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American Home Shield all of them / the truth about ahs (Complaint Comment)

sandra cowan Aug 31, 2018

look at the history of Sears where they forgot about or chose to ignore the complaints of the customers and start refusing to stand behind their brands or lives up to the names they once brag about. CEO open your eyes, when you start loosing customers that mean your job is also on the line. It is nothing wrong been honest...

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] Memphis Michigan / service issue (Complaint)

Jaykaye17 Aug 31, 2018

svc 18 Jun conducted; Sears dispatched 17 Jul and after two visits still no fix. What has to happen for AHS to get involved? There sure quick to snatch that monthly payment out of my bank account. FIX MY REFRIG!!...

Sears Repair Service / extremely poor customer service! (Complaint Comment)

DugS Aug 31, 2018

compressor, I called Sears because the compressor has a 10 year warranty, and arranged for the technician to visit and re-diagnose the problem. I let them know that I already had that done but they said it had to be done. After setting up the appointment, I contacted customer service by phone to ask if the technician would have my parts on his truck so the repair could be completed without having to set up additional appointment and having to take time off of work...

Sears Andover Massachusetts / kenmore elite refrigerator (Complaint)

amahajan23 Aug 31, 2018

Elite 2 years ago from Sears. Within one year, the compressor broke down, we had to get it repaired and get a rental for one month. Then the ice maker stopped working, got that fixed after one month of waiting. Now the freezer fan motor broke in year 2. We submitted a repair request in May 2018, Sears outsources its repair work...

Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation Melbourne Florida / tire inspection (Complaint)

Gracedar Aug 31, 2018

My father took the tire to Sears where they made the call and Continental replaced the tire for free. My father is African-American, whether race played a part in this or not, it should not have happened...

Whirlpool Corporation Duncan Arizona / whirlpool wdf760sadb dishwasher (Complaint)

Ryan Eckert Aug 30, 2018

2017 at our local Sears store. We had dishwasher delivered and installed by the store. Dishwasher worked great up until June of this year. I didn't get extended warranty due to financial issues. Dishwasher quit washing dishes completely. It would wash but dishes were still dirty. I pulled dishwasher out only to find the water line was kinked...

Sears Portage Indiana / kenmore elite (Complaint)

Ely Maldonado Aug 30, 2018

Kenmore Elite Fridge from Sears on 2013 for 3000. 00 and warranty for 549. 99 for 5 yrs since April 2013 they have change 12 parts some of them repeat it parts and im still having problems with this Kenmore garbage I have lost food and the warranty dept didn't want to replace fridge or the food because they have to come out more than 5 times which they did because every time they came to fix it they will change 2 or more parts at one time so it wouldn't qualify for it...

Sears Holdings Merrillville Indiana / kenmore elite refrigerator (Complaint)

Edeline Maldonado Aug 30, 2018

to it so dont trust sears with your investment they dont care about their customers. They should be ashamed of this company...

Sears A&E Repair Home Services La Mesa California / repair service (Complaint)

C. K. Kline Aug 30, 2018

Sears A&E Repair Home Services repair serviceSears A&E Service was at my home 8/29/18 to repair my washer which they did not do! Their Tech asked for some laundry to test the washer. When finished he put the towels in the dryer. Note he was not here to service the dryer, he was here to service only the washer. When I came out to get the towels, I instantly noticed the dryer door was cracked...

WhyNotLeaseIt Manchester NH / sears storage unit (Complaint)

Chalet Lizette Brannan Aug 29, 2018

Was damaged on delivery, Sears issued a pick up order, the company ( Demar Logistics ) knew nothing about it, on August 4th FINALLY got in touch with R&L Carriers who picked it up, Why Not Lease It never responds to emails, they have all the info needed and STILL try and charge me, my bank charged THEM back the deposit, and we have now blocked them from charging anything, these guys are crooks, not Sears, or the carriers, its them, do NOT buy anything or lease ANYTHING from them, they dont care and as long as they can, they will make YOU pay even if damaged and picked up,...

Sears Coronado CTR Albuquerque New Mexico / refund on a lost ring sent out for sizing (Complaint)

Chevey Aug 29, 2018

Sears sent it out to be sized. I went back on June 21, 2018 to pick up the ring and found it was still too big. Sears said they would send it back for resizing again. I called Sears a few times in the following weeks to see if my ring had come back yet and was told no. I went to Sears and was then told that Sears had turned my ring over to UPS for shipping and UPS lost my ring...

Payless Shoes / careless (Complaint Comment)

Stacey Bartock Aug 29, 2018

again! Gonna be the next Sears if their not careful!!...

