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Sears 4 My Home Warranty Services Colorado Springs Colorado

Posted: Mar 27, 2017    Cuchera
Follow through of agreed upon appointment
I called Sears to let them know that my part had arrived and was told my appointment was a week later than what was scheduled . I physically spoke with the repair man as he was rescheduling my appointment and 3/27/17 was agreed upon as I was getting ready to leave town. On my receipt, 4/3/17 was printed out even though he new I would not be here...

Kmart Stores Mauston Wisconsin

Posted: Mar 26, 2017    Heather Dye
Exchange policy
right number it was for sears online ordering really!...

Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Milford Connecticut

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 22, 2017    JulesG
rust and peeling enamel
I will never buy from Sears again. It is so funny today I saw Sears is having financial trouble. Let's see how many stores they will be closing. ~KaRmA~ Ha ha, Julie...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 21, 2017    dvanover
Bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.
I'll never buy another Kenmore/Sears appliance, no wonder they are closing a lot of their stores...

ABC News Denham Springs Louisiana

Posted: Mar 19, 2017    Searsripoff
54" cut ztr mower
running a scam of which Sears is no better than. I predict and look forward to the day when every Sears/Kmart store is closed, bankrupt, because the way they do business that is all they deserve. They are crooks, liars, and cheats. Outsourcing an important job like customer service out of the country so they can pay $1...

Sears Holdings Corporation

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 19, 2017    Gina U
editing/proofreading job
I had applied for a job with Sears last year so it wasn't initially that odd. Different name of scammer--Michael Walton. When I cut the "interview" off, he immediately called me through Google Hangouts, and his accent was Eastern European --thick accent...

Whirlpool Benton Harbor Michigan

Posted: Mar 14, 2017    Karen L Boyd
replacement part no longer available
I purchased this and the dryer at Sears and spent over $2, 400. 00 because I knew I would be retiring in two or three years and assumed it would last as long as I needed...

Kmart Stores Hooksett New Hampshire

Posted: Mar 14, 2017    Nicole ghgg
Bicycle pump (manual)
I am a frequent shopper of Kmart and sears. I have a shop your way account and both sears credit cards. I think for such a small inexpensive item it shouldn't be a big deal to give a store credit. Sears and Kmart, you've lost a customer...

Sears Marietta Georgia

Posted: Mar 14, 2017    Dunlap714
I will never buy another thing from sears. We purchased a dishwasher not even two years ago with a maintenance agreement. The protection agreement department is worthless. You stay on hold for 30 minutes ever time you call. They also cut you off and you have to start over. If they put in a case number wrong, they have to re-start...

Choice Home Warranty Edison New Jersey

Posted: Mar 14, 2017    trthomp
unethical behaviour, fraud
pennies outlet and sears that I can find one for that price. My refrigerator is a side by side with Ice and water in door. This amount wont even by a top and bottom with no Ice and water. I looked a JC pennies and I told her that the cheeps' refrigerator I found was Hotpoint® 17. 6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator for $489...


Posted: Mar 9, 2017    Trrein55
I simply don't recommend Sears because of their terrible and poor quality and of course because of their so called support. If anything happens be prepared to be treated terribly by their support, these people will not help you and you will be left alone with all your problems. There is no way to return, no matter what your reason is, but these clowns simply deny all return and refund requests...

Sears Burnsville Minnesota

Posted: Mar 8, 2017    Arlenbonds
craftsmen black steel two boots (vader)
I got a pair of craftsman work boots a couple weeks ago and I am very very disappointed with them I have them laced as tight as they can be and which is making them curl where the laces start and they are getting looser every day and there not even broke in yet I have never had this proble...

Sears Carpet Cleaning New Jersey

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 8, 2017    Islander808
carpet cleaning
This was the Sears carpet cleaning in Sacramento California...

Sears Mississauga Ontario

Posted: Mar 6, 2017    Abdul Waheed Khan
dents of stairway wall during delivery
We ordered washer dryer through sears erin mills centre and it was delivered on time but delivery guys were extremely rude and no cooperative. They made 2 dents on our stairway while during their work. They had no manners how to talk to the customers. They asked us to stay away from them and do not over look what they are doing...

