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Planet Fitness Tacoma Washington

Posted: Aug 11, 2017    Sujeysoto
planet fitness/ gym employee
Today I went to the gym to workout when I was checking in I told the employee I wanted to upgrade my memebership to the black membership and so he check in the system and told me you can't workout today because you have the wrong routing number on your account ? But that makes no sense bec...

Planet Fitness Palm Harbor Florida

Posted: Aug 7, 2017    Ashley Grimes
gym employees
This one employee named Payton is ALWAYS talking to this one red head, his girlfriend I presume or someone he's trying to impress, but regardless it's interfering with his job. It takes several moments for him to notice guests walking in and needing to scan in, doesn't realize members are ...

Planet Fitness

Posted: Jul 29, 2017    Cassandra Petry
account charges
I cancelled my account with Planet Fitness by phone and by person in September of 2015 prior to my military deployment. It is now July of 2017 and I am still getting charged. I was told earlier this year that I would be cancelled and reimbursed my money. After not receiving anything I wasn't sure what had happened and didn't even think to continue checking my account as i assumed and trusted it was handled...

Planet Fitness Morgantown West Virginia

Posted: Jul 29, 2017    Patriotess
morgantown wv site tanning beds
Planet Fitness morgantown tanning beds have been broken, dirty, and full of ants for over a year now. This is unacceptable. There are bug traps in the rooms & the bulbs don't work (same problem over a year now) and/or the music doesn't work. Maintenance and cleanliness are needed badly. See the attached pics - unacceptable...

Planet Fitness Santa Fe New Mexico

Posted: Jul 21, 2017    Batres
cleaning supplies
Hello Planet Fitness Staff, Just recent Santa Fe Planet Fitness changed their cleaning supplies to a "simple green" to clean the machines. I just need the old cleaning supplies back because this new product I am allergic to and it is starting to give me asthma. Several of other members have said the same too...

Planet Fitness Akron Ohio

Posted: Jul 19, 2017    Troubled member
customer service
I am a member at planet fitness. I have been harassed I will be joining another fitness organization who is professional this was the worst experience ever. Planet fitness on s Hawkins was the worst please speak with franchise manger immediately before you guys loose a lot more business. They never clean the products like there suppose to they don't help they are very rude avd inconsiderate I'm a leaving the place I can't believe they represent planet fitnesss from stow this embarrassment to planet fitness I'm done with them...

Planet Fitness Erie Pennsylvania

Posted: Jul 17, 2017    stevenheaney
year long contract
I was approaching my last month of my 12 month agreement . I went in and told the employee that as they have now deducted all 12 payments of $20 from my checking account I did not want to renew. she said I still have over one month left and if I cancel now they would have to charge me 58 d...

Planet Fitness Burlington Washington

Posted: Jul 14, 2017    Megan Walker
burlington wa planet fitness
at the Burlington WA planet fitness location! I've been charged twice in one month $15. 00 charge. That does not go towards my membership! I am so mad and my family of 5 all told the employees we were all quitting our membership if they can not fix the problem. They said oh well! Meaning go ahead and quit your membership we are not going to help you...

Planet Fitness Waterloo Iowa

Posted: Jul 11, 2017    sadsadcustomer
I have been putting up with the crappy treadmills at your waterloo iowa franchise for quite a while. there are only a couple that you can actually plug into that work to listen to television. I constantly have to keep moving around to find one that still works. Today I walked in and there ...

Planet Fitness Gym Rio Rancho New Mexico

Posted: Jul 10, 2017    raquelitabb
showers at the pf in rio rancho, nm — on southern blvd.
showers do not have soap half of the time...the curtains on the changing booths are the most gross/dirty curtains ever . someone needs to take sure that soap is available at all times...if nothing else!!!

please look into that...I'm tired of being grossed out. at this day and ...

Planet Fitness Livonia Michigan

Posted: Jul 9, 2017    Anonymous 1964
poor customer service
I was a member for 2 years- never had any issues, staff had always been too notch.They hire a few new staff and 1 staff member was rude and sarcastic to me at the desk in front of other members.
I didn't report him, I should have but when outside the gym I gave him the finger which I...

Planet Fitness Springfield Illinois

Posted: Jul 3, 2017    africandanceofficial
machines, chest I mean Planet fitness ain't filled out yet and we love PF but if we missing a lot of materials there wouldn't be none good in our gym...

Planet Fitness West York Pennsylvania

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 1, 2017    c2002
annual fee charge
So it's 10$ a month plus 40 a year, k Planet Fitness...

