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Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois

Posted: Jul 14, 2017    amycole
Sears caused my 86 year old mother to have to live out of a cooler for three weeks due to the inefficiency of the service department and not getting a technician out to her home for a refrigerator repair. And, just today, she woke up to another water leakage on the floor due to the refrigerator going out again...

Kmart Stores Crossville, TennesseeAll over

Posted: Jul 14, 2017    Bevgra
email I received
offensive! I love Kmart and sears and shop there all the time. I have two teens I'm raising, and as we all know it's a hard job, I'm trying to teach my kids that foul language is not appropriate and doesn't get your point across any better! I'm sad to see that such a big company finds that their ad is more effective by using/insinuating foul language with the use of a child!! I'm sure it wasn't well thought out and someone has made a mistake...

Whirlpool Dayton Ohio

Posted: Jul 14, 2017    jpkimball@ameritech.net
door cracked on over the stove microwave.
I bought this microwave from Sears but I don't expect them to honor any requests I have because it was approximately five years ago and I don't have any of the paper work. After a few months of using this microwave, the door showed a small crack. Soon there were several cracks and I had to tape it with clear shipping tape...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 12, 2017    Raymond Bombardieri
sears would not hire me because of a background check
I was offered a position with Sears Customer service center. Their background check Policy clearly states they will go back 7 years. They don, t state they may go further. This a breach in their policy as well as our rights to privacy. My conviction was 16 years ago and had nothing to do with petty theft or any theft for that matter...

Sears Brands Chardon Ohio

Posted: Jul 12, 2017    Jessica Ostrowsky
mattress/box spring order
I immediately called Sears thinking that they would have no issue with me returning the box spring and buying a different one that would be suitable. Much to my frustration and dismay I was told by their Customer Service Representative that since this was my error that they would not return the box spring for 30 days...

Sears Indianapolis Indiana

Posted: Jul 11, 2017    Wiletta
kenmore dryer
Called Sears repair number, scheduled an appointment, one week out. One the day of my appointment, I left work early to make sure I was home in plenty of time. I never received a called or a service visit. When I called the same repair number, I was told the technician put in remarks that I Home owner said appliance was working...


Posted: Jul 11, 2017    luckielucci
mattress purchase
I purchased a mattress from Sears for $428 . This was my first time utilizing your service and I was told basically that I can just make monthly payments no interest no APR charges or anything of that sort . I made 6 payments of $71. 33 which would have paid the $428 off. I call to confirm that I was finish making payments and they told me that they would continue to take payments out of my account or I can give them $235...

Sears Baton Rouge Louisiana

Posted: Jul 10, 2017    jamell
kenmore air conditioner (window unit) model#25370251015
I purchased an air conditioning unit on 01/01/2013 that came with a 5-year warranty. On May 16, 2017, I called to have the unit serviced as it was not cooling properly. A serviceman was scheduled to come out on June 6, 2017 and no one showed up. It was re-scheduled for 06/07, 06/07. They c...

Maytag Omaha Nebraska

Posted: Jul 9, 2017    larry tarr
refrigerator model mfc2061kes14, serial no k34802521
questioned repaired by sears contract service in spencer iowa, just thought I would advise you of something that should not have happened, IT, S A MAYTAG LARRY TARR LT01@COX. NET...

Sears Port Richey Florida

Posted: Jul 9, 2017    liliana72
maytag washer bravos xl
I purchase this piece of crap from Sears, it does not wash clothes at all, I am asking them to exchange but they said since it is more than 30 days they won't do it, I call several times some tell me to take it to the store and exchange it but the store don't wanna do it, now I am stuck with this useless washer, all I want at this point is my money back and NEVER AGAIN I WILL SPEND MY MONEY AT SEARS!!! Even the Maytag technician told me that the machine is useless, I spend$800 I want my money back !!!...

Sears Delray Beach Florida

Posted: Jul 8, 2017    DavidvsSears
service repair for refrigerator
decision to contact Sears...

Sears Brands

Posted: Jul 7, 2017    Djhull
garden lawn tractor
the gold standard in Sears tools, but ever since Sears was bought out by K-Mart the quality and timeliness of the service has declined. I give my last encounter as an example. The first week of May 2017 I had a mower belt brake. I called to make an appointment and was told the earliest I could get one was on the 25th...

Why Not Lease It New Jersey

Posted: Jul 7, 2017    Satterria Wilson
auto service
get an oil change at Sears several months ago. I was told he needed new tires and I leased through Why Not Lease it in the past and felt pretty ok about it, cost is admittedly high but what do you expect? Anyway I told him he needed tires so us check to check folks started saving. Sears constantly (I mean...

