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Raspberry Ultra Drops kaitaia / did not receive order (Complaint)

Nicola Ruddell Apr 30, 2015

the gmail was sent by " Raspberry ultra drops R". . com>. Track order http://www. 247orderhelp. com...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Kingston / email hacked and scam (Complaint)

Rodica 24 Mar 31, 2015

4 days ago I went on Fox News Raspberry Ultra Drops site to buy some of their products . I gave my email, Credit card number, but I did not got back a confirmation, or anything from them . The next day I got emails from my contact list asking me if I sent them emails with all kind of links . I have not ...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Advertising scam (Complaint)

CarolScott Apr 7, 2014

+[protected] UP4U.BIZ [protected]
This domain name of UP4U.BIZ has expired Mar 27/2014
+ [protected],
I placed my order via USA Feb 6/14 and did not receive product until Mar 28/14. The package came through the mail and was from Singapore NOT USA.
I have not b...

Marsha Moore CHICAGO Illinois / false advertising use of picture (Complaint)

senderella21 Dec 7, 2013

I had an account with Facebook but closed it in July 2013, after that I kept getting messages from Facebook so I went back and made sure that I unsubscribed to getting any messages. A friend called me 12/7/13 as she was laughing she told me what she was laughing about she stated that I had...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Promise not Keeped (Complaint Comment)

Raspberry Ultra Drops Oct 22, 2013

I ordered Raspberry Ultra Drops from a link on a friends Facebook comment. I am still waiting for parcel to arrive 4 weeks ago. I have since found the site saying they are a scam. They have sent me customer support emails with a shipping no to track delivery. Very disappointed...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Attleboro Massachusetts / Doubtfull for this product (Complaint)

nuzhat hamayun Aug 9, 2013

customer and i buy the raspberry ultra drops two time and when i buy this product third time. First two time you deliever it from usa and third time you deltver it from singapore. But there is no taste in it;the taste of water is in it. Dr. Oz raspberry ultra drops have a taste. At this time i doubtfull for this; last two time i take advantage from this; please tell me about this that you have delitever this from singapore or not beacause i have a confidence on dr;oz raspberry ultra drops...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Promise not Keeped (Complaint)

KImberlylou Jul 18, 2013

(so I thought) for Raspberry Ultra Drops. I have been trying to loss wieght since January og this year so after watching the Fox news report and Dr. Oz and all the BS I ordered the drop's. I paid for two bottles a little over $100. 00 dollars I took the drops for a few weeks and have not lost a freakin pound I have sent a few emails to the emails address NO RESPONSE I cant find a phone number that works anywhere...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / They hacked my email (Complaint Comment)

Ms. Forgiving Mar 22, 2013

I purchase three bottles of Raspberry Ultra Drops with African Mango and Green Tea. I paid 159. 00 then two days later they charge the card again for 1, 59 international fee. I called the number that came next to the pending transaction on my account and a foreign man who barely spoke english, who you could not understand at all and the connection back ground feed back was so loud that I had to hang up due to poor communication and loud back ground noise...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Hacked my email account (Complaint Comment)

cjl. Mar 6, 2013

she was endorsing the raspberry ultra drops, so I ordered them as I also fell for the scam with the link to dr. oz as well as fox news. then I found out my friends email was hacked and she did not send this. I never received a confirmation so I became suspicious and called Citibank and the told me the merchant was "abroad"...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Ontario / Scam (Complaint)

Keiko88 Mar 5, 2013

I received a link supposedly from my sister (Not!) about the Raspberry drops. I ordered them . They sent me a link to track the package.. the link was useless. They also sent me another email saying the billing would be under another name african-mango.
I called them and after like ...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Maryland / Email hack & scam (Complaint)

Jessica Bacchus Feb 24, 2013

and videos of this raspberry ultra drops and its work. I got scammed. I entered all my information, and even received a confirmation of everything being processed. Needless to say I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING. I even went on the site to track my order and NOTHING! I'm so pissed! Word to the wise - BEWARE!...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / They hacked my email (Complaint)

Rene1234 Feb 2, 2013

Someone hacked my email sending all of my contacts a link to this websit it is a fake news page and every link you click on goes to the same page to buy their fake product. So unbelievable don't fall for this scam all of the other comments on here sound like they posted it pretending to be...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Attleboro Massachusetts / Doubtfull for this product (Complaint Comment)

george farris Feb 2, 2013

guarentee your product(raspberry ultra drops $69. 94 oct. 25. 2012 order # [protected] thank you again...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Benicia California / Teresa (Complaint)

george farris Feb 1, 2013

Hello i have been trying to submit this complaint but everytime i tried it didnt go thru and would erase the whole thing i hope you can help me i heard about this product from a friend and i been trying to lose weight for a couple years and i really thought it would work so i talked my par...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Hacked my email account (Complaint)

SusanSpoun Jan 24, 2013

1/24/13 I found out my email account was hacked by this company and a link to their site was sent to all of my contacts as well as recently emailed people/companies. The link that was in the email goes to a fake Fox News looking page with their product displayed as though Fox News wrote an...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Fraud Product (Complaint)

Ms Chu Jan 19, 2013

several complaints to Raspberry Ultra Drops to clarify but received no reply. Questions ask 1. Should the product be from USA and not Hong Kong as stated. Second questions Should the product be sealed and Third questions what is the actual smell and taste of the product...

Raspberry Ultra Drops Attleboro Massachusetts / Doubtfull for this product (Complaint Comment)

k_brand Nov 22, 2012

A close friend of mine is also taking Raspberry Ultra Drops as a diet supplement. She tried this product a year after she gave birth to her second child. She told me that after three weeks, she dropped 8 pounds sans the side effects unlike the other diet drops she used before. She also complemented this product with strong compliance to a healthy diet and regular physical exercises...

Raspberry Ultra Drops / Thanks Raspberry Ultra! (Complaint)

jandy_luna Nov 5, 2012

Thanks you so much for a great service and a wonderful product! I started using Raspberry drops 3 weeks ago, and it is amazing! I am losing weight and i can feel that I am having a healthy body. Before i am always shy on going out and meeting friends because of my figure. But now, I can ta...