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Sears / ridiculously unsafe craftsman lawnmower (Complaint Comment)

Jacquline Fontes Oct 27, 2018

Over 53 years with Sears & now horrid service & communication...

Stein Appliance Belleville Ontario / Appliance repair service (Complaint Comment)

DKeys Oct 27, 2018

warranty work on our Sears brand from whirlpool. Not only could they not fix the problem after 8 visits. they tried to charge us on the last visit! We had to go with a washer they never dried dishes. Well then the motor went on the machine later so Whirlpool sent them back out. They lost the part which whirlpool supplied them free of charge for us and we waited all day home from work for nothing...

Sears Brands Glasgow Kentucky / kenmore stackable washer/dryer (Complaint)

Rebecca Murphy Oct 26, 2018

My husband worked for Sears over 7 years & almost every household appliance 6 Stoves, 6 Refrigerators, 4 Dishwashers, 8 Washer & Dryers, Multiple Tires, Water Heaters, Lawnmower plus many many other items while raising 2 sons. I now have a stackable Washer & Dryer with no AGITATOR since my husband passed away...

Sears Brands Windows Baltimore maryland / lifetime guarantee on windows (Complaint)

Ally555 Oct 26, 2018

I ordered sears windows which came with a lifetime guarantee. Well several years later my same window continuously breaks. the spring which makes it go up and down has broken twice in my bathroom. Someone came and fixed it once but don't worry I paid $100 just to have the spring replaced. These were supposed to be the best windows with a lifetime guarantee...

Sears Brands / kenmore elite refrigerator (Complaint)

JG Johnson Oct 25, 2018

I asked Sears for a replacement but was told that I am not eligible for a replacement yet. I find this absolutely ridiculous that they think anyone can do without a refrigerator for this long...

Sears Fishers Indiana / lg washer (Complaint)

TiredoftheSearsBS Oct 25, 2018

On Sept 20 of this year I called Sears to get a technician to come look at my washer because it started running really loud. They were able to get a technician to my house on 9/25 and I was excited because that's a quick appt time in my experience with Sears for the last 6 years. The tech tells me the bearings are out and that he will need to order parts, makes the next appt for 10/8 because we had to wait on parts...

Sears Brands Eastchester New York / letter send to mr lambert (Complaint)

Gary J McCloskey Oct 25, 2018

better and I believed in SEARS. I should have canceled day two and we would not be talking at this time. Since your team has intercommunicated since I started the program I would appreciate someone reviewing the account notes to see the level of frustration I have had to endure. PLEASE DON'T CONTINUE TO PUSH A CONTRACT IN MY FACE! My request at this time is to please refund me the full contract value, I truly, believe this is the right thing to be done base on my Sears experience...

Sears Brands / refund not received (Complaint)

J2Miller Oct 24, 2018

I called Sears Home Services to come out and diagnose the issue and provide solutions. They came on 9/20 and offered me a solution and I agreed to the price of the parts and labor. However, because I was shocked at how much the parts and labor would be, I looked into more options and decided to cancel my service order and parts on 9/21 and go with a much cheaper solution through a service competitor...

LG Electronics Port Charlotte Florida / lg refrigerator/kenmore elite (Complaint)

Susie homemaker Oct 23, 2018

Sears is also not helping . No one is taking care of this problem. In addition to this the parts are still under warrantee but they want me to pay 330$ to get this fixed. Well hopefully they will fix it. Its been 3. 5 weeks with no fridg. This is way too long!!! Since I have spoken to many persons and found out that this is standard for LG refrigerators that the compressor goes out and it takes a month to repair...

Sears Brands / stove/oven (Complaint)

Malikka Oct 23, 2018

I had someone from sears look at my stove, which shouldn't have needed service since the stove is only 2 years old so, even that is questionable. They ordered the part but I never received it and therefore, couldn't get my installation completed because of that. I've called several times with no response...

Sears Brands Raleigh, NC / defective product (Complaint)

REB123 Oct 22, 2018

I called Sears Appliance Services and paid $99 to have a technician diagnose the problem. When the technician arrived, I described how it failed and he said it was probably the compressor and that it was a "known problem" with LG refrigerators. He completed his diagnostic and the compressor had indeed failed...

