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Sears Brands Stevens Point Wisconsin

Posted: Aug 1, 2017    Gloria King
kenmore refrigerator
Not so!!! We have been Sears customers for many years but I can tell you this will be the last purchase we will make at Sears. From now on most of our purchases will be at Best Buy. Their customer service and prices are FAR better than that of Sears...

Sears Brands Fayetteville Georgia

Posted: Aug 1, 2017    Dan Coop
sears craftsman pro series tractor
2016 I purchased my Sears Craftsman Pro Series Lawn Tractor. On June 14th 2017 my Craftsman Pro Series Lawn Tractor wouldn't start. The warrantee ( good for 2 years) was still valid for another year so i called for a service repairman. They set me up for a July 5th date. I tried to get an earlier appointment, but to no avail...

Sears Brands

Posted: Jul 31, 2017    Tom B2
kenmore model 110.27087601/ ser. ct 1670853 oasis elite washing machine
I contacted Sears approx. 12 months ago and control board was replaced at no charge due to software issue. I paid an additional amount for serviceman-recommended parts. Unit performed fine until two months ago and consistently stops in mid cycle with LD code. The drain pump works fine once I unplug unit & wait...

Sears Carthage North Carolina

Posted: Jul 30, 2017    Bob Warlick
ken more stack laundry center upc.012505386343
I called sears. com and got the India help that you have on hand, very confusing with their accent and too much background sounds . They canceled my first order the Layaway order and said I would get a refund only to find out thru an email tha they would not do a refund. One problem the phone number was incorrect as I looked into the log in...

WhyNotLeaseIt Crookston Minnesota

Posted: Jul 29, 2017    Paladen Jones
gas stove.
a stove and went to Sears and bought a stove for $600 because she didn't have the cash if the time they signed her up with why not lease it. com. She was paying a $160 how month and she paid on it from November through July for the total of about $1, 400. Then she tried to find out why they were still taking the money out of her checking account and they said it was a lease and that she had to buy out the contract for an additional $450...

Sears Outlet Stores Marietta Georgia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 29, 2017    Sears is fraudulent
sears outlet stores
Whomever has comments toward Sears ripping them off or feel ripped off I suggest you call corporate they will get something done believe me if not do what I did go straight to the media they didn't want me to get them out there so they gave me what I wanted just because we're trying to save a little money does not mean we are stupid people fight for what's yours get your money back and don't buy anything from there again my name is Pebbles McGee and I'm not giving up until they put honest people in their hard working people in there and people who will treat other people like human beings this is going to stop...

Why Not Lease It St. Paul Minnesota

Posted: Jul 29, 2017    Brucedre
scan me and you're playing for this card which turns out to be a lease
Got a washer from Sears had no idea I was applying for why not lease it credit and I already had placed the order then they said to pay $89 for delivery which the washer is worth $400 I paid over $1000 for the washer turns out six months later the washer broke why not lease it says you need to keep paying I don't know who runs this company but they can go [censor] yourself I'm not giving you [censor]scam scam scam scam scam scam scam everybody and Sears in St...

American Home Shield Matthews North Carolina

Posted: Jul 29, 2017    George Sledge
installation of replaced microwave oven (fgmc2765pf)
July 29, 2017 by the Sears Delivery Company. When discussing the delivery with the Sears Installation Service Dept. , I was told that it would be installed as soon as they get an installation order. I have contacted AHS and I was informed on the phone that an order had not been given to the third party installation company, All star Appliance Service...


Posted: Jul 28, 2017    
whirlpool refrigerator model wrf993fif00
3/4/2017 on-line through Sears. com. It was delivered 3/28/2017. The refrigerator wouldn't cool after two months. Whirlpool was contacted and a tech appointment was made. But that repair company declined the work due to sick family members. We were not contacted about this. When we did find out I called Whirlpool back but they couldn't take my word for they needed to contact to service repair company...

Sears Yonkers New York

Posted: Jul 28, 2017    rosalina macalisang
refrigerator/kenmore elite
replaced, service to sears called on june 30, 2017 to date no resolution yet still waiting for another compressor and board?Been initiating phone calls to sears and the third party sears assigned, clear vent. I wanted refrigerator to be replaced but per sears master agreement, ref needs to be service 4 times more with same problem, this ref is not even 2 years old which tells me the product is not worth it...

Sears 1-800-4-My-Home

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 28, 2017    Patty Schmitz
poor service
Sears 1-800-4-MY-HOME is a nightmare. Our glass front on our range oven blew out. We have been given complete Bull. They claim the glass is for decoration purposes and it does not interfere with the oven usage. This person LESLIE extension 8242 told me to turn it on. I told her to send a service person out to see if it works...

