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Jennifer Foreacre, Jenn.Nu, Kissmykitty Lancaster Township Pennsylvania / scam, fraud (Complaint Comment)

kissmykittyisascammer May 8, 2018

inside her trunk was my cricut explore cutting machine, several laptops that were broken and or put back together, cell phones, etc. I was furious and took everything to my mother’s home to keep them cleaning out her trunk. That night we planned to kick her out, but she was pulled over and surprise! daniel had a warrant for his arrest for the assault of a minor...

Cricut / design space (Complaint)

moodeleine Apr 30, 2018

a subscription for cricut access but it is not currently available on their website. Cricut have given me a months free trial to compensate but it is utterly useless!! I can design and cut from the iphone app but full design space which you need in order to print and cut does not work! I don't know if this is related to only having trial access but it is so frustrating...

Michaels Stores Bayonne New Jersey / service (Complaint)

jasmine hall Dec 29, 2017

I placed my order for the cricut explore air 2 and the cricut easy press on 12/15; when I placed the order the website guaranteed that it would be here before christmas, however with everything all backed up it was then rescheduled to come at on tuesday 12/26, I was disappointed but understood...

HSN Slidell Louisiana / cricut maker (Complaint)

pbsmimi Dec 21, 2017

I ordered the Cricut Maker Item # 589-851 on November 27, 2017. I have not recieved an email from hsn with a delivery date. I called hsn on 12-21-17 and was told that the Cricut Maker was just shipped out and I will not get this gift until after Christmas. Now I understand things get hectic at this time of year, but had I known that this gift would not be delivery in time for Christmas, I would have bought it from some other place...

Cricut Tucson, ArizonaTucson / glitter vinyl (Complaint)

Annie- Dec 20, 2017

Cricut glitter vinylI just bought Cricut Red HTV vinyl a week ago. I went to use it today and the vinyl is no longer sticking to the transfer paper on the front . Which made it impossible for my cricut mat to hold it down, which I turn messed up the cut. For what this vinyl costs, you should make a much better product...

Cricut / customer service and online purchasing through (Complaint)

MandyLL82 Dec 7, 2017

2017 I ordered the cricut easypress for my mother for Christmas. Within hours, I found out that she already had it so I went on the website to cancel my order. I found that they are not open on weekends but I could do an "online chat" to try to resolve the issue. So I did. I chatted to someone who said that they would try to cancel the order but it may be shipped out in the meantime and if it was I could request a return label...

Cricut / cricut overall! (Complaint)

Zibaa Sep 1, 2017

and as much as I love cricut I'm sorry but things are starting to feel very uneasy! Firstly the monthly surprise box is never the same as USA. Secondly the price is different as in it is so much more higher here for exactly the same items or even less items! Thirdly if your going to set something new out at least let the rest of the world know when we can get it too! August mystery box never came to light yet in USA they got a whole heap of goodies...

Cricut Pasadena Maryland / problems with the software update (Complaint)


Before the latest upgrade when I hit the "Make It" button, the mats were a different color from the images so that the images can easily be seen to move around to fit the paper size I wanted to cut on.  Now, starting yesterday, the mats are the same color as the images, so the images have...

Cricut South Jordan Utah / false advertising/ misleading product (Complaint)

formyonlineorders Jun 19, 2017

Cricut does a poor job explaining what you will need in order to work with there machine. For example few months back I was looking to purchase my first die cutting machine and stumbled across the cricut explore. There box had it clearly advertised that the system runs on an ipad app. Didnt state you would need to purchase a mac book just to be able to use your own personal images or fonts...

Cricut / Provo Craft South Jordan Utah / cricut create (Complaint)

VirginiaMom Apr 14, 2017

Provo Craft manufactures the CriCut cutting system. After using my CriCut one time, the machine broke. After chatting online with their technical help department I was told that there was no way to repair the machine. After great effort I finally reached a person on the phone and attempted to find a solution to get my machine working properly...

Cricut Warren Pennsylvania / Cricut explore air 2 (Complaint)

Jessicatodd3123 Mar 15, 2017

I ordered my cricut on 3-8-17 and I still do not have it!!! I have been tracking it and it told me that it would be here on 3-11-17 and then it changed and said 3-15-17. well, today is 3-15-17 aaannndd. IT'S STILL NOT HERE!!! I AM LIVID!!! Not a happy customer! I was so looking forward to having this item and using it to its fullest and this company can't even get there items to the customer on time! Angry and ready to send it back...

Cricut / Repairs (Complaint Comment)

Kim Wignall Nov 27, 2016

my cricut is just over 12 months old [. And a piece fell off, I think it was attached to the light underneath. I have rang (no answer) chatted to three different people and the outcome is that in the uk no repairs no help goodbye. I will not be replacing it. I will look for a different machine !!...

