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Sears Appliance Warranty / dishwasher repair (Complaint)

jstewart0104 Mar 6, 2018

appointments they said that sears system must not have connect with there contracted CXL servicebench system, After the second "no show" sears contracted a local company in wichita to fix my dishwasher, they came out Jan 6, 2018 told me I had to pull out my own dishwasher, and that they had to order parts when I did not hear from the people, 2weeks later, I was told they ordered the parts wrong and it was taking longer because they were ordering new parts, I waited another week and call the company back, they said they recieved the parts, so we made a time for the following monday so they could come out, on the day they were going to come out, once again (Late Jan 2018 at this point) nobody showed up, I contacted the repair man and he said they sent the wrong brand and parts to him and he would have to re order...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / roebuck service repair and appliance warranty; home warranty for appliance (Complaint)

Gloria M Wimbley Mar 6, 2018

I have been dealing with Sears repair and Home Warranty with no satisfaction on the repair of my Kenmore Hotspot refrigerator. I have tried getting the issue resolved since August 2017, to no avail. They keep ordering parts that do not work and have replaced the main computer board 3 times and turned around and ordered it again...

Sears Outlet Stores Marietta Georgia / sears outlet stores (Complaint Comment)

Chris Jobson Mar 6, 2018

Sears Outlet stores are worthless...

Sears Brands Manvel Texas / washer (Complaint)

sjstexas Mar 1, 2018

holiday season due to sears creating a complete fiasco we are heading that way again. on february 19th our washer encountered another problem so I sent a message that evening and was sent a reply on the next day the 20th. we exchanged 6 messages in all with the last message we received on february 21st and 9:24 am that we will be called within 2-3 business days……yes you heard it right in 2-3 business days……...

Brach's / maple nut goodies (Complaint)

Records123 Mar 1, 2018

We even went to Sears and purchased them for yrs. And bought by the pound. After reading that you'd changed the recipe I fear loosing a filling or a crown so I will have to give up the favorite long time favorite. I didn't think this was meant to be a hard candy. I think when you have a long time winning product the only reason to change it would be to cut cost...

Sears Automotive / road warranty (Complaint)

harold cook Mar 1, 2018

00 refunded and i'll never darken a sears store ever again...

The Coca-Cola Company Sonoma California / dangerous truck driver (Complaint)

summerskyjackson Feb 26, 2018

The Coca-Cola Company dangerous truck drivercom/maps/place/Sears+Point+Rd, +Sonoma, +CA/@38. 1547204, -122. 483219, 13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8085a0faa47450a9:0x2206f28559877392!8m2!3d38. 1534338!4d-122. 4369509 Sears Point Rd and Route 121, the road turns from two lanes to one. I was in the main lane, and one of the Coca Cola trucks was in right lane which merges to the main lane...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

Maryann Sottile Feb 26, 2018

and dryer online from Sears. When the Sears technicians arrived, they installed the washer and dryer. On February 19, 2018 my dryer stopped working. We contacted Sears and they sent a technician. I was told by the technician that the dryer’s exhaust was installed incorrectly, he said that they should have also installed a coil...

LG Electronics Winnipeg Manitoba / refrigerator (Complaint Comment)

Shaun R. Feb 26, 2018

So much so that Sears does have them produce certain models for their Kenmore brand. There are plenty of models that are also produced by other companies however. Because this is a Kenmore product, working directly through Sears would be preferable. Ultimately they are the one directly answerable for the warranty coverage...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

Maryann Sottile Feb 26, 2018

and dryer online from Sears. When the Sears technicians arrived, they installed the washer and dryer. On February 19, 2017 my dryer stopped working. We contacted Sears and they sent a technician. I was told by the technician that the dryer’s exhaust was installed incorrectly, he said that they should have also installed a coil...

LG Electronics Winnipeg Manitoba / refrigerator (Complaint)

Maureane O'Shaugnessy Feb 26, 2018

intention of honouring Sears products, despite being the manufacturer of the product. So LG's Service Tech Department has been lying to their own local authorized service technician for these many months as well, costing him god knows what in wasted business expenses as he isn't paid per visit...

Sears Brands Bend Oregon / snowblower — service protection and technical service desk (Complaint)

DissappointedandUpset Feb 24, 2018

plan I purchase from Sears and probably the last Craftsman product I buy. Don't believe their protection page that if they cant help you that they will have someone come and help you with the job your doing. When do you need a Snow Blower? When it is snowing! Reason of review: Poor customer service...

