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Stormy Point Village Branson Missouri / Company misrested their product (Complaint Comment)

B&JJones Apr 12, 2018

deed back our ROARK timeshare as there is no way to sell or rent it out. From what we were told ROARK Branson is now owned by Summer Winds, is that true? Has anyone had anyone had success in booking and staying in Apr-May 2016 or 2017 ROARK Branson? Have Did they complete renovations of 1st level units open again since the flooding in Apr-May 2016, 2017 or has it been stalled due to the bankruptcy? Thanks to any one who can share details...

Westgate Resorts Tennessee / class action (Complaint Comment)

Michael Green Apr 8, 2018

My ex-wife and i purchased a timeshare at Westgate Vacation Villas in Kissimmee back in 2000 for every even year. The timeshare we purchased, along with the resort, have not been maintained since. We just want out of a very bad investment...

Super 8 Worldwide Denver Colorado / very dirty room and hotel facility (Complaint)

Nannyboone Apr 6, 2018

I am a Wyndham timeshare owner and this is disgusting...

Capital Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee / Timeshare (Complaint Comment)

Craig Vernon Schwartz Apr 6, 2018

became owners of a timeshare operated by Capitol Resorts in about 2013. Not the family oriented to what we were experiencing. My wife died. Lost my traveling partner. Requested an "out" from Capitol Resorts. Didn't even discuss it with me. "Hired" a company to get me out. That company (Lonestar Transfer)sounded so, so loving and helpful...

Wyhdam Grand Desert Resort Las Vegas Nevada / the purchase of a timeshare (Complaint)

Kim Mathwich Apr 6, 2018

get released from the timeshare...

Wyndham Vacation Ownership florida New York / timeshare (Complaint)

jamesapa Apr 4, 2018

they got ore other timeshare it paid the payment we was turned down by all Robbin lied on all the things she said to us she said that we could not tell sue or we would not get the timeshare we was lied to on all we was told when I fond out I called Robbin said you lied on all the things you tolled us and that I wont it put back the way it was Robbin said no problem she would take care of it I did this before the 15 days was up we did not no that we had to do it in writing Robbin could have told us we had lots of time I don't thank it is right that we have to lose all that we had for years I'm 77 100 percent disable Vietnam veteran and we have ben cheated enough don't you thank I would appreciate all you can do thank you Phillip Anderson the contract number 00044-1717766 member 00010279529 date 08-16-2017 price 31...

Diamond Resorts International Las Vegas Nevada / timeshare/ sampler package (Complaint)

Erin28 Apr 3, 2018

information about the timeshare and we were then taken back by John to discuss the opportunity to become a time share owner. My husband an I told John we were not interested he told us he had to finish his presentation and then we could talk to his manager. We again told them we were not interested because it was over $12, 000...

Awana Vacation Resort Development Bhd / Reduction of facilities for timeshare member. (Complaint Comment)

julieng Apr 3, 2018

If you wish to sell your Awana vacation Timeshare, please email julieng428@gmail. com...

Capital Resorts Group / club dues and maintenance fees (Complaint)

Curtis Terry Mar 31, 2018

Really???? I can't use my timeshare and i was told that i have to prove that the individual said what he did. I have proof and i sent it in! But it shouldn't come down to that since i have been dealing with this since last year!!! I am so sick and tired of this company promising that they will fix it and then say if their is anything else let them know and they will fix it directly...

SCS Junction 9, West Midlands / sofas (Complaint)

Michael and Jay Mar 29, 2018

attitude, coming over as a timeshare salesman, and boasting about being the best salesman at SCS, and how the repairs in the car park had damaged his takings, etc, etc, should have rung alarm bells in our head, but we made the common stupid mistake of expecting others to be as honest and truthful as we are! Within 5 days, it was obvious that we had been deceived, as the piping around the cushions was all misaligned...

Rci management orlando Florida / GREAT COMPANY (Complaint Comment)

Lief Erickson Mar 27, 2018

our three weeks of timeshare for $2300 per week, netting us over $5000 after the advertising fee. There was no discussion that the fee would be withdrawn from my checking account prior to the sale. I was told to await a conference call at 1:00 on 3/23, but never received a call at that time, neither central time nor pacific time...

M.T.G. Consultants / timeshare release (Complaint)

Pmchele Mar 26, 2018

I reached out to this company in July 2017, here it is March 2018 and I can't get anyone to return my phone calls. They have collected 2000.00 from me and I still can't get any information. I assume Mr Billy Wood doesn't work there any more and the only voice mail you get the mailbox is fu...

Royal Holiday / estafa de tiempo compartido con royal holiday (Complaint)

walter estrada Mar 24, 2018

abogados de Mexican Timeshare Solutions nos ayudaron a cancelar nuestro tiempo compartido, sinceramente no confiamos desde el principio porque después de ser estafados una vez es difícil, pero poco a poco nos hicieron sentir confianza y sinceramente influyó mucho el hecho de que no teníamos que pagar nada por adelantado, así sentimos que no estábamos arriesgando nada, si no nos cancelaban nuestro contrato, no teníamos que pagar nada...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Oregon / not able to contact anyone has not delivered on contract (Complaint)

Ryan australia Mar 22, 2018

ourselves released from timeshare. The contact states 100 percent garentee and that it will be done within 18 months that was back in dec 2015. We are still getting bills and are not able to get hold of anyone. I have emailed and emailed with no responce for months. See attachments with contracts and some of the emails still waiting to hear from anyone...

