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Sears Brands Frederick, MarylandFREDERICK / working conditions (Complaint)

micearound Nov 7, 2018

KMART #3131
hello I have only started working for the company for a week or two now and I have found it very difficult to successfully succeed. for starters there is an abundance of fruit flies/ gnats flying around the store and backroom offices. secondly the store is way over due f...

LG Electronics MYRTLE BEACH South Carolina / kenmore / lg refrigerator model number 795. 72059. 110 (Complaint)

MYRTLEB21 Nov 7, 2018

When I try to call Sears for service, they put me on a 5-week wait for an appointment. Who can do without a refrigerator for 5 weeks? The biggest issue I have is that these linear compressors LG used are a known issue. They fail miserably 50% of the time. Nobody else will work on them, and when I called LG, they referred me back to Sears...

Sears North Olmsted Ohio / credit card offer scam (Complaint Comment)

Doug0325 Nov 7, 2018

17 using my new Sears Credit Card. Citibank established this date as my Statement Date and reported $19. 17 balance to Credit Reporting Agencies. I made a payment in this amount and continued to use the Card. My credit limit was established at $751. 00 and I fully took advantage of their Rewards Feature to acquire Points...

HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Services / warranty/customer service (Complaint)

Harold Coyle Nov 5, 2018

they dispatched A&E (Sears) to make the repair. On October 5th the tech diagnosed the problem was with the front door control panel. He also ordered and replacement motor for the ice maker. After a couple of weeks, the parts arrived. The tech that installed the parts said that the real problem was the master control board...

Searshomeservices Jacksonville Florida / water heater under master protection agreement and water heater technician (Complaint)

theresa edwards Nov 5, 2018

I am having a major issue with my Sears Master Protection Agreement. For years I purchased appliances and trusted Sears for their services and repairs. My issue is with the technician that performed routine maintenance on my Water Heater. My phone number is [protected]. I live in Jacksonville, Florida...

Sears Lone Tree Colorado / honoring appliance warranty (Complaint)

GypsyGrama Nov 5, 2018

A Sears technician came out to repair it on October 12th. 3 hours into the repair he accidentally fried the wiring harness with his blowtorch. He assured us that Sears would be contacting us immediately regarding a replacement. They did not. Apparently a claim was filed but now no one will return our calls...

Sears Service & Parts Protection Plan Modesto California / customer protection & service plan (Complaint)

user1941131 Nov 5, 2018

I have been a loyal Sears customer for 40 + years and feel they are remiss & unethical in refusing my request...

Sears Brands / kenmore elite refrigerator (Complaint Comment)

JG Johnson Nov 5, 2018

not ever want another Sears, Kenmore or LG product in my home...

Belk Fayetteville Arkansas / customer service @ shoe department (Complaint)

Elsa and Charlie Nov 5, 2018

Belks might be another SEARS in the near future, just saying. I love shopping at your store but if this is the KIND of service I get, I might as well shop at another store and close my Belks Card. Please let Mr. KEVIN know that customers are the reason why he has that JOB!!! Thank you for taking your time to read my complaint, I have never been treated like this...

Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Milford Connecticut / rust and peeling enamel (Complaint Comment)

TwilaMH Nov 4, 2018

Now I finally find this and Sears is going out of business. first photo Nov 2016, and since it has gotten worse even though I keep it open always...

The Brick Gatineau Québec / your website (Complaint)

cool mccoool Nov 4, 2018

for example Amazon, Sears, The Bay, Wallmart etc. But as for your site, I can get in, but then I cannot search for products. I get the continuous clock rolling and keep getting the question as to if I want to keep on waiting. I tried waiting for 10 minutes and still the clock keeps on rolling...

WhyNotLeaseIt Vero Beach Florida / why not lease it scam (Complaint Comment)

CTJargon Nov 2, 2018

The Sears rep told me it was a (specifically) "lease-to-own" and said that once my initial lease terms were up I could pay the lump sum, or continue my payments, as usual, until the lump sum is paid off. Why Not Lease It tells me that I now owe $605, in order to purchase the mower...

Sears Home Services Osseo Minnesota / warranty service (Complaint)

Refrig service Nov 1, 2018

***Sears claims they are "a leader in the service contracts industry and proudly stand behind their product, " That's what a Sears spokesman told Business Insider last year. Well today I would have to disagree and regret purchasing a service contract with Sears. I scheduled an appt for maintenance between 1-5 pm today [protected]...

