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K Mart Sebring FL Sebring Florida / employment

not that old Nov 28, 2017
but get redirected to sears job search. Ok!! 2 fullpage adds in the paper & the manager is unaware of this?? Probaly because i'm 63 years old lookink for a job is my guess!!!...

Sears Hammond Louisiana / customer service / delivery of large appliance

a1gumbo Nov 27, 2017
My wife went to the local Sears to order a Kenmore Refrigerator that was on sale. I told her to tell them that I would be available any day in the afternoon to receive this item. The salesperson told her that we cannot dictate to them what time of day the refrigerator would be delivered, and he said someone would have to be available all day to accept the item...

Maytag Alexandria Virginia / maytag washer model mvwx655dw0 - 18 months old

Dmoery Nov 27, 2017
Maytag maytag washer model mvwx655dw0 - 18 months oldPROBLEM - Sears Home Service came out to repair the washer after sending parts (2 different times) here to the house manufactured by the Whirpool Corporation - Part #W11130362. The picture on the Maytag Replacement Part site and the Maytag Customer Service parts people say the part should be just over 22" long (see attached pic)...

Sears-Kenmore PRO Santa Barbara California / kenmore pro elec. built in oven model 790.42003 melted!

Ceecee Bloom Nov 26, 2017
13 or 14, we called Sears to request service on our 3 1/2 year old Kenmore Pro ovens, which have been performing poorly. We were contacted, via Sears, by A&E Factory Service, from Santa Maria, CA. We scheduled an appointment with A&E appliance for Nov. 20 and they followed up with two emails, confirming date and time, and finally a phone call on the morning of the appointment...

Sears North Carolina / don't buy protection agreements!

(Complaint Comment)
iseeyouclearly Nov 25, 2017
are told! Someone at Sears in a high position is doing this to gain $$$$$ they are ruining the company and its reputation quickly as its already going downhill. I've also read reviews recently that state they are renewing these " you can't cancel" policies without authorization to do so!!!...

Collectors Internet / Unauthorized billing

(Complaint Comment)
Rothaug Harry A Nov 24, 2017
I paid for coins form Jim Sears @ Collector's Internet well over 3 months ago and never saw them. He kept changing info and giving me false tracking numbers. Told me he was going to show in Long Beach, I said I wanted to meet him and then he said he wasn't going. I asked for a refund and now they wont respond to me...

The Source Canada / Chateauguay Chateauguay Québec / DISPICIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

(Complaint Comment)
The Source is horrible Nov 23, 2017
to dry up just like Sears, which was the last king of pretentious superiority. Businesses can no longer survive using bad customer service models - no return customers means no business...

WhyNotLeaseIt / what a rip off/ buyers beware and read fine print

Jsnooka78 Nov 22, 2017
Purchased a used refrigerator from sears recently and was led to believe that if i made 6 payments of 248 the refrigerator would be paid off. Around the 5th month i get a email stating to either pay a buyout amount or continue leasing at the current amount ? Than it hit me i just been had. The total price of the refrigerator with warranty came up to 1493...

Sears Greenwood Arkansas / kenmore refrigerator/washer/dryer...

Belinda Cloud Nov 22, 2017
11/13/2017 Sears is supposed to be ordering the part and can get it, but the tech has not done that yet. I have a Master Protection Agreement. Be careful who they send out to do repairs. May not be covered after the repair is made due to another company as per the tech. Washer: Kenmore: Dates: 6/5/2009 replace control board in starter button would keep going 10/2007 replacement of motor coupling, making a noise and water won't drain out 9/7/2011 replace motor coupling, making noise and water won't drain once again 4/12/2012 replace rota tor cup on washer strip, its not washing my clothes, have to put on normal needs to be on heavy load, so on 12/14/2012 washer knocking noise: Circle City came out repair transmission added a seal to lid 1/13/21013 washer coupling and order transmission Circle City repair 5/2/2017 replaced belt broken belt with Circle City 10/29/2017 order washer setting control panel...

Sears Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator / Dept of energy agreement does not compensate me properly

(Complaint Comment)
Professor Wizard Nov 21, 2017
I purchased a new 74025 from the Sears Store in October of this year. (yes, 2 months now) Right out of the box, it never felt cold to me, so I put an HVAC Thermometer in to track real temps. I I find it only go to 37 on the low swing, and averages 40/41 with 42 on the high swing, with the temp setting on the panel set to 34...

Kenmore / Power Miser / Sears's faulty product

(Complaint Comment)
nemo227 Nov 20, 2017
It's not a harsh judgment regarding Sears. They have been getting diminishing public approval for many years. Back in 1970 virtually all of our appliances came from Sears but none since 2002 when my Power Miser 9 was installed. Fifteen years of satisfactory service for a water heater may be called good by some people but I'm not overly impressed...

