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(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 24, 2016    Roger Repo
bad mattress and return policy
It's not Sears, it's the delivery people. Here where I live, they make a major brand 5 miles down the road, You buy an expensive mattress and they remove tag or do something where you get a refurbished or used piece of junk. A major store here also went out of business as I'm sure people realised something is MAJOR wrong...

Sears Matteson Illinois Illinois

Posted: Jan 23, 2016    sid654
Bought Cooper tires at Sears Auto in Matteson, Il in March, 2015. Went back many times in 8 months complaining that the low tire pressure warning came on every 2-3 weeks, and when I checked the tire pressure, one or more tires lost 5 pounds of air. I would put air in since I hated to wait the 3-4 hours at Sears Auto and be told nothing is wrong with the tires...


Posted: Jan 22, 2016    mginette
a refrigerator from sears June 2011 and we also purchases the extented warranty on the fridge, they were suppose to come over my house to do service in the fridge every six months, one year later after we bought the fridge we called and scheduled an appt for service, the appt. morning someone called me and told me they will be over my house in 15 minutes it was 7:oo am when they called, that mean they will be at my house at 7:15 am...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 22, 2016    Ahrfugrj
Bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.
Have the same smell problem with the sears kenmore elite triple door. The smell is unbelievable. Cleaned out the whole refrigerator to no avail. I can't believe sears designed this unit without a removable drip pan. Very disappointed with sears. Tjf...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 21, 2016    ljb1952
customer service department
I have a formal complaint against Sears repair department and specifically employee #15420, Eliza. I had an appointment for repair on my dryer today between 8 am and 5 pm. I had previously set up repair for today. I was told that Sears only has a repairman in my area on Thursdays. I took the day off to be home and actually took the whole week off to be home today for the scheduled repair...

Sears Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 20, 2016    EB, Parkton MD
Fire Hazard
Sears Elite model 665-12782K310, purchased August 2013. Got to it quickly before flames, so just smoke, but definitely hope to get Sears or someone to take responsibility for it - given the very real potential house fire that we fortunately were able to avert. We often run the dishwasher when we go to bed - what if?...

Sears Canada / Natuzzi Connecticut

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 20, 2016    Christopher de Hrussoczy - Wirth
broken frame on $2500 leather sofa
I purchased a Natuzzi Sofa Bed from Sears in early March 2012. From the outset, the bed mechanism seemed difficult to open and close. I recently had some guests use the sofa bed. They noted difficulty in closing it. When we tried opening it, it was seriously jammed up. It took 3 of us over half an hour and flipping it several different ways before we were able to open it...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 20, 2016    Maggie08
bad mattress and return policy
Wow, wish I had thought to search for Sears Mattress return nightmare stories before we purchased ours. After years of sleeping on a full mattress, my husband and I decided to splurge and purchase a queen mattress. We found one we liked, a Serta Perfect Sleeper, very comfortable and reasonably priced...

HMS Home Warranty

Posted: Jan 19, 2016    Anne-Marie9556
Refrigerator Repair
On October sixteenth 2015 HMS sent a Sears repairman out to fix a tube on the back of my refrigerator that connects to the filter. He cut off an end and reconnected it assuring me the tube was fine and would not break again. On October twenty eighth (12 days later) while I was in Italy I received a call that there was water coming out of my garage...

Sears Home Services

Posted: Jan 19, 2016    Anne-Marie9556
refrigerator repair
October sixteenth 2015 a Sears repairman came out to fix a tube on the back of my refrigerator that connects to the filter. He cut off an end and reconnected it assuring me the tube was fine and would not break again. On October twenty eighth while I was in Italy I received a call that there was water coming out of my garage...

Sears Auto Center Cranston Rhode Island

Posted: Jan 18, 2016    Reviewer41372
battery install & diagnosis
She decided to go to Sears about seeing to replace the battery her boss said to go then and get it resolved. She went to Sears Auto Center in Warwick RI. Through this whole process the car continued to start including when she arrived at Sears. She went in and explained what had happened and that she might need a battery...

Sears Fort Wayne Indiana

Posted: Jan 17, 2016    S.Petrinec
elite kenmore french door refrigerator
appliance purchases from Sears. Last yr we encountered a terrible odor coming from frig. Like everyone else cleaned everywhere in and outside. Threw out food, repackaged things and in time it went away. Never knew what caused it. Now we are moving and thinking about new appliances in our next home...

Craftsman Sears

Posted: Jan 17, 2016    Terry Merkel
Bad customer service
Tried returning a chainsaw that did not work, for an 80yr old women. Was giving a total run around because i did not have her receipt. The manager in the tool department was arrogant and did not seem to give a s t. then he brings the manager from appliances over to talk with me. long story...

