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Lennar Orlando Florida / refund of my deposit (Complaint Comment)

Egda Avila Oct 29, 2018

disappointment with Lennar Homes and wondering as well if you got your deposit back...

Lennar Corporation / kitchen drawer front (Complaint)

HELLO James Sep 26, 2018

I spoke to a kristine molina a week ago about a drawer front that fell off the right side of the drawer . The cheaply made drawer, which was supposed to be an upgrade, broke. Kristine sent me an email stating a customer service rep was to get in touch with me about this issue . The house i...

Lennar Corporation San Antonio Texas / home repair (Complaint Comment)

Ashleigh Newman Sep 14, 2018

were eager to say that Lennar Customer Care would be able to help get things addressed quickly. Well this was not true, I have reached out to them on multiple occasions and no one has even responded to say they are working on it. This is very disappointing for a builder that I considered one of the best...

Lennar Corporation Temecula California / ongoing construction complaint (Complaint)

David Keoni Dias Sep 5, 2018

Lennar Corporation ongoing construction complaintYou have some homes still under construction behind my home in the Terracina development that I have lived in for a little over a year now. Yesterday 9/4/18 you were mulching the slopes on the homes and the contractor did not take any necessary precautions to avoid spraying into the homes ...

Lennar Home Builders / No response (Complaint Comment)

3746 Bach Sep 4, 2018

wrong (mind you, a Lennar rep made a list as we did our walk-through) and yet anytime we asked about something, she'd act as though she was hearing about it for the first time. When my husband tried to point something out to her, she told him to "check his attitude. " When I met with her, she tried to correct me on something that was on the list I, myself had written for her...

Lennar Homes Maryland / Poor construction and warranty policy (Complaint Comment)

no lennar Aug 15, 2018

buying my 3rd home from lennar and I can tell you that they have ZERO good people like you who actually care about their work, have empathy for others and understand that the buyer is a human with family, kids and it is a big investment and hopefully an exciting time for them. Every Lennar sales agent I have met are quite evil and liars, customer support is worthless...

Lennar Homes / Scam artists (Complaint Comment)

no lennar Aug 15, 2018

Unfortunately I own 3 Lennar homes in Orlando area and I have hated every second of dealing with anyone associated with Lennar. Only reason I have bought Lennar is because of the very good communities they developed in Orlando. But buying process is horrible and the MOST stressful you can ever imagine, all sorts of delays, no help, sales agents who actually should be in jail based on all the lies they tell, zero construction oversight thus leading to all kinds of shoddy quality...

Lennar & Cal Atlantic homes El Dorado Hills California / delivery of my home & products ripoff (Complaint)

Maria Morrissey Aug 8, 2018

cheep construction lennar made their homes. This is why I did not want to by from them. by the end of Dec. 2017 Cal Atlantic let me know of the merger it was too late to pull out of the contract their sales people were cautious of letting me. I had ask them if this will affect my construction and materials & products I will be buying with the design center and they bluntly lied & said no! In January, 2018 the sales person said I will not be getting the kitchen cabinets because lennar had changed manufacturing co...

Lennar Corporation Groveland Florida / construction delays (Complaint)

Sheryl Hamilton Aug 2, 2018

I would never recommend cal-Atlantic/ Lennar to anyone who is looking to build...

Courts Singapore / sub-standard salesperson (Complaint)

Ken Ken Jul 3, 2018

salesperson "Carlos Lennar Mann" told me the last printer is at Megastore Tampines and they will deliver it to Courts AMK by 28th Jun. He then passed me an invoice to pay at counter and didn't say anything else. I went on 29th Jun only to be told delivery not done yet and to go home and wait for their call...

Lennar, Big Tex A/C, & Sonny's Plumbing Rosharon Texas / air & heating unit (Complaint)

Al Dufauchard Jul 1, 2018

I have been trying to get an issue involving the heating and air unit solved dating back to November of 2017 concerning a disgusting odor that is coming from the air condition vents. Numerous visits from repairmen have failed.
On May 18, 2018 I again called Big Tex and was told that ...

Lennar Corporation / refund of deposit (Complaint)

Analizmarie Velazquez Jun 25, 2018

first time buyer with Lennar. On January 2018, I went to the Lennar site at Storey Park. We loved everything that was being offered so we decided we wanted that to be our home. This was our first time even inquiring about houses, we had no experience whatsoever. So we start to the process and Mrs...

Lennar Corporation Irvine California / purchasing a lennar home (Complaint)

Francis Akahoshi Jun 21, 2018

to be Cal Atlantic, Lennar took over, but its the same idiots working. I have bee in the workplace for 47 years so I understand lazy, inefficient employees. I am a Vietnam Veteran, servred my country, Civil Servant for the City of LA for 47 years, ready to retire in my Retirement home at Travata, and this is the kind of service I get? Francis Akahoshi, fakaho@yahoo...

