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NAFPS/Al Carroll, Kathryn Price NicDhana, Sky Davis, Debbie Moran / fraud website (Complaint Comment)

An Actual Native Oct 17, 2018

info/edwetschler Rodale magazine http://www. rodale. com/deaths-sweat-lodges?page=0%2C1 Body + Soul magazine http://www. wholeliving. com/ Update, new sites. http://www. abc-directory. com/site/2639304 Listed in it as a resource for surviving cults...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)


I feel like I"m trapped in a Rodale circus!! I ordered 2 fitness videos and returned them immediately, unopened. This was months ago. After numerous calls I recv'd credit for 1. After many more calls they assured me that I would get credit for the 2nd one and I'm still not only getting a bill for it but nasty messages about being turned to collections...

RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau) Emmaus Pennsylvania / I made the payment already (Complaint)

mrzchillz Jan 26, 2017

I receive several bill from rodale something I never order each month receive a bill for 37. 70 so finally I got tired of it that I paid although I never once did order or receive or needed the fit 10 total body transformation remove my name from your agency Account # [protected] Order # [protected] We've received your payment...

Rodale Inc MARKHAM ONTARIO AND RODALE CUTOMER CAREEMMAUSPA 18098 / a diary, a wrinkle removing tiny sample (Complaint)

mravindra Nov 06, 2016

even then this company named Rodale send me an email on 24th oct that your order has been shipped I immediately replied back to that email that I never ordered and this is fraud a packet with diary and a lot of junk paper booklet stuff along with an invoice about 35 $ saying satisfaction guaranteed or return the product...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

Joylime Apr 20, 2015

years and yeas ago with Rodale. I reported them to BBB and I think that that helped a lot. Today I noticed a $10 charge on my bank statement for a magazine on my Kindle fire that I never made. Gee, it's a Rodale magazine too. I cancelled the subscription but I'm still trying to figure out how to directly contact Amazon to get a refund, they don't seem to have a 1-800 # or a complaint board...

Millenium Sales Inc. / do not let any young kids fool you (Complaint Comment)

Magazine Executive Oct 27, 2014

MPA, Time Inc, Hearst, Rodale Johnson publishing, and all of the major distribution agents have been notified. The marks and e logos of the aforementioned companies are being used without their permission. This is rogue business and money is being stolen from Americans when these young people come to the door with their sob stories...

NAFPS / identity theft (Complaint Comment)

info/edwetschler Rodale magazine http://www. rodale. com/deaths-sweat-lodges?page=0%2C1 Body + Soul magazine http://www. wholeliving. com/ Other endorsers who use NAFPS as a resource. http://www. abc-directory. com/site/2639304 Listed in it as a resource for surviving cults...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

roy_nav Feb 05, 2014

business practices of Rodale. I was about to submit my address on their website to receive a hard cover book, but hit cancel when I was asked for my creditcard information. I immediatelly received an email from Rodale, stating that my order was submitted and the book should arrive in a few days...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

Voodoo1 Jan 03, 2013

Unless Rodale can provide me some documentation that I authorized or requested that they send me this book I feel that I have no obligation to go out of my way to ensure it is returned to them. Unsolicited items cannot be collected via court order nor can they be reported to a credit agency...

food that fight pain Emmaus Pennsylvania / They forced my wife to pay for the book she didn't order or want (Complaint)

seehras Nov 14, 2012

This company shipped the book name Foods That Fight Pain randomly to my daughter who doesn't even live in St. Louis. And kept sending invoices and my wife considered them valid invoice and made the payment for the amount of $43.94 and where as this book can be purchased at for $...

Prevention Magazine / trying to make me pay for a magazine I never ordered (Complaint Comment)

maxine quick Aug 24, 2012

I received a rodale book and would like to teturn it. Where do I get the return lable?...

Rodale / fraud and scam (Complaint Comment)

kawelch Apr 03, 2012

I ordered a book and a DVD from Rodale. Paid for both. Received the book and not the DVD but invoice said both were in the package. I have tried unsuccessfully for WEEKS to get a hold of someone from the company. No one wll answer my emails. The phone number is only for returns and to pay your bill...

