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I sincerely wish I had found this website before ordering my sink and faucet from Unfortunately, I checked out NetTag and a few other sites which I have since discovered, remove the really bad reviews, so there is no way you will ever know the truth about these deceptive on... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)

jag67 Feb 22, 2012

Ordered a Kohler sink, which arrived damaged. We were unable to contact by phone because none of the provided numbers worked. When I heard back from Brian O., I was told the sink would have to be made and it would be at least 28 days for the replacement. I requested a refund... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Chesterfield, MO Apr 22, 2011

Worst online experience ever! Absolutely no customer service or support after purchase. In February 2011, I ordered and purchased a Dainolite Pendant light fixture. About 30 days later, a shipment finally arrived, but only contained the lamp shade. Repeated emails to regardi...

HomeCenter / Bad service (Complaint Comment)

Rob R Apr 11, 2011

I ordered 2 high-end ceiling fans, total order over 500$.I promptly received one of them, but the secnd did not come. There was no reason sent, not answer to multiple emails, and my phone calls have not been returned. Many telephone numbers are listed and I get various voices, but noone ca...

HomeCenter / Bad service (Complaint Comment)

Wacko Feb 24, 2011

Whatever you do, do not ship at First, they will take your money right away and do not ship your products for another month. If you contact them to ask what is the delay, they'll give you the run around and they do not have the product in stock. You will not be able to cont... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Neptune Flyer Jan 11, 2011

I ordered an Elk Lighting pendant from on October 20 and received the items several days later. Upon inspection I discovered that the item, a three light fixture, was not as advertised and displayed on the Elk Lighting website and on I requested and received ...

HomeCenter / Bad service (Complaint Comment)

Pissinth Jan 07, 2011

Although a recent article in the New York Times leads me to believe that complaining about a bad experience with a vendor may actually help that vendor in internet search engines,, I've got to share this miserable... / is a cleverly disguised drop ship business (Complaint)

Pi is a cleverly disguised drop ship business. They attract as many customers as possible with low prices, then attempt to collect large drop ship fees or order cancellation fees. is rated F (lowest rating) by the New York Better Business Bureau.

T... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Although an article in today's New York Times leads me to believe that complaining about a bad experience with a vendor may actually help that vendor in internet search engines,, I've got to share this miserable t... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)


I wish I had found this complaint board before doing business with
I ordered a wrong item, discovered my mistake within a few minutes and tried unsuccessfully to cancel my order (they wanted to charge me 4% just to cancel).
I called, on hold for a stupid amoun... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)



I ordered several pieces from
1 - They were not shipped within the timeline I had paid for and arrived later than expected delaying my renovation process
2 - The pieces all a... / Scam Operations (Complaint Comment)

I absolutely agreed with the reporter: I went through the same terrible experience by purchasing from World I ordered three Kohler items from HomeCenter which charged to my credit card prior to shipping/not shipping the merchandise. Expected delivery dates are not specified... / What a horrible experience and I don't think this is over yet (Complaint)

I ordered a faucet July 7th, first told it was available, then that it would ship in two weeks, after 4 weeks I asked again and was given a "new" date two weeks out. I said CANCEL the order I could not wait that long both on the phone and in writing. I received an email response "Do not as... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)


My husband and I ordered several faucets and soap dispenser from . One of the faucets was too large. We followed Homecenter's instructions to the letter: We requested and received an RGA #. We shipped the faucet back to the address Homecenter instructed. The faucet was deliv... / What a horrible experience and I don't think this is over yet (Complaint Comment)

Do not buy from this company. After buying well over $10, 000 online while building a home, my experience with was the only bad experience. I made a purchase in Nov 09. Part was backordered. After much cyber correspondence, I cancelled the order via email exactly as they tol... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)


RIPOFF FRAUD. Ordered a simple toilet seat on 2/6/10. Immediatly charged VISA, and money taken. Now 3/13/2010. No product, no replies after several inquires other than a automatic email. NO WAY TO DO BUSINESS. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID! is a FRAUD.

HomeCenter Home Improvement Products New York New York / Scam Alert! (Complaint)

I recently fell victim to the scam. I've detailed my experience on my web page at I advise anyone contemplating ordering from to read my story or any of the other horror stories posted at http://www.res... / Alsons 650 Shower Head / Sent me a completely different product than what was ordered (Complaint) sent me a completely different product than what was ordered. Not only is it different in appearance, but it is completely different in features. I ordered a Alsons 650 shower head from which is listed as a 651CBU on The shower head I received ... / Scam Operations (Complaint)

Like most others, lied to me about the item I ordered being in stock. After ordering, I got their standard email response informing me that there was a 2-3 week lead time. When I called their order line, posing as a new customer, they again told me the item was in stock. Whe... Texas / Scam masquerading as legitimate business (Complaint Comment)

Whatever you do dont deal with i placed an order with them for a Grohe tap part on Jan 5th.

When it still didn't turn up by the 19th of Jan I called them to query what had happened.

(more)... / What a horrible experience and I don't think this is over yet (Complaint Comment)


We placed an order with -supposedly the item was in stock. Almost two weeks later we emailed on a Thursday morning to check status...we did not receive a response. After several unanswered calls and over one hour on hold on Friday evening we still had no response to either p... Texas / Scam masquerading as legitimate business (Complaint)

Avoid this company like the plague. All products are in stock ready to ship unless you order them, after which there is a minimum 3 week lead time unless you agree to pay an undisclosed amount more to have it shipped sooner. They charge your card immediately, then offer to cancel your orde... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HOMECENTER.COM! After buying tens of thousands of dollars of products from several online companies over the years, this is by far the most amateur organization I have ever dealt with. I only wish I had seen before I ordered from ... / refund problem (Complaint)


I ordered and paid by VISA for two water filters and the wrong filters were shipped. So I returned the merchandise after obtaining their authorization to do so and was charged a second time when they sent out the correct filters. The merchant wanted to charge me mailing fees for the return... / Fraud (Complaint Comment)

BEWARE OF STOLEN CREDIT CARD NUMBERS!! Just as bad as all of your complaints, but perhaps worse - the credit cards I used at were stolen by someone there and used to purchase netflix, ups, itunes, and many other charges. Each card was only used at homecenter.c...