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Sears Costa Mesa California / kenmore built in oven model 790 (Complaint)

ediot Aug 10, 2016

Sears kenmore built in oven model 790oven we purchased from Sears in December 2011 (Model 790. ) As you can see from the attached photo, we have experienced what can only be categorized as a serious product defect, with the lower bake element twisted to a spaghetti shape under just normal oven use. My suspicion that this was an unusual defect was confirmed by the applicance technician that told us they had never seen such an extreme burnout of an element - - particularly in an oven so young...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

westworld Aug 10, 2016

Edward Lampert, CEO Sears Holdings Corporation 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 (847)286-2500...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

Billy draven Aug 10, 2016

with the president of sears. I have questions/concerts and complaints againstb the complaint department, stores etc. I am considering sueing. They ripped me off as well...

Sears Marietta Georgia / kenmore model 79023 bottom freezer fridge (Complaint)

normalgeek Aug 9, 2016

serviced I will be calling Sears and returning it. There is nothing bad in my Fridge. I think its a defective ventilation system. I am not a fridge tech but I am in IT so I am technical. This is the only logical explanation I can find for an 8 day old fridge that has fresh food and was cleaned even though it was new when it was delivered...

Sears Toms River New Jersey / pick up service - toms river store (Complaint)

Judith Voll Aug 9, 2016

I ordered a portable air conditioner on line for store pick up. The on line service asks you to name an individual who you want to pick it up. I put my contractors name and phone #. When he showed up they would not give him the air conditioner. I told them that I put him on the order. They...

Sears Yakima Washington / return (Complaint)

Elizabeth Cox Aug 7, 2016

I returned a blanket to another Sears store which was 70miles from my house which I purchased some time ago and I explained to the clerk how far away I lived . It was a couple of weeks after I boughtit and she glady helped me out and refuned my money in which I made another purchase. I work in Customer Service and the Customer comes first...

Sears / bad mattress and return policy (Complaint Comment)

John Aug 5, 2016

I will never shop a sears again and would like nothing more than to see the company go bankrupt so they could no longer steal from people. Sears is no longer a legitament business to me and I highly advise all to avoid doing business with these crooks!...

Conns Corpus Christi Texas / credit harassment (Complaint Comment)

Cronnas Aug 5, 2016

I will stick with Sears like I should have done in the first place...

Conns Corpus Christi Texas / credit harassment (Complaint Comment)

jimin Aug 5, 2016

As a side note, We called Sears Service Repair center, and they came out the same day and did the repair...

Samsung / unbelievably bad customer service! (Complaint Comment)

pk santa maria Aug 4, 2016

RCA, Magnavox or even Sears? everything else is made in China or someplace where there are cheap labor. This really is the death of the American product and goes with it are the labor...

Sears Chandler Arizona / home service technician for refrigerator (Complaint)

Bearnkc Aug 4, 2016

I am completely disappointed in the Sears Service Department. To whom should I speak with for an intelligent answer as I have already spoken with at least 6. We had a service call in to Sears to fix our refrigerator and this is the sequence of events: Technician was to arrive between 1-5 on 8/2...

Sears / emails for sears execs! (Complaint Comment)

Brenda Sinclair Aug 4, 2016

SEARS HOME WARRANTY CLAIM #91756651 I just spoke with a representative who repeated the same thing that said by Accent Comfort Systems. It is very disturbing to me that I am caught in the middle of this nightmare. As I stated in my previous complaint, I have spoken with the company that installed my heating system and they came out to my property on August 2, 2016 and checked (something Sears has yet to do) and stated that the reason for the water damage is the air conditioner, water lines not being checked at all to make sure the water was draining properly...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

M. Sitowitz Aug 4, 2016

extended warranty from Sears for my appliances. The repairman came out and advised that the motor that I needed was on his truck. HOWEVER when he tried to install the part, it did not work. He told me that a new part would need to be ordered and it would take a week. Never mind that I took off from work, never mind that I already waited a week for the repair, and never mind that I paid almost $500...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