Jo Ann Fabric Pensacola Florida / coupon not honored for item I wanted (Complaint)

Deborah006 Oct 27, 2016

and the blades for my Cricut. When I got to the counter, coupons under my purchases, the clerk proceeds to tell me I can't use my coupon on cricut items! I proceed to ask why and tell her that it is no where in the coupon or otherwise she says that Joann does not own cricut so they cannot honor the coupon... / Rip-off company (Complaint Comment)

Suzy Mooney Jun 27, 2016

I have 500 pts of cricut rewards certificates that are no go. 3 from Cricut. com. it is frustrating to know that I have these points and they cant be added to my current ones. last year ended up redeeming 3000 pts for a cartridge and Cricut Access. Cartridge was exclusive, Cricut Access is not fully usable for me as I don't own a new enough computer, ipad or iphone...

Cricut / Bad service (Complaint Comment)

xiloap Jun 15, 2016

customer service dept at Cricut and Provocarft regarding this product! A warning to all of those Gypsyaholics and Cricutaholics, educate your self before purchasing one of these crafting devices, The Gypsy by Cricut is NO longer supported by any means or repaired by Cricut! On the Gypsy learn about the Blue Light Death before purchasing it! There are NO refunds, replacements or trade ups on it!...

Cricut / Repairs (Complaint Comment)

JV1977 Feb 2, 2016

I have a cricut expression and 5 week after the warranty expired the machine started to malfunction. It does not cut the last 4 inches towards the right. I tried to call the cricut customer line and not did it take over 25 minutes holding but they are SO RUDE!! and also told me that if it was still in warranty they would fix it but since it is not, I should just buy another one...

Cricut / Repairs (Complaint Comment)

donsbabe Jan 25, 2016

I have a Cricut Expression 2 and the touchpad no longer works. Called Cricut and basically the said no parts no service, but you can buy a Cricut Explore. Right, Great Customer Service. Anyone know where I can buy just a touchpad. Thanks... / Rip-off company (Complaint Comment)

BeckyWood Jan 10, 2016

Bought 6 cartridges from Cricut and sat down to enter rewards numbers as soon as I got them. It won't accept the numbers. It says I already entered them. I would be furious but they are a joke anyway. There is nothing to choose from until you accumulate thousands of points. Not worth the time it takes to enter...

Provo Craft South Jordan Utah / Cricut Explore (Complaint)

labbott1129 Sep 25, 2015

I purchased the Cricut Explore on May 14, 2015. For a newlywed couple, this was a big and exciting purchase for us. We bought the Cricut with a gift card we received as a wedding present and leftover birthday cash I had. Unfortunately, my joy was short-lived as it started having problems after 2 weeks... / Rip-off company (Complaint Comment)

Lori Whalen Sep 14, 2015

I've gotten many Cricut cartridges over the past five or six years and had put the Cricut Rewards into the system. After a bit I would put the rewards papers to the side and saved them up to do them when I got a few at a time. Unfortunately life happened for a year and I didn't use my Cricut much...

Cricut Germantown / Got 2 problems (Complaint)

Lorca Beebe-Diaz Sep 10, 2015

This machine was supposed to make my life easier by saving me prep time as a teacher. Instead it has taken an extraordinary amount of time to figure out. If I count the DAYS I have tried to get this machine to work, let alone reading its manual, I can say it is not cost effective time wise...

Cricut Cricut Provo Craft / Cricut Expression (Complaint)

Beverly Wall Aug 31, 2015

communications with the on line Cricut rep who was telling me do try any number of things like download new firmware, which of course would not help with this issue, I attempted to contact Provo Craft the manufacturer of Cricut machines. Both Cricut and Provo Craft have unacceptable wait times... / Rip-off company (Complaint Comment)

Bonnie Mosemak Aug 17, 2015

I have Cricut Rewards to redeem and the only thing they have for 500 points is a silicone case for the Gypsy. From there the points jump to 3, 000. WOW come on Cricut; throw us a bone. Women like us spend a lot of hard earned money on your products, the least you could do is give us something decent to select from... / Rip-off company (Complaint Comment)

Diane Durso Johnson Aug 4, 2015

I am trying to redeem cricut rewards for 2 cartridges I bought. It says I already redeemed this & I did not. I have 650 points & the only reward they offer is a silicone scraper... / Rip-off company (Complaint Comment)

Myeasha Burgess Jul 24, 2015

I will never shop with Cricut again. Order hasn't shipped but they won't give me refund due their delay. They want me to wait until I get the item (which has not shipped) in another two weeks and pay return shipping to send it back and it hasn't even shipped yet. Horrible company with poor customer service...