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Worldmark by Wyndham Las Vegas, Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas Nevada

Posted: Oct 1, 2017    Geeeceee31
unethical credit check
We attended a timeshare presentation, we smwere staying at the wirkdmark resort in Las Vegas NV on Las Vegas Blvd. My mother is an owner and we were interested in purchasing one after we buy our 1st house, so we attended presentation for information. Our sales man was named Jaylen, a young African American man...


Posted: Sep 29, 2017    cherylbowman00@yahoo.com
horrible experiencia con raintree
que se llama Mexican Timeshare Solutions, en mi caso en particular tuve suerte, porque pudimos librarnos de pagarles eternamente, pero he leído historias en situaciones peores que nosotros y no han podido cancelar, puedo decir que “corrimos con suerte” y salimos bien librados, si van de vacaciones y les ofrecen un tiempo compartido aléjense! No importa lo que les ofrezcan, NADA DE LO QUE LES DIGAN ES VERDAD...

Festiva Development Group Asheville North Carolina

Posted: Sep 26, 2017    VET101
My wife and I Purchased a timeshare unit for $18000 on November 27 2015. Every time we try to book a vacation there are no available units any where. we have points we are going to lose we cant use them. Name of sales persons were Steve and MICHAEL 843 357 5247 MELODY 843 357 5223 CONTRACT # 478127...

Nine West 1411 Broadway, 22nd Floor New York, NY 10018

Posted: Sep 26, 2017    BellaBossChic
shoe-timeshare black
ordered 3 pairs of your Timeshare shoe in 3 different colors. Also, if you check my order history with your company, you will find that it is quite extensive. Nevertheless, the heel on the black version of the shoe broke as I was walking to my car yesterday. I have been told that after 1 year I am on my own, so in other words, after a year I should expect this type of quality of lack thereof and I dare not request a replacement or refund...

Coral Resorts Willow wood

Posted: Sep 25, 2017    Scammed sc
quest vacation club
We went to a timeshare presentation on September 15, 2017 we didn't go for it so they Sent us to another guy who told us about Quest Travel Club we decided it sounded good so we took it. The guy rushed us through paperwork we played 195. 00 down payment. He also said he gave us his cell phone number which was not true it was the office number...

Royal Holiday

Posted: Sep 25, 2017    Lisa Eller
Please provide information on how to join the class action lawsuit. We've owned a Royal Holiday Time share (paid in full) since 1995. Travel hasn't been done since 2011. Been asking Royal Holiday to take the thing back since our health does not allow for travel and the thing is paid for. R...

Summerwinds Resort Branson Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 23, 2017    mjmarsh
deceptive sales practices
a highly unethical timeshare. Our salesman Danny Austin lied to us about everything. We bought there because they assured us that they would sell or buy our timeshare at the Wilderness Club at Big Cedar. They also told us we would have 4 weeks to use at Stormy Point or other Resorts. Within the next month or so, I called to make a reservation at Stormy Point...

Capital Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 22, 2017    Brice Dimond
We purchased our timeshare while in Branson, MO for a Branson offering during 2013, but at last minute the manager rushed to our meeting and declared she had the greatest opportunity for us. They had just received a Pigeon Forge opportunity that although the cost was the same, we would only need to pay the maintenance fee every other year rather than annually...

Westgate Resorts Orlando Florida

Posted: Sep 21, 2017    Dr_K
bed bugs
I am a timeshare owner at Westgate resorts. I had my wedding at the Myrtle Beach location February 2016. Two of my guests were bitten by bed bugs. They were given a voucher for $20 and was moved to a different room. I just stayed at the Orlando location-Town center with my family 8/27/17-9/3/17 ...

Villa del Palmar Flamingos Timeshare

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 20, 2017    Pemco
Fraudulent, deceptive sell practice
When one purchases a timeshare at Villa del Palmar (at any of their sales locations in Mexico), the purchaser has 5 business days (excludes Sundays and Mexican holidays) to rescind their decision to enter into the contract. The purchaser may rescind their contract in 2 ways: (1) they can return to the sales office where the contract was signed (in this case Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta), or (2) they can send a letter REGISTERED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED...

Pueblo bonito preferred Cabo San Lucas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 16, 2017    Matthew24
Timeshare scam
Are you a pueblo bonito preferred timeshare holder. What other opinions do u have on it. We went to a presentation and really liked the credits they said you can use towards flights, activities, and all inclusive but we thought it was too good to be true. So if u have one and can share some input would be great...

Gardenia Group Istanbul Istanbul - Turkey

Posted: Sep 16, 2017    bikhila
timeshare scam
possibility to get this timeshare in others western countries including to be membership in the BRC ), they charge immediately between 5000-10000 $ per couple with promises to get the property title within 3 weeks, then after all the suffers begins after you leave the country as firstly they don't reply to calls and when you success to get through they promise you that it will take more time regarding administrative formalities, and no after nearly 2 months they propose additional costs to change the hotel name under the pretext that the hotel delayed all transactions, we still waiting without any benefits, if you negotiate to sell your timeshare or to refund your money they don't accept...

