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Sears Home Services Alexandria Virginia / combination microwave and oven (Complaint)

Allison Guernsey Mar 14, 2018

Sears has failed to fix my built in microwave oven after 7 failed attempts. They have either 1) not arrived during the window scheduled, 2) Arrived with 1 person, stood in front of the oven and declared that they needed 2 people (this happened twice), 3) arrived with 2 people stood in fron...

Jessica Green Jacksonville Florida / roof installation (Complaint)

whatazit May 17, 2017

Jessica Green roof installationI have the unfortunate problem of using Sears to install my roof.
Picture it 2013 summer Florida. A young woman and her father are grieving the death of a mother. The father decides to take care of the daughter. He uses Sears to get her a roof, with a thirty year warranty. Father pa...

Sears Home Improvement Cleveland Ohio / vinyl siding (Complaint Comment)

Terry Robersom Dec 8, 2016

I completely agree with these post. Sears hires sub par contractors. They came out made a total mess in my yard left trash and nails all over the drive way, back yard and front yard picked up at least a truck load of trash after their so called clean up, and I am still picking up nails out...

Appleby Systems, Inc / I would suggest not doing business with this company (Complaint Comment)

TonyHippo Aug 12, 2016

I know what you are saying. I recently applied for an installer position for the company. Well their interview process is much like their sales pitch when coming to your home. Way too many unanswered questions. Having been in the business for 30 years myself, I think I have a good idea of...

Sears Windows / I will never buy anything fromsears (Complaint Comment)

onthelasgallinas Jun 10, 2016

When Sears was talking me into purchasing their windows, they forgot, and I didn't ask if you could install any different color window, except white. To make a long story short, It is now time to paint my house, so I called sears about the types of paint that I would need to paint vinyl wi...

Sears Harker Heights Texas / windows installation (Complaint)

Stephen Short Jun 9, 2016

Sears installed windows in my house at 4318 Pawnee Trail in May 2016. According to the estimate and proposal statement I signed under description of the project under additional provisions, Authorization: I authorize to arrange for a contractor to install the materials, issue a work order ...

Sears Home Improvements Pensacola Florida / windows (Complaint)

Pissedoffhomeowner Jun 8, 2016

Lets start off that the sales pitch is probably the best lies ever told.
First lie was that Sears makes the windows at their own factory here in Florida and they are the top rated window. No they don't they are made by some company in the Carolina's and are far below the top rated ...

Sears A"e Factory Service / very poor service! (Complaint Comment)

Annah L. Apr 19, 2016

It is now April 2016, and I cannot believe how things have not changed for this company.

I absolutely, dislike A&E Factory Service with a passion. They make you want to climb through the phone and strangle someone!
Seriously, they LIE to you and treat you with DISRES...

Sears A"e Factory Service / very poor service! (Complaint Comment)

Annah L. Apr 19, 2016

It is now April 2016, and I cannot believe how things have not changed for this company.
I absolutely, dislike A&E Factory Service with a passion. They make you want to climb through the phone and strangle someone!
Seriously, they LIE to you and treat you with DISRESPECT and...

Sears/home depot JAX fla / Windows (Complaint)

Reviewer76458 Mar 4, 2016

The salesman swore to one thing, that our 10000$ worth of Windows would b installed in less than half a day and would take two weeks to come. It's now been over a month and nothing. At least we put it on a charge card. Next time we will go elsewhere and we have over 15 more to go, Sears /H...

Sears Home Services / sears windows replacement (Complaint)

Reviewer17744 Feb 10, 2016

I purchased double pane windows from sears and within a matter of months fog and mold began growing in between the two glass panes. I called Sears and they told me they would have someone out to replace the window, then asked me which window I was having a problem with.

I w...

Sears Vancouver British Columbia / kenmore range (Complaint)

Dquinn Dec 10, 2015

Purchased a Kenmore range in 2013. Worked fine, until November 2015 when it caught fire in the oven and fried the circuit board. The outside of this oven was so hot, we could not touch it for at least a hour. There was flame inside the oven, which was set for 350 degrees. There was a burnt...

Sears Windows - Windows Replacement Daly City California / windows (Complaint)

PeterLam Oct 30, 2015

So my advice is never use Sears windows because your satisfaction is not guaranteed...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

Brian Harden Aug 7, 2015

"I Purchased a extended warranty on my lawnmower and the Screw that holds the blade was cut in half while mowing no other issues to it to the local hometown store.They said they would send it over to the warranty center keep in mind just a screw holding the Blade in was cut in half.

