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Sears Baltimore Maryland

Posted: Dec 29, 2016    David Coov
sears service agreement
another appliance from sears again. Purchased the 300. 00 + service plan. 4 service calls, 2 of which were no call, no shoes. 4 lost days of work. 2 days of family and other serious engagements canceled because of the no show situation. We are now 1 1/2 months with no washer. Tonight was the second of the no-shows and they arbitrarily rescheduled the next service appt for January 11, 2017...

Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 29, 2016    BRJ--MtgAL
poor quality product!
describing problems with Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerators. I only wish I'd thought to consult the on line blogs and better yet, Consumer Report BEFORE purchasing their "Kenmore Elite Grab-N-Go" model on 11/30/2013 during the Christmas "Black Friday Sale". In fact, the unit would not be delivered for another 6 months (5/14/2014) when my new home construction would be completed...

Kenmore / Power Miser

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 28, 2016    gary09807y34
Sears's faulty product
I then called Sears as the unit is still under the 9 year warranty. After being transferred around a few times, I was informed that yes, the unit was under warranty, but that it cost $80 to have a repair person come to the house (a "diagnostic fee"). Fine. Annoying money-grab, but what can you do...

Sears Brands Brookfield Wisconsin

Posted: Dec 28, 2016    Crap vaccumes
sears kenmore canister
I don't even think Sears believes in the quality of its product anymore because if they did they would make sure they would be responsible that a customer is happy with their purchase. In all truth the Sears kenmore canister is junk and this point and I will never buy another vaccume from them again...

Sears Chester Virginia

Posted: Dec 28, 2016    StopCrappyBusinesses
Kenmore elite refrigerator if error code and other issues
august 2016, I contacted sears to fix my refrigerator after already having four other repair calls for similar issues as per exhibit c. I had had continual ice clogging issues since purchase and had lost total ice making capability again, was getting very loud noises again, and an if error code on the front display panel and this amongst other functionality issues with the ice maker and interior compartments of my model...

Sears.com Order Burlington New Jersey

Posted: Dec 27, 2016    SL
customer service
washing machine from sears. com on nov 24, 2016 for 475. 06 order number 994622015. The machine was delived 112616 (hours late). It did not work properly so i called to exchange the item 12516. Sears was not able to find the item I wanted to exchange for. They processed a refund on 12/816 but then CHARGED IT BACK on 12916 for 475...

Sears Brands Concord North Carolina

Posted: Dec 27, 2016    KLf0611
dorel bunk bed
full bunk bed from Sears on line 12/14 and when I went to pick it up 12/22 at the pick up area of Sears Concord, NC store, they tried giving me a blue toddler bed. Customer Service told me that they have no control over warehouse and that the item is not available. I wanted it for Christmas and all I was offered was $10 credit to cover me returning the wrong item...

Sears Brands Oakton Virginia

Posted: Dec 27, 2016    MJ Neil
unknown brand hvac uv lights installed by sears duct cleaners
happened: Sears duct cleaners came on dec 13th, 2016 to my new house that I just purchased the day before. I have not yet had internet access in the house at the time, otherwise I would search online before I make the decision. Apparently I am not the only victim of scam like this (See links below)...

Kenmore Waldron Arkansas I dont know It is a kenmore sold by sears and manufactured by whirlpool

Posted: Dec 25, 2016    Cassandra Zimmer
Dishwasher model number 665.1355 or 1356
I don't know my client number

It caught on fire and fire dept was called to put it out
I lost 4 rooms of laminate flooring and 2 rooms of carpet
Smoke damage throughout the whole house
cellular blinds could not be cleaned.
Wood ceiling...

Kenmore Electric Range Peace River Alberta

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 25, 2016    Bernie C. Parkinson
discoloration on the knob panel
We had Sears come out and look at it and they said it is not covered by warranty because it is "cosmetic". I replaced the panel, because it bothered my wife, but have the same problem. The stove is now 11 years old and I will know what to look for when I buy a new one...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 21, 2016    john bach
automotive shock lifetime warranty
sometime in the late '80s i bought 4 Sears lifetime warranty gas shocks for my "73 Mercury Montego GT At the Sears store in Ventura Ca. now in late Dec. 2016 i need 4 new shocks. does the Sears lifetime warranty still stand?...

Sears Brands Fort Myers Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 19, 2016    Nadja Henderson Cruz
sears tire company cleveland ave fort myers fl
for the same problem Sears just will not stand up to any product except for their screw drivers, probably because they are use to screwing people...

