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Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

Dean Kuykendall Apr 2, 2018

This is BS no one at Sears is interested In helping us. We have a dryer bought & delivered on February 20, 2108. At delivery they told wife not necessary to switch door just set-up with washer dryer reversed and long vent hose. So strike 1 on us for allowing to be done. On March 16, 2018 dryer starts making noise and we get AF code...

Sears Loganville, GA / kenmore refrigerator (Complaint)

Gale Ann Kelly Apr 2, 2018

My husband is very disappointed in Sears and will never buy another thing from Sears. We have bought all our major appliances from Sears in the last 40 years. Can someone please help us get a working refrigerator/freezer. Contact #7408142111...

Sears Brands Houston Texas / sears automotive center | memorial city mall | houston, texas (Complaint)

Shelbie Burgett Apr 2, 2018

Honda CR-V into the Sears Automotive Center at Memorial City Mall in Houston, Texas for an oil change and tire rotation before heading out on a road trip to Florida. I was informed that in addition to the oil change, I also needed an alignmnet and new rotors on myfront-end brakes...

Skechers USA Hudson North Carolina / my shoes (lft & rt) have glue dripped on them in multiple places (Complaint Comment)

Skechers Mar 30, 2018

suggest working with Sears to return or exchange the pair. If you are unable to work with the retailer or have been unsuccessful in doing so, we would be happy to assist you with exchanging any product with a manufacturer's defect through our warehouse. Please refer to the Quality Assurance article in our Help Center on SKECHERS...

Sears Home Services Louisiana / terrible customer service (Complaint Comment)

Robert 61 Mar 29, 2018

They (Sears) are rapidly going out of business, don't waste your money on them...

Sears Home Services / repair of my kenmore refrigerator ice maker (Complaint)

Judezzzz Mar 28, 2018

Sears Home Services sent a technician to my home to repair my ice maker on March 21, 2018. After fixing the ice maker I signed the receipt on his electronic gadget paying $325. 63. The next day I went to pay some bills from the account I paid Sears with and saw that they had billed me TWICE. I am out $651...

Sears Home Services Louisiana / terrible customer service (Complaint Comment)

Judezzzz Mar 28, 2018

horrible issue with Sears Home Services!! They sent a technician out to repair my refrigerator ice maker, the bill was $325. 63 and the technician billed me TWICE!! I can't get Sears to acknowledge this and refund the other $325. 63 to my account and my financial institution is telling me I have to get Sears to do this!! I'm FURIOUS!! I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH SEARS AGAIN! Especially NOT SEARS HOME SERVICES!!!...

Sears Home Improvement Cleveland Ohio / vinyl siding (Complaint Comment)

Cindy17 Mar 27, 2018

Hi I recently purchased siding through sears home improvement Ed Kay our salesman what a joke used the fact my husband was a veteran us Navy was in Panama and Ed claimed he was in Panama at the same time different location . well that had my husband sign electronically right away February 23rd 2018 its now March 27 2018 the job is not complete we have had Roberta constantly on the line trying to help I have been patient my new puppy Boston terrier almost choked trying to eat the nails and vinyl siding pisces cause they never cleaned up they dumped alot of trash under my house deck they left the j channels as I understand you can cut your hands the siding is terrible I have emailed the head boss Joe Altieri who has not responded to any of my emails what so ever so terrible yet the say they will compensate me I have videos picture anymore they did this mess and yet I have fight some HELP US!...

Doss Catering Supplies Greenup Kentucky / package delivery (Complaint)

simple1atbest Mar 26, 2018

ebay, kmart, sears, yahoo, aol all thought they were to big to fail too...

Sears / sears mattress (Complaint Comment)

rah123 Mar 26, 2018

tried and tried to call sears and sealy and no one wants to get anything done that is why I came here to see if I can get this taken care of . I am not being rude, I am not being dishonest but trying to see if I can make sense where it is being taken care of in some way for to let people know or company know more it needs to be replaced ...

WhyNotLeaseIt Fort Myers Florida / brakes rotors calipers (Complaint)

000 miles on it into Sears to get tires they recommended brakes calipers rotors I told him to order the parts they told me about a leasing program that I was more than likely to be approved for I was approved I use the credit towards getting the stuff did to my vehicle in the process of them ordering the parts in getting my car return back to me they were unable to get the rotors so they refurbish the rotors and put them back on my car instead of calling me and telling me that they could not get the parts I feel it was very unfair I have a case going on with Sears corporate office I've also contacted the department where I got the parts installed the manager Henry told me that I could return the airport and they would refund me my money but then I still would be without the parts they took off my car and it wouldn't be movable now I have received a duplicate statement on my credit stating that $2015 is owed and I've had a case going on since six days after I receive service...