Sears Watsonville California / roof (Complaint)

4crittersmom Feb 23, 2018

We purchased a roof through Sears in July 2017 for the full price of over $23, 000. The job was to take 3-4 days once it was scheduled. The job was a joke from the get go. The job finally for scheduled to begin in August and today 2-23-2018 there is yet another contractor here to clean up the initial mess...

WhyNotLeaseIt Glassboro New Jersey / it is an illegal scam! (Complaint)

Jojopezz Feb 22, 2018

I visited my local sears appliance store in october 2017 after my refrigerator broke down. I have 3 children and caring for a mother with severe dimentia. Money is tight to say the least. It was columbus day weekend and to my pleasure there was a big sale going on. I proudly puchases a refrigerator on the lease purchase program offered to me...

Sears Home Services Fremont California / craftsman garage door opener (Complaint Comment)

Pat Watson Feb 22, 2018

Approximately January 31, Sears came to repair my garage door. With in 48 hours it was broken again. I have been calling every since and now they want to tell me they are no going to fix my door. I have sent pictures of the shotty work they did. No one cares. My parents have been faithful customers to Sears over 50 years...

Why Not Lease It / washer (Complaint Comment)

Terri Waring Feb 22, 2018

is was not apart of Sears. This guy name Bob continues to harass me with phone calls. I asked for a break down and a statement for the account. He avoided the requested. The next step is to write them and the BBB... / won't refund money for a product I never received (Complaint Comment)

JSanc Feb 22, 2018

I've been dealing with Sears CS for over 3 months trying to get my refund for a cooktop that was cancelled by them. They keep sending me email confirmations of case management case initiated. They insist I will receive another email confirmation they will refund me. I have to keep going in circles talking to overseas customer service with bad connection...

Sears Brands Seminole Florida / kenmore electric range (Complaint)

mvucich Feb 20, 2018

Sears Brands kenmore electric rangethe Kenmore name and Sears whom I purchased an entire appliance set 20 years ago. The appliances were flawless all those years. My incident occurred on 2/14/18 when cooking dinner around 7pm. I had prepared dinner on the stove top and wanted to heat up bread in the oven. While doing so in parallel I was setting the table and heard a pop sound...

Sears Brands / sedwick claims department (Complaint)

Alfredo A Romero Feb 18, 2018

which is covered on the Sears Home Warranty Plan. On 7/6 a technician came and determined the latch needed to be replaced. On 8/21, after three different service calls and different parts replaced, a technician determined that the dishwasher tub and been damaged as a result of the multiple times the technicians had pulled the dishwasher out of the cabinets...

Sears North Carolina / don't buy protection agreements! (Complaint Comment)

jAllenE Feb 16, 2018

Right, avoid Sears Home Warranty! If you have Sears repair your appliance, chances are that the technician will push you to buy a 'Sears Home Warranty' to cover your appliances and provide you peace of mind. In fact, he'll even discount his service by 50% that very day if you buy one...

Sears Evansville Indiana / kenmore washer and dryer (Complaint)

ottoma curry Feb 16, 2018

not very happy that sears treats me like this. im out this money and all your service center can tell me i have to wait until the tech. levels the machine before you can make a decision of bring me a new set. this is unacceptable!!! i sent them pictures of my bedspread per their request. i want a new set of washer and dryer...

Sears Protection Agreement New York New York / master protection agreement for washer/dryer (Complaint)

smeckler Feb 16, 2018

We bought a sears washer/dryer and 5 year Mater Protection agreement for my non-profit agency that serves homeless young adults. We use the washer/dryer to wash towels so the youth can take a shower and wash their clothing. We have had so many problems with the master protection agreement it is a joke at this point...

WhyNotLeaseIt / refrigerator (Complaint)

#yvonne Feb 15, 2018

Whynotleaseit was from a Sears store, stay away from that they will take so much money from you. Just when you think your done paying for it your not, that is where the not comes from in Whynotleaseit. This company should be investigated for the things they do. It is a shame for what this company has done to good people...

Sears Brands Lees Summit, Missouri / purchase on website from "marketplace" vendor woodbury outfitters (Complaint)

JHart99 Feb 13, 2018

I had a Sears gift card. I would not have done business with them otherwise because of previous problems. So I bought a roll of fishing line and package of hooks which including the 11. 00 shipping tag took care of the $25. 00 value on the card. So, the hooks I get end up being size 14 instead of size 7, they even had size seven on the invoice I got...

Sears Brands Jacksonville Beach Florida / unethical behaviour (Complaint Comment)

1JS Feb 12, 2018

Do you work for Sears? If not, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t concern you. I’ve already addressed it with them. So thanks for your opinions, but they aren’t needed...