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Best Choice Products Clinton Township Michigan / customer services/refund (Complaint)

Jewel Perry Jul 24, 2018

I order a patio set through Sears. I had to return to Best Choice. OMG what an experience. For two weeks I was just trying to return the product and their customer service couldn't get the Fed labels emailed. They gave all kind of excuses problem with systems. Whatever, then one guy told me they would refund me and to donate the furniture...

Sears Delivery Centerville Massachusetts / delivery (Complaint Comment)

Thanksalot57 Jul 23, 2018

Sears was scheduled to deliver our new refrigerator today. It arrived damaged. I lost out on food that I bought before they arrived. I spent one hour on the phone trying to reschedule delivery and 45 minutes of that was being on hold. When I did speak with people, they barely spoke English. On top of all this aggravation, I have to wait three more days for the delivery...

Sears Brands Cornwallville, New York / french door kenmore elite (Complaint)

Markh02 Jul 23, 2018

refrigerator is DEAD!! Sears is the worst company going. This refrigerator by Sears/LG is S**T Steal the money of hard working customers and no HELP. Had a private repairman come in on Friday night. Could not help because LG won't allow access to help with repairs...

Sears Islip New York / washer and dryer (Complaint)

flower22 Jul 21, 2018

story and how on the Sears protection agreement it says that after 3 times they come to repair the appliance with the same issue they will guarantee a replacement but they do not want to listen and all they do is apologize for what the technician put me through and that they understand the frustration I have been put through, but that there is nothing they can do, and that I have to wait for the next service date...

WhyNotLeaseIt Victoria Texas / lease dishwasher (Complaint)

Cory Day Jul 20, 2018

I couldn't get approved for a sears card, but they said I was approved for 1500$ in a payment plan. I was so desperate, I didn't question it. I've payed 800$ on a 400$ dishwasher and if nothing else comes from this. I would just like to make people more aware or stop this kind of practice all together...

Sears Brands / warranty (Complaint)

Suespak Jul 19, 2018

We called Sears Repair. The person on the phone told me I could purchase a warranty for a ONE TIME fee of $99. This would enable me to have someone come look at the refrigerator. It would cover up to $500 of repairs . so I thought it sounded good and gave my credit card info. The repairman came out, and was able to fix it quite easily...

Sears Granger Indiana / warranty department (Complaint)

Heatpumpmassacre Jul 18, 2018

Sears warranty departmentSears complaint number:5863372 2 years ago we had an a. c. / Heat pump installed by a Sears installer. Just recently we had to get our property inspected. The inspector told us we needed to level our heat pump. Because we had no idea that a heat pump was not suppost to be angled, we called Sears to send a technician to level the pump...

CooperVision Churchville Maryland / contact purchase rebate (Complaint Comment)

CooperVision Jul 18, 2018

I have reached out to Sears Optical on your behalf and will instruct our rebate processing group to approve your 2018 and 2017 rebates for you. You will receive them separately. I hope this will be satisfactory for you. Have a great day!...

Canadian Tire Mississauga Ontario / dundas and mavis repair shop (Complaint Comment)

Kath McMaster Jul 18, 2018

Honestly, I worked for Sears Trucking, Sears went under. I am a descendant of a Founder of Toronto, the 4th TTC Commissioner and the Founder of Meals on Wheels. Sorry if I come across as Helle on Wheels, I am. I should also mention there is a funny sticker from the Plumbers Union 401 UA with a skull and crossbones on it...

The Bay Ottawa Ontario / womens clothing (Complaint)

cjh-f Jul 17, 2018

They are just like Sears Canada, and we all know how that turned out! Signed, Disgruntled in Ottawa...

Sears New Market Maryland / sears home services (Complaint)

VMSansone Jul 17, 2018

We have had Sears appliances for over 17 years. We have always bought the extended warranties and paid yearly for the Home Repair Service programs. We have always had trouble with scheduling the repairs, it took several days, the Sears vendors did not show up or know how to fix the problem. But, now when we called for a broken refrigerator repair The representatives in the Philippines told us that we had to wait 8 days for a repair...

Why Not Lease It Manchester, NH / couch two piece damaged / bought from sears and had why not lease it financed it. (Complaint)

Franzie Jul 17, 2018

half of my couch is at sears warehouse and the other part is at the seat retail center...

Sears Store Camp Hill Pa / leasing (Complaint)

Luanne E. Bronson Jul 16, 2018

find out today that Sears has a re-ward card for us for $189. 99 that we can spend it here this is supposed to be a refund from the leasing company $189. 99 now I don't feel that we should have to pay the $189. 99 for delivery and installation because we already paid $165 for gas company for installation just to get a rewards card from Sears or leasing company just to be able to spend I have been on the phone for over two hours today trying to get this taken care of or have them come out and get the stove every time I call I put on hold last time I was on the phone for 43 minutes and they connected me to the local store I am done dealing with the store I have called Sears I've called customer service and enough is enough nobody wants to take that $189...

