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Sears Brands / washing machine (Complaint)

Rosanna Garcia Aug 27, 2018

I have purchased a product from sears (brand new kenmore washing machine) already fully paid for. Weeks into receiving the machine we had to have techs come and check the machine as it wasn't working properly. Now months after - calling every other day sending new techs dealing with different reps the machine is still not in the working condition it needs to be...

Sears Brands Jefferson Georgia / refrigerator (Complaint)

Connie Sue West Aug 27, 2018

I bought a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator in July 2017.In Feb 2018 I started having trouble with it freezing stuff on the bottom shelf.The repairman told me it was the fan so he changed it.In May it started leaking water all over the top shelf and freezing food on the bottom worse.So I call...

Kenmore Elite Pompton Lakes New Jersey / refrigerator model # [protected] (Complaint)

Gail Tarantino Aug 26, 2018

just stopped running! Sears took 3 months and 3 repair men to look at it while we lived out of a cooler for 3 months! Compressor blew, had a full warranty. Worst customer service and most expensive piece of garbage ever purchased! Ice maker stopped working shortly after. !! Call up Sears they transfer you to a warranty department! I am all in for a class action Lawsuit!...

Sears / sear riding lawn mower (Complaint)

ridingmower Aug 26, 2018

I am renting to own a 20 horsepower riding mower last of may 31st this year.
the last of August this year the mower engine blew up and pieces broke off it.
Service Guy came out and said they would replace the engine. I told the service guy that I wanted a New Mower because evid...

CarFlexi / Sixt Car Rental Over Sears Timi┼čoara airport / paid for car rental and ross boarder rental sticker but never got the car (Complaint)

Ahotea Aug 25, 2018

We traveled to Romania with the intent of traveling to Austria and Italy so so found your website choose a car and choose the option to buy the cross border rental to assure we will be ok for travelering out of Romania, and we paid the down payment on our credit card on June 9, 2018. Got o... / sears - bad customer service - samsung flex dryer (Complaint)

Saty123 Aug 25, 2018

But Sears automatically cancelled order in less than 3 days. As soon as I got the cancellation email, I called the delivery phone line and asked the delivery customer service agent to reorder it. He did it, he ordered the flex washer, but a wrong dryer. Now when I contact you, you are asking me to pay the price difference between the 2 models for exchange...

Samsung / customer service (Complaint Comment)

David Wayne Hitchens Aug 24, 2018

and flex dryer) from sears on Monday July 21, 2018. When it arrived (Tuesday) it didn't work. I contacted your 800 number and gave the model and serial number to set up a service call. Wednesday I received a voice mail that because they couldn't read the number (from the picture that I supplied) and because they couldn't verify your serial number they were canceling my appointment...

Sears Brands New Orleans Louisiana / kenmore ac unit (Complaint)

Claudia Butler Aug 24, 2018

To: Sears Customer service Good morning, My name is Claudia Butler. I purchased an AC unit for my home last year May 2017. The previous unit had been in place since 2007 and the only problem was the condenser had gone bad. I could have contacted several other AC Companies but I chose Sear because of their reputation and I was offered a good price on the unit I purchased...

Sears Master Card Sioux Falls, SD / fraud (Complaint)

Mildred Pelkey Aug 23, 2018

My husband and I have had a Sears master card for years and never had a problem till January and February of this year. Someone had gotten all our information and used our card in 3 states the same day from Florida to Arkansas to Ohio. They even claimed to have paid the card off 3 different times telling me I have a zero balance which was not us that paid it off! Then months later they come back telling me that all payments came back and had bounced ...

Sears PartsDirect Dallas / order cancellation policy (Complaint Comment)

John Barnes Aug 22, 2018

I will never place another order with Sears. My experience is that almost every item they claim to have in stock is not. What a sad ending for a once great company... / delivery disaster and length of time on phone with customer service with no results (Complaint)

Lgondocs Aug 22, 2018 delivery disaster and length of time on phone with customer service with no resultsMy husband had some items from Sears on his Birthday wish list. I placed an order on 8/17/2018, order number [protected]. I ordered item [protected], Craftsman 115 pc Universal Mechanic's tool set, Item [protected], Craftsman Extreme Grip 2 pc Adjustable Wrench Set and item [protected], Craftsman 2 pc...

Sears Philadelphia Mississippi / furniture (Complaint)

Debra21566 Aug 21, 2018

I spent 307.07 and they will not give me my money back. I called the same hour I noticed it was the wrong product I wanted. They said they had to cancel the idem before they gave me my money and to wait 3 to 5 days. I waited and didnt recieve and email of cancellation so I called again and...

