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geoholiday class action law suit / woodrho2

(Group Discussions)
Doh! Jan 10, 2018
to dispose of your timeshare, paid up front - you know what happened - nothing. In fact they eventually told us that they refuse to handle anything to do with Geo. If anyone has news about a movement in Canada please let me know. I'm sure a smart lawyer could prove that this product is unfit for the intended purpose, then again maybe that's just wishful thinking...

Expedia Cabo San Jose / krystal resort

Tiffeygall Jan 4, 2018
and 10 feet from the timeshare sales persons. I was never asked to make a deposit which is a normal occurrence at most hotels, if only for incidentals. Our 2nd night here, we went to the grill and I order the lobster tail extra in addition to our meal. I told them to put it on our room, like you would do at any hotel...

Royal Holiday / timeshare scam

Elizabeth Lopez Jan 3, 2018
we could cancel the timeshare with no problem. To our bad luck when we called to cancel, they said it was impossible at the moment and they are not buying memberships. My wife and I we cannot sleep thanks to the high stress of knowing that we had to pay all that money, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult...

Fairfield Inn and Suites Cincinnati Ohio / customer satisfaction

cbulmer9 Jan 2, 2018
Bluegreen is a timeshare that I belong to. The location was Fairfield Inn & Suites in Cartersville Georgia. When I arrived I tried to check in and the clerk didn't know how to handle it. Even after I showed him the voucher. He said to wait a moment and he went to get someone in the office. A women named Charsia Marcus came out and pretty much let me know that the document that I showed her was not a form of payment and that I still needed to pay for the room...

Classic Escapes Holidays Club Cairns Queensland / 2 for 1 holiday cruises - my241rewards misrepresentation, misleading sales pitch

Bob Lyons Jan 1, 2018
this company was a timeshare marketing business b) That the presentation would be a high pressure sales exercise. I attended with my wife and received the $50 refund. What followed was 1. 5 hours of high pressure sales presentation, at the end of which I declined the opportunity to spend $9, 800 to join and requested the Holiday Voucher...

Festiva Resorts North Carolina / duplicity

(Complaint Comment)
meschow Dec 27, 2017
Bought timeshare when it was Los Lagos II, Hot Springs Village, AR. Trying to be released from it. Not sure what to do. meschow1@gmail. com...

Paradise Village Resort Puerto Vallarta Pasadena ca / point share / timeshare

(Complaint Comment)
Mike EV Dec 24, 2017
I had a timeshare once upon a time and overall, had good experiences. But, the timeshare industry is one you have to be really careful with...

Paradise Village Resort Puerto Vallarta Pasadena ca / point share / timeshare

Dramos11 Dec 23, 2017
Got scammed by sales staff, they promised 120 free weeks plus that it would be an investment that would go up in value nothing further from the truth tried to rescind contract no one in company was able or willing to provide cancellation during the recession period as company for said canc...

Capital Resorts Group / misrepresentation

Vicki Blankenship Dec 21, 2017
He convinced me to upgrade my timeshare as I would have a much greater choice of locations. He also said that he could easily sell my points that were due to expire in November. Repeated calls to him to set up an account were not returned, so I called the corporate office. The lady told me that those points could not be sold because they were banked and that I should go through the corporate office to sell any of my points...

Unlimited Vacation Club Miami Florida / fraudulent timeshare company

atechieguy Dec 15, 2017
I was a victim of a fraudulent Travel Club that scammed me and so many others out of their money; fraudulent charges have affeected me when I was misled by a Deceptive Vacation Club.

The company did not provide the service or product advertised. I received nothing, the service...

Westgate Resorts Ocoee Florida / timeshare and pressured to purchase and misled

Jean R Deronette Dec 13, 2017
Orlando, FL to purchase a timeshare. In June, 2017, I was on vacation with my family and was misled by Westgate Resorts salesmen to buy a timeshare (Account number 9496-5178-224). At first, I was hesitant and refused however the salesmen harassed us to the point where we felt like we had to purchase the timeshare otherwise these guys would leave us at peace while we were on vacation...

Vallarta Gardens / waiting payment for our timeshare resale

V Lorraine Dec 13, 2017
$116, 000US for our 5 timeshares. We have waited far beyond the 300 days they required. Payment was not made in Sept, 2017, as promised, nor in Nov. or Dec. now they are telling us Mar, 2018. Perhaps those of us with similar experiences should work together to solve our issues. Please contact us: greatescapethe@yahoo...

