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Legalzoom / Legalzoom claims no responsibility and refuses any refund (Complaint)

Legalzoom claims no responsibility and refuses any refund. STAY AWAY... / Stay far away from (Complaint)

I tried to use this service and after posting a lot of sensitive information and submitting to whom-ever I received an answer that they don't have any attorneys in my zip code. Why don't they qualify you first and them I would not have posted this info. Where is it? who has access to it? I...

Legalzoom / Mispelled my company's name TWICE (Complaint)

Belinda A Feb 29, 2012

Legalzoom couldn’t even spell my company’s name right. I didn’t want to spend the time to file my LLC and EIN myself so I thought that Legalzoom would be quick, easy, and I wouldn’t have to worry about any mistakes, how wrong I was. When I received my EIN and LLC paperwork back the company’s name was misspelled on BOTH in two completely separate ways, but all the emails they sent me had the company’s name correct (so I obviously didn’t enter it wrong)...

Legalzoom / Unauthorized recurrent CC charges (Complaint)

VolodimirCB Nov 30, 2015

Non-profit organization with LegalZoom. Since she didn't have a credit card, I provided it for her for one-time payment only. Now to my amusement, LegalZoom illegally stored my credit card info and charged me every year $159 for their representation services even though i have no affiliation with the Non-profit organization that they created...

Legalzoom / Registered Agent Services (Complaint)

ctopherc Feb 7, 2016

Legalzoom Registered Agent Servicesyears ago, and used LegalZoom. Like others, I was caught unaware by the $159/yr registered agent fee, but that's on me for not reading the fine print. Business practices like subtle costs and mandatory auto-deduct do take away from the credibility of the institution though, and when I asked to cancel my service I was informed of the following: 1...

Legalzoom / registered agent (Complaint)

Tanya Jayakom Apr 14, 2017

Legalzoom registered agentLegalZoom just charged me $249 on 4/8/17!!! And before that $159 in 2016 and 2015!! I called them today and they said "I CAN'T CANCEL THIS SERVICE" I told them I filed final tax return already and no longer in business. They said they still see ACTIVE status on their end so I can't cancel registered agent service or whatever...

Legalzoom Englewood New Jersey / registered agent scam; registered agent fees - unauthorized charges (Complaint)

Juan78 Oct 21, 2017

I incorporated my company on 2012, legalzoom without my authorization charged me $159 for registered agent fees on 2012, after this charged I let my cc know that I do not authorize any other charges from legalzoom. I never heard from them since, now, we are in 2017 and they want me to pay all the years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) that my cc did not authorize the illegal charge by hiring a collection company...

Legalzoom Swansboro North Carolina / registered agent fee (Complaint)

Shanna Diep Nov 10, 2017

LegalZoom has fraudulently charged my closed about a $160 Registered Agent fee that I have never agreed to. When I called them to remove the services I was told I was added by default because I didn't sign up for a registered agent. Becuasr they were trying to charge a closed account, they have now sent me to collections...

LegalZoom / Registered Agent / Unauthorized Charges to My CC (Complaint)

Shortyinc Mar 28, 2014

Registered Agent "service" is a scam from Legal Zoom. they made has made an unauthorized charge to my bank account for $159. They sold me a service for which I agreed to pay a stated price. You authorize Legal Zoom to debit your bank account for installments to cover the service you are pu... / Price misleading (Complaint)


Legalzoom webpage is very misleading. The Premium Package advertised at $359. 00 actually cost me over $800. 00! They provided no itemized bill and I had to wait unitl Monday to call. Called the CSR the next day for and explaination. Then i got this itemized list and realized there is little to no benefit in chosing their Premium Package... El Paso Texas / Incorrect Documents (Complaint)


I used legalzoom. com to have my divorce documents typed out for me so that I could file everything myself. I had already gone to serveral attorneys and made above the amount to get legal aid help but not enough to pay for the divorce my self. So i paid them and when i got my package, they gave me documents that they would not allow to be filled at the court house... California / Double-Billing (Complaint)

Mr.Jones Feb 28, 2011

Company I set up using LegalZoom. com. There were two options: $159 for a one-year renewal or $288 for a two-year renewal. I paid $288 for a two-year renewal. As an aside, a "Registered Agent Service" is a service for forwarding official notices and other mail concerning your corporate entity when you live out of state... / Stay away (Complaint)

lumbert Sep 2, 2011

I had Legalzoom prepare an LLC. They misspelled my business name. I had to file amendments to repair it and get all new documentation. But the worst part is they enrolled me with a registered agent that keeps billing me. I was not advised that I could be my own agent. I filed a change with the state no problem...

