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JobFox / Possible Criminal Charges (Complaint Comment)

Cari Sue Mar 8, 2013

postings by email from JobFox. I wonder if it's just a coincidence that not long ago I filed a complaint against Beyond. com, which is also a scam. I had to block them and their affiliates, of which there are dozens including Construction JobForce, Business Workforce, JobAnimal, Mikeroweworks, the Healthcare Jobsite, TechCareers, the Logistics Jobsite, SalesHeads...

Jobfox / Rob Mcgovern / Lawsuit - Resume Writer (Complaint)

A Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Rob McGovern Personally -
Cobrain Is Named In The Suit And An Injunction Will Attach To Any Investors.
Rob Will Be Served With The Complaint Shortly - the resume writers are paid in full or else it will come from attaching Rob Mcgovern and Sar...

JobFox / Possible Criminal Charges (Complaint Comment)

Ethelle Jun 21, 2012

Jobfox is hanging on a thread and a prayer. No jobs are on the site and have received very few Jobfox emails wanting to sell me resume services. A first because I got about 3 per week from the time I signed up with Jobfox. No inquiries I have made regarding my resume have been answered by writers or CEO Mr...

JobFox / Possible Criminal Charges (Complaint Comment)

Ethelle Jun 6, 2012

Wow, I'm surprised Jobfox is still in business at all. There was a class action filed against them for Resume Scamming but don't know what ever became of it. I can't believe they have been able to hold on this long without failing completely. Maybe this means they are...

JobFox / Possible Criminal Charges (Complaint Comment)

CommonsenseIMHO1 May 21, 2012

JobFox, LOL!...

JobFox / Possible Criminal Charges (Complaint)

Jobfox Scammed Helper May 21, 2012

Rob is the COO of Jobfox. Basically, what happened is in February, Rob ran out of capital. HE KNEW that Jobfox was going under. It was obvious when the Jobfox Resume Writing Staff started taking all of their vacation time together, for 2-week intervals (since they were not going to get paid for the time - they minus well us it)... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

formerJobFoxEmployee Feb 15, 2012

I am a former JobFox employee (although it was Market10) back then. Any company, and there seems to be many these days, who pray on people in need should be ashamed and I hope punished for their actions. I was recently updating my resume when I came across the JobFox section and decided to do a quick search to see how the company was doing...

JobFox California / Unable to Cancel and Remove Resume (Complaint)

sww12 Jan 26, 2012

This web site does not allow you to cancel your account - only "inactivate it." Additionally, once you upload your resume you'll never be able to delete it and clear their system of your personal information. They also have someone without your permission, review your resume and send you p... / Unauthorized & Inaccurate Posting Of Postions (Complaint Comment)

twill3 Jan 25, 2012

A friend referred me to jobfox. com. it is a scam. after you submit your resume, they send you an email every day stating that your resume is incomplete and for $399 they will critique it for you. that's the lowest price - it goes up to almost $800. it is impossible to unsubscribe from getting these email... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

Suzanne Werden Sep 19, 2011

been ititiated against Jobfox and their resume practices - with any luck we will recover the money we have lost... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

Stay Positive Sep 19, 2011

I, too, received the aforementioned JobFox email critiquing my resume. Here is their MO. they begin by telling you they are going to be brutally honest because they truly want to help you find a job. Next, they state something positive about your skills/qualifications to try to hook you in emotionally, and then they let you have it... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

TheWiser Jul 4, 2011

received a critique from JobFox that's almost identical to the critique provided above. Thanks for posting!... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

RenssRat Apr 28, 2011

Thank goodness I thought to Google JobFox's resume' writing service to see what other people had to say about it. Like many others on this board, I also received the standard computer-generated "critique" and the sales pitch. I just saved myself $350 (they were offering 30% off with 6 mo. installments)...