Sears Brands Myrtle Beach South Carolina / refrigerator (Complaint)

mbscjohnp Aug 28, 2018

breaks, I call the sears repair number, a repairman arrives to assess the situation, he orders a part, the exact same part as before arrives, a repairman arrives, the door gasket is replaced, the broken part is left for me to dispose of, the repairman departs. A short time later, the same part again breaks, I call the repair number, a repairman arrives and assesses the situation, he orders the exact same part, the part arrives, the repairman arrives, installs the new door gasket and leaves the other part for me to dispose of, and departs...

Sears Brands Kingston New York / kenmore side by side refrigerator (Complaint)

Alice Kosturik Aug 28, 2018

side refrigerator from Sears in May, 2017. I have been a Sears customer for most of my appliances for 45 years. Although the refrigerator was freezing food almost from the beginning, I made my first service appt in December 2017. Although tech replaced a part, it continued to freeze food. I had service done in March, May, July and August for same issue...

Sears Home Pro Services / tile install/kitchen remodel (Complaint)

Lee Ann Batchelder Aug 27, 2018

Gave Sears a chance to pull up/reinstall, only about 30 tiles were replaced and issues still everywhere. Quarter round install was even worse, kicked the tile sub out of my house. Cabinets were so cheap the laminate was chipping just being assembled, then installer hung one upside down, breaking our art glass pendant light in the process...

Sears Brands / refrigerator elite french door (Complaint)

Slh1950 Aug 27, 2018

Sounds like my issue is the same as most of these postings. I have 2 claims numbers the second one is an expedited number been one .I have not heard from an insurance adjuster for the damage done to my wood floors .dry wall and carpet and damaged personal property that had to be thrown out...

Kenmore / elite refrigerator model 106.4442*603 (Complaint)

Ken Vanstory Aug 27, 2018

Sears/ Kenmore should replace the shelves at no cost to me...

Sears Brands / washing machine (Complaint)

Rosanna Garcia Aug 27, 2018

I have purchased a product from sears (brand new kenmore washing machine) already fully paid for. Weeks into receiving the machine we had to have techs come and check the machine as it wasn't working properly. Now months after - calling every other day sending new techs dealing with different reps the machine is still not in the working condition it needs to be...

Sears Brands Jefferson Georgia / refrigerator (Complaint)

Connie Sue West Aug 27, 2018

I bought a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator in July 2017.In Feb 2018 I started having trouble with it freezing stuff on the bottom shelf.The repairman told me it was the fan so he changed it.In May it started leaking water all over the top shelf and freezing food on the bottom worse.So I call...

Kenmore Elite Pompton Lakes New Jersey / refrigerator model # [protected] (Complaint)

Gail Tarantino Aug 26, 2018

just stopped running! Sears took 3 months and 3 repair men to look at it while we lived out of a cooler for 3 months! Compressor blew, had a full warranty. Worst customer service and most expensive piece of garbage ever purchased! Ice maker stopped working shortly after. !! Call up Sears they transfer you to a warranty department! I am all in for a class action Lawsuit!...

Sears / sear riding lawn mower (Complaint)

ridingmower Aug 26, 2018

I am renting to own a 20 horsepower riding mower last of may 31st this year.
the last of August this year the mower engine blew up and pieces broke off it.
Service Guy came out and said they would replace the engine. I told the service guy that I wanted a New Mower because evid...

CarFlexi / Sixt Car Rental Over Sears Timi┼čoara airport / paid for car rental and ross boarder rental sticker but never got the car (Complaint)

Ahotea Aug 25, 2018

We traveled to Romania with the intent of traveling to Austria and Italy so so found your website choose a car and choose the option to buy the cross border rental to assure we will be ok for travelering out of Romania, and we paid the down payment on our credit card on June 9, 2018. Got o... / sears - bad customer service - samsung flex dryer (Complaint)

Saty123 Aug 25, 2018

But Sears automatically cancelled order in less than 3 days. As soon as I got the cancellation email, I called the delivery phone line and asked the delivery customer service agent to reorder it. He did it, he ordered the flex washer, but a wrong dryer. Now when I contact you, you are asking me to pay the price difference between the 2 models for exchange...

Samsung / customer service (Complaint Comment)

David Wayne Hitchens Aug 24, 2018

and flex dryer) from sears on Monday July 21, 2018. When it arrived (Tuesday) it didn't work. I contacted your 800 number and gave the model and serial number to set up a service call. Wednesday I received a voice mail that because they couldn't read the number (from the picture that I supplied) and because they couldn't verify your serial number they were canceling my appointment...

Sears Brands New Orleans Louisiana / kenmore ac unit (Complaint)

Claudia Butler Aug 24, 2018

To: Sears Customer service Good morning, My name is Claudia Butler. I purchased an AC unit for my home last year May 2017. The previous unit had been in place since 2007 and the only problem was the condenser had gone bad. I could have contacted several other AC Companies but I chose Sear because of their reputation and I was offered a good price on the unit I purchased...