MetroPCS / zte blade max z982 phone

George Murphy Nov 20, 2017
thirty-five years with Sears, Highland Appliance, and Dexter TV. In situations like mine we always happily exchanged any unit that had a defect in under two weeks of use. Now this is the fourth phone I have purchased from Metro PCS in seven years paying over five thousand dollars in phone bills...

Costco Wholesale Corporation Québec City Québec / access

Simon-Pierre Mathieu Nov 19, 2017
SEARS Canada ring a bell...

Sears Seattle Washington / dishwasher repair appointment

(Complaint Comment)
Shaun R. Nov 17, 2017
Unfortunately Sears is close to bankruptcy. There's talk about the fact they may not make it through the holidays. It really is unfortunate as they were once such a giant and employ so many people. You're likely better to just replace it at your own cost...

Sears Seattle Washington / dishwasher repair appointment

David Rincon Nov 17, 2017
So frustrated with Sears repair service. I have a dish washer that has gone on the blink. Called for a repair appointment and ended up speaking with someone in the Philippines who spoke broken English and was very difficult to understand. But I did finally get an appointment. Guess What! First available opening is ONE MONTH from today! Requested to speak with the supervisor and she wasn't any help either...

Cymraes's Corner – ~ weird and wonderful blogging from the Welsh marshes troll and fraud / lesley jackson wales "a traitor to wicccans acow" and "a warlock medusa" scammer and fraud

(Complaint Comment)
masterissac Nov 17, 2017
more issues than a sears catalogue Sharon blaylock I don't have any and I don't have any patience for any [censor]"...

Sears Brands / samsung refrigerator (specifically, icemaker)

MKGilbert Nov 16, 2017
We purchased our Samsung refrigerator on November 28, 2014 along with the 3 year Master Protection Agreement. We have had 9 service calls on the icemaker since November 1, 2016 all for the same issue. Each service call, the technician defrosts the unit and makes adjustments and/or replaces...

Sears.com Plainfield New Jersey / kenmore elite natural gas water heater model 153.332640

(Complaint Comment)
Shaun R. Nov 15, 2017
Unfortunately Sears is on the verge of bankruptcy. They've been fighting it for several years, but the real question now is if they'll even make it through the holiday season. Fortunately hot water tanks are not overly expensive. You may just want to replace it out of your own pocket...

Sears.com Plainfield New Jersey / kenmore elite natural gas water heater model 153.332640

Shirley White-Walker Nov 15, 2017
Heater in July 2014 from Sears and also purchased an extended warranty at that time, which expires in 2021. I have the service t ech to my home 3 tim s since 10/21/17. The the tech has had to r turn so many times because the parts are not available to fix my problem. I have been told the parts are on back order...

Sears Home Warranty FL / dishwasher

ReallyNot happy Nov 15, 2017
I have a Sears Home warranty for 3 years. This year I made a claim to repair a broken dishwasher less than one year old. The service tech came and ordered a part to fix the broken arm in the dishwasher and we paid our $75 deductible via check. He never called, the part was never ordered. A new tech called and said he would order the part...

BrandsMart USA Miami Florida / my 22. icu ft/ps3/3splsfe frigi dfhs2313mf-ss

L. Copeland Nov 15, 2017
I'm going today to sears somewhere to get a fridge today and canclle brandmart order...

Sears BURNS Colorado / trundle beds

Teressa Taylor Nov 15, 2017
Its not what I needed but because Sears sold theu a 3rd party i cant get them returned! First off Marketplace wanted me to pay $140 each to return the items. They must be nuts! And they are very rude. I believe since I purchased these from Sears they should take care of the return!!! Its been nothing but a Hassel and you can bet I will never order from them again!!! Teressa Taylor tat071655@yahoo...

Stein Appliance Belleville Ontario / Appliance repair service

(Complaint Comment)
Jim -Ottawa Nov 15, 2017
After Sears Appliance Service was liquidated, they posted an OEM Service list on their website. My Kenmore Elite refrigerator was manufactured by Whirlpool and, after booking a service call through the OEM Service desk, I was supposed to get a call the evening before or the morning of my scheduled service call...

Sears Farmington New Mexico / unacceptable customer service for a general & regional manager

DrCoby Nov 15, 2017
general manager of Sears (with permission from his supervisor) has made the decision of what & what not I can purchase with my Sears card! I was simply trying to purchase gift cards for my assistants when I was told, "do u have cash, something is fishy, go to wall mart & has the audacity to tell me that he is Sears & makes all decisions...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department

(Complaint Comment)
judypars Nov 14, 2017
furnace heater from Sears worth $10, 000. Since I had this heater installed, I have had problems with getting the right temperature in my home. It was installed on October 2015 and for all the winter months because the installation was flawed, my heating bill was $400 per month. Finally, something happened to reveal the whole situation for what it was and has been...


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