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Arabian Time Travel Tourism Burdubai, Karama / arabian time travel - scam (Complaint Comment)

Debjit Sengupta Sep 25, 2018

gulf news Timeshare company under investigation in Dubai Investors claim they lost thousands dirhams as Arabian Times Travel & Tourism LLC failed to honour deals...

Club Wyndham Leander Texas / timeshare presentation (Complaint)

Sat Pal Leander Sep 20, 2018

I signed up for a timeshare presentation at the Branson guest services on I-44 on 9/4/2018. Paid the 30 dollar deposit and went to the presentation next day in Branson, MO. They had us sign credit forms promising that these were just in case we accepted the timeshare. If not, they will be shredded immediately...

Envision Solution Wilmington Delaware / cancel timeshare contract (Complaint)

Galen Johnson Sep 20, 2018

The company contacted me in December of 2016 by agent Clay Adams. He said that they would be able to get the contract cancelled to my Star Island property in Kissimmee Fl for $4920. They said do not pay the annual assessment. Unfortunately I ended up getting past due notices from Star Isla...

Westgate Resorts Orlando Florida / timeshare (Complaint)

SherriM Sep 20, 2018

I am an owner of a timeshare at westgate vacation villas for over 25years and I have paid my mortgage in full. I was lied to throughout the sales and throughout my ownership. I was promised my timeshare would increase in value like a home and since I purchased a high demand time such as July 4th, I would make money renting it...

Embarc Resorts Vancouver British Columbia / Deceptive business practices (Complaint Comment)

Jenn177 Sep 19, 2018

with previous other timeshare presentations, promised to focus on the information or “meat” of the product, and endeavour to keep us under the two hour presentation timeframe. However, Gary, presumably her supervisor, kept entering the room and interrupting her. At first, this was fine, but every time Diane started to show us something, Gary would come in and do it instead...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Royal Holiday Av de los Insurgentes Sur 1999, Guadalupe Inn, 01020 Ciudad de MĂ©xico, CDMX / membership dues, inability to use timeshare and not honoring. agreed upon contract. would like all dues and fees paid refunded (Complaint)

Taklog Sep 19, 2018

unlimited use of out timeshare at home base and our all inclusive fees would be guaranteed at the rate agreed. We are unable to book and are charged the regular non-member all inclusive prices. 10years and we have been unable to use the main reason why we signed up for membership benefits ( unlimited home visit in our home base at the all inclusive rate we had when we signed)...

Diamond Resorts International Orlando Florida / don't buy any diamond resorts timeshares meeting. its scam! (Complaint)

anita lau Sep 19, 2018

Diamond Resorts International timeshare points is totally a scam! Our decision to buy it from what the salesman told us and how it was represented. But all of their misleading talk means SCAM. They lied!!! The actual points value much much lower than the sales told you. You can only find out the actual point value with the login information provided to you 2 weeks after you signed the contact, which you can't cancel the contact since you already past their 5 days rescission period...

Capital Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee / Timeshare (Complaint Comment)

Cameo Bensman Sep 19, 2018

Absolutely hate this timeshare!!! We want out. Just want them to take it back. They lied about so much including their names. Which we didn't catch until after cancelation time. Has anyone gotten them to take it back???...

Summer Bay Resorts Clemont Fla near Disney Florida / Dishonesty, Excessives fees (Complaint Comment)

William J. Price Sep 18, 2018

00 per year for a biennial timeshare (500. 00 per year) back in 2004 would never exceed 10% over the course, due to incoming clients which would absorb any higher costs due to inflation, price increases, etc. I was just quoted the new price of 1, 000. 00 maintainence fees today. or $500. 00 per year! for a biennial member/owner...

Diamond Resorts International Las Vegas Nevada / timeshare (Complaint)

Sere nity Sep 16, 2018

Did a timeshare presentation on Sept 2. I informed Tyler Rhae and Aretha Peppers that I only made 30. 000. Tyler put that I made 150. 000 and said don't worry it's just to get you approve for a down payment. I thought that was deceitful and unethical but he said that's how they do it. Aretha in turn wrote up five different contracts to fit the needs of selling me whether true or not...

Westgate Resorts BOONEVILLE Arkansas / westgate membership (Complaint Comment)

c4given Sep 16, 2018

I have had a timeshare with Westgate since Jan. 2014. Since the wildfires of 11/2016 regrettably happened my husband and I became disabled and at 1st asked that the maintenance fees be waived, as there was no buildings to maintain. After repeated attempts to speak with customer service and being spoken to rudely and the call being disconnected by them we looked for help to either re-sell or get rid of the timeshare...

Worldmark By Wyndham / customer service - rude (Complaint)

Eva Sheba Werner Sep 13, 2018

that we are new to the Timeshare and were not interested she stated "I was trying to save you money but whatever" and hung up the phone. When we signed up we were promised the best customer service and treatment for the members. This is not what I signed up for and would like to put out a complaint on this sales person who was very rude and clearly does not do her job well...

Interval International / / no customer service resolution (Complaint)

iphipps Sep 12, 2018

I cannot believe I bought my timeshare as a better way to travel these accommodations were absolutely awful. The manager got back to me only after I posted a message on Facebook. And said he needed to "educate me on traveling and staying in Florida". that all the hotels were bought up as timeshares and they are merely slight upgrade hotels...

