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Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Lorton Virginia / Company won't return calls or come fix items that they damaged

(Complaint Comment)
Mike Poling Jul 5, 2016
I selected Sears for dryer vent cleaning due to their reputation (Sears; not this franchisee). That was a big mistake. They came out, immediately tried to upsell me "sanitization" services for the dryer exhaust line (which makes no sense as the air is exiting the house), then told me the line was clean...

Brandsmart Usa/wcps Inc Bedford Texas / WARRANTY ON TV

(Complaint Comment)
Enrique Dominguez Jul 5, 2016
and washer dryer from Sears. What a difference in customer service from the installers who stayed to explain how the appliance worked and then answered any questions we had on operating the appliances. We later received a courtesy call from Sears to ask if we were satisfied with the installation service...

Sears / Craftsman Hoffman Estates Illinois / defective 4 ton floor jack

(Complaint Comment)
Gene Z. Jul 5, 2016
will buy a jack from Sears!!!...

Maytag Quiet Series 200 Dishwasher / piece of junk!

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Douglas Thayer Jul 4, 2016
Also, we regret buying the SEARS front loader washing machine. Mold, slime, door issues, pump bad, bearings out, and oh that smell...

Sears Trinidad Colorado / employee

Cynthia Whitten Jul 1, 2016
Went into the sears outlet store to buy a washing machine with my grandmother . The sales rep was so rude and when we asked about delivery she said the cost would 175. 00 to deliver 26 miles she said they only give free delivery if you live within city limits She had my granmother in tears . When we first got there she didnt even acknowledge we were there for 15 miniutes I will NEVER shop at sears again Shame on you ...

Sears manchester ct / portable ac unity

Kimberly Moreland Jul 1, 2016
poor quality product, unable to return complaint

I purchased a portable ac unity online 4/23/16 of 14000btu. We had a different one prior only 10000 btu in that same room which worked fantastic in the past. The new unit turn on, air is somewhat cold, however it does NOT cool...

Sears Home Services Summersville West Virginia / whole home warranty

Rostocki Jun 30, 2016
and benefits of your Sears Whole Home Warranty coverage. In 7 to 10 business days you will receive a complete welcome booklet which will include your warranty number and a more detailed description of the terms and conditions. Please do not respond to this email; send inquiries to www...

Fast Media Richmond Texas / Theives, crooks

(Complaint Comment)
Karen Pfau Jun 29, 2016
inserts (2 pack) from Sears. com in mid early May. I was not aware that they were making the purchase through FastMedia. I received an e-mail in mid May that it had shipped with an invalid tracking number. Then I was told by Sears that the item was backordered and I should expect delivery between June 1st and the 17th...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida / bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.

(Complaint Comment)
baileytnt Jun 28, 2016
is non removable ! Sears Kenmore elite 3 door I had to clean the tech wouldn't even test my fridge to see what was wrong !...

Sears / Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator Melbourne Florida / bad odor coming from back of unit when running & fan is on.

(Complaint Comment)
baileytnt Jun 28, 2016
How can this be possible sears /kenmore hasn't recalled this product I have a 3 door kenmore elite bottom freezer. I had a cottage cheese looking substance in my drain pan smells sour. my fridge isnt cooling properly the tech wouldn't even test it due to the smell / the technician had the audacity to say this is burning my throat when you get it cleaned up I will work on it...

Kenmore Elite bottom freezer model Fridge Denver / Foul Odor

(Complaint Comment)
baileytnt Jun 28, 2016
in it !no help from sears or kenmore?did you have any recourse ?...

TRS Recovery Services San Jacinto California / attempt to collect debt not owed

C.E. Davis Jun 28, 2016
purchase a dishwasher from Sears in Hemet California. I wrote a check for $328. 71 . I then called the store and told them to cancel the order. They informed me that the order was cancelled, however the check had been deposited. I called my bank and placed a stop payment on the transaction. Well to my surprise, 6 months later I get a collection notice from TRS claiming I owe the money...

Sears Home Services Gilbert Arizona / customer service failed to find out where my tv part is

Sherrill Harrington Jun 26, 2016
On June 3rd I had a Sears repair man come to my home to fix my television. He tried to fix, but advised me that he had to order 3 parts to fix it. It put in the order which will ship to me and once I receive all the parts the repair man can come out. He sent my next appointment for the 14th with the hope I would have all 3 parts...