MinnesotaBetsy Aug 4, 2016

is actually owned by Sears. so on the days he works on a product purchased at Lowes, he wears his A&E uniform and hands out those business cards, but when he works on Sears items, he wears that uniform/business cards. After he left, I called the number on the A&E card. Spoke with three different people (repeating my story three times) about my disappointing situation...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

JDHolliday Aug 4, 2016

General Electric, Sears and all the others who use them put the consumer in a no win situation, because somehow A & E has them buffaloed. Someone somewhere is getting paid off to keep them as a service provider for there appliances. I will throw a product away before I would let them in my home...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

Jgcooperma Aug 4, 2016

center, they answer "Sears"! What a bunch of incompetence! It's now mid-April and these guys have invoiced Lowe's for all the parts, some of which have yet to appear or to be installed. Flee for the hills when they are involved, or ask for a different repair company...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

pdxsamsungdishwasher Aug 4, 2016

A&E Factory(aka: Sears) is the worst. P. s. Samsung appliances are no good either! Except for my fridge. it's good...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

Carol J B Aug 4, 2016

Sears you should be ashamed to be associated with them. The call center is no help at all. They are very good at apologizing to you but nothing happens. First tech was out to diagnose on 12/23/11. Ordered control board and valve despenser, which never arrived. He was back on 1/20/12 to install parts that i did not have and reordered them...

A&E Factory Service / horrible service! (Complaint Comment)

Marcia Wesloske Aug 4, 2016

Washer and Dryer from Sears. Before the washer was a year old, the computer went out on it. A&E came to service it. (Finally got an appointment) Replaced the part and 1 month later it was the same thing. This time no one could get the part because they were "so in demand". It had to come from London...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

Sharon Conway Aug 4, 2016

Kenmore dishwasher from Sears. We also purchased the 3 year extended warranty. Before the first year was over it broke down and it took Sears around a month to fix it. This was during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2004. In 2005, it broke down again the first of Nov. From that point through Nov 17 it was repaired, used three times, and broke again...

Sears Corporation Cameron Missouri / the warranty department (Complaint)

Loretta A Aug 3, 2016

out appliances at a Sears store. My complaint is the my elderly 90 and 87 year old in-laws purchased a television and bought the protection plan with the thought if something was to go wrong with it it would be takin care of. They had Sears people come out and look at the television and was told it was non repairable...

Sears Maintenance Agreement 800 number I dont know where they are located / sears preventive maintenance scheduling (Complaint)

tidedancer Aug 3, 2016

They told me that Sears does not have a Sears-employed technician in our area. All Sears service for our town is contracted out to this 3rd-party servicer, who only services our town on Tuesdays. They wanted to change the appointment to 9/15. I agreed. 9/14 – The 3rd party servicer called to confirm they would be there on the 15th...

Sears / paid for tires, no tires and received bad customer service, day off for nothing (Complaint)

UnhappySearsCustomer Aug 2, 2016

Then I called 1800 # for Sears and spoke with representative called "Minnie" that said I can cancel my order there is nothing she can do, and was rude additionally saying there is no manager there, in confrontational attitude, very disrespectful. I've been years long cistomer and never experienced anything like it...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

SearsCare Aug 2, 2016

am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I saw your post and wanted to offer our assistance. I can see how frustrating to purchase new tires and one of the tires needed to be replaced. We would like to contact you and further discuss your recent experience. At your convenience please contact our office via email at smadvisor@searshc...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department (Complaint Comment)

dougnsalem Aug 2, 2016

i had her take her car to sears to get the other tire replaced and get an alignment. sears sold her two new tires. they replaced the brand new one it had 30 miles on it. sears also didnt align the car. how could so called auto experts not see it was a brand new tire? why would they replace it without letting a person know it wasnt needed? i will never for any reason do business with sears again...