Grand Crowne Resorts / I am no longer an owner or member (Complaint Comment)

General Service Mar 19, 2018

maintenance fees until your timeshare is sold. In addition, be aware that picketing on private property is strictly prohibited and, although you're welcome to picket on public property, most counties require that you apply for and receive a permit. There's no reason to add to your frustration by providing a timeshare in the county jail...

Grand Crowne Resorts / I am no longer an owner or member (Complaint)

David Danford Mar 18, 2018

We were previous owners of a timeshare when finally we gave the resort our property back met with the associates in pigeon forge and voided our contract signed the papers after doing so. Now we're getting letters from a collection agency demanding maintenance fees that we no longer owe. I want this taken care of asap because if it interferes with our credit rating we will file suite and picket at the entrance of your resort until it is taken care of...

Vacation Hub International Somerset West / fineprint scam - no refund within cool off period - use delay tactics to get outside this period (Complaint Comment)

Vincent Barbarovich Mar 18, 2018

anything to do with Timeshare, I was not interested as we already OWN three weeks, with 5 units, all peak - Christmas and New Year also week 1. , they said that it definitely had Nothing to do with Timeshare, they said that all we had to do was listen to their presentation - for +- 45 minutes of our time and we could receive a holiday voucher for our trouble!!! boy what a scam! When we got there it was now Vacation Hub International, not Horizon Group, the presenter is excellent!! very fast talker with many figures given to just blow you away, even a DVD clip on a presentation to them as the Top company Internationally, the pressure came after the presentation, figures scribbled all over and over on full sheets of paper, boggling figures, but then when they saw that I was showing interest ( not my wife, she was not too happy) the fool that I am I went for it, they could not get me to give over R14399...

Westgate Resorts Maineville Ohio / westgate resorts vacation traveler package (Complaint Comment)

NVM Mar 17, 2018

I should purchase a timeshare from Westgate, mind you, it was supposed to last 90 minutes. So pretty much one vacation day was wasted. Seriously, how many times, does someone have to hear the word “no”. I realize it may be Westgate’s sales tactic, however, it was degrading, rude, etc...

Geoholiday Starpoint Geo Holiday / Timeshare Fraud (Complaint Comment)


As a consumer for timeshare we are not protected. We were cornered and lied during the meeting with the salesperson. That should be a law to prevent timeshare scam. My hubby and I lived in Ontario...

M.T.G. Consultants Biddeford Maine / mgt consultants - timeshare exit expert (Complaint)

Donnas7 Mar 15, 2018

I am under contract with this company, but have not been able to reach them through the listed phone numbers and they will not respond to my emails. I would like to know if they are still in business or if I have been scammed.The contract defined that they would get me out of contract lega...

Silverleaf Resorts / silverleaf wrong social security numbers (beware) (Complaint)

Lavonne Patterson Mar 13, 2018

bought a Silverleaf timeshare, from the beginning information was mismanaged and going through customer service to be transferred over and over only to end up rude Financial manager named Jonathan who will speak to you in an arrogant manner and aggressively condescending tones will make you feel as if the owner is somehow at fault or a criminal...

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Peekskill New York / timeshare bait and switch (Complaint)

Ncuellar Mar 10, 2018

Royal Holiday Vacation Club timeshare bait and switchWhen we signed our contract 15 years ago on March 4, 2003 it was difficult to get availability for locations in the United States but we booked 9 months in advance and went by their availability. While we paid our note down we hoped as technology grew they would become .More efficient. The...

Timeshares By Owner / timeshare rental (Complaint)

disco10 Mar 10, 2018

Led me to believe they were affiliated with Marriott and even said my sales executive at Marriott didn't do her job because she didn't tell me about TSBO and how wonderful they were. Told me it was free - it was NOT. They (Amie Smith) act like they are helping you out with maintenance fees...

Monarch Grand Vacations / Fraud and scam (Complaint Comment)

Polly Smith Mar 9, 2018

wanted to turn the timeshare back. They informed me I would have to sell it myself. I really didn't know much about how to go about this. I have never used this timeshare (points). I did not hear from Diamond for years and then Monarch purchased it and I get billed every month. I have never paid more than the down payment which as about $1500...

Silver Lakes Resort / RCI Kissimmee Florida Kissimmee Florida / timeshare (Complaint)

sjames159 Mar 8, 2018

Without authorization, Silver Lakes Resort processed a card transaction that was utilized once for payment. They were informed it was a one-time transaction and not to save the number. Approx. 9 months later they charged the card again, without authorization. They are never helpful. RCI is...