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Posted: Feb 11, 2017    Ronda Lee
Maple nut goodies
and was shopping in a sears store with mom and my brothers. Mom stopped after much begging on our part at the candy store located by the elevators for us to look and I decided on the maple nuts. Oh the taste was the best in candies I ever had harder shell with chewy nutty flavor. I was hooked...


Posted: Feb 9, 2017    Losin
item didn't arrive
My item didn't arrive and no one from Sears is able to help me. It actually looks like they don't want to do that and don't want to waste their time on me. I contacted Sears support service many times and heard nothing but empty promises. They said they were working on my issues and said that they'll contact me as soon as possible...

Sears North Carolina

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 8, 2017    AlleybeatsAll
don't buy protection agreements!
(you get a check not a Sears gift card). Aside from refrigerators and freezers, I don't see the benefit in covering other appliances during the first year of purchase...

General Electric Company Rapid City South Dakota

Posted: Feb 7, 2017    LWG2017
I called Sears who stated they could do nothing because 30 days had passed. I called GE. A technician was sent out to address the noise but said he could do nothing about the waves. Although very curt he acknowledged the waves were not dents from delivery or abuse. He proposed I was "arguing a mute point", basically not wanting to address the annoying buzz coming from the appliance suggesting if I was planning to call customer relations then I'd be getting a new refrigerator...

Sears Holdings Winter Park Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 5, 2017    RaeOfSun
unethical unprofessional people managers, bullies, weirdos
take heed, Sears...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 5, 2017    Deloss
customer service department
Sears is crap !!! I bought HDMI cord in store and the would NOT let me return it. It was within 30 days and I had the receipt . Screw sears . they were not helpful at all . I hope they're stocks continue to plummet and the close for good. I will NEVER shop at sears again . Horrible business ! It was a simple 10 dollar cord > its not about the money, it's about "Costumer Satisfaction " and Sears don't know about that ...

Why Not Lease It Jacksonville Florida

Posted: Feb 3, 2017    jaxdonna
Washer/dryer from sears
not one person at the sears I got the washer & dryer from explained to me what exactly this was all about either. Which is why I will never do business with them or whynotleaseit ever again. I'vd sent emails and messages for the past few months and all have received no response at all...

Sears Brands Tupelo Mississippi

Posted: Feb 3, 2017    Kisha Bailey
sears kenmore elite refrigerator
anything else from Sears. When you call you speak with someone from another country that can only schedule appointments and do NOTHING else. Read ALL the complaints before you buy from Sears!...

Sears Brands Maplewood Minnesota

Posted: Feb 2, 2017    Chloe Jelane
Kenmore elite intuition canister vacuum cleaner 21814 and the 5-yr master protection agreement
I purchased it in 2014 at Sears for $479. 99 plus the 5YR warranty for $84. 99. I've had the vacuum for 2 yrs 8 months. Two parts have broken and been replaced, and now one of the replaced parts has broken again. Here's a timeline that explains why I'm so upset with Sears. 5/11/14 - Purchase Date 5/9/15 - We were told the 5-yr protection plan included coverage of yearly maintenance, so I called to find out where I could take the vacuum for this maintenance...

Why Not Lease It Jamestown New York

Posted: Feb 1, 2017    JillRisme
Bissell carpet cleaner
The selling price at Sears was $119. 00 as it was a floor demo model, my payments were $13. 00 every 2 weeks after 10 months of regular payments ($260. 00) Icalled to see what my payoff would be and was told $257. 00 to pay it off! I almost chocked. Now I knew going in that I was going to pay probably double but this was ridiculous! Also after looking at my account I discovered that on 3 occasions $10 was taken out of my bank account by WNLI the week aftermy $13 payment was deducted and nobody was able to tell me why...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 31, 2017    X_tine
Bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.
definitely done with Sears...

Sears 1-800-4-My-Home Hoffman Estates Illinois

Posted: Jan 31, 2017    kjbacon15@gmail.com
sears kenmoree washer
I have a Sears 4 my home extended warranty when I began having issues with the washer. Sears has sent the same repairman 4 out of 5 times I have called for service. I load my clothes add detergent and push start . The machine gets stuck in detection mode and spins for an hours off and on without pumping in water...

VirVentures Richmond Texas

Posted: Jan 31, 2017    MommytotheBest
Deceitful advertisement
I called to cancel with sears and they couldn’t help me they said I purchased it on their website but with a third party vendor they gave me Vir Ventures contact information. I attempted to reach Vir Ventures no one ever answers the phone I called on a Sunday someone finally answers, a man, only to tell me that they are closed!!! I cancelled this order immediately after the transaction had gone through and they still shipped it to me I sent it back for a refund they received the package a week ago according to the tracking and I am getting an email from Vir Ventures asking for a tracking number to assist me with a refund...