Sears Chicago Illinois

Posted: Mar 3, 2017    ET9
lack of delivery, lack of response, lack of customer service
is much larger than sears is, it infuriates me that I have to go through this most likely pointless exercise to try and reach you. I will expect a reply by 12 noon pacific telling me what you are going to do to make this right. If not, sear’s doesn’t need any more negative reviews but I am a social media fanatic and believe me when I say I will be posting many, many reviews about this incident if it is not made right...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 3, 2017    X_tine
Bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.
Since Sears has done nothing to resolve this issue does anyone know where I might find a 39x39 plastic drip pan/tray about 1 inch high? I'm sick of my floor boards getting wet and moldy. We have a moisture monitor which alerts us each time it leaks and am keeping track. Will contact Sears service one more time (3rd time) then escalate...

Sears Holdings Corporation

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 2, 2017    Pissed Off1!
editing/proofreading job
national company like Sears was recruiting for high-paying positions through Upwork and here is what he said: "Do not let you skeptism alter your charisma for this job, i am giving you my word that you are on the right part i will not mislead you okay ?You seem to be an asset to this company and i am sure a mutual benefit will be achieved if there is trust and smooth relationship...

Sears Brands Springfield Virginia

Posted: Mar 1, 2017    Sears Sucks A Lot
washing machine repair
leaking and I had a Sears repairman come out to take a look. He promptly and correctly identified the problem as a leaky hose. He just as quickly informed me that the washer was too old and he could not get the part to fix it. He was a nice guy and gave me a coupon for 10% off a new washer (at Sears of course) and a bag of detergent...

Sears Holdings Corporation

Posted: Mar 1, 2017    akoureme
editing/proofreading job
activity/identity theft related to Sears Holdings Corporation, which was advertised as a job on Upwork. Someone online is pretending to be Stephan Zoll, representing Sears, and offering editing and writing jobs through Upwork. Clearly this person (or people) knows a lot about your company and the way it is managed...

Midland Credit Management (MCM) Tampa Florida

Posted: Feb 28, 2017    RLeeh
They claimed I owe almost $400 more than I owe.
I originally had an account with Sears/Citibank. In 2012, just before I lost everything and became homeless, I addressed a letter to my creditors explaining my financial dilemma and basically asking them to cancel credit cards. I had not used the card since October 2011. Although I was unemployed and had no income, I tried endlessly to work out an affordable payment plan and make payments...

Sedgwick Insurance

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 28, 2017    ckUSA
sears home delivery damage claim
Same issues with Sears and claims dept. as these folks. I'm beyond fed up! It's obvious Sears will not be business for much longer! Whatever happened to customer service??? So disappointing...


Posted: Feb 27, 2017    Kekks33
this store is not to be trusted!
We bought an oven from Sears three months ago and it was of a very poor quality. We tried to return it for a refund but Sears refused to accept it back. They claimed it was no longer their responsibility and said that there was nothing wrong with that oven. As I said before we bought it three months ago and it already broke...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 22, 2017    Audrichang
great dissatisfaction
I bought the Sears Master Protection Agreement for $400. 00. Trying to get service is frustrating. My fridge broke down 3x within 3 months and each time it took the service technician 2 or more weeks to come. The 2nd tech quit his job before telling anyone it needed a part. While I waited, I rented a fridge for 2weeks that Sears refuses to reimburse, because the technician is supposed to order it...

Sears Clovis California

Posted: Feb 22, 2017    Chuck Cody
work boots
Went to Sears to get some decent boots had purchased a pair a couple years before and was hoping to have the same good and comfortable boots to work with. First problem I had was I couldn't try on the shoe due to the placement of the security dye connecting the two shoes together. So since I have liked previous shoes because of quality And comfort...

Sears Home Services New Port Richey Florida

Posted: Feb 20, 2017    Terry Sellman
whirlpool gold refrigerator
agreement, at our local Sears. My wife was so happy because we were going to have all Whirlpool Gold appliances for the first time in 30+ yrs. We sold our 5yr. old GE Profile to my brother. The Whirlpool was delivered the following evening. we had three 50 gallon coolers holding our refrigerator contents...

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