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Sears Colfax, IowaDEs Moines, Iowa / kenmore elite (lg) 3 door bottom freezer refrigerator (Complaint)

Lynn W Evans May 5, 2018

Its broken again!! The last service call I had for this refrigerator was 9/17 it is now 5/18 and its not defrosting again and has a "er rf" error code. This refrigerator is less than 2 years old and its been a big bust. I have a 5 year warranty, without it this refrigerator would be on cra...

WhyNotLeaseIt / return of portable washing machine (Complaint)

KellySJ May 4, 2018

i purchased from a Sears outlet in November of 2017. Customer Service told me i had to pay 2 extra installments in advance in order for them to pick it up as i had not yet reached my 1/2 way point. After charging me almost $180 they told me that i should hear from someone in 72 hours & i heard nothing...

Belk / customer service (Complaint)

DeeGeeBee1 May 4, 2018

Belk is sliding down the same hill as Sears...

Sears Brands San Diego California / service (Complaint)

Marta Reisig May 3, 2018

huge mistake going to Sears, buying their service contract, will never make this mistake again...

Brach's Grand Blanc Michigan / maple nut goodies (Complaint)

Strider B May 3, 2018

that use to be sold at Sears and Roebuck back in the day! I want my money back! It's a shame a good candy has turned so bad!...

WhyNotLeaseIt Tallahassee Florida / receiving a title of ownership (Complaint Comment)

Beanie DuBray May 3, 2018

Not Lease It, through Sears. I actually thought that I was in a leasing agreement with Sears Holdings Corporation itself. I was not told by the Sales Associate that I would be paying on this on a monthly basis and that it was going to be a 18 month rental, with an option to buy out for the appliance, I was told that I would make 4 extra payments of 122...

JC Penney Company / online shopping (Complaint)

Janet A.C. May 1, 2018

JC Penney Company online shopping I live in Canada and with Sears closed planed to buy a lot more. If I am going to have to pay 60% when I return an item. JC Penny is going lose me as a customer Attached is Photo of item and all the emails...

Sears Repair Service / dryer repair (Complaint)

G.L.Clark May 1, 2018

Our property manager called sears for the repair. A sensor was replaced, and when I got the bill it was almost $280! I had the very same repair made on a dryer in the house we are living in two weeks ago and the repair bill was just over $100 (a repair not made by a sears repairman). I called Sears and complained, and their excuse was I didn't have a warranty...

Sears Brands Monument Colorado / sears 4 my home services (Complaint)

Robert Willis Apr 30, 2018

received a call from Sears (Automated call) asking me to call in an re-schedule my appointment. I thought this was kind of strange so I ignored it thinking maybe it was just a reminder call and they meant to confirm it, not reschedule it. I received a 2nd call so I decided to call in. The lady I spoke with said there did not seem to be any issue with the apt as scheduled but that if I received another call to call back in and they would further investigate... Logandale Nevada / unauthorized card charges for answers to a computer problem (Complaint)

Kimfab Apr 30, 2018

fraudulent purchase at Sears in Tucson, Az. Upon further inspection I find that justanswer has not only charged my card for the $5 there were 2 more charges for about $40 each. I don't know if just answer only overcharged me or if they also gave out my card # for the Sears purchase -- doesn't really matter a new card is on it's way...

Sears / emails for sears execs! (Complaint Comment)

Roxana Esther Apr 30, 2018

Sears came to Clean ducts in less than 5 minutes of coming to my home they concluded I had black mold and that they could remove it for $3, 400 dollars in less than 40 minutes. Then we said no, therefore right after the man gave us 30% discount and then when we said no again, and another counteroffer was quickly made with another 50% discount assuring us they will resolve the mold problem in less than "30"minutes in a 2600 sq...

Whirlpool Corporation Cedar Hill, Missouri / washing machine (Complaint)

I called the Sears repair. I was told that the noise was a bearing gone bad and the computer that controlled the cycles quit working. Cost to repair was over $500. I bought a Maytag because Maytag always had a great reputation, however having a machine go bad after 6 years pisses me off...

Sears Brands San Bernardino California / dryer repair (Complaint)

Linda Perona Apr 27, 2018

repair and they sent sears on our Samsung dryer, it was working but half the panel did not work when touched. It still worked to dry clothing. The first tec showed up and assessed the repair and ordered the parts. it took 30 day for the pars to come. a different tec showed to replace the parts a young man named Andrew...

