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Frigidaire / Electrolux Portage Michigan

Posted: Oct 10, 2017    Stacey Bailey-West Vogl
nine month old refrigerator stopped working, worst customer service
to return my unit to Sears as I was annoyed and angry. Since this I have been offered $100 for a dorm fridge for my family of 6. While this is more than nothing I find this almost as insulting as nothing. I have been made to feel as though I should be very grateful for this gesture...

Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 10, 2017    David_e
poor quality product!
Sears refrigerator with bottom freezer. Model 795. 77569600. Lights stayed on with door shut. Could not get lights to turn off. Discovered after smelled smoke. Melted plight cover. Warped top of refrigerator and doors. Ruined about $450 worth of food. Anyone find a way to be compensated please send an email to David_eaker@bellsouth...

Why Not Lease It

Posted: Oct 9, 2017    mia75
I just went to sears outlet on 10/07/2017 to purchase a washing machine so I applied for credit and was denied so it automatically went to this leasing program which I just found out is horrible. I called today to speak to a representative to set up payments so I can pay it off in 90 days. When I called I had to call twice because the first rep was so not understanding until I just had to say thank you and goodbye...

Sears Brands Richmond Virginia

Posted: Oct 9, 2017    JeremyGer
up on 9/28/17 from Sears in Richmond VA. A 5-year protection plan was also purchased. Once installed it failed cooling down. Several phone call were placed to the 800-4MYHOME. Each time I was requested to wait time to allow the fridge to cool down. 36 hours later, the department agreed to schedule the repair...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Oct 9, 2017    Debra Dove
customer service department
I am so frustrated with Sears. com and Kmart. com now, my blood pressure is through the ceiling. I have made multiple calls about an order was finally given points to use for the items that did not arrive, and the company did NOT even have the item to sell to begin with. After more multiple items i learned I could not use the points they gave me for the items that I PAID for...


Posted: Oct 6, 2017    Tachee Hryckowian
patio set glass table top
the damn thing then Sears!!!...

Sears Brands Zebulon North Carolina

Posted: Oct 6, 2017    Whathadhappentocusytomerserbice
extended warranty
Purchase stove with extended warrenty. This stove has broken down 5 times they will not replace it it has to break down 4 times in one year same reason it broke down again 4 days after they count. Now I have to break down again by April before they replace it. The sorry part is it breaks d...

Sears Brands

Posted: Oct 6, 2017    Sue Millard Miller
sears repair service
On July 28, 2017; a Sears repair tech arrived; the freezer was working better, he didn't look at anything said there wasn't anything he could do. He did however convince me it would be worth it to sign up for appliance warranty, which I did. When paperwork arrived, I noticed freezers were not included in repairs...

Sears Brands Conway Arkansas

Posted: Oct 6, 2017    KathlynC
unethical behavior/bad customer service
wife and I went into Sears Store (on Skyline in Conway, Arkansas). After reviewing our options, we decided on Kenmore refrigerator. My credit was approved for $3000, and we were told that the refrigerator would be delivered on September 13, 2017. I asked the salesperson, whose name was Jeremiah, if we could have our old refrigerator picked up and taken to my brother’s house...

Choice Home Warranty

Posted: Oct 5, 2017    Rhonda Buchanan
service on dishwasher
00 when I purchased it from Sears 7 years ago. She then referred me to Section F #16 of the contract in the book. Stating that they reserve the right to. When they claim to REPAIR OR REPLACE you can for get them doing any replacement. It is now Oct. 5, 2017 still no dishwasher. I could have purchased a fantastic one with the $1200...

Sears Brands Naperville Illinois

Posted: Oct 5, 2017    fylsears
repair appointment got rescheduled without any notification
up so I called the Sears repair department to check. Guess what??? They told me that my appointment has been rescheduled on Oct 12 at 10am. I received NO email/voice mail as such about this time changed as the technician was overbooked today. This is totally unacceptable. The appointment was made about a week ago, they do NOT know the technician is OVERBooked??? They can't even give me a loaner so that I can use it until the technician shows up next time (Who knows if they will change the date/time on me the next time) but, they are only willing to offer me $25/$50 so that I can purchase a small microwave to use...

Sears Brands

Posted: Oct 4, 2017    Rose Snickles
electric range
now understand why Sears is going out of business...