Vidanta / estafa de grupo vidanta

denniseflores Dec 8, 2017
la empresa mexican timeshare solutions, firmamos su contrato con un miedo a ser estafados de nuevo y nos la vivíamos acosándolo para que nos diera actualizaciones en nuestro caso, eso no era tan necesario porque si nos tenían al tanto cada que había alguna novedad. Pero por fortuna todo resultó ser legal y verdad...

Westgate Resorts Tennessee / class action

(Complaint Comment)
SKLinville Dec 6, 2017
Our timeshare headaches started on May 30th 2017. We went to the presentation for the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa, wow those salespeople are relentless. They do not have a conscious they don't care we ended up purchasing a 4 bedroom Lock off. They played our timeshare ignorance it war our first timeshare presentation...

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Essex Junction Vermont / Timeshare Scam

(Complaint Comment)
Brian T Cook Dec 4, 2017
supposedly bought both of my timeshares from me, now they are expecting me to pay my 2018 maintenance fees on both timeshares and pay a $749. 00 transfer fee on each timeshare? OMG they are just raping me. I need HELP getting out of this eternal drain...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud

(Complaint Comment)
tigercool Dec 4, 2017
your effort on the timeshare scams. I regret that I didn't read your post earlier. Although the petition is closed, please inform me if there is anything new on this matter. redoctober50@hotmail. com...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud

(Complaint Comment)
tigercool Dec 4, 2017
like us: Many of these timeshare deals are not the deals they describe to customers. The salesmen do not give the details of the contract and misrepresent the content of the contract to the participants. When parties sign these contracts, regardless of what the salesmen verbally represent, the parties are bound to what is stated in the contract...

Sundance Vacations / their false advertisement

Stephen Loke Dec 3, 2017
listening to wholesale timeshares along with 5 rounds of salesman trying to sell us the timeshares. They were so persistent in asking so many financial questions even though we told them that we could not afford a timeshare. After all of that I had recieved the prize and the vacation to much of their dismay...

Silverleaf Resorts Kissimmee Florida / transfer of timeshare billing paperwork mixed up

Stephen Patterson Nov 30, 2017
I bought a Silverleaf timeshare and waited for the closing process. I received a deed in middle of October. My deeded week 44 is beginning of November. No representative contacted me with information that transfer was complete nor sent me ID's or bill. November 28th I received a bill with late charges dated back to July...

Villa Group / villa group estafa

peterholm Nov 22, 2017
y se llaman mexican timeshare solutions, pagamos aproximadamente el equivalente a un mantenimiento por la cancelación y nos olvidamos de problemas. Aléjense de problemas y jamás compren un tiempo compartido con villa group es puro fraude y estrés...

Diamond Resorts International Sedona Arizona / the sampler

(Complaint Comment)
BigDogGuy Nov 21, 2017
intension of purchasing a timeshare. She said that decision was up to us but that was the only way the resort would waive the extra night lodging. So, we thought we could tolerate a 90 minutes timeshare pitch to save $268. When we checked into the resort I was told the concierge had to meet with me before they could complete the check-in...

Worldmark By Wyndham / fraudulent timeshare

JimboD007 Nov 20, 2017
Wyndham to cancel my Timeshare and return the money that I have spent on my Loan, Fees and Timeshare Dues over the last couple of years. A friend and I attended one of your Timeshare presentations while on vacation in San Diego, California. From the get-go I should have known that you people were LYING...

Timeshare Adventures St. Petersburg / lack of customer service/did not fulfill contract

Phyllis M. Nov 17, 2017
hooked in to buying the timeshare, but, in my experience, they did not provide the services they guaranteed. I happened onto their website when I realized that I needed to do something about the two timeshares that I owned. I provided my email address and immediately received multiple emails from Rob D...

Grand Miramar Puerto Vallarta / Legacy Centurion

(Complaint Comment)
Scammed in Playa Nov 17, 2017
and Fiesta Americana timeshares but cant get a response back when I try to call or reply to the email. Below is the email. It is a pleasure for us to inform you that our company, Gilded Rose Royal, will be purchasing your membership from you instead of Livingston Property Service and we will start taking care of you as we need more inventory for our clients...

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa / timeshare

Jeannie windus Nov 16, 2017
We have paid timeshare dues for over 10 years. We have had some financial issues due to family illness and needed to release our timeshare. I apparently just missed the deadline for the year needing to pay $760. plus dollars to release the time share back. Given that we have paid the maintenance dues and never visited we feel we have contributed...


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