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Rheem Manufacturing Company / poor product quality and very low-grade customer support (Complaint)

Nick.M Sep 24, 2018

I bought a Rheem Water heater at Home Depot in Daphne, AL two weeks ago. From the start it leaked on the cold water supply side. Technical assistance sent two nipples and contracted a plumber to replace. Even after replacement of the two nipples, the leak was still there. Reaching out again to their customer support they indicated they had no contracting companies around Mobile, and that I had to hire a plumber myself for replacement and reinstallation...

Home Depot Victoria British Columbia / rude employee (Complaint)

ZEmily Sep 22, 2018

We went to this home depot very often and never met anyone like him. He is rude and treated customers unfair. Then we just went to COSTCO website to order a new dryer, I won't go to home depot anymore...

Samsung Electronics El Paso Texas / refrigerator (Complaint)

Denimrl5 Sep 22, 2018

Samsung Electronics refrigeratorPurchased a $3000 refrigerator from Home Depot. Of course their warranty only covered thirty days which we started to have issues with the ice unit 4 months after purchase. I called Samsung they sent a technician and of course they did a minor repair placed a bandaid on it if you will. So a couple of months later the freezer starts doing the same thing over again...

Home Depot / terrible experience parking at home depot (Complaint)

Ted Kugler Sep 21, 2018

I drove to Home Depot at 92-30 168th St. Jamaica NY 11433. It was around 1pm and before I shopped I went next door to McDonald's for some lunch upon my return my van was towed away. Security told me to call the towing company whom charged me $217. Of course I didn't go back in to buy what I needed but went straight to the manager to complain that I was not warned...

Home Depot Lawn & Garden Payson Arizona / lawn mower (Complaint)

Jerome Gugino Sep 21, 2018

I bought a lawn mower from Payson, AZ. For my daughter and she used it three times on a small 12x15' piece of grass in front of her home to comply with HOA requirements. When it wouldn't start I returned it to the service department and though they were considerate rather than swap it out,...

Ford Motor Company Rapid River Michigan / 2018 f-150 (Complaint)


have purchased from Home Depot or some other store of the sort. Is it going to take one of these trucks (since i am told this is normal) to steer into oncoming traffic and injure or even kill people. I am almost at the point of saying i am afraid to drive this thing. Thank you for listening to my rant and i truly hope something can be done...

Home Depot Lancaster CA / b-hyve smart wifi indoor sprinkler system 4 channel (Complaint)

Cirtahlw Sep 20, 2018

purchase this product from Home Depot in Lancaster California about three weeks ago. The system worked well at first and no longer needed the box. Lately it has been not turning on at the time I set and also not linking with my phone. So I went back to the store to get an exchange which was a rather difficult thing to do without a receipt or the box...

The Home Depot 12727 FM 1960 West Houston Texas 77065 Houston, TexasHouston / carpet (Complaint)

mahmoodlu Sep 20, 2018

The Home Depot 12727 FM 1960 West Houston Texas 77065 carpetHi, I bought a carpet on April 20th from one of the branches in Houston, but unfortunately I encountered a lot of problems from the store when the carpet was delivered and installed. First of all, it was delivered to me too late, and although I had provided a sample of carpet and the one w...

Home Depot Knoxville, TN / carpet installation process (Complaint)

Teresa Harper Sep 19, 2018

Home Depot Store 0728 N Knoxville 2751 Schaad Road Knoxville TN 37921 Date: 9/12/18 Receipt [protected] Order ID: H0728-66185 I wanted to buy and have carpet installed by Home Depot. They have a free installation, free stairs, free furniture moving, no hidden fee, no surprises carpet installation process when you purchase the carpet from them...

second meta Austin Texas / employee pay (Complaint Comment)

ch_sucks Sep 19, 2018

2008: moved to Austin. Ended up going to work for Home Centrix, Second Meta, My Town Media, Attention Ventures (name depended on when you started, they kept changing the name.). (they sold foreclosure, car repo information, and some kind of "state pay")

Bought server that they...

Home Depot Doaktown New Brunswick / ridgid power tool (Complaint)

Protool Sep 19, 2018

grief; I went to local Home Depot to either exchange it or send in for repairs; customer rep AND manager said that policy changed 2 years ago and that Home Depot no longer takes care of that for customers and I would be responsible for sending it to a service centre for analysis. I'm a contractor and cannot afford down time waiting for a technician to determine whether unit can be repaired or should be replaced; the service centre also is 3 hours away from me; I'm also submitting formal complaint to Ridgid, but Home Depot policy was not explained to me at all; the manager was not very helpful either and rather terse in his explanations ; not a great experience!...