Sears Outlet Santa Ana Santa Ana California / kenmore elite (Complaint)

HaoA Apr 27, 2018

Sears Outlet Santa Ana kenmore elite#870542967) to pick up at Sears Santa Ana store. Before I placed the order I already called to the store to ask about the condition of the fridge. After going to check it out to make sure if it was available and its condition, the saleman who answered my call said there's some cosmetic damage...

Sears Brands Silver Spring Maryland / customer service (Complaint)

David Crump Apr 27, 2018

Sears has no customer service, I have tried to call every store in 100 miles for the last 4 hours and not one department at any of the stores is picking up. For the people who say, oh they were on the phone or helping someone the mathematical chances off every single store being busy for 3 hours is a impossibility...

Sears Lawrence Township, New Jersey / kenmore canister vacuum repair (Complaint)

ncmn66 Apr 26, 2018

this that is giving sears a bad name and losing its customers. Total disrespect for the customers that keep coming back which helps it's employees keep their jobs!...

Sears Master Protection Plan Tucson Arizona / hot water heater replacement (Complaint Comment)

StheK Apr 26, 2018

installer I found, since Sears does not provide an installer in my area anymore. I'm supposedly being sent reimbursement for $299, I have not received that check so it's quite possible I will be out a total of $499. 50 for the instal. I live in Tucson, AZ it's not a small town, we have a university, and Air Force base and major corporations like Raytheon... / online order defective on delivery (Complaint)

Teri6420 Apr 25, 2018

I received my Sears. Com order today of a Craftsman gas powered weed whacker. After putting it together and following the instructions on how to start it, the 2nd step of "pushing in the choke button until it clicks" doesn't work. The choke button does absolutely nothing, therefore the engine won't start...

Sedgwick Insurance / sears home delivery damage claim (Complaint Comment)

SearsNoMore2 Apr 25, 2018

aggravation of dealing with Sears and Sedgwick. Good luck to you all SearsNoMore2...

Sears Brands Eden Prairie Minnesota / sears home services (Complaint)

Xyang74 Apr 25, 2018

on it so we called sears because it's a kenmore elite, a sears brand. The customer rep told us it would be less cost effective for us if we purchased the home warranty and schedule the technician to come out to do a diagnostic to see what the damages would be. So we got the home warranty and had a technician come out to do the diagnostic and was told there is a up front fee of $80 for it...

Sears Master Protection Plan Tucson Arizona / hot water heater replacement (Complaint)

StheK Apr 24, 2018

(Really? Shouldn't you know that Sears tech?) He said he would come back on Monday, he did and called and got it authorized for replacement and that's when it went from bad to worse! After another department called me 2 hours later to give me some options because a comparable water heater was on back order for 4 weeks...

Sears Home Warranty Sammamish Washington / service not provided (Complaint)

Allen Wyse Apr 24, 2018

Sears Home Services is NOT a service provider. It is an insurance policy that makes a phone call to an authorized provider and charges you $75 as your co-pay. We paid $39. 99 for 7 months before we made our first "service claim. " Our microwave oven repair was scheduled for an appointment in 10 days (ridiculous)...

Frigidaire / Electrolux Loudonville Ohio / advertised rebate (Complaint)

Colleen Virgili Apr 24, 2018

We purchased the items from Sears, as they were able to get the models in quicker than Home Depot & Lowe's. Ont he rebate form, the only retailer specification is "Must be an authorized Frigidaire retailer". As Sears sells the Frigidaire line, they are considered an Authorized Retailer. After I sent in all required information, I was informed that my rebate was declined...

Sears New Rochelle New York / delivery disaster (Complaint)

Soshell Apr 23, 2018

place an order with Sears on-line. After two attempts, I called Customer Support and was informed that the reason my card would not go through was because there was a fraud alert on my card and someone had made several attempts to make fraudulent purchases. As a result, my card would be blocked...

Sears Hoffman Estates Illinois / warranty service (Complaint)

Marlene Colangelo Apr 21, 2018

with robo calls from Sears telling me to re-schedule my appointment. I did, and then I was called again and told to re-schedule. The appointment was re-scheduled out to mid-April. And finally someone by the name of Gary came to my home, picked up the one part that was still sitting there, told my sister "This is ridiculous, we are replacing your machine...