Sears repair services Marion Alabama

Posted: Jul 6, 2017    Krystal Scheitler
hot water heater repair
I called Sears to have it fixed because I have a warranty and paid extra money for the warranty. When I called i was told it would be 2 weeks before anyone could fix it. That would June 20th. I waited until June 20th with no hot water and 2 small children in my home. On June 20th the repair man showed up with no replacement pieces and was only in my home for about 30 min...

Sears Brands Springfield Massachusetts

Posted: Jul 6, 2017    Ellie Therrien
Don't ever buy another product from Sears. Especially an appliance, because they don't stand behind their products. I have a Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator that I bought in 2011, not cheap either. Since then, the compressor has gone on it three times. It's just 6 years old. I told them I wanted the refrigerator replaced because obviously there is a problem...

Kenmore Auburn Indiana

Posted: Jul 6, 2017    CLynneA
kenmore elite refrigerator
Elite Refrigerator from Sears as well as all my other appliances that we bought when we built our house a little over two months ago. We've had to repair the dryer, the dishwasher, and now the refrigerator is broke. It will not stay on. We have replaced the fan and the control board per the Sears Technician that came to the house...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 5, 2017    Christine Bernier
bad mattress and return policy
Do NOT purchase a mattress online with Sears. There warrenty will not hold up even after calling 3 days after delivery. David Store Manager at Coastal Grand Mall Myrtle Beach said OH WELL NOTHING he can do or will do. 2068. 00$$ wasted. Purchased online May 10, 2017. Delivered May 12th...

Sears Brands Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Posted: Jul 5, 2017    Lorene Wood
four month old refrigerator not working.
Purchased a new refrigerator four months ago for my vacation rental. It is no longer working. After a placing service call, it will be three weeks before anyone can be onsite to determine the problem.

After repeated calls to service rep. And their supervisor, unable to move se...

Sears Brands Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

Posted: Jul 5, 2017    Lorraine Marcogliese
women's simply styled pants
I purchased at the Sears store in Stroudsburg PA (Stroud Mall). My daughter loves the feel and the fit of these pants, HOVERER, there seems to be a consistent problem with them. The information that I was able to locate on the inside tag of the pants are as follows: Simply Styled Women's Pants, 888689333080 RN 15099...

Sears Brands Mount Hope West Virginia

Posted: Jul 4, 2017    Darral Mathena
craftsman weed eater
I bought a craftsman weedeater from sears in Beckley wv crossroads mall. I paid $130. Took it home and put the proper gas it takes to get started and it would not start. So I took it back to sears to get a refund. They would not give me a refund. They offered to exchange it but I only had it 3 days...

Whirlpool Rancho Palos Verdes California

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 3, 2017    Wp2008
panel for dishwasher
licensing agreement with Sears. While we may manufactured appliances on behalf of Sears previously, their legally binding contract states that they will handle all customer concerns and questions. We are unable to offer direct assistance, put they can be contacted by email at kenmore@kcdbrands...

Sears Roebuck & Co. Chicago Illinois

Posted: Jul 2, 2017    Neque Hudson
auto center
with insurance from Sears around November 2016. We notice a flat tire and called Sears on 07-01-17. Even though, there were 5 people ahead of us, he was told to bring the car in. We took the car in to get the flat fixed, as well as, an oil change to 6501 W. 95th St. Chicago IL Ridge Mall 6630 and thought Sears Auto Center fixed the flat, but the next day Sunday, the tire was flat again, as if only air was put in the tire...

Sears/Why Not Lease It Coachella California

Posted: Jul 2, 2017    Ramona Lokken
charging me for 2 accounts and they can only tell me that they have my account #fdfb8242
At sears the girl never mentioned anything about returning or by out. I called why not lease it, spoke to some girl for 15 min, asked for her supervisor 5 min later Manuel spoke to me. Said I only have one account and I could buy out for 260. 00. I have already paid 1300 for a 500 item. Twice my bank gave me temp credit for both...

Sears Die Hard Portable Power 1150 Frederick Maryland

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jun 30, 2017    Karl Hechavarria
product does not work & sears refuses to do anything about it!
taken for a ride by Sears who assured me that this unit was the Rolls Royce of chargers. Had it for 2 years. Used once to put air in a flat tire. My next attempt at boosting a neighbor's car was met with no power although the meter showed 100% charged. A lousy product that took ua all to the cleaners...

Why Not Lease It New Jersey

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jun 30, 2017    Shelva Mercherson
they rip off people
Leased a couch at Sears and was TOLD after my 5 payments was up the couch would be ours, we're getting a good deal, i'm approved for even more credit ETC. I mean really oversold the product. I paid my 5 payments and when month 6 came, i noticed another payment out of my account. I called Why Not Lease It and waited an hour for them to pick up and they told me i can continue leasing the couch $200 a month, purchase it for an ADDITIONAL $600 paid off within 6 weeks, or return the couch...

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