Sears Brands Danville New Hampshire / kenmore elite fridge (Complaint)

Cathy Sl Aug 21, 2018

25 month old Kenmore elite fridge that I paid $2300 stopped working..lost all the contents freezer items were completely defrosted . After over and your on the phone and 6 transfers finally got to the point of scheduling a service call, but first available was not until Sept 5th . And they...

Tim Hortons Richmond British Columbia / unprofessional conduct by tim horton's corporate and staff (Complaint)

Michael Muise Aug 21, 2018

businesses in Canada like Sears etc " A has Been" I am seeking some sort of compensation for the fact that I was told by RCMP Richmond, that the cameras were not working that day, and had been non-operational for a few days. If the cameras were working like they should've been I might've gotten my phones back...

Sears / ridiculously unsafe craftsman lawnmower (Complaint Comment)

Bill Goodwin Aug 21, 2018

Gap is way too wide! Sears techs won't acknowledge there is a problem on two occasions even took apart and reassembled saying there was no problem but the gap is still there causing black marks...

Sears / ridiculously unsafe craftsman lawnmower (Complaint Comment)

Chanmuna Aug 20, 2018

working on behalf of Sears sold products warranty and asking us to pay $150 to keep our product warranty alive...

Kenmore Whispertone Canister / Hose replace (Complaint Comment)

Jos Cha Aug 20, 2018

I bought refrigerator from sears no more than 2 years ago and now the compressor has gone out, Sears will not help out unless I purchase a home appliance warranty for a whole year, or pay out of pocket for estimate that was highly expensive and exaggerated in the parts prices, they have been rude and unhelpful, will never buy from Sears again...

Sonic Drive-In Boise Idaho / rat food (Complaint)

Jim Smith5555 Aug 18, 2018

youll be like subway, sears, kmart, toyr us, your're not gonna last--...

Sears Service Department Issaquah Washington / stove/range (Complaint)

OTSears Aug 18, 2018

I called Sears immediately. I spoke with your supervisor which was useless!!! I told I sat all day waiting for someone to arrive. She stated the tech wasn't available to come. What I don't understand is why I didn't get a call this morning and I could have kept my appointments. Secondly, why is Sears calling me at the end of my appointment? I am hot! Basically, she didn't care and wasn't going to do anything to correct the issue...

Sears Kenmore elite refrigerator [protected] Memphis TN / kenmore elite refrigerator [protected] (Complaint)

Nanette Nelson Aug 17, 2018

Sears Kenmore elite refrigerator 79573157610 kenmore elite refrigerator 79573157610 Eddie Lampert becasue no one at sears customer service will help us and there is never a supervisor available. All we get is the run around. I will insert all information below. Hello. How r u? I'm sending this email because no one has sears has been helpful or done us right. On August 6, 2016 we purchased a Kenmore elite [protected] refrigerator under the name of Sylvia Moffatt, that's my elderly mother who lives with me that I care for medically...

Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator / poor quality product! (Complaint Comment)

Nanette Nelson Aug 16, 2018

2016, aug 6, 2016, at sears in Memphis Tn. , told it would be delivered within a week. On the day of delivery, got a phone call and sears said it had been back ordered. We had sold our old one and customer picked up the night before our scheduled delivery. We did not get our refrigerator for weeks...

Sears Brands / credit card/washer (Complaint Comment)

Kmart 9459 Aug 16, 2018

the constant calls to sears about repairs should have reminded you that you still have to pay for it. 6th they wouldn't have any reason to refuse your payment likely the issue was since you didn't have the credit card with you, then you couldn't make a payment cause they didn't have your account number to apply the payment too...

Sears Brands Elyria Ohio / kenmore gas stove (Complaint)

Peggy Schaffer Aug 15, 2018

I will not be returning to sears/ Kmart anytime soon...

Kmart Stores Williamsport Maryland / product availability (Complaint Comment)

Kmart 9459 Aug 15, 2018

like they use to with Sears Holding, so the buyers are having to get what they can get, which means cheaper quality. The buyers want to sell you the higher quality at lower margin, cause they know it means you buy more, but they just can't afford it...

Sears Brands / credit card/washer (Complaint)

Red Butterflies Aug 14, 2018

Told to physically go to Sears & ask for a new one. That took another 2 hours. 4. New washer arrived. The installer was extremely nice & told me that there was nothing wrong with the washer, but the first installer installed it wrong. 5. NEVER RECEIVED A BILL NOR CREDIT CARD. Received a call from the bank & Sears...