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Mavis Discount Tire Cicero, New YorkCicero, NY

Posted: Sep 10, 2017    Kmd27
service unacceptable
Companies like Sears and Kmart also once thought that they were invincible b/c of their size and volume - now look at them. I don't care how much more my next set of tires cost. I know where I won't be purchasing!...

Sears Brands Chicago Illinois

Posted: Sep 9, 2017    bigsexylov
sears home repair service / washer
Sept 9, 2017 scheduled time 10a-2p Warranty Plan Number 99494917 received text the tech was on their way at 11:58am and never showed. I had my door wide open to make sure I wont miss them and they wont me neither. Hours went by no tech and I called the cust. rep said the were running behin...


Posted: Sep 8, 2017    Rozzz
garage door opener repair service
I am desperately trying to have my garage door problem resolved and nonone will respond or return my calls. My garage door has been inoperable since Fri. 9/1/17 when an estimator accidently did not reconnect the release wire and I am unable to open the door or use my car which is inside

Brick Ottawa Ontario

Posted: Sep 8, 2017    Taha_Tariq
extended warranty
Sears is much better. I bought another set of sofa from there and they replaced the whole set as soon as I complained about a couple marks I noticed after a few months. Please don't waste your money, time and energy on Brick. They are the biggest losers in the market. Cheap quality, bad customer service and salespersons are trained to steal money out of your pocket...

Sears Brands 3333 Beverly Rd Ilinois il 60179

Posted: Sep 7, 2017    alsull
repair appointment not kept
I was call sears several times to check the status but no one was able to help me I lost time at my work ( money) they tell me I can have next appointment for 09/20/2017 Clearly I feel like piece of garbage who cant do nothing but I decide to inform also BBB department on them I search internet and I see I'm not alone treaded this way by Sears company ( repair ) department ...

Sears Brands Bloomfield Connecticut

Posted: Sep 7, 2017    Very Disappointed 2017
Kenmore Refrigerator
Ordered a new Kenmore refrigerator and it doesn't work - the delivery men wouldn't take our old refrigerator because the water hose was still connected- two days later they pick up the old refrigerator and the new one doesn't work- unbelievable- customer service no help 1st female represen...

Kmart Stores Allentown Pennsylvania

Posted: Sep 6, 2017    Karina Paez
horrible customer service and lost of online package
placed a purchase from sears. com for 3 uniform sweaters for my son. I was provided with the option to get it delivered at KMART so of course I said "yes". Well that was the WORSE mistake I made, because I NEVER received my package. It stated it was delivered and when I went to pick it up KMART told me they could not find my package...

WhyNotLeaseIt Macon Georgia

Posted: Sep 6, 2017    Bridgette Williams
washer & dryer: company total scam!!!
Sears employees a)have little to no knowledge about this program or b) they are not explaining what really happens after you think you have paid off your merchandise. Customers with low income or tight budgets should stay away, you are paying 3x the price . Better off saving and buying right out the store...

Sears Clarksville Indiana

Posted: Sep 5, 2017    Linda Drennen Best
For years I have bought from Sears and thought they carried great merchandise. We had bought freezers (chest and upright) in the past with no problems. We purchased washer and dryer set 01/23/17 with no problems. It really irritates me that I didn't contact you with the ice maker problem when it occurred...


Posted: Sep 5, 2017    Roger DeMint
ashton recliner
I purchased this recliner at Sears in Chillicothe, Ohio 45601, Feb, 2016. At the time of delivery there was noticeable damage to the back of the chair and I had to have it replaced. the left side of the back was was broke. Since then the back has broken again in the same place, with springs coming through...

Sears Master Protection Agreement

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 4, 2017    AjoyB
sears master protection agreement is a joke
Sears sells either 3 or 5 year(from date of purchase) agreements, you would only need to renew after your 3 or 5 year coverage is up. " - Wrong. I just got a letter to renew the MPA on my dishwasher. The only 3 options are to sign up for a 1-year plan, a 2-year plan or a 3-year plan. Also, Jason says: "I would bet that the $300 you claim you paid for the Service Plan is less than what the service call on your dishwasher would have costed you!" - This is really funny...

Sears Plant City Florida

Posted: Sep 4, 2017    Joy Henderson
I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator July 19, 2016. I filed a service concern back in July of this year. The refrigerator had a very loud knocking sound that would last for 30 minutes to a hour at all times of the day and night. The repair technician that came out in July replaced the ice ma...

Sears Brands White Plains New York

Posted: Sep 2, 2017    Aileen Johnson
customer service
I tried returning it to the sears in Cross County in yonkers and was told that the returns dept was no longer there and was advised to return it at the Galleria in White Plains. The following day Thursday, 8/31/17 i went to the Sears in White plains and had to drag the box to the basement to be advised that the returns dept was closed that day...