WhyNotLeaseIt Bradenton Florida / sears electric dryer (Complaint)

MZRita Jul 16, 2018

I purchased a dryer from Sears on 4/14/18 returned it on 5/14/18 for a refund because dryer was not working properly. Purchased dryer using Whynotleaseit. The website states refunds are processed within 7-10 business days. 2 months later i'm still waiting on a refund and am still paying for this returned item...

Sears Brands ontario California / kenmore elite refrigerator (Complaint)

bianca2829 Jul 16, 2018

I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in November of 2015. The compressor went out in October of 2017. We were left with over $300 worth of spoiled food that we were never compensated for, even though the extended warranty claims to cover lost food. It is now July 2018 and the refrigera...

Sears Protection Agreement Customer service Glen Allen Virginia / refrigerator (Complaint)

ChandraGupta Majety Jul 16, 2018

My Refrigerator issue is going on Since May 2018. Today is July 16 and 2018. It is been three months we are without Refrigerator. Every time when we call for the appointment they will give me after 15 days and whenever the Technician comes he finds a different problem and he orders a new p...

Sears One Source Middletown New Jersey / failure to honor commitment to refund (Complaint Comment)

RLR2000 Jul 16, 2018

Sears warranty work on my new washer/dryer combo. Sent a service man out and he said there was a hole in the incoming water hose but didnot have the part to fix it and had to order the part. that was three weeks ago. haven't heard a thing. called the repair place and they laughed at me. saying the part is on order...

Sears Brands Marietta Georgia / order (Complaint)

honestreviewers Jul 14, 2018

Bought a LG Washer & Dryer from Sears on the July 4th. Even though the price is same as when compared to all other retailers (in store & online), bought from Sears because we moved to new house which didn't have washer/dryer and Sears was providing a earlier delivery date than others. Called Sears Cumberland Mall Store Support Center # [protected] and placed the order with the Sears Rep over the phone (ORDER # [protected] )...

Sears Brands / bosch dishwasher (Complaint)


service contract thru Sears. A service call was placed on the 6th of July. They actually had a opening Saturday the 7th. Tech came out, a part had to be ordered. The next open appt was Thursday July 12. Tech came out but the part was broken. Another part ordered. Next available Sat 14th. 8am-12. At 1:00 called and was told we were to be the next call...

Universal Technical Services / Nordic Track Treadmill / do not stand behind their products (Complaint Comment)

vardanush galstyan Jul 13, 2018

purchasing my treadmill at Sears, my husband was not given a booklet, so I never knew that I had to keep my treadmill indoors, so the belt needs to be changed, they are not changing because it has not been indoors, it has been in the garage, they said that's not indoors, they must be kidding, they took my money and did no service, I am very frustrated from loosing my money and time...

Sears RESTON Virginia / lawn tractor home service (Complaint)

achilles-07 Jul 13, 2018

service call and a Sears Home technician arrived to diagnose within 2 weeks which was a great start. He confirmed the repair is under warranty and ordered the needed parts which arrived in a week. Since then, I've had 7 straight service appointments scheduled by Sears Home Service to complete the repair and each time NO technician has showed up!! Each time, I have had to call at the end of the window asking about the technician and each time they apologize and schedule another appointment which results in another no-show...

Brach's Buna Texas / maple nut goodies (Complaint)

Bandit2lucy Jul 12, 2018

counters in places like Sears and other department stores where candy counters were present. The sales lady would scoop them up, weigh them, and place them in a paper bag. I have been enjoying them ever since, until about 3-4 months ago. I purchased a bag at a local Dollar General. They were so hard I could not bite into them, the outside was slick like it had melted and they tasted rather "old"...

Sears Home Repair / kenmore elite washing machine repair (Complaint)

Mary Briones Jul 12, 2018

dissatisfaction with the way Sears Home repair service operates. I requested a repair on my washing machine on June 28th, 2018 and was given an appointment for July 2nd. between 1 PM and 5PM. When the technician arrived, he stated the water pump was bad and would order the part. When questioned why he didn't have the parts for the repair when the problem reported was the water was not draining and spin cycle would not spin...

American Automobile Association / Newberg Oregon / roadside assistance (Complaint)

Johnjewels Jul 12, 2018

Like Sears, AAA isn't relevant today and not likely to be around for the next generation...

Kenmore warranty Akron Ohio / water heater (Complaint)

Justin Moore Jul 12, 2018

and was told only a Sears tech could determine if the tank was leaking or not but every time I was transferred to that department to set up time to have one come out I was hung up on. Since I could not be connected to that department so we removed kenmore water heater since it was leaking all over the floor from the bottom of the tank...