Legalzoom California / Shady practices (Complaint)

MPinNJ Jan 4, 2012

I used LegalZoom several years ago to create a will and they seemed OK. Used them again recently to set up an LLC and noticed a drastic decline in the quality of their services. I had to call recently because my 30-day "free use" of their document library was about to expire and they were going to start charging me for this service, which I never used...

Legalzoom Dallas Texas / Recurring Fees (Complaint)

afontana00 Feb 20, 2013

Legalzoom Recurring FeesLegalzoom has been charging me for 5 months in the recurring amount of $7. 99. I paid over $400 dollars for an LLC to be started, I never knew that they were going to continue to charge month to month. This is very sneaky business and I'm highly disappointed and will not recommend Legalzoom ever again...

Legalzoom LLC Package Georgia / Nonexistent service (Complaint)

Otto B. Aug 25, 2013

5 days ago, I used legalzoom to set up my LLC. After I placed my order, I got to a confirmation page which I saved. I guess this was a good move, because I never received the confirmation email from them, promised to be sent "shortly". Since I never got the email, I tried checking my order status the day after placing the order, but I was told that my email address/password combination was not valid...

Legalzoom / Scam (Complaint)

adamelio Apr 30, 2014

LegalZoom was the opposite of helpful. I signed up with them to start a sole proprietorship - even had multiple conversations with customer service agents who set my account up with what I was told would be necessary for my business to be up and running. Two months and $165 later, they filed a DBA and did nothing for my actual license...

Legalzoom Highland / Failure to comply with there own return policy and lying. (Complaint)

Douglas Ecklund Nov 22, 2014

LegalZoom associates did not follow my instructions when filing for a LLC. I call and asked several times that I wanted the LLC to start on January 1st. and how I should set it up. They said fill out online application and someone will contact us. I filled out online application and received my LLC forms from the state 10 days later...

Legalzoom Ohio / Business Pro Advantage Membership (Complaint)

SleezyPractices Jan 20, 2012

I had LegalZoom do an LLC for me and bought the "gold" package that included a "free" trial of its Business Pro Advantage Membership. What LegalZoom doesn't tell you is that they will continue to bill your credit card month after month to extend this "free" membership at $29. 99 a month. I never authorized a continuation of this service, yet was continually billed for it...

Legalzoom / Compliment of Professional Services (Complaint)

NavVet3 Oct 11, 2013

I would like to compliment Legalzoom for providing efficient, accurate and professional services in a timely manner. I applied to form an LLC, submitted all of my information, paid the reasonable fee for this service. Within approximately 4 weeks (that was because they handled all of the filings for my state), I received notice that my small business is officially LLC'd... Reno Nevada / nonprofit corporation (Complaint)

Deb Collings Sep 17, 2018

LegalZoom. com charged me $1200 on July 16th, 2018 to get a non-profit set up. Six weeks later I got the package only half finished. Now I have to finish all of it myself! Each call from them was very time consuming, ended up in repeatedly speaking about the same issues that should have been resolved weeks earlier, by several employees that could not speak English very well at all... / They suck (Complaint)

Realaatt Jun 16, 2011

I am an attorney and tried using them for incoporating. Well, you do not even get what you pay for with them. Poor service. On hold for chunks of time. Mess things up and wait for you to call them to see wth is the delay. Their adds and testimonials are great. But when the rubber hits the ...

Legalzoom NJ / Unauthorized Charges (Complaint)

unhappyzoomer Jun 23, 2014

Same here! They ran this garbage on me too! I guess this is regular practice. I would recommend anyone to do it themselves. It cot $25 in my state of NJ and not the $300 they charge per year to just forward you emails about when your taxes are due or that it is time to renew with them and ...

Legalzoom Manhattan New York / Initial Report (Complaint)


So one day I decided to do business with legal zoom, I heard Will Smith did business with them I would be nice to do business with them as well. I WAS WRONG!

I needed to do my initial report for the state of NY.

May 19 I made a payment for the initial report... California / failure to comply with their own return policy and lying. (Complaint)


I payed this company a fee to form and LLC and provide me with other legal documents that go along with the formation process so that i would not have to go through the lengthy process of going directly to the government. This company failed to send me the complete package of legal documen...