Lowes And Sears Service Lake Jackson Texas

Posted: Jan 16, 2016    Bev hunt
Washer and dryer by bosch
I called and scheduled a service call 2 weeks later for my washer and dryer. Bought them from lowes in lake Jackson, tx and since they were bought in 2007 they wouldn't service them. Called the repair service line was scheduled for 8 to 12 noon 2 weeks later (1/15/16). Called them to be su...

Sears Vacation

Posted: Jan 16, 2016    Reviewer13481
Their restaurant gift card was fake
I got the email from Sears Vacation that I won the 4 days cruise or I could choose the 7 days in Mexica. They asked me to attend the informational session and I would get restaurant gift card and discount for the further offers from this company. We agreed that we would think about the vacation and took the restaurant gift card...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 14, 2016    Cynthia Tobias
their delivery service is worst ever
@ SEARS Below is the long & short of Sears Customer Service. I Beseech you, Do Not Buy Sears Appliances . Run Far, Far AWAY. They Absolutely S@#K. ___________________________________________________________ 1/13/2016 7:54AM Dear Cynthia, Thank you for contacting sears...

Fast Media Richmond Texas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 13, 2016    Cathi Cari Shudde
Theives, crooks
gone into the local Sears store and not finding it on the shelf or in stock. The sales associate helped my mother go online through Sears. com, then Amazon. com where they found it through Zabiva 281-410-8820 as the third party seller. The purchase date was 11/20/15, the delivery date was 11/27/2015...

Sears Melrose Park Illinois

Posted: Jan 13, 2016    Patricia Brownlee
A Sears Third Party Repair Company called me on Jan. 7th and scheduled to come out for the repair on Jan. 12th. The Sears Third Party Repair Company called me back on Jan 11th, 2016 at 4:05 p. m. , stating that they had overbooked themselves and they wanted to know if they could reschedule to come to my house later on Jan 12, 2016...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 12, 2016    Whirlpool wall oven
customer service department
and wall oven from Sears. A purchase of over $5, 000. 00. The wall oven was install improperly and was replaced in June of 2014. Today is January 12, 2016 and I continue to be struggling with a defective oven. The repairman has been to my home at least 4 or 5 times and at one point completely rebuilt the oven in my kitchen, while replacing the main heating element!!! To date, even though the oven is under warranty, Sears want to repair the oven, by placing another heating element...

A&E Factory Service

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 12, 2016    Jeannelaw
horrible service!
This company of Sears holding deserves to be put out of business. I just looked at BBB about this company and they are showing it as A+ even though there are thousands of complaints. This I think has to do with Sears giving people new appliances as hush money. People get a new product and they don't follow up with the BBB...

Sears Die Hard Portable Power 1150 Frederick Maryland

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 10, 2016    Henry Norris
product does not work & sears refuses to do anything about it!
out the other day and Sears said my best option was "to buy another one". No thanks my friends, I've got a Stanley unit on order from Amazon that is rated better than the Sears 1150 . for less priced. I'll still have the 1150 around for backup power during blackouts...

Sears PartsDirect dallas tx

Posted: Jan 9, 2016    Carol Chapman de Ramon
vacuum parts
I ordered a wheel for my kenmore vacuum. I used the chat support to ensure that I would get the right part. They sent the wrong part. I tried calling and was put on hold for ever. I tried chatting and was told all they could do was help me pay again for the right part. I was told to call a...


Posted: Jan 9, 2016    Scionxb
Short term disability
I guess I should thank my employer SEARS for having Cigna . It's a shame the Goverment lets them get away with it. Check Cigna's ratings, guess you get 1 star for a reason. O wait they won't let you rate below 1 star. I wish everyone at Cigna all the worst in life!!!...

Sears Atascadero California

Posted: Jan 8, 2016    Reviewer52845
I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher from Sears 8 months ago since then it has had 8 service calls, 5 repairs and 3 where they came out with the wring parts. My dishwasher has now been broken since December 5th. At this time they have agreed to replace the dishwasher which seemed like a good thing...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 8, 2016    Avb
customer service department
Sears gave me a quote and they wanted you to pay that amount right on the spot or that quote was no longer good and they do all the measurements and calculations right in front of you on a computer and give you the price. The very next day i get a call from jon sy of the chicago district office telling me that the numbers were wrong on the salesmans computer and i needed to pay an additional $919 and asked me if i wanted to pay for it by credit card or cancel the installation all together...

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