Sears Appliances Services Houston Alaska / worse service ever!!! (Complaint)

Olivier J Nov 1, 2018

received an email from Sears telling us that they cancelled our appointment and that we had to call them to reschedule !!! the reason they gave us was that the technician that came last was not available on the day we agreed on so they had to reschedule for another day. That put the new appointment on a week day, meaning that we had to reshuffle our schedule and deal with time off work for that...

Sears Home Services / unacceptable customer service (Complaint)

Trayne07 Oct 31, 2018

On Monday, October 29, 2018, I phoned Sears Home Services regarding my Kenmore 51832 Refrigerator. I purchased the refrigerator in April of 2017, so the one year warranty had expired by 6 months, but I believe the compressor is the culprit behind the failure, which is supposed to have a 10 yr warranty...

Sears Home Services / repairs (Complaint)

AceLefty Oct 31, 2018

I have had Sears Home services come to my house to repair my Maytag Washing machine. The first visit was on October 10. The repairman said I needed a part and the part was ordered. The part was delivered to my home on October 16 and the next repairman came out on October 17. It wound up being the wrong part and he ordered a new part...

Sears Brands Don’t know / repair on my refrigerator (Complaint)

Gap8852 Oct 30, 2018

Choice warranty contacted sears for the repair work. I was contact by sears on 10. 30. 18 to Tell me my appt time was between 12 and 3pm. Mind you this company was at my house on 10. 24. 18 and determined that they needed to order a part to fix the fridge. 2 days later I was contacted and told by sears they would be expediting the part to be at my home on 10...

Choice Home Repair YOUNGSVILLE Louisiana / refrigerator (Complaint)


The last 8 years I has Sears Home Repair and they had serviced this refrigerator when needed. I though I'd have to buy a new refrigerator. But God! I contacted GE Appliance. They came out that following Monday, Replaced the part which took only less then 10 minutes, compressor came on right away the service technician said, no problem with the compressor or coil...

Sears Brands 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 / terrible customer service (Complaint)

Vlad.R. Oct 30, 2018

husband and I went to Sears store on Golf Mill Center in Niles IL and bought an electrical kettle for $30. 59 when we came home we realized the kettle did not work at all. We understood this store # 01290 on 400 Golf Mill Center is closing forever, however it did not give the rights to the store to sell defective merchandise...

Sears Card with Citibank / customer service (Complaint)

IrinaBG Oct 29, 2018

Sears mastercard with citi bank is the worst mistake you've ever made. I got this card a month ago I have a 5. 000 $ credit I bought a refrigerator for like 568$. They're customers service gave me the worst experience I ever had. First of all I called to make a payment ba phone. I made a payment I got a confirmation number but after 3 days I noticed that they haven't gotten the money, I called again and a lady (representative) told me everything is fine (which was not) I called again after 2 mor days and another lady told me that the payment went tru...

Sedgwick Fair Oaks CaliforniaLexington KY / denying my claim (Complaint Comment)

Hawks 12th Fan Oct 29, 2018

damage was caused by a Sears washing machine repairman — 2 YEARS AGO. I have complied with all of their requests for documentation, estimates, and photos. Did any of you settle your claim? Well, I received a call last week stating that Sedgwick will not be paying my claim of 2 years because Sears has declared bankruptcy...

Kenmore / kenmore model [protected] washing machine (Complaint)

spkrohn Oct 29, 2018

I purchased the washer new from Sears in Sandusky Ohio when they were closing the store. The washer just 2 years old. After the fist 14 months it started to get louder during the spin cycle. Now it is so loud that you can't be in the same room with it while its spinning. Sears delivered it, set it up, and leveled it...

Sears Home Warranty Fort Lauderdale, Florida Florida / warranty contract, repair service, customer service (Complaint)

phd67 Oct 28, 2018

I called Sears Home Services. They referred me to Sears Home Warranty and I was given an unbelievable sales pitch to buy the warranty insurance that has turned into a nightmare experience. On July 21, 2018, at 8:11 AM, I called Sears Home Warranty to open a claim for maintenance on the clothes washer and dryer...

WhyNotLeaseIt Killeen Texas / tires leased (Complaint Comment)

Kmart 9459 Oct 28, 2018

I want to work for Sears for minimum wage. I wouldn't exactly go to them for financial advice. I doubt there have been any lawsuits over this type of misunderstanding. As most of us know verbal agreements mean nothing when you have a written agreement. It would be a waste of time for any lawyer since he'd know there is no chance of winning...