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Sears Pinellas Park Florida

Posted: Jan 17, 2018    Dee Jay Anderson
master protection agreement
it was installed by Sears on April 11, 2015, we also purchased 5 years MPA and was told that Sears would cover any repairs or replacement we required until April 11, 2020. On January 9, 2018, as I was preparing oatmeal with toasted walnuts, as I had done hundreds of times before, there was electrical sparks and heavy black smoke coming out of the center...

Kenmore Hoffman Estates, IllinoisHoffman

Posted: Jan 17, 2018    Stangle
kenmore elite dishwasher model 12773
The Sears repair service said I would need to again pay a minimum of $89 for a service call to diagnose the problem. I sent a letter to Customer Service three weeks ago and have not received any acknowledgment. I feel that my dishwasher should not leak two times after only a few years. Additionally it seems unfair that I am charges $89 every 9 moths for the same issue...

Frigidaire / Electrolux Paoli Pennsylvania

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 17, 2018    amyfunstuff
frigidaire counter depth refrigerator
Purchased from Sears brand new, and yes, it is our main refrigerator in our kitchen. Thank you...

Sears Brands Pearl City Hawaii

Posted: Jan 16, 2018    ZuzuBazuzu
kenmore elite washer
I have used Sears products for years, in fact we used to call our utility room the Kenmore Room. I will NEVER buy another Sears product again. This washer is a few years old, five at most, and the bleach dispenser is totally rusted out. I first noticed when I began to see rust spots on my laundry...

Bed Bath & Beyond

Posted: Jan 16, 2018    choisabel
worst customer service and online experience
company to go like Sears and like Target in Canada - with this type of online service, they won't survive the digital age of shopping. Today's date: Jan 16th 2018...

Lee Jeans Chicago Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 15, 2018    JustBob
Mens Jeans Belt Loop
Bought some Lee from Sears that did the same thing, same loop. Wrangler too. They are made by the same company. Sears expects you to be a expert on their product to identify the issue...

Russ McDonald Arrington Tennessee

Posted: Jan 15, 2018    Russ McDonald
maple nut goodies
my mother shopped at Sears when they had a candy counter and we bought them by weight when shopping. 1960's. Sometime in the last two years they have changed from being semi-soft chewable to being hard. I have searched for the soft ones and they seem to not available. This ruins one of my favorite candies...

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Akron Ohio

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 14, 2018    Yayah
Wiring in door
I am so frustrated with Sears Service and the Master Protection Agreement. At this point I am scheduling an appt. on my own...

Sears Brands Downey California

Posted: Jan 13, 2018    juan perez-zavala
item not delivered on time
I purchase a grill (lay away) on 11/05/17. my final payment was on 12/30/17. according to the associate at the store the grill will be there the following week. I whent to pick it up at the pick up department the following week and its not there and is not showing on the system neither. I ...

Sears Brands Aurora Illinois

Posted: Jan 13, 2018    AvaRivera
kenmore french door with ice maker
Ice maker not working again. 4th time in less than 2 years old.
Repair services were out three times in first year. Fix lasted 12 months. Repair quote is $350 to replace icemaker, since a sensor went out and it is connected to whole unit. This issue was considered a design flaw then ...

Kenmore Springer, Oklahoma

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 12, 2018    Mary E. Curtis
kenmore series 100 washer & dryer
I know I should have called Sears earlier but just watch a program where a lady was hurt very bad by an exploding washer. Will not buy Kenmore again...

Air 7 Seas Transport Logistics

Posted: Jan 12, 2018    Marcelina parilla
Do not buy from Sears ever. I called these people 4 times. I overpaid for my refrigerator times 2. Each month it's something different with my payments. Sears is not serious about their customers. Full of [censor] patricia, mary and jovonni all gave me different payoff prices and lead me on a damn goose chase...

Kmart Stores Medford New York

Posted: Jan 11, 2018    DeadHeart
kmart.com changes their pricing while ordering!!
proceeded to order it from Sears. com where it is $229. 99 Without telling me!!! Almost $100 difference!! I did not notice until i got back to my computer. I called back and asked to speak to a manager. The person said I could not speak to a manager, they can change the price after the order, when charging your CC, because they are must be updating the price...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 11, 2018    jdsisco
customer service department
Which raises the question why is Sears selling products that have known issues? In my mind Sears has always stood for quality products now I realize that is no longer the case. I have been a loyal customer to Sears since the 70's my first refrigerator, washer and dryer were Kenmore's and was purchased from Sears...