Sears Lafayette Louisiana

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 30, 2017    M Gjini
kenmore elite microwave handle
Now the Sears online dept said I need to go to the store to complain because I didn't order it online they will not handle it. Let you know if I get anywhere with them at the store. Probably not but I will try...

Kenmore Elite High Efficiency Washer Manassas Virginia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 29, 2017    Kim Graf Sly
Rusting around bleach dispenser
I called Sears in 2013 about this and was told there wasn't a recall on this and it should be ok. Now it's 6 years and the rust is ridiculous. I plan on calling Sears this week as apparently this is a huge problem...

Sears Kenmore

Posted: Jan 29, 2017    Debbie Humphreys
kenmore elite refrigerator
I had a Sears technician here 2 days ago who said there was really nothing that could be done and he couldn't find the source of the smell. We can't drink the water use the ice or store food in the refrigerator as everything takes on the taste of the awful smell and extended warranty but I think that is up soon...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 28, 2017    lorraine.laura711
complaint against sears.com
dryer broke and I knew Sears had a Tuesday delivery date in my area, so I went on-line to order. I saw what I wanted and called to make sure I could get delivery Tuesday. I ordered the dryer that matched my washer. this was model # 78132 a Kenmore 8. 8 ft. capacity Item 02678132000P. I printed the description which I always do...

Sears Brands Birmingham Alabama

Posted: Jan 27, 2017    Notmyservicecompany
kenmore refrigerator model 106511137
service company and Sears should be ashamed for having to put your employees through the process of apologizing profusely for the obvious lack of commitment to service. There is not service. I have spoken with two people from another country, one from TX, and one from NC...

Sears Appliance Repair

Posted: Jan 26, 2017    Janet Hannemann
plumbing, floor and personal damage
On 1/10/17 my plumbing was damaged by a sears repair man. In turn damage was caused to my floor and i was forsed to stay in a motel as the main water supply had to be turned off!! Because no one would return my calls from Sedgerich, the Sears claims office, i had to pay a plumber to repair my line to the washing machine...

Sears Kenmore Elite illinois

Posted: Jan 26, 2017    ccaverly
washing machine
Sears will not stand behind their product saying this is a cosmetic complaint but looking online there are so. many of the same complaints that it is more like a manufacturer defect. Even the inside of the top around the barrel has a rusted area. The sears guys came and said if you even used bleach in it once this would happen...

Kenmore Calumet City Illinois

Posted: Jan 26, 2017    Kim Anderson
Kenmore appliances
and are lemons and Sears wants to make money with their high cost warranty because they know they products are defects, you never can depend on Sears without buying high cost warranty because of their lemons and should be out of business selling such products...

Sears Brands Waterloo Iowa

Posted: Jan 24, 2017    Paul Kraft
unethical behavior with your sears phone representative
Spoke with your sears phone representative #360468 (Named- carmen) today. She was so very rude and so unprofessional. In all of my professional life i have ""never"" been or felt like i was being accused of feeling stupid or dumb. I ask that as a company like sears that she be repremanded or even lose her job for her insensitivity and rudeness to your customers!!! Thank you, Paul e...

Sears Brands Asheboro North Carolina

Posted: Jan 23, 2017    Sammy McNeill
failed to deliver and install drop-in oven
GE Drop=in oven at Sears in Asheboro N. C. I also purchased the deliver and install option. Both came out to 1492. 08. Delivery and installation was to be on 1-12-2017. 2. They called to verify that date but later called and said it would be a couple days later. 3. After 5 more days I tried calling but no response...

JCPenney Sioux City Iowa

Posted: Jan 23, 2017    Caryl Robinson
top load washer
So we were on our way to Sears and look at there's and they did deliver to our area. So we went back to Penny's and asked if they deliver in town and they said yes. So we had the washer delivered to our Aunts. If you are selling appliances then you need to deliver or let it come to the store...

Sears Brands Chandler Arizona

Posted: Jan 22, 2017    ecabre
I promptly called Sears (whithin one hour) and told them about the situation, they told me there was nothing they could do, that I had to wait the 30 day comfort period. The same evening I went to Sears at the Arizona Chandler Mall and explain to the salesperson the situation. Their response was similar, the mattresses on the floor are old, and therefore the one I receive will feel firmer...

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