Sears Brands El Cajon California / kenmore elite refrigerator model 795.7902.313 bought nov 2017 (Complaint)


I called Sears on Sept 14, 2018 requesting a repair for my refrigerator which wan't cooling. The freezer was working. There was a dH error code. After performing all the troubleshooting that the tech requested, Bernice thought it was a fan problem. I was booked for a Sept 28 appointment. Note: 2 weeks for an emergency service! On Sept 28th, the tech arrived and decided it was a defrost sensor problem due to the error code...

Sears Brands / lg 65sk8000pua 65" class super uhd 4k hdr ai led tv (Complaint)

Tammybug Oct 22, 2018

using the points and my Sears credit card. The purchase was made on 9/29/18, and I was told it would be delivered on 10/9/18. I received an email giving me the delivery date, but never received a confirmation that it was actually shipped (no tracking number). On 10/9/18, the item never arrived...

J. C. Penney / interior decorating (Complaint Comment)

johnvshops Oct 22, 2018

They are likely to be the next SEARS-like fiasco...

WhyNotLeaseIt Killeen Texas / tires leased (Complaint)

Jessica254 Oct 21, 2018

I was at sears in July 2018. I was told by rep I needed tires ASAP and he tells me about why not lease it. He explains that I pay on them biweekly and at the end their mine and I'm done. So sounds great. Well I'm paying and then I call to ask how much I owe cause I'm going to pay them off and the man explains I still owe 600$ but the total was only $717...

Sears Repair Service / extremely poor customer service! (Complaint Comment)

Paul R. Jones Oct 20, 2018

Sears is the worst company I have ever dealt with. incompetent repair techs, poor customer service, and a call center that does not understand English. Very disappointing. I will never buy any more Sears products from their stores or the website. They need to go out of business soon...

Kmart Stores West Orange New Jersey / returning a purchase (Complaint)

Mary Quiroz Oct 19, 2018

Kmart Stores returning a purchase The call was directed to Sears Customer service. The CSR rep listened to the issue, then took my phone number and said he would talk to his supporters team. After 2 long holds, he returned to the phone, apologized and said he was not able to pull up the purchase using my phone. He said the only way to provide a refund was for me to provide my bank information, as I had paid with a debit card...

Sears Master Protection Agreement / sears master protection agreement is a joke (Complaint Comment)

Mona Rhoades Oct 19, 2018

with the poor service Sears provides under the Master Agreement Plan. My parents purchased a Kenmore side by side refrigerator 3 years ago. Dad has renewed it every year. Each service order takes 10 - 14 days before a technician can come check. Then it takes another 10 - 14 days before there is a part...

Sears Home Warranty Aurora Colorado / refrigerator ice machine repair complaint - not yet done from past 5 months. (Complaint)

Vinay V Oct 19, 2018

I am a Sears home warranty customer from a long time. Even tho they have high price still I am sticking to Sear to have some peace of mind. But `it's not happening, they are giving really a hard time from past 6 months to finish my Refrigerator Ice Machine complaint. Refrigerator Ice Machine first complaint placed on March 14, 2018...

Sedgwick Insurance / sears home delivery damage claim (Complaint Comment)

L. Schaffer Oct 19, 2018

party carrier that Sears contracted out to deliver my refrigerator. XPO adjuster came back out and re-did their estimate as they failed to figure in the mold damage the first time. Sedgwick is absolutely USELESS but I did finally get a letter out of them disavowing their responsibility for future reference if need be...

Sedgwick Insurance / sears home delivery damage claim (Complaint Comment)

Hawks 12th Fan Oct 18, 2018

flood caused by the Sears washer repair person. I immediately gave them pics, estimates, etc— everything they asked for — and the claim dragged on! I was told a month ago (Sept 2018) that the adjuster had closed my claim and then quit her job! I placed many phone calls to Jamie “incompetent” Lesniak and reminded her that a resident of Washington State has 3 years to file a lawsuit for this kind of incident...

Lowes / false advertisement and lowes is cheating people out of there money (Complaint Comment)

Dirtysquirrel Oct 18, 2018

Sears and Craftsman used to do a program where you did not need a receipt. If it was by that manufacturer than it was lifetime warranty. Kobalt should be the exact same...

Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers Mesa Arizona / employees not making enough money (Complaint Comment)

Dirtysquirrel Oct 18, 2018

well for Kmart and Sears. So instead of complaining about how they pay so little, no one is forcing those people to work there and no one is holding them back from bettering their lives to get a better job...

Leon's Furniture Bridgewater Nova Scotia / company does not deliver on promise (Complaint)

Andrew McKenzie Oct 18, 2018

used to work for was SEARS CANADA, look how it turned out for them...