Organic Gardening magazine Emmaus Pennsylvania / cheating me out of issues and &free gift& 10 books (Complaint)

notimefornonsense Jan 14, 2012

My Rodale account records the subscription starting on July 11. On the last day of August, I received the June/July and the August/September edition, and a couple of weeks later, the October/November edition. I complained by email, because the first two editions were received too late for timely info...

Women's Health Magazine - African Mango Diet / False Advertising (Complaint)

Lynda Fletcher Jan 08, 2012

/> TO: "[protected]@rodale. com I ordered the free trial of the African Mango Diet as advertised on facebook (using your magazine to promote it) on 19 December 2011 and was advised on line that the product would arrive on 23 December 2011. To date, 6 January 2012 nothing has arrived...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

Perry321 Sep 05, 2011

Just call Rodale, explain the situation, and if they do not take care of it within a week, throw the book out, and ignore them from there on in. And this crap about hem always being busy and having a "wait" when calling them is just crap. They don't have enough workers there...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

Gerald W Saffell Aug 29, 2011

Two weeks ago I had a phone call from Rodale Books, that I had missed a payment for the Bisuuick cookbook as advertized at $29. 95, the person said I owed $47. 94 and I replied would you send me a bill he said Yes. Then last week I had an autmated phone message from a collection companyto pay within 5 days...

Prevention Magazine Fall River Mills California / charged for but did not order (Complaint)

Alice J. Conley May 02, 2011

Prevention Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, and Shape sent me magazines I did not ask for. It being the end of the month and funds are low, between the three of them they overdrew my bank account. Prevention said Magazine Rewards is responsible so I am trying to call them. There must be thousands...

Rodale / fraud and scam (Complaint Comment)


At Rodale, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. Please reply with your name and account information so we can look into this issue for you. Rodale Customer Service...

Rodale Books / rodale books not accepting return (Complaint)

Piriuss Apr 11, 2011

Rodale’s offer, a very common one, was 21 days to preview with the option to return and nothing owed. So, I returned an order via US Postal Service Priority Mail (2 day service) with Tracking and Signature Confirmation on April 6, 2010. (This was well before the 21 days was up...

Rodale New Mexico / they continue to ship unordered books (Complaint)

Marg1963 Apr 05, 2011

Rodale keeps sending me books that I have not ordered. I have received duplicates of many of their books and they are agressively mailing me bills for these books. I have written three times to them requesting them to stop mailing me anything but I still get books. What agency handles such unethical fraudulent business practices? Has anyone ever successfully stopped Rodale or received a credit from them?...

RunnerĀ“s World / Not receiving my magazine (Complaint)

adriana a Mar 28, 2011

I subscribed to Runner´s World magazine in November, 2010. So far, I have only received the first issue in January, and have not received the two following issues. I have tried to get in touch with them, and they keep on saying they cannot find my account, or they can only help me wi...

Rodale Books / rodale books not accepting return (Complaint Comment)


is very important to Rodale. Regards, Rodale Customer Service...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

jhowar16 Feb 16, 2011

unpaid expenses from Rodale Books" and so I went off and told her I NEVER ordered anything nor will I pay for anything and she said "Ok will begin the collection process" but I am going to pursue this as well. Glad I'm not the only one dealing with this crap!...

Rodale Books Dallas Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

bcinbuffalo Jan 24, 2011

common complaint about Rodale. Only because my complaint that I am looking to voice is the opposite - they have neglected to give me the "free" book that was supposed to accompany the one I bought! The whole reason I chose Rodale over Amazon or some other more efficient, respectable and well-known vendor was because they said "buy this item, get this one free...

Rodale Books / false delinquent charges (Complaint)

Cassadine555 Jan 14, 2011

DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH RODALE BOOKS. They do not stand by any guarantee that they offer. I hope that by my posting here, it will prevent others from the headaches and inconveniences that I'm incurring...