaware / cancel timeshare contract (Complaint)

Galen Johnson Sep 20, 2018

The company contacted me in December of 2016 by agent Clay Adams. He said that they would be able to get the contract cancelled to my Star Island property in Kissimmee Fl for $4920. They said do not pay the annual assessment. Unfortunately I ended up getting past due notices from Star Isla...

Westgate Resorts Orlando Florida / timeshare (Complaint)

SherriM Sep 20, 2018

I am an owner of a timeshare at westgate vacation villas for over 25years and I have paid my mortgage in full. I was lied to throughout the sales and throughout my ownership. I was promised my timeshare would increase in value like a home and since I purchased a high demand time such as July 4th, I would make money renting it...

Embarc Resorts Vancouver British Columbia / Deceptive business practices (Complaint Comment)

Jenn177 Sep 19, 2018

with previous other timeshare presentations, promised to focus on the information or “meat” of the product, and endeavour to keep us under the two hour presentation timeframe. However, Gary, presumably her supervisor, kept entering the room and interrupting her. At first, this was fine, but every time Diane started to show us something, Gary would come in and do it instead...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Royal Holiday Av de los Insurgentes Sur 1999, Guadalupe Inn, 01020 Ciudad de México, CDMX / membership dues, inability to use timeshare and not honoring. agreed upon contract. would like all dues and fees paid refunded (Complaint)

Taklog Sep 19, 2018

unlimited use of out timeshare at home base and our all inclusive fees would be guaranteed at the rate agreed. We are unable to book and are charged the regular non-member all inclusive prices. 10years and we have been unable to use the main reason why we signed up for membership benefits ( unlimited home visit in our home base at the all inclusive rate we had when we signed)...

Diamond Resorts International Orlando Florida / don't buy any diamond resorts timeshares meeting. its scam! (Complaint)

anita lau Sep 19, 2018

Diamond Resorts International timeshare points is totally a scam! Our decision to buy it from what the salesman told us and how it was represented. But all of their misleading talk means SCAM. They lied!!! The actual points value much much lower than the sales told you. You can only find out the actual point value with the login information provided to you 2 weeks after you signed the contact, which you can't cancel the contact since you already past their 5 days rescission period...

Capital Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee / Timeshare (Complaint Comment)

Cameo Bensman Sep 19, 2018

Absolutely hate this timeshare!!! We want out. Just want them to take it back. They lied about so much including their names. Which we didn't catch until after cancelation time. Has anyone gotten them to take it back???...

Summer Bay Resorts Clemont Fla near Disney Florida / Dishonesty, Excessives fees (Complaint Comment)

William J. Price Sep 18, 2018

00 per year for a biennial timeshare (500. 00 per year) back in 2004 would never exceed 10% over the course, due to incoming clients which would absorb any higher costs due to inflation, price increases, etc. I was just quoted the new price of 1, 000. 00 maintainence fees today. or $500. 00 per year! for a biennial member/owner...

Diamond Resorts International Las Vegas Nevada / timeshare (Complaint)

Sere nity Sep 16, 2018

Did a timeshare presentation on Sept 2. I informed Tyler Rhae and Aretha Peppers that I only made 30. 000. Tyler put that I made 150. 000 and said don't worry it's just to get you approve for a down payment. I thought that was deceitful and unethical but he said that's how they do it. Aretha in turn wrote up five different contracts to fit the needs of selling me whether true or not...

Westgate Resorts BOONEVILLE Arkansas / westgate membership (Complaint Comment)

c4given Sep 16, 2018

I have had a timeshare with Westgate since Jan. 2014. Since the wildfires of 11/2016 regrettably happened my husband and I became disabled and at 1st asked that the maintenance fees be waived, as there was no buildings to maintain. After repeated attempts to speak with customer service and being spoken to rudely and the call being disconnected by them we looked for help to either re-sell or get rid of the timeshare...