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Axiom or Smartkurve or Edknovate / Axiom are the Worst Agent in Bangkok (Complaint)

BangkokArjarn Sep 14, 2011

Kirk Phatumanun is one of the most untrustworthy and dishonest.

I find Kirks behaviour childish, unprofessional and gutless. He does not have the strength of character to answer my questions over pay (or lack of it) In fact I think I have seen more courage in the kindergart...

Edknovate / Don't Pay Employees (Complaint)

Hi all,

If you are in Thailand, avoid the recruiter/private school Endovate and the owner Mr Kirk.

Located on soi 23 at Thong Lo, this company did the following:

1) Offered me 35, 000 baht then retract and offered me 32, 000
2) Insulted ...

English Delivery 2 U / Lies (Complaint)

BangkokArjarn Sep 14, 2011

Bangkok (Smartkurve/ Edknovate/Axiom or Apec/Oriental English) but they will still leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. My first complaint with English Delivery 2 U is that they were very hazy in regards to the distance of the school from my flat. I was told that the school was an hour commute, but because of this distance I was sceptical...

edknovate/smartkurve, kirk phatumanun, thai teacher agency / criminal acting by employing foreign teachers (Complaint)

fogoyes Mar 13, 2011

signed a contract with edknovate/smartkurve, which has a contract with streesmutprakan school in samut prakan/thailand. from the very first begin of this employment i tried to get the correct papers from this agency to change my vialed NonB visa and work permit - both are running on the name of my former employer - youth exchange school - to the new school - streesmutprakan school...

Gustav Fogarascher Fogo / Gustav Fogarascher Fogo is under litigation (Complaint)

Kirk P Mar 13, 2011

Gustav Fogarascher Fogo Gustav Fogarascher Fogo is under litigation As a company of Edknovate Limited, we do not recommend any school to hire this individual since the institution might be liable for civil lawsuit that related to him in the near future. Gustav Fogarascher / Fogo / Somchai, Austrian, 54 year (10/02/1957) สมุทรปราการ ถ...

owner of smartkurve exact academy / confirmation of fraud (Complaint)

ajeqina May 13, 2013

owner of smartkurve exact academy confirmation of fraudowner of edknovate, smartkurve kirk pathumanun is now "exact academy bangkok": SMART KURVE NOW CALLING THEMSELVES EXACT ACADEMY it seems. Exact Academy International is seeking NES teachers to participate in private and public schools Chitlom, Prayathai and Samut Prakhan for English Program in Conversational, Math, Science and Biology...

edknovate/smartkurve - kirk pathumanun / fake teacher agency (Complaint)

fogoyes Jul 18, 2011

all victims of edknovate/smartkurve - kirk pathumanun: let's come together for a meeting and later on visiting him at his office with tourist police to celebrate "pay day"! my contact - +[protected] or fogo. yes. [protected]@gmail. com...

SmartKurve / &Twisted Curve & - A Total Fraud (Complaint)

wittlefish Jul 13, 2011

operated under the name "Edknovate" but I assume because of all the complaints filed against him, he'll only be posting for new positions under the SmartKurve name on the job websites. Beware of this name as it harbors the same discontent that Edknovate does...

SmartKurve / school agency not paying salary (Complaint)

somying Nov 25, 2012

SmartKurve school agency not paying salaryAxiom Or Smartkurve Or Edknovate scam school. This thai teacher recruitment agency school is not to be trusted. Owner Kirk Phatumanun doesn't pay you your salary after working for him. He makes up any kind of excuse not to pay you or only pay you half. He does however takes the teacher salaries from the schools who are under contract with him...

Axiom Recruitment - Thailand/Edknovate/SmartKurve Bangkok / Fraud Teaching Agency (Complaint)

wittlefish Jul 19, 2011

wizard at SmartKurve/Edknovate slyly decided to create a NEW agency name to hide behind all of his problems the other day. He is now going to try and operate under the new name "Axiom Recruitment - Thailand" Here's what to do; If you look on teachingthailand. com, you will see the ad from Axiom...