Sears Master Protection Agreement / sears master protection agreement is a joke

(Complaint Comment)
lisa khan Jun 22, 2016
On June 4 Sears came out to look at my refrigerator. When they came the guy look at my refrigerator and say "oh it fine". They left and a day after my refrigerator stop working. So from June 5 to 21 I am call for an appointment for some to come out and take a look. they came on Monday the 20 and say my mother board stop working and i have to wait another week So far nothing today and the worst part is that my refrigerator is not even 3 years old...

Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Milford Connecticut / rust and peeling enamel

(Complaint Comment)
Gabrielle Reese Jun 22, 2016
Sears should be ashamed of their performance. They are not. We are a family of three and I am very careful how I use this washer, proper loading of like items ect. When use start after loading the machine wads the clothes in a pile to one side before it start to add any water, causing the machine to be unbalanced and for the owner to always babysit this machine...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department

(Complaint Comment)
lois b. lynch Jun 21, 2016
sears has no customer service just a bunch of robots saying the same thing we are sorry for your frustration bs, you might be sorry if you had taken off work 4 times for nothing, had 2 techs come to your house for nothing, wait from june 18 to august 26 to maybe have the washer repaired and couldnt afford to keep waiting for the dryer to get fixed after 6 weeks and ended up paying someone else to come and fix it!!! maybe you like lying to your customers, resceduling appts without even notifying the customer (Three times) not showing up when the appt day was scheduled by them, and charging me 186...

Why Not Lease It New Jersey / they rip off people

(Complaint Comment)
No Nonsense Jun 20, 2016
The clear at SEARS had a hard time getting this set up, he told me payment dates and sequences that didn't come to be. Whatever you want to buy. wait! Pay for it or use another method. This company is just not good nor do they seem to care about it...

Sears Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator / Dept of energy agreement does not compensate me properly

(Complaint Comment)
aeman Jun 19, 2016
Sears seems to be willing to repeat this repair for up to the ten year warranty on the compressor versus work with us to replace the obviously defective refrigerator. By my math with 7. 5 years to go at an average of 3 replacement compressors per year, and the 4 already replaced, that works out to about 26 compressor replacements...

Sears Littleton Colorado / 2 twin xl serta mattress delivery

Janis Colburn Villaruz Jun 18, 2016
against the salescheck? Sears is very thorough in leaving messages and emails when they are to deliver your merchandise. However when unable to deliver, they don't contact you via phone call or email. We have 2 twin number beds which we took off the sheets and prep it to be disposed of by Sears delivery...

Sears Brooklyn New York / product that was sent in a dirty plastic bag, looked like used pajamas

Michael Ragonese Jun 18, 2016
on Line from sears. , And looks like my last. Tried calling to complain, and was on hold 11 minutes, I finally hung up. Well I think you know how I fell. Ok I like a response if possible, knowing you rec this.    mikerago23519@gmail. com   Michael Ragonese...

Sears Die Hard Portable Power 1150 Frederick Maryland / product does not work & sears refuses to do anything about it!

(Complaint Comment)
John Knoper Jun 18, 2016
Totally positive experience- kudos Sears!! Great product. Follow directions, and, as always, YRMV...

Sears / kenmore elite upright freezer

mkohnen01 Jun 18, 2016
The part arrived and Sears scheduled for Saturday 06/18. Got a call Saturday at 07:30 AM cancelling the repair told me they could do it Thursday 06/23. No reasonable explanation for why something was scheduled and not honored, and why was it had to be another 5 days. Called everyone at Sear I could find...

Sears of Puerto Rico Hatillo Puerto Rico / Oder #093130061741 kenmore gas range model 73233

KristineLee Jun 18, 2016
I then called the Sears at plaza Norte, Puerto Rico, I spoke to appliance dept. which then transfer the call to delivery/ merchandise pick, the male person spoke English and indicated that deliveries occur on Thursday, but he never check for my specific order, or indicate that I needed a confirmation #...

Sears Home Services / dishwasher covered under their protection plan

Joan Martin Jun 17, 2016
Sent to customerrelations@searshc. com 4X. Not so much as a response:---- RESEND: 3rd time. I have been a Sears customer for, like, forever. I buy my appliances from you and have had a Master Protection Plan on all of them since, about, the 1960's. Currently, it seems impossible to get my dishwasher fixed because no one comes and/or it takes weeks to get an appt...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / customer service department

(Complaint Comment)
SearsCare Jun 17, 2016
Trent and I'm with the Sears Cares Team. I am sorry to hear of the troubles you and your parents have encountered with the repairs to your furnace. We can certainly understand the need to resolve your concern as soon as possible, especially since you have your elderly parents to consider. We would like the opportunity to discuss this matter with you and be your one point of contact within Sears to ensure that we resolve your concerns in a satisfactory manner...


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