ABC channel 13 Houston Texas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 28, 2017    KC97
I got a new washer from the SEARS Outlet store on I-45 and Cypress wood the first part of June to be delivered and setup. It was a front loader and I was told that I could use the pedestal from my old front loader. Well, when Special D delivery . The people told me they weren't going to install it and would not give clear reason as to why not...

Samsung Electronics Ridge field Park

Posted: Jul 25, 2017    JMichele
model #rf4267hars/xaa-0000 samsung bottom-mount refrigerator
freezer May of 2012, from Sears and I purchased the warrant and extended it until 2016. The freezer stopped working and was repaired on six different occasions. I will never purchase a warranty again. The service technicians were ill prepared and did not have a clue, as to how to fix the refrigerator...

Sears Brands New Orleans Louisiana

Posted: Jul 25, 2017    chipola
outdoor grill
by and all said that sears would not replace anything. Sears would not replace anything even with a three year warranty. Why would they sell a warranty if it does not apply to grills. My husband buys everything from sears. His whole tool room is craftsman. He said he will no longer buy from sears after this incident...

Coach Central Valley, NY

Posted: Jul 24, 2017    Jack Zen
unethical and discriminating practices at coach store
They should be next Sears. Shameful brand...


(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 23, 2017    Anjolina
wedding ring
Stay away from Sears Jewelry department. Brought a wedding set for 3, 000 to find out 2 years later that the ring was gold plated. However, the diamonds were real with poor quality. If anyone can't afford expensive jewelry go to JCPenny instead...

WhyNotLeaseIt Manchester newHampshire

Posted: Jul 22, 2017    Dgardner
fridge/why not lease it, sears scamming customer and false advertising out of hard earned money for a quick buck
but, since I was at sears this day and they were advertising that they had a program like that I decide let me do it here. Ok so the fridge I picked out was 599. 99. With taxes and delivery etc etc is ame up to a total of 711. 98. I made first down payment at the time of purchase on 2/26/17. I choose the by weekly option of 59...

Sears Brands Corona California

Posted: Jul 21, 2017    Bruce Ruggles
kenmore elite refrigerator
Purchased Kenmore Elite refrigerator on December 2016. Purchased master protection plan. June 15, 2017 refrigerator stopped working at 11:00 p.m. My wife set up an appointment online for MondayJune 19 in morning. 4 My Home cancelled that appointment without notifying us because they needed...

Sears Lincoln Nebraska

Posted: Jul 20, 2017    Kmcmurry
sears elite refrigerator
it's very common and Sears, and the actual manufacturer LG know and are doing NOTHING about it. Was a very expensive fridge from SEARS as I'd always had very good luck with their products but NO MORE! Avoid Sears and LG products completely. I'm taking my issues worldwide on social media platforms and my State AG's Office...

Sears Texarkana Texas

Posted: Jul 20, 2017    Linda McCoart
delivery of my kitchenaid range on 7-19-2017
Delivery team arrived late. Complained that I wasn't standing on porch waiting (92 degree heat). Drug my new KitchenAid range through my front yard (fresh dirt...with mole ridges) instead of going up my driveway...continued after asked not to do that. Brought dirt into my home and laughed ...

Sears Saint Augustine Florida

Posted: Jul 19, 2017    LHW513
kenmore elite refrigerator 2016
We called Sears for service as some parts were still on warranty. We were scheduled for service a week later and we complained about going a week without a working unit to which we were told they would flag it as an emergency call. HA HA. Food was thrown away and we had to plan day to day. At the scheduled appointment time we were told the compressor and condenser had to be replaced...

Macy's Inc Pearland Texas

Posted: Jul 18, 2017    sutapa
macy's job recruitment
many departments at Sears and 5 years in the lead cashier's position, teller position in Bank of America for 4 years. They verbally offered me the position and even mentioned about the starting pay and the Department but this fall out increasingly leading me to doubt about recruitment. After initial interview and the verbal offer by calling me at home, the managers and HR people in the local store backed away from the final paper work which raises many questions including the transparency of the whole recruiting process at the local store level...

Sears Brands Midwest City Oklahoma

Posted: Jul 18, 2017    Sandra Luper-hill
kenmore elite refrigerator
I purchased a brand new top of the line Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator Dec 2015. I have been very disappointed with this frig. The worst frig I have ever owned. The door bins are poorly constructed. Me, my husband and teenage granddaughter use the frig. Therefore it only gets normal wear and tear...

Sears Repair Service

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 18, 2017    Rimgdg
extremely poor customer service!
I agree with you all Sears Service is very bad, and need real serious uproot changes. Otherwise, it is on the downhill side of the business...

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