Sears Brands / wrong order and exchange made difficult and poor service (Complaint Comment)

General Service Mar 24, 2018

From the Sears website perspective, I may click on the option to view either "Gas Dryers" or "Electric Dryers". I may also simply key in a dryer model I'm interested in, but the model alone is specific to the unit being either gas or electric. Hopefully this provides the necessary insight...

Sears Master Protection Agreement / sears master protection agreement is a joke (Complaint Comment)

Gary Karl Kaufman Mar 23, 2018

repair contract with Sears. At 1:45 I called Sears to see where the second guy was. they said they had no record that I'd even made the appt yet I had 9 emails advising me of the service on each item. Three the day I made the appt. Three the morning of the appt. reminding me of the time and three more with the same info 2 hrs...

Sears Brands / wrong order and exchange made difficult and poor service (Complaint)

Martha Troncoza Mar 23, 2018

premium appliances from sears in the last 10 years and they don't know how to treat their loyal customers. Their outsourced Philippines office is a disgrace similar to other complaints. I ordered a dryer online and they auto opt me in for an electric dryer without asking if that's what I wanted...

Sears Traverse City Michigan / human resources (Complaint)

Tanya Lang Mar 22, 2018

have never worked for Sears, and when I worked for that sister store it was over 17 years ago. Thank you for your time. Tanya...

Sears Brands Ventura California / oasis washer model 110-27092603 (Complaint)

lisgo Mar 22, 2018

Sears sold us the product and then disappeared...

Sears Parts Vancouver Washington / part for a fisher & paykel dryer (Complaint)

Lanna Ross Blumberg Mar 21, 2018

I placed an order on 2/21/2018 with Sears Parts. Order number is F757731. The charges were $61. 58. The money came out of my bank account on 2/23. I then received an email telling me the part was not available because it was on back order. I called customer service immediately cancelled the order...

Sears Appliance Installation schereville indiana / oven installation (Complaint)

Brenda Lazard Mar 21, 2018

Purchased kitchen appliances from sears. Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave and dishwasher. The stove was not installed properly and I was subject to gas leaking in my house, which created health problems for me. Sears does not want to be accountable for this problem. I filed a complaint and received a claim #...

Sears Los Angeles California / unauthorized charges (Complaint)

Jdmp Mar 21, 2018

I CANNOT SPEAK TO ANYONE IS THIS SEARS CORPORATION. I AM LOOSING MY MIND. ITS TAKEN OVER ONE MONTH TO GET A WASHER DRYER. It is impossible to get any human who can help me. Sears delivered the incorrect dryer twice. third time they got it right. Now they have charged my SEARS card - when in fact I used my Chase Card...

Sears / sears mattress (Complaint Comment)

rah123 Mar 21, 2018

contacted both places the sears and sealy and sealy sends me back to sears and they say sears has to take care of it. that is what I doing going back and forth and finally sears admits in an e-mail I have that it is to go through them the mattress department. I have done everything requested and nothing is getting done...

Lowes / retaliation for calling corporate (Complaint Comment)

I had this happen to me when sears took my order for furniture and my money one day after they filed for bankruptcy and the court gave what money their was to creditors not to ripped off customers, be ware. don't give any lowes store money if you don't have the merchandise in your possession...

Bosch / BSH Home Appliances / bosch she65t (Complaint)

d lamar hampton Mar 19, 2018

My Bosch dishwasher, purchased from Sears, lasted less than 2 years. A faulty power cord melted and ruined the control module. After buying a replacement control module, the machine still did not work. So I scrapped it and bought a different brand thinking that the Bosch brand was slipping. Six months later I received a re-call notice in the mail regarding the faulty power cord...

How can I remove a complaint placed by Naira Renault Matevosyan (Question Comment)

(Quintiles IMC, Staples, Sears, 3D sonography in Brookline, MA) for THEFT. Azniv Shahverdyan is an Armenian ugly and psychotic woman who entered the USA via J2 visa and illegally stayed with her mother (Marine Mkhitaryan, now Marina Noble) who violated the 212 E immigration code through perjury...

Sears / sears mattress (Complaint Comment)

General Service Mar 19, 2018

made the purchase from Sears as a company. You absolutely did not purchase additional coverage through Sears, so Sears is not directly responsible for any such coverage. Sears, however, has the ability to service a Sealy warranty in limited fashion. The Sealy warranty, however, does not supply refunds for a purchase...

Menards Davison Michigan / lg washer (Complaint Comment)

General Service Mar 19, 2018

take my business to Sears, where they do sell a warranty that does (sic) cover you for the time you buy it for, (sic) Also Thanks for the heads up that I need a good attorney, (sic) I will bring her, (sic) she said I did not need her, but the way you treat your customers I will not stand in court and have you make me feel like this is my fault, (sic) I am not a bad person, (sic) Buyer BEWARE (sic)" Hi Cheryl...