Interval International Florida / Time share exchange policy (Complaint Comment)

simsants Sep 8, 2018

issues with utilizing my timeshare from Inteval. Over the past three years, I have not been able to get any exchanges and keep losing my week or paying money to get the expiration extended. I wish I had the time but I am unable to coordinate filing a class action lawsuit. From my review, filing one only takes 40 people with similar complaints (see below) In order to pursue claims as a class action you would need approximately 40 similarly situated persons who have claims against Interval International that share common issues of fact and law...

Westgate Resorts Aruba / cancelation contract #[protected]-010 naroika m croes/ adelberto croes/parcel#[protected] of contract (Complaint)

Mccnn Sep 5, 2018

cancel the number of timeshare contract # [protected]-010 Good Cd680784744 parcel identification # [protected]-0010 Sold by Jose A Rodriguez -42665 Rosangela Jones 4152 WTE633 / 47 Day 03 Augustus 2018 at 5. 24 pm. That was bought by Naroika M. Croes and Adelberto Croes in accordance with the federal article of protection of the timeshare consumer I request the full refund of the deposit and the cancelation of the deposits and everything related to said contract and not any obligation more than Westgate Resorts & Interval By favor I need to receive a response from this Email within a short time and assuming that my contract # [protected]-010 has been canceled Sincerely Naroika M...

Seasons Holidays Laughnne near Swansea, Wales, West Glamorgan / scammers have changed their name (Complaint Comment)

N.Redpath Sep 4, 2018

@seasonsholidays a timeshare in everything but name. Don't be conned into an ownership package. It is a con and you will be lucky to get your desired dates. Only leaving interval world as a last resort. Ex director Rod told us a pack of lies...

Silverleaf Resorts / Don't work there (Complaint Comment)

Cheryl Watson Sep 1, 2018

Duped into buying a timeshare from these guys in Lee, Ma. Have tried 2x to use it elsewhere and I cannot. It's useless. I am now trying to unload the timeshare bc it is worthless. Their customer service is horrible. I have things in writing they will not live up to. DO NOT DO IT or entertain anything from Silverleaf Resorts...

Spinnaker Resorts Ormond beach Florida / accommodations (Complaint)

Paula Perry 70 Sep 1, 2018

Spinnaker Resorts accommodationsI am a owner of a timeshare at spinnaker in ormond beach. Been going there for years. They offered me a 400 dollar plus package to do a workshop where I planned on adding another week and upgrading my unit. They stuck me at the Daytona inn the biggest dump in Daytona to stay for Labor Day weekend...

Stormy Point Village Branson Missouri / Company misrested their product (Complaint Comment)

Jeff Paulk Aug 25, 2018

The timeshare business is a shady, underhanded business. They are always trying to squeeze more money out of you...

Stormy Point Village Branson Missouri / Company misrested their product (Complaint Comment)

Jeff Paulk Aug 25, 2018

Festiva and roll our timeshare over to Summer Winds due to thievery taking place with Festiva. Now they are bending us over the barrel again and screwing our guts out. I checked the contract and if any "Assessment" or "Maintenance" fee is not paid, they have Power of Attorney to file a quit claim deed and take the timeshare back...

Spinnaker Hilton Head Island South Carolina / bait n switch - stay away!! (Complaint)

Cjc!! Aug 25, 2018

convince me to buy a timeshare with a company that let's its representative flat out lie! Or, lie by omission. Maybe it's my fault I "assumed" I would be staying at a resort in Ormond Beach since that's what all the paperwork stated. Never again! Guess I should have taken a hint from the company's name, huh? 'SPIN'nakerresorts!!??...

Club Wyndham / timeshare - sales & customer marketing (Complaint)

MrsEye17 Aug 23, 2018

that I marketed the timeshare ownership to friends and family constantly! I felt a part of the Wyndham brand and the Wyndham family. So what changed? Allow me to explain… During our recent vacation - July 15 through July 21 - we stayed at the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard. Beautiful resort...

Vacation Solution Services Orlando, Florida Florida / renting my timeshare (Complaint)

Ivan Garcia Aug 23, 2018

willing to rent them our timeshare. They said they needed 12 weeks and they would pay us 1500 a week, but we need to buy an insurance to protect our rooms from customers that didn't care to trash the place, that insurance would cover any damage. So we send the $1789. 00. They seem to be a real serious company but they haven't played us anything...

Save On Resorts / Lying about freebies (Complaint Comment)

NRResponse Aug 21, 2018

Just like timeshare, individuals are offered free gifts to attend a presentation. We as individuals know they are trying to sell us something. We accepted the gifts for our time. I do not understand people getting upset about free gifts, these gifts are purchased from the separate companies. They do not belong to the company doing the presentations...

UVC/Ultimate Vacation Club Miami Florida / travel/timeshare (Complaint)

Cornelius Toombs Aug 20, 2018

Well my wife and I signed up in DR we haven't paid any substantial down payment. We only paid the 150 "closing costs" we haven't joined the club per contract with a down payment. So right now we are in The clear because we haven't made any payments to the club to utilize any services. With...