Sears Service Daytona Beach Florida / service rip off (Complaint Comment)

Jonny5 Jul 22, 2015

On 7-20-15, I had a tech come out to look at my broken Ice maker. I knew that if I did not have it repaired by Sears that there was a 95.00 fee. What surprised me was that the cost to replace it I was told was $495.00 dollars.. So there was no way I would pay almost 500 dollars to have a 1...

Sears / Lawnmower / hassle free return within 30 days policy is a rip off! (Complaint Comment)

Maureen Sergent Jul 13, 2015

this is exactly what I went through in Salt Lake City Utah had to rent mower at home depot when finally told the mower couldn't be fixed was told to go to my local store with original receipt and phone number was my reference number had to pick up defective mower at repair shop (a month la...

Sears Kenmore Fairbanks Alaska / kenmore self cleaning smoothtop electric range (Complaint)

TundraMo2002 Apr 14, 2015

We have a Kenmore Self-Cleaning Oven Range with a smooth top. About 6 weeks ago I was making bread and after 15 minutes my husband and I smelled something burning. Well, I opened the oven door (which I had to use pot holders to open because the handle was so hot) and smoke billowed out I'v...

Sears Home Improvement Meridian / poor service after initial window install (Complaint)

BriHawki Apr 1, 2015

We had 3 windows and a patio door installed in July 2015. At the end of the installation, it was noted that the screen for the patio door was missing and there was a flaw in the glass for one of the windows. We were promised that both issues would be resolved. Here we are in April 2015 and...

Sears Windows / I will never buy anything fromsears (Complaint Comment)

Disappointed in Sears Jan 21, 2015

I contacted Sears recently to follow-up on some windows that my parents purchased 18 years ago. The windows were literally falling out of the cases. I have excellent documentation on this purchase from my parents yet Sears still hasn't complied with the replacement of the windows. They hav...

Sears Carpet Cleaning Goodyear Arizona / &upselling & and &bait and switch& (Complaint)

wmansker Dec 6, 2014

We decided to get our carpets cleaned and chose sears because we have generally been pleased with their services. After receiving an estimate of approximately $288 for our desired cleaning, the final bill was over $1100. All the charges were approved by either my wife or me and we accept r...

Sears Windows / I will never buy anything fromsears (Complaint Comment)

gizfen Nov 6, 2014

Never buy windows from Sears. My "Lifetime" warranty is not even 10 years old and they say they will only cover 50% of the cost to replace manufacturers defects. The seal has gone on 14 windows and they are telling me that I have to contract another company to make the repairs. I will be r...

Sears Windows / I will never buy anything fromsears (Complaint Comment)

kamala777 Jul 19, 2014

I had read the complaints against Sears windows BEFORE I contracted to install windows, hoping that all the complaints that I read were isolated cases because I have been purchasing appliances, furnace, auto service, electronics, etc. from Sears for over 35 yrs. I, cautiously, only had 5 windows installed, to see how it went before I installed more on my 29 window house, covering by saying that was all that I could afford right now...

Windows USA Royal, Arkansas / VinylWindows (Complaint Comment)

D Posey May 26, 2014

I purchased windows from Windows USA several years ago, and yes, the sales pitch was long. I had previously worked in sales and knew what to expect, we were very interested in purchasing replacement windows. That does make a difference. Having said that, our experience with this company ha...

Sears Windows / I will never buy anything fromsears (Complaint Comment)

D Posey May 26, 2014

These sears windows are of the worst quality (thank goodness we only purchased 5 to see if we would be satisfied) Approx. one year later they were "leaking" air and now several years later they are hard to open, draft from wind is constant. We did purchase the rest of our windows from a company called Windows USA, they have come out at no charge and replaced a patio door and checked on all their windows to make sure we were happy...

Sears Home Improvement San Franciso Office / lousy customer service (Complaint Comment)

Did anything get resolved? I would be VERY shocked if it had. I have pretty much the same problems. We got new windows. Since JANUARY of 2014 they still are not completed! Can't get a call back either. The sales man flat out lied to us. He said our payment would be around 360.00 because th...