JobFox San Diego California / Resume Incorrect/Incomplete (Complaint)

Suzanne Werden Apr 27, 2011

Jobfox refused to continue to work on my resume as well. I only paid them two payments and told them I needed results before I would pay another cent - which I never got. Like everyone elso on this board I got ripped off - now I am dealing with their collection agency who states they are a law firm which they are not - Brown & Joseph who states I just have to pay or they will continue to post a key derogory on my credit report for the balance of $297...

JobFox / Won't unsubscribe (Complaint)

Holden Apr 22, 2011

many times I do this, JobFox won't respect it. Instead of leaving me alone, they continue to send emails-- no matter how many times unsubscribe. Ironically, they advertise themselves as knowing what it takes to help you land a job. Considering they don't even understand how to *not* alienate potential customers, I find this a little on the hard to believe side... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

isabellaswan Apr 17, 2011

Jobfox has gotten mostly negative reviews from users for a long time. It is a long established business standard that says if ANY company has to create multiple websites to make themselves look good, they are truly [censored]ed. Jobfox did just that. It was obvious from the day they tried to beat out the fact that "SCAM" was what Google was returning when someone looked up Jobfox... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

Suzanne Werden Apr 10, 2011

that when you Google Jobfox now they have taken up the first page with almost all positive stuff moving the negative to pages 2 and on so I think my little campaign is starting to work. But obviously I need some more wind in the sails to get this going. I am currently working on a web page to start the class action sign up sheets - I think I have a lawyer who will take it on once we have the signatures... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

isabellaswan Apr 10, 2011

of negative press to Jobfox. Encourage others to RT and make sure they are given the bad press they deserve. Suggest: @Jobfox is a fraud! Don't sign up or you will REGRET it! also include this complaints board link so people can see. You can also do another tweet from thewordcynic... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

Patsy Teresa Apr 7, 2011

I received the same canned email from Jobfox regarding my resume. Before I spent $400 I did a lot of research on the company and found numerous complaints from several websites. I also received another email from Jobfox this morning stating they would give me a discount of $200 off their resume writing service and that I could pay a lump sum payment or pay the fee in 6 installments... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

Suzanne Werden Apr 4, 2011

action suit against Jobfox for the money they were bilked out of. If so please contact me at suzanne. werden@yahoo. com. I refused to pay midway due to their substandard services and now they have forwarded the balance to a collection agency who affected my credit report negatively. Really sad to take advantage of individuals seeking employment... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

Piper2411 Apr 2, 2011

my 'new and improved Jobfox resume' was confusing. I ended up "fixing" it myself, and I still have the same job I had when I first used Jobfox more than a year ago, and I am far from an entry level manager. I have more that 10 years experience in management with increasing responsibility, proven results, etc...

JobFox / Unable to contact (Complaint Comment)

Mandys111 Mar 23, 2011

Jobfox told me if I let them rewrite my resume and sign up for their services I would have no problem getting a job. Its been 2 years now and not even one interview. But they do keep sending me emails asking me to sign up for more services and send them more money. Jobfox has been a waste of money and time...

JobFox / Substandard Quality and Service (Complaint Comment)

isabellaswan Mar 14, 2011

Jobfox started using an affiliate program which is why there are so many advertisements. Recently they have put themselves in the social recruiting ring. a little too late IMO. Every social recruitment group you try to subscribe to never gets back to you if you ask for an invite. One would think that Jobfox would try to encourage job seekers to join any network to help get a job...

JobFox / Substandard Quality and Service (Complaint)

Education Advocate Mar 10, 2011

JobFox seemed like a good idea. Initially it worked well getting the information on available jobs and the "eye candy" associated with my resume. Unfortunately as of late, the site has slowed to a crawl, the leads have become advertisements, and it seems as though they are becoming awfully picky about what you are allowed to see with your subscription... Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques (Complaint Comment)

luckycat1709 Feb 28, 2011

Hart Subject: Your Jobfox Resume Critique You requested a critique while visiting Beyond. com (or one of their affiliates). Dear XXXXXXX, I'm the Jobfox resume expert who was assigned to review your resume, and I specialize in reviewing resumes for candidates who are high-income earners or executives...