Rama Deals, Steel Dragon, Migic Truck etc.

Posted: Jan 11, 2018    Cathy Bernotaitis
chargeback opened: case id pp-006-537-388-391
I have tried sears at the web address they sent me but I get a message the site was not set up to protect my information - www. searscard. com I tried to send an e-mail to the address you gave me 'complaint-response@paypal. com. ' it won't go and I can't get on anywhere to complain to Pay pal I hope this is finally reaching you...

Tomas Garcia Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Posted: Jan 10, 2018    TOMAS GARCIA
lifetime warranty redemption on shocks
98) Sears Mastercard...

Sears Canada Oakville Ontario

Posted: Jan 9, 2018    Bulent Kırali
kenmore vacuum cleaner - failed to repair, no response, no help to solve issue
I bought a Kenmore vacuum cleaner from Sears Canada at Oakville Place store ( Closed now ) about 2, 5 months ago. It is partially broken after 1 month of purchase, for one month I'm trying to get it repaired but no support or response from Sears. Kenmore is just a brand name and supported by Sears only as I understand...

Sears Brands Union New Jersey

Posted: Jan 8, 2018    Kim Lambert
home warranty
back and forward with Sears about this issue. We did not call to make claims of repair on the boiler and again my family is suffering because of this misinformation. 12/22/2017 Dear Mr. Edward Lampert, My name is Kimberley Blackwell Lambert and I reside at 418 Rosetta Place Union, NJ...

Sears Brands Chicago Heights Illinois

Posted: Jan 8, 2018    sanibelsusan
kenmore refrigerator model 25360412411
a "live" person at sears parts dept. On 1-3-18. I paid for expedited shipping!! She said, (and on my order receipt), delivery would be 1-5-18!!! No part! I called someone in parts said they were waiting on frigidaire??? Not acceptable!!! The sears repairman had the part. He wanted $300 to put it in! Would not sell us the part! This is an outrage!!! No refrigerator for over three weeks now!!! I want a full refund! This kenmore #60412 refrigerator is a lemon! I will also be letting it be known on social media, and the bbb...

Sears/Kenmore Santa Barbara California

Posted: Jan 6, 2018    SBMom
kenmore elite refrigerator
this might be part of the reason why Sears is closing so many stores. Consumer lack of confidence in their appliances...

Sears Master Protection Agreement Henrico, Virginia

Posted: Jan 6, 2018    Anvilheadsix
heat pump
part was failing but Sears won't cover it until total malfunction. That happened on 12/27 Sears doesn't send anyone until 12/30. He gets it working but it dies 6 hours later. We call again and no o e comes until 1/3/18! That get says the compressor failed and they have to order a new one. That's the last we heard! It is 10 degrees outside...

Keith Yesukaitis

Posted: Jan 6, 2018    Keith Yesukaitis
service and products
I wish Kmart/Sears Management would take some time and effort to improve the customer experience. I know it is difficult in the retail market with all the competition, but if the customers have a good shopping experience and a decent value they will return...

Sears Brands

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 6, 2018    pobarjenkins
repair and customer service
not affiliated with Sears? "you have no power or avenues to do so. " Additionally, once I advised you that Sears would not assist you here, why did you continue to post?...

Kenmore Elite refrigerator from Sears Algona Iowa

Posted: Jan 5, 2018    randy ferden
kenmore elite model 795.72053.118
We've owned our Kenmore Elite for a few years and have had fairly good luck, but now it is stinking up our whole house. The smell is coming from the back, where the fan exhausts it out the vent. There seems to be many people with these same refrigerators with no way good way to fix them. I...

Why Not Lease It

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jan 4, 2018    Ms Bridges
frigidaire freezer
make a purchase at sears you are not expecting to lease a product. I read the many complaints and it is apparent I am not alone in my feelings. So thank you for your useless comment, if it has not affected you other than you benefiting from others uninformed misrepresented and totally oblivious to the fact that we were suckered in...

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