CalAtlantic Homes / punch out list... (Complaint)

TJ Poitier Jun 4, 2018

damage to my home, Lennar is responsible for any damage caused by their contractors. How dare he suggest such a thing instead of taking responsibility of the damage. I have pictures of the equipment, the proximity to the house, as well as the damage to the truck. We have spoken with one of the managers, however, no timeframe of receiving these funds to repair this damage—again, unacceptable...

Lennar Corporation Jacksonville Florida / I need my money back and my approval letter (Complaint)

Leandra Lima May 22, 2018

We canceled our buying process with lennar yesterday here in jacksonville "montevilla" nobody in this office were competent to help us. With a 640 score they said we couldn't buy it, we have a walk through date, we paid down payment. We re done with this conpany. We should have looked at the reviews before starting working with lennar...

Lennar Corporation San Antonio Texas / home repair (Complaint)

Tlindsay May 12, 2018


I would like to file a complaint/request for repair regarding some items that were not properly done in my home when built. There is a hole in my roof! There are water stains in the garage, the wall needs to be removed and checked for mold. I'd like this documented and...

Lennar, US Home Corporation Williamsburg Kentucky / everything (Complaint)

Butterflygma Apr 2, 2018

the primary victim of lennar's regard to civil rights. Hopa allows for discrimination of family status only and only if the 55 or older person is not disabled. My mom worked her butt off her entire life to be told by the bod, lennar employees, they don't care & will not apply federal law to their rules even though their rules state, many times over, lennar & hoa will always maintain their business within the mandates of federal & state laws regarding fair housing...

Lennar Corporation Tampa Florida / lennar construction quality - 80+ construction defects and they just ignore homeowners (Complaint)

Kris Fannin Feb 20, 2018

Lennar Corporation lennar construction quality - 80+ construction defects and they just ignore homeownersI would never recommend Lennar to anyone. It's the one thing in my life I wish I could have changed. It's been a nightmare that has been going on for almost five years, but will try and summarize some of it below. In January 2012, I contracted with WCI Communities (now Lennar) to build a dream home in the Westshore Yacht Club neighborhood located in Tampa, FL...

Lennar Corporation Irvine California / complaint/ lennar altair (Complaint)

Shirleyer611 Feb 1, 2018

So base on Lennar's policy, which agent took the client to the community first and registered client, who will get the commission. I request lennar to transfer this transaction to my company ASAP to avoid the legal action. I'm Lennar's VIP agent, has been sold more than 10 lennar homes last year...

Lennar Tampa Florida / lennar refused to take care of incorrectly installed ac unit (Complaint Comment)

Kris Fannin Jan 17, 2018

Lennar is awful. Home same age as yours (2013) and have had 25 A/C malfunctions. Nightmare builder...

Ashton Woods Homes / built poorly (Complaint Comment)

Cara Waits Oct 30, 2017

builders, say like Lennar Homes?...

Lennar Tampa Florida / lennar refused to take care of incorrectly installed ac unit (Complaint)

Bing Shao Oct 22, 2017

Lennar claimed it's the AC Company's issue and refused to take care of it. Of course, AC company (Bayonet Plumbing and Heating) refused to address the issue either. AC unit leaked again in August 2017 and flooded the bedroom. My contractor confirmed AC Unit was installed incorrectly. (air handler) is tilted to left side...

Lennar Orlando Florida / refund of my deposit (Complaint)

Karla Diaz Ferrero Sep 28, 2017

your sales office, Lennar, in one of your developments in Orlando, FL (Storey Park). We were not approved by your subsidiary Eagle Homes after working with them since March 18th 1017. Even though, that the lender explained Mrs. Natalia Morales (sales rep at Storey Park) that we were not approved, she insisted that Lennar will keep the deposit of $3, 500...

Lennar Homes Maryland / Poor construction and warranty policy (Complaint Comment)

Water Type Sep 16, 2017

Negative comments about Lennar are accurate. Every time I have phoned Lennar to ask them to fix something under the warranty, it wasn't covered. The latest are foundation issues - water coming in from rain, especially after recent Irma. Warranty will want to say it's hurricane related, and insurance will want to say it's defective construction related, me as a female homeowner, I have no clue - only that I moved here from a house that had major construction defects and so much wanted that builder warranty that they say you have, but you truly don't...

Lennar Williamsburg Virginia / Missing kitchen cabinet doors (Complaint)

DR Brenner May 6, 2017

First of all I cannot understand the thinking of changing details in a home after you have selected the home from the sample? You move into your new home and it is not the same as the day you signed on the dotted line? I purchased the Berkeley Model as many of my neighbors also have. All w...