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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC] Puerta Plata DR / timeshare lies (Complaint)

Toot119 Nov 5, 2018

We visited the DR in August. We owned a week through RCI but due to maintenance fees going up we were convinced through LHVC that going through them would be beneficial and a great deal. We owned RCI our RCI week. The smooth talking left us under the impression that they would take over ou...

Granite Consulting Dover New Hampshire / timeshare cancellation (Complaint Comment)

Johanna Rivers Nov 4, 2018

dime to help with your Timeshare! Its now been 9 months and we've received NOTHING...

Marriott Vacation Club International 310 W. Bearcat, South Salt Lake City, UT / timeshare (Complaint)

Lori Surina Oct 30, 2018

We were sold a Marriott Vacation Club package for $1000 and chose a Hawaiian vacation. We were told the rooms would be very similar to those which we stayed in at Newport beach the year before, which was a 2 bedroom, full kitchen and living room. After spending an additional $300 to go to ...

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic / scam! I could not set up the website, the cd information for this was a long process. no customer service rep to help. I was scammed out of $12,000 (Complaint Comment)

Knut Heinemann Oct 29, 2018

2000 when I bought a timeshare from LVHC. I tried to sell as I didn't need it anymore a few years later but nobody would have taken it. Do you know if there are compensation cases on this? Thanks, Knut...

Coral Resorts Hilton Head Island South Carolina / Time Share (Complaint Comment)

ehsaan Toronto Oct 27, 2018

I bought a timeshare in 2015, and discovered that I could only use it every 3 years on week 15. During that time, I'm expected to pay a maintenance fee of $1500 every year. The agent told me I could use it EVERY year. How do I get out or how do I sell this timeshare. It is nothing but fraudulent misrepresentation and a scam?...

Westgate Resorts Gatlinburg Tennessee / class action lawsuit (Complaint Comment)

Angela0982 Oct 26, 2018

put on us to get the timeshare. Almost 5 hours. Then when we went to use our week it was almost $900 in maintenance fees. Along with being threatened to be physically thrown out if we didn’t quiet down. That was our first warning also. Not to mention we were forced to go to a meeting to discuss how we liked the place and was forced to listen to another sales pitch for 4 hours...

Bluegreen Timeshare / timeshare buy back! (Complaint Comment)

lindalg Oct 25, 2018

My husband and I bought into Bluegreen Timeshare years ago and it was one of the worse things we have ever done. My husband died 10 years ago and I cannot afford it anymore or hardly use it. I rent it out and it still doesn't pay my maintenance fees (which keep going up) . I was talked into a buyout program(at the Branson location) that I had to upgrade for almost $7, 000...

Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts Los Cabos / cancellation policy (Complaint)

Deedavis Oct 23, 2018

days to rescind on timeshare contract but these people refuse to honor cancellation and try to scare me into believing I waived my right to cancel and get a full deposit refund. This is illegal pet Mexico law. I will advise everyone to stay away. Why should people have to suffer if you simply change your mind or realize it's not as good of deal as they made it out to be...

Wyndham Rewards Anaheim, CA / anaheim wyndham presentation (Complaint)

Fervid Oct 22, 2018

Just as bad as a timeshare presentation I had attended in the past. I listened to their presentation for two complete hours plus and declined the offer over and over and they kept saying, they have not finished their presentation, but they did not have any new information. I told them I have been here over two hours and would like my gifts and to leave...

Timeshare Release Now Portland Maine / Timeshare (Complaint Comment)

Rachel Anne Oct 22, 2018

in full to cancel my timeshare in 2015. He keeps procrastinating and telling me "it just takes time but it will cancel". Now it is to the point where he will not even respond to my calls or emails. Contacting a lawyer. Do not do business with this company EVER!!!...

Summer Bay Resorts Clemont Fla near Disney Florida / Dishonesty, Excessives fees (Complaint Comment)

Noam11 Oct 21, 2018

Hi My parents also have a timeshare in Summer Bay Resort. I don't know how to get them out of it. I think the best way to sue them. Please keep me in the loop for a class action suit against these people. nzeev@hotmail. com...

Forever Grand Vacations Branson Missouri / Scam (Complaint Comment)

Bonnie Yoder Oct 17, 2018

She has two timeshares and of course they wanted her to get rid of them and just go with them. They started at the price of $10, 000. 00 dollars, she said she wasn't doing it, then it was $7500. 00, she still said no and they sent us to other people. Finally they said if we each bought one, they would do it for $5, 000...

Capital Resorts Pigeon Forge Tennessee / Unethical behavior (Complaint Comment)

JamesPenn Oct 16, 2018

my wife and I into a Timeshare. We were promised the moon and haven't got anything but hardship and regret. The fees increase every year. It is impossible to book at properties...