Pine Tree Consultants Portland Maine

Posted: Sep 13, 2017    TRN Owner
a scam, defrauding Timeshare consumers thousands of dollars their drug habits. Here we have Mr. Saudi Refugee Rahaman Kargar and his fly-by-night company PineTreeConsultants. com out of Portland, ME claiming to cancel your Timeshares. This guy has no idea what he's doing, he stole paperwork and still can't even do it right...

Granite Consulting aka Timeshare Recover Dover, NH

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 13, 2017    Zozzaro
timeshare exit
Granite Consulting or TimeshareRecover. com back in Aug, until I found out tons of negative feedback from customers and previous employers of the owners who stated they stole everything to operate their company Granite Consulting, LLC owned & operated by Kyle Logue according to NH State Company database...

El Cid Vacation Club

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 13, 2017    Randy Bergeron
El cid vacation club, mazatlan
there interested in a timeshare. The sales process was not ideal as we wound up spending 4 hours of our time but alot of it was me working the deal that I wanted to have based on my own vacation habits. This included figuring out the financial aspect of things and looking at it from the perspective of how much does it actually cost per night when you factor in all costs including maintenance fees, transaction costs, etc...

Timeshare Release Now

Posted: Sep 12, 2017    hazelcorona
scam, ripoff, liar
You can literally call your timeshare company and ask for a Quit Claim deed and you can negotiate at least a partial refund. The company is run by 1 guy who is a criminal. Dustin Lemelin sale of cocaine Maine. When confronted, he lashes out via email, phone or on message boards. This company is no longer registered with the State of Maine as a corporation but is still operating as such...

Diamond Resorts

Posted: Sep 10, 2017    Michael Dawson
Spain, I found the same timeshare places cheaper than Diamond. The price is based purely on the cost I paid on my Annual Maintenance Fee. Some alternative companies offered places where Diamond had no vacancies. The Main problem I have with Diamond is that they are selling holidays at the Timeshare I stay and they are cheaper than what I pay...

Coral Resorts / RCI Hilton Head Island South Carolina

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 6, 2017    George Geary
Dishonest, Lies, Misrepresenting and did I say Dishonest!
So we are stuck with the timeshare at Island Links as Palmera will not buy it back nor will they work with us if we just transferred title of the 5 weeks back to them. We don't have any interest to pay 5 weeks of maintenance fees to then have to give it to RCI and pay more money to see if we find other places...

Marriott Vacation Club

Posted: Sep 6, 2017    Bob Lamb
booking marriott marbella call centre cork customer booking
Europe listen to their timeshare vacation customers and find a solution to this ongoing problem...

Fair Market Services New Port Richey Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 5, 2017    Audrey Parker
timeshare scammers
My mother was duped into buying a timeshare about 10 years ago by a smooth talking salesman. She asked me to sign some paperwork and since I trusted her, I put my name on the dotted line. Now, 10 years later, she realizes she's been screwed and since my name is also on it, I'm screwed, too. She never consulted me (at the time she was 66 years old) and only AFTER she told me about paying maintenance fees and all the other crap did I dig deeper only to find a timeshare is nothing but "snake oil"...

Club Wyndham Las Vegas Nevada

Posted: Sep 1, 2017    KayeNatasha
sales event
looking into purchasing a timeshare as we travel often. Following the presentation, the sales lady seemed uninterested in our questions and acted extremely rude towards us. She was on her phone on Instagram while we were trying to get a bit more information, and many times she told us we weren't even interested...

The Jockey Club/ Geoholiday Club Las Vegas Nevada

Posted: Aug 29, 2017    Kacie Noonan
timeshare scam
called The Jockey Club Timeshare Scam because I fell victim to paying out 12K and kept current on my maintenance fees. Yet, there aren't any vacations to be had. They try to blame it on their affiliate programs but NONE of them have timeshare space available. They are clearly selling more timeshares than they have available...

Country Club Dubai

Posted: Aug 28, 2017    Faizur
holiday timeshare
I have paid AED.25, 000 and have just received a Samsung LED tv, which was like a promotion. I am not able to book or get refund for my money.
During booking, i was promised that if i don't like they will easily transfer it to others, but reality is we cannot and they are not coopera...

Villa del Palmar

Posted: Aug 26, 2017    Sean Grifin
mala experiencia con villa del palmar
desconfianza a mexican timeshare solutions, ellos nos ayudaron a cancelar nuestro tiempo compartido, nos tomó otros 5 meses más, pero salimos libres del contrato con grupo villa. Mi recomendación es que lean todo antes de firmar, sean firmes cuando digan que no quieren comprar y si los invitan a una presentación de tiempo compartido con grupo villa no vayan, solo es pérdida de tiempo y dinero...

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