Sears Aato Center Boca Raton Florida

Posted: Oct 3, 2017    Scott Levin
my cadillac seville
I brought my car to Sears to have my AC checked. I needed a new compressor so they kept it all day and I finally got it way after they were closed. I got in and drove home after I paid $1, 070. I discovered the signal arm was locked and I couldn't signal. I also noticed my trunk was not closed tight...

Johnson louis Lonedell, Missouri

Posted: Oct 3, 2017    Sheila a Johnson
refund due. $580
We have purchased many products from sears. In may of this year we purchased two beds and a adjustable frame. Spent $4000 on the two beds. The grand isle when delivered was very hard. It did not feel like the one we tried in store. We could not sleep in it. We called the store and talked to sales person...

Sears Brands

Posted: Oct 2, 2017    klh50
leaf blower/vacuum
Called craftsman, told me to call sears. called sears told them the problem and the sears store I bought it from closed for good. Talked to 11 people (told the same thing to every person) who can barely speak English and the last person said someone will call me back within 24 hours. all I want is to send it back and get a new one...

LG Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Posted: Sep 30, 2017    Diane Rickenbach
lack of service for warranty issue on lg refrigerator
When I called them, they answered as "Sears" and said they could provide sealed system service on an LG in my area. I was to call LG and ask them to send a service request. I did that on September 21 and was told I should hear from A and E within three business days to schedule an appointment...

Kmart / Sears Hesperia California

Posted: Sep 29, 2017    Serge Kesisian
fake genuine diamond necklace / fraud

Sears Brands Orlando Florida

Posted: Sep 29, 2017    kristalyn
refrigerator bought from outlet store
I purchased my samsung fridge from the Sears outlet at 3825 Forsyth Rd in Winter Park FL on nov 19th 2016, on wed sept 6th (right before hurricane Irma I might add) the compressor broke. The date is now sept 29th and I have yet to even get someone out here to look at it. I called Sears repair, then they sent me to samsung who does not fix refurbished fridges done by sears...

Garage Door Opener - Craftsman Milton Ontario

Posted: Sep 28, 2017    SunnyK
warranty issue
Sears warranty for Garage Door Opener(GDO) motor is 10 years and agreed by Sears. I have been facing motor issue since Aug 2016 and complained several times but was assisted over phone on programming GDO, It works for few weeks and continue the same problem again, to which I re-program the similar process and continue...

Sears Houston Texas

Posted: Sep 27, 2017    Sophia2
and a cardigan from Sears (Westward Mall 01197, 9570 southwest Frey Houston, TX 77074) on Seep 19, 2017. I tried the both shoes at home, and figured out that it is impossible to walk in them because of the design. They will not stay on your feet although they are correct size. The material is also elastic...

Sedgwick Claims Management Warner Robins Georgia

Posted: Sep 26, 2017    Teacher-look
and AHS called for Sears repair to service our stove. The first repairman came to our home and troubleshooted our stove. He ordered the parts. The second Sears repairman came to fix the stove. He had to take off the back of the stove to replace the parts. After, he put the stove back together, he told me that he tore the face plate for my stove...

Sears Phoenix, AZ

Posted: Sep 26, 2017    blaha00
craftsman platinum lawn mower
I visited Sears lawn mower department and was told to take it to a Sears Authorized repair shop (Vito's lawn mower) on 32nd Street in Phoenix, AZ. On August 12, 2017 I took it to Vito's they told me it would be fixed in a week. It took two and half weeks before I got a call that it was ready...

Sears Watertown Wisconsin

Posted: Sep 26, 2017    Kristine H
kenmore elite refrigerator
Stainless) from our local Sears store in 2016. One year and 3 weeks later, the compressor went out. We called on a Monday and was told the first someone could come and look at it was the following Tues. The technician determined we needed a new compressor. Because we did not buy the extended warranty so service call and labor costs $384...

WhyNotLeaseIt La Porte Texas

Posted: Sep 26, 2017    Identitytheft
fraudulent lease by someone posing as me
big screen TV from Sears last week that costs $1, 000, and Sears uses Tempoe (also known as “Why Not Lease It”). The thief paid a small down-payment in my name and walked out with a new TV. I checked the credit reporting agencies (except Equifax as they are not currently allowing online checks due to the information breach, which is probably where the thief got my personal info that allowed him to pretend to be me) and they are not showing any new accounts at this time...

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