Home Depot / doesn't honor extended warranty on faulty water heater (Complaint Comment)

Ben Holloway Sep 19, 2018

I purchased my hot water heater from Home Depot in December of 2010. I also purchased a lifetime warranty for the Water Heater that included the labor to remove and reinstall the unit. Immediately after seeing the product had failed and seeing water all over the floor of my garage, I went to Home Depot and presented all receipts pertinent to the purchase of hot water heater and warranty...

Home Depot Online Order Atlanta Georgia / online ordering / customer care (Complaint)

Diane2529 Sep 19, 2018

Order # CD30938899
This is regarding my experience while trying to order Internet #[protected] on September 18, approximately 1:00pm. The time is important because the item indicated it could be delivered by September 20th if ordered within 35 minutes.
I called customer service...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / unethical service (Complaint)

Roche Sep 19, 2018

On the date of the 03.09.2018 i purchased a bus ticket at the service station on a different area to where i reside.
On that specific day i purchased/ requested for 2 bus tickets which one of was a monthly Delft-Cpt and weekly Delft- Maitland. I then pursued on to trav...

Home Depot Reno Nevada / service/appliance/damage (Complaint)

amanda.M Sep 18, 2018

Home depot #2955 9/6/18 my samsung front loader washer & dryer were delivered by home depots 3rd party vendor. Whom sent 3 non professional men who first questioned my ethnic backround, and did not properly install my dryer due to ventilation under mobil home (which I was not told when I purchased dryer) but I was told about how to keep rubber dry around washer so mold wouldn't build up, than he left electrical wires uncovered on back of dryer...

Houzz West Palm Beach Florida / reviews (Complaint)

michael pereira Sep 18, 2018

I am a sub contractor for Home Depot, I did a job for a client of theirs where the material was ordered by them but not all there when we arrived and I needed to reschedule the appointment. We were rescheduled by Home Depot and showed up to the appointment on time with multiple workers and all of their tools and machinery required to get the work done...

Maytag / washing machine (Complaint Comment)

Maytag admin Sep 18, 2018

trouble you have had with Home Depot, if you have not contacted Maytag to assist you further with the warranty process we would be happy to assist you further. Please email us at Maytag_Reviews@Maytag. com at your earliest convenience with your username (Natali Cardoso), a copy of the review, your name, address, a phone number, model and serial number, and date and purchase...

Home Depot Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania / flooring/bathroom quote (Complaint)

Emily Yzquierdo Sep 18, 2018

Cranberry Township, PA Home Depot to request a quote for sub-flooring, flooring, and toilet for a master bathroom. I repeated to the associate multiple times that the sub-flooring would need removed and replaced as this was the most urgent of our requests. We paid for the toilet and took it home with us...

General Electric / their service is equally abysmal (Complaint Comment)

Perry Kelley Sep 17, 2018

Turn-on switch didn't work Called Home Depot, then the referred appliance repair. Repairman came, said we needed a new switch which he would order. For three weeks he kept saying it was backordered. I called GE consumer complaints. "They'll send the new part overnight. " Came 10 days later. Repairman came again (comes only weekly to our town), said it still was not the right part...

Maytag / washing machine (Complaint)

Natali Cardoso Sep 17, 2018

irreperable and they (home depot) would schedule for Maytag to come and exchange the machine. Obviously, all this is in between countless phone calls, holds and days off I had to take from work to wait for the works. Of course, home depot never called me back. When I called, they stated nobody had contacted them...

Home Depot and Citibank Glendale Arizona / air conditioner (Complaint)

Hmby's Sep 16, 2018

did we dream that our Home Depot account would be turned over to Citi Bank, the highest interest rate company in the world. Now we are being bomb- barded with huge interest on top of interest at 28%. that is such false advertising on their part. Now our bill jumped from $6500. to $11, ooo. because of the interest rate...

Lowe's Yulee, FloridaYulee / veterans id not be in accepted by spouse. (Complaint)

Edna meeks Sep 16, 2018

VA discount, come to Home Depot everybody knows you we come here to to three times a day you can ask anybody everyone knows we are VA I come without my husband and I don't bring his VA card then I can't get a be a discount this is ridiculous you need to change your policy now I'm gonna have to go to Lowe's to get all the stuff I needed the calls my husband feels that Home Depot is doing them wrong if I don't have his card to get his stuff for him...

Home Depot Milltown New Jersey / i’m still waiting for a call to schedule a free estimate on fencing since last thursday (Complaint)

Suezan Sep 16, 2018

No one seems to be able to schedule someone to come out to give us a quote and pricing on a fence for my home. I've called many times and spoke to many people but still nothing. Customer service is horrible. I'm having second thoughts about future purchases and service from this place and ...

Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers Blytheville Arkansas / discrimination (Complaint)

A echols Sep 13, 2018

I will drive to the Jonesboro store or Home Depot from now on where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. I would have liked to have been notified of the clearance sales also. I am human too...

Home Depot Newton New Jersey / service (Complaint)

Shay79 Sep 13, 2018

will never shop at Home Depot again...