Sears Brands Fort Myers Florida

Posted: Dec 19, 2016    Nadja Henderson Cruz
sears tire company cleveland ave fort myers fl
Your store man Manager Henry sold me 4 tires and an alignment, the tires he sold me were 1 from 2014 1 from 2015 and 2 from 2016 . I just got them in August of 2016 I guess your managers sell whatever they grab. My steering wheel was bouncing, Henry said it was the alignment and I needed n...

Sears Friendswood Texas

Posted: Dec 18, 2016    Scouter68
leaf blower
Ordered a Christmas present, got email confirmation and date it would arrive at store. That day went to store and no item. Waited a week and still nothing. Cslled and they told me to wait 24 hiurs for an email.
I never received and called again my order was mysteriously cancelled and...

Sears Kenmore Oven Massachusetts

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 18, 2016    James LaBarre
will probably avoid Sears/Kenmore as well...

Kmart.com Holiday Florida

Posted: Dec 17, 2016    spuds5731
away affiliated with Sears ??? So sad . Buy guys never spend another buck with you...

Sears Brands Leominster Massachusetts

Posted: Dec 17, 2016    Fernanda Delgado
tools department crew training - terrible management
stuff! Just come to sears in leominster at 100 commercial rd # 10, leominster, ma 01453 to buy $2. 250. 00 in gift cards. Got a cashier on tools department named luiz, that walked around for over 15 minutes totally lost, finally after so much waiting another cashier that was available decided to help, his name tag says that his name is santiago...

Sears Extended Warranty Sears protection company

Posted: Dec 17, 2016    rose lewis
extended warranty
Washer and dryer were replaced (after 10 years of constant repairs) under lemon law. While waiting for this to take place my warranty was about to expire again. Fearing they would use it as a reason not to go forward with the replacement, I renewed. the warranty. The new units came with a ...

Sears Brands Hoffman Hoffman Estates IL

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 16, 2016    proph
home repair
Never use Sears service. They ripp off all...

Sears Brands Hoffman Hoffman Estates IL

Posted: Dec 16, 2016    proph
home repair
I hired sears home maintenance for a snow blower maintenance service. It was to include:check ignition system, carburetor, throttle, and choke controls. Clean engine cooling fins. Change oil. Check manual starter and electric starter if so equipped. Replace spark plug. Lubricate moving parts: pivot points, cables, auger shaft, and drive plate zerk...

Sears Huntsville Alabama

Posted: Dec 16, 2016    trisha7777777
why not lease it.
I went to Sears looking for a lawnmower and was short on money. The salesman at Sears told me about Why not lease it. He said for a 326. 00 lawnmower all I had to do is make a 60. 00 down payment and have four payments left for 60. 00 each and then I could buy it outright for 79. 00. I thought that was a good deal and signed the piece of register tape the man handed me and took my lawnmower home...

Kenmore Appliances Joliet Illinois

Posted: Dec 15, 2016    tenny10
Kenmore elite duel fuel oven
fuel oven/range and sears said had to have a tech. come to house to order part, when the tech. got here he looked at the back of stove and said yes the control board was burn out and said that he couldn't fix it because they no longer make the part and have no replacement or interchangeable parts to fix it, sorry but I am going to have to trash 4000...

Sears Home Services

Posted: Dec 15, 2016    StopCrappyBusinesses
kenmore elite 72053 lemon
August 2016, I contacted Sears to fix my refrigerator after already having four other repair calls for similar issues as per Exhibit C. I had had continual ice clogging issues since purchase and had lost total ice making capability again, was getting very loud noises again, and an IF Error Code on the front display panel and this amongst other functionality issues with the ice maker and interior compartments of my model...

Sears Home Services Plano Texas

Posted: Dec 13, 2016    JReganJr
Sears home appliance repair
service & support from Sears Home Appliance repair. I am a VIP customer program with 20+ appliances under a support agreement. I call over a month ago to report a freezer that needed a repair and parts for a panel replacement with liner. I was assured the tech would have the parts on the repair date...

Sears brands llc Hoffman Estates Illinois

Posted: Dec 12, 2016    Jlynnc
Kenmore elite high efficiency washer model 796.2927
I told Sears it was more than a cosmetic issue as it was tainting the wash water. She proceeded to tell them there was no solution for this, therefore nothing will be done. The complaint number Sears gave me was Case #4659031. The desired solution would be to resurface the area. If they cannot do this, the washer should be replaced...

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