Planet Fitness Broadway and 176nyc

Posted: Jun 22, 2017    user1685878
water bottle for a member that is been more than 14 years is invaluable
hope that CEO from planet fitness see this complaint and can help me out the way that I've been doing it for you for all the years that I'm been paying you to attend at this gym were i don't get help with fitness classes so I can look better my email serullo@yahoo. com thanks for taking your time to read this...

Workout Anytime Homestead Florida

Posted: Jun 17, 2017    Liney Y Cervantes
family plan
I canceled my membership with planet fitness to come over here and now I can not bring my son with me. Planet fitness you could bring your guess with you or get them their own membership as long as they were 13 or older and the rule of them having to come in with a parent was still applied...

Planet Fitness Norridge Illinois

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jun 10, 2017    Winston Carter
I am submitting a complaint about katie the new manager
one staff member at planet fitness, Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain. I have been a member since July/August last year. I took my wife with me as she was visiting from another state today 6/4/2017 about 4:25. I checked in and told my wife to wait at the front where there are several seats, I went off to work out but looked back and realized that my wife was in a conversation with the lady at the desk...

Planet Fitness Pretoria

Posted: Jun 8, 2017    MildreOli4
unauthorized debits
I authorized Planet Fitness to debit my account with R99. 00 per month for a period of 12 months - This I explicitly stated on the form provided by them (of which I have a copy). After the 12 month period they started debiting my account with R427. 90 monthly. This has been going on for 5 months now...

Planet Fitness

Posted: Jun 3, 2017    Brian Miles Jr.
employee and false reports
month after I joined Planet Fitness of Waldorf, an employee by the name of Jared Kimble befriended me and began to try to set me up with multiple girls who were also members at the gym but not like you're thinking. He would type in names of these girls he knew who came to the gym on the Planet Fitness computer while on the clock showing me pictures which also let's me see all of their information as well...

Planet Fitness Hampton Bays New York

Posted: May 22, 2017    Tyrone Scott
being double charged
I went to planet fitness on April 16 th 2017 to let the manager know that I needed to change my billing info the manager on duty took my info and put it in the system. She then proceeded to ask me to slide my bank card to confirm the information and to pay my fee of twenty dollars for the black card for the month as well as another twenty dollars for my mothers acct because we share bank acts...

Fitness 19 Fremont California

Posted: May 16, 2017    Luke Gronert
gym closed, still being charged
from fitness 19 to planet fitness. I called planet fitness and they said my account is INACTIVE, yet I am still being charged. My email is lukegronert@yahoo. com...

Planet Fitness West New York New Jersey

Posted: May 15, 2017    Health issues gym garbage rodents
dirty garbage bin next to my home full of old garbage and rats mice
The north bergen planet fitness on 64 street kennedy blvd has 2 separate parking lots which are always full of garbage. The employeesecond never ever clean it completely constantly leaving the large lit next to my home with garbage all around. They now place a, large metal garbage container bin next to my private property home...

Planet Fitness Norridge Illinois

Posted: May 15, 2017    Diego a
I am submitting a complaint about katie the new manager
! This is a suburb planet fitness, customer service was always on point until Katie had arrived !! I am very disappointed, thinking of switching ! I demand for you guys to do something about this Katie !!! Asap ! Very upset customer...

Planet Fitness menlyn

Posted: May 15, 2017    rynee
cancellation of a debit order
my name refilwe Malebe id 7908230516087, I join theplanetftness gym at menlyn new branch . unfortunately I was suppose to move to menlyn in April at work (Assupol life )but we are moving end of June.

I called the call centre to cancel the debit order that is going to be on the...

Planet Fitness Killeen Texas

Posted: May 15, 2017    Catrena
customer service sucks!!!
Older black gentlemen name Charles was rude to my 20 year old daughter Thursday morning round 2:30am. I Catrena been a member since earlier this year and lately have not been due to 2 jobs... my college kid just got home Wednesday morning And will leave out again June 12 for early training...

Planet Fitness Weslaco Texas

Posted: May 12, 2017    Rubee Bee
advertisement inquiry
I went into Planet Fitness website to register my 13yr old daughter for a membership in the Weslaco, TX club. Upon entering the date of birth, I received a pop up explaining I'd need to go in person to register her and sign a waiver. Yesterday I took my 13yr old daughter and the lady at the front desk explained that they did not allow anyone under the age of 16 to register for membership...

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