Westgate Resorts Lansing Illinois / timeshare (Complaint)

Proudnana77 Oct 12, 2018

We went to a sale seminar about the resort. And first off I feel like we were pressured into it. It's Westgate in the smokies that we got a condo at then it burnt down so we were never ever able to use. Then Westgate contacted me saying they wanted to transfer me to Orlando Westgate and I ...

Les Maisons Investments Holiday Florida / I paid them $1,996.00 to auction off my rci timeshare back on march 9th, 2018 (Complaint)

Mark A Thompson Oct 9, 2018

rent my RCI points timeshare. Rental Price $900. 00 Negotiable. Sale Price $30, 996. 00 negotiable. I paid them up-Front $1, 996. 00 from my Discover credit card. The person that I have talked to several times is Katherine Maloney. Her Rep license# TP 34482. I have not heard from her in 4 months. When I call and they answer the phone they always make up some story...

Capital Resorts Group Myrtle Beach South Carolina / death of owner/aged co-owner (Complaint Comment)

Traceys24 Oct 7, 2018

experience working for a timeshare company that you were not able to talk your parents into rescinding immediately. Perhaps they didn't tell you until it was too late. Also to complicate things there are also Capital Resorts memberships and Grand Crowne Resorts memberships (if they bought prior to 2014 and never upgraded to Capital)...

Westgate Resorts Fraud Orlando Florida / fraud sales practices and no fraud dept (Complaint Comment)

Johnclaud1 Oct 5, 2018

Hi my name is John Smithson about a timeshare from Westgate resort in Orlando April 2017 at sense my wife got sick and passed away in February of this year and I’ve tried to get them to cancel it I have not made no payments in nine months I found out after I bought it after the 10 day cancellation...

Capital Resorts Group Myrtle Beach South Carolina / death of owner/aged co-owner (Complaint)

B. DAndrea Oct 4, 2018

cash in full when the timeshare was purchased. Now, with him gone, she is on a very restricted income. She telephoned Capital Resorts asking for help as she can in no way afford the maintenance fee or travel anymore, asked if they would just take it back, no money exchanged, and they declined, actually found that suggestion humorous... Dover New Hampshire / fraudulent business practice (Complaint Comment)

DataQuest Digital Oct 4, 2018

Hi i would suggest you a best Timeshare Agency in Australia. Royale Timeshare Resales - They are a licensed (AFSL) timeshare broker who resells second hand timeshares throughout the South Pacific on behalf of timeshare owners who wish to sell their timeshares. Highly Professional licensed timeshare broker who offers the most competitive prices in the market...

Westgate Resorts / my room, housekeeping, bathtub (Complaint)

Robj007 Oct 3, 2018

of purchasing a 200k timeshare. First impressions are priceless, and mine was unpleasant. I complained after only being there for 5 minutes. They moved me to what they considered an upgraded room, and upon arrival to the new room it wasn't any better and the shower was running/dripping also. Another attempt was made after several complaints to move me to another room, thos time though I decided to observe the room for suitability...

Worldmark By Wyndham / reservation at wyndham club pass (Complaint)

1225min Oct 2, 2018

I have had my timeshare since 1999 never missed my maintenance fee and yet I just want a courtesy refund of my 99. 00 and credits towards my next reservation and they made me feel so unimportant and just nobody. Please look at this situation thank you very much...

Vacation Exits Ormond Beach Florida / overcharging fees (Complaint)

carolinaeagle Sep 29, 2018

appointment to meet with timeshare owners and way over charging people in some cases $60. 000 and many cases 40k and 30k where the attorney her a fraction of it whet $750 title transfer fee is oh on cost to get out I do have all intentions of notifying the attorney office Pam Bondy in florida ...

Westgate Resorts / timeshare contract/agreement representation (Complaint)

Chooie1972 Sep 27, 2018

They would not release me from the Timeshare and I was not asking for a refund or any compensation. I simply wanted to be released and they could keep the $1000 I had already paid into the program. Even before 30 days had passed of my first missed payment they had turned my account over to a collection agency...

Westin Lagunamar Cancun Cancun / customer service and management (Complaint)

Maria Elena Vigil Sep 26, 2018

interested in selling more timeshare. Nobody was concerned about my injury. I made it through the presentation from my wheelchair until I could bear no more pain. The hotel staff without calling a manager during my 3 hour interaction with top staff, placed me in our vehicle while screaming and crying for a 4 hour drive to Merida, Yucatan...

Westgate Resorts Gatlinburg Tennessee / class action lawsuit (Complaint Comment)

rep_all Sep 26, 2018

I purchased a Westgate timeshare in Orlando about 20 years ago. It has long been paid for but now I would like to get rid of it. You cannot give it away. Westgate will let me deed it back for $1200. 00 When I purchased it I was told it was a good investment. They are only interested in what they can get out of you...