A & E Appliance Repair Missouri

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Sep 2, 2017    Mr tbo
a & e sucks
Spent over 2 hours this morning with Sears and A&E Factory Services, who must be conspiring together, and could not get a re-visit until 9/13/2017. Very unacceptable with me. Even had a so called supervisor with A&E to hang up on me. This repair will, I repeat, WILL be completed under my soon to expire Master Protection Agreement and once these incompetents have resolved my issue they will never enter my home again...

LG Johnson City Tennessee

Posted: Sep 2, 2017    LGnot
refrigerator brand new from Sears in 2013, it's our last. We noticed the temperature in both compartments were not being sustained, when we called the repairman he walked us through several steps to check before he came out, when we followed the steps to take, he informed my wife that the Freon has leaked out and would not even be worth fixing...

Sears Brands Louisville Kentucky

Posted: Sep 1, 2017    Christy M Anderson
kenmore elite refrigerator
I will never buy a sears appliance product ever again!!! They are horrible my brand new refrigerator went out the second week of July it took them two more weeks to send a technician out to tell me that it is broke!!! So they ordered the part told me it would take two weeks to be in called me one week later and said it was on back order! They said August 14 it would be here it was not here so I called them back they could not find the part that they have shipped because it was no longer on back order but they did not have a tracking number told me to call back in a few days!! Called back they told me it would be here August 26 it's still did not show up so they told me on the phone it would definitely be here August 28! It finally showed up August 28 at 8 o'clock at night called and told them I had the part they told me they can't send a technician to my house till September 15 now!!! Wow � so now I've been without a refrigerator since the second week of July and still won't have one until after September 15 who really lives like that I've been storing my insulin at my neighbors house that's real nice � what good is a warranty if it takes that long to get service?! And then they want me to pay $400 to have it installed but the part is covered after waiting this long I don't think I should have to pay it should be free now!!!...

Sears Seabrook South Carolina

Posted: Sep 1, 2017    Ali Kemp
never ever order
I ordered several dresses from their store and only one out of five had arrived. It's now been 3 months since I ordered them and I don't know what to do. It doesn't matter that I told them about writing to BBB, they tried to be polite, but the problem hasn't been resolved. They are not int...

Sears Colorado Springs Colorado

Posted: Sep 1, 2017    Aw1231
how sears treats valuable employees
So funny that now sears in Colorado Springs is down 35% on their sales in just 2 weeks after they let go their top employee who took pride in making their store one of the top 25 in the company. Serves them right!! All due do the lies of a lowly employee who knows how to lie! Remember what goes around comes around, justice will be served! Why they would let their store fail all to please a poor employee is beyond comprehension...

Pharmaprix Montreal Québec

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 31, 2017    kstulk
Defective door
Wait what does a Sears complaint have to do with pharmaprix?...

Sears-Home Marketplace Ferndale Michigan

Posted: Aug 30, 2017    Kim Brandimarte
sauder entertainment center
Center by Sauder from Sears Home Marketplace on 8/14/17 and got really screwed! I needed it to be delivered to my apartment which is on the third floor. On 8/14/17, I asked for the item to be delivered to my apartment as it . stated FREE SHIPPING, though it DID NOT specify what that mean't. After speaking to a Sears associate and Fed Ex and finding out it was CURBSIDE DELIVERY, I cancelled the item because I had no one to help me and I can't carry 134l lbs...


Posted: Aug 30, 2017    DLUC57
samsung front load washer
9 wks ago I called because my less than 2 yrd old washer stopped spinning out, again. This first happened 2 months after purchasing. They replaced the door lock and the mother board. Its been 9 wks and 3 repair visits and still my washer isnt working. Yesterday, the repairman came and the ...

Sears Colorado Springs Colorado

Posted: Aug 28, 2017    Aw1231
I cannot understand a company such as sears who employ's a female who is a conniving, lying [censor]!! They also keep her after she has phone SEX with another employee who lives in San Antonio, tax. Proceeds to lie under oath in the justice system in order to ruin another employee who is the only that has made the sears store in Colorado Springs profitable...

Sears Newark, NJ area

Posted: Aug 25, 2017    Kitty283
carpet cleaning rip-off
Went to the Sear's carpet cleaning site to schedule cleaning of my two bedrooms on the second floor before my new tenants moved in, as it was only two rooms that are carpeted I went with the "build your own package" each room was quoted as $42 total of $84 then tax and $8 service fee. Orde...

Sears Brands Ghent West Virginia

Posted: Aug 25, 2017    Eric Duke
Slow website
I was looking for a new dryer and chose their website to check what they offer. My internet connection is fine, so it was your fault. Your website could not stop loading. New and new pictures. Many errors, hard to look at interesting pictures, it always got back to the previous one. Hey, g...

Burger King Alpena (23)

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Aug 24, 2017    Colleen Burnham
unethical behavior
freezer for mom from sears. She has medicaal problems such as cancer, copd, diabetic. She needed to eat, and this is how we get treated and laughed at. If I could get her out of the car and she could walk id gladly go to another place where they are friendly and give you your food. I will never go back...

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