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Publish America

Posted:    Vanessa
Awful company
In 2007 I contacted publish america with regard to publishing my poetry books. After looking one book over they sent me a 7 year contract that would automatically renew for another 7 years. I couldn't alter the contract to my specifications so I emaiiled them informing them that after the ...

Publish America Maryland Pennsylvania

Posted:    Kim MacEachern
Publishing troubles
I am writing this to warn all my fellow writer’s out there some advice about the so called publisher Publish America .com. I, just like many new author’s out there was extremely excited about the thought of my book being published that I foolishly signed the contract with Publi...

Publish America Frederick Maryland

Posted:    bigberthaevans
Breach of Contract, poor printing quality...deserve a refund!
$1064.97 is what I paid for very poor quality books.

In light of the lack of quality in the printing and in considering the abnormally high price of the books, I got ripped off! PA is in breach of the contract. They have breached the contract in the following ways:

Publish America Maryland

Posted:    KREDW
false advertisement
Publish America makes many false claims trying to lure its authors into continually buying their own books. The throw around the names of celebrities, saying various celebrities will receive copies of your book or that they will endorse it. They contiunually raise the price of their books ...

Publish America Frederick Maryland

Posted: Mar 4, 2011    blytz1970
Falsifying Documentation
book sells and yet, PublishAmerica sent you a statement clearly showing no sales, this is a Federal offense. Falsifying documentation is a criminal offence. However, many of us live in states other than Maryland. Any crime that crosses state borders automatically falls under federal jurisdiction...

Publish America Baltimore Maryland

Posted:    Rev. Richard Skaff
Publish America
Publish America is the biggest scam in the publishing industry. This Publish on demand (POD) c0mpany has been misleading authors for years. They claim to be traditional publishers which is a total lie. This compnay has made bundles of money off new gullible authors by publishing their book...

Publish America, Amazon, Ecampus, California Books New York

Posted:    jacquelineamos
Theft of Royalities
PublishAmerica Author Support" . com (mailto:gail@publishamerica. com) > > >>> --"PublishAmerica Author Support" . com> > To: > jackieamos2@yahoo. com > Dear Jacqueline Amos: > > Your book was pulled from the market when we terminated your contract...

Publish America Maryland

Posted: Mar 20, 2012    CherylLC
publishing of manuscripts
Publish America would probably publish any manuscript past 20 pages long. I wrote a decent book once. It is true that it cost me nothing up front. But all of the sales and marketing falls upon the author. They were no help at all. My initial order of books was at a great discount. Then all...

Publish America Pennsylvania

Posted: Sep 1, 2011    dave2010
query to royalties@publishamerica. com; we will make every attempt to fully answer your question within seven business days. To whom this may concern, No! I have at least a hundred different websites showing that my book is being sold worldwide. Some of my books are being sold as used now meaning that some were read...

PublishAmerica Baltimore Maryland

Posted: Sep 6, 2011    kesair
False advertising
Warning: PublishAmerica PublishAmerica advertises that they don't want your money. then they offer and inundate you with “Bargains, ” offer you representation and press releases, and you never hear from them again. They make a lot of money because no matter how much your book weighs; whatever “bargain” they offer you have to buy books to get it, i...


Posted:    Arnold
Scam and cheating
I would like to make known my bad experience with publish america. I am a new author and didn't suspect that I would be taken in by an unscrupulous publisher. They published my manuscript, a novel called, 'Familiar Stranger.' The promises they made regarding distribution of my novel are, i...

PublishAmerica Baltimore Maryland

Posted:    love me love my words2009
they scammed me
i wrote a poetry book july 2009 called love me love my words isbn 1-60610-868-9 i signed a 7 yr contract with a agreement of every book sold i would get 16.95 per book and the only payment i received was a check for 7.55 and that everytime it comes around to royalties i dont get no royalti...

Publish America Frederick Maryland

Posted: Jun 15, 2012    Judy Hawkinson
Deceptive practices
Contact Info: PublishAmerica@hbsslaw. com...

Publish America California

Posted:    Garnet Loftus
My nonfiction book deals with childhood sexual abuse and is a serious work. Against my better judgement I signed with PA as I have an online Bookstore and I knew I could order copies and market the book myself, online.
My PROOFS just came in--emailed, of course. The manuscript they...

PublishAmerica Frederick Maryland Maryland

Posted:    PublishAmerica Scam
Blatant Breach of Contract
agreeing statements of how PublishAmerica. com has-- rendered unsellable most books, stolen royalties, published unedited manuscripts, and blatantly breached contracts to the extent that SOME law-firm SOMEWHERE wouldn't perk their ears and want to start a class action lawsuit. I too was taken in by their scam and lost my book for 7 years...

PublishAmerica New York

Posted:    Ronsay
Fales advertising, marketing
been published with PublishAmerica since 12/2007. To make a long story short. I know a large amount of people who has purchased my book of poetry entitled Eyes through me. My proof came to me as a shock. I had a myspace account and a tagged account. I was amazed by the amount of e-mails which I was recieving was boosting my self-esteem greatly...


Posted:    Margaret Curry
Failing to allow me to produce quality book
PublishAmerica refused to accept VITAL changes to a book I have written and are insisting on publishing it without them. The reason the changes were vital was because the book deals with the 1920's when Ireland was partitioned and Ulster became six counties while Eire retained the other 26. There was a lot of violence at that time and some of it was depicted in the book but given the recent resurgence of violence here, in particular with the Real IRA, I thought that this needed to be toned down...

PublishAmerica Maryland

Posted:    jameshkenyon
No Royalties, bad publishing work
what a scam company publishamerica is. I see my books for sale in almost every online books store, but yet the company says it has sold 0 copies for the last two years. not only that, but after finding a copy in the local barn and noble, I saw it was not what I had approved, it is riddled with errors and typo's when I discused it with them, they were rude and told me straight up, they thought it was in marketable condition and would make no changes...

PublishAmerica Connecticut

Posted:    divinityawakend
Breech of Contract
many troubles with PublishAmerica since my book came out in April 2010. I've had these problems: mistakes in the text, failure to correct them appropriately or entirely, refusal to void my contract, and the latest: My book is unavailable to the public. Friends have been searching Amazon and B&N and ordering the book only to be told three weeks later that the book is unavailable and the order has to be canceled...

Publish America

Posted: Apr 22, 2011    Ulakeer
Stay away from publishamerica.com
and stay away from publishamerica. com...

Publish America

Posted: Dec 3, 2011    Stephen Post
total lies
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 06:56:15 -0500
Subject: RE: BBB Complaint Case#36067601(Ref#85-32010985-36067601-13-500)

They have an F, the lowest Rating which can be assigned to a company.

Barbara G. Enders | Director, Dispute Resolution & Trade...

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