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Creditor: Speedy Cash (callbackallbackdv America) Smith Brown Accounting Department Speedy Cash ADVAMERICA Austin TX / Case no: cm/l - 7377890 attention : - david ross, amount outstanding: $865. 79 (Complaint)

DCRoss2340 Jun 04, 2016

This company claims that I own $865. 79 and want an I tunes card for the amount of $250. 00 down and the 16 digit # to collect or an arrest warrant will be issued and a hold on my social security # and place of employment. Here is the original e - mail:

Creditor: speedy cash...

Qatar Airways Ahmedabad / Job offer letter (Complaint)

Ashish Yadav Mar 10, 2015

Qatar Airways Job offer letter Asking to contact Ben Chapman at Clifford Chance Solicitors to obtain an active UK Security Clearance before the 9th March . I tried to contact Judith Williams and when i called Clifford Chance to speak to Ben Chapman they had never heard of him. I suspect that this is an identity theft scam as i was asked to sign the job offer and email it back to them...

Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, Tx 76108 Fort Worth Texas / saprina garcia (Complaint)

IRED< Jul 29, 2013

Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, Tx 76108 saprina garciaPeople Google this Walmart at 9500 Clifford Road in Fort Worth Texas and you will find they have MANY complaints about Appalling customer service. I have never seen a Walmart with store employees who will say anything, humiliate anyone, just because they feel like it.

I wen...

The Wonderful Wood Company London London England, Greater London / Non Delivery, Refusal to give refund (Complaint Comment)

NRehman Jun 13, 2013

legal representation at Clifford Chance. Firstly why would a legitimate company require a lawyer dealing with complaints and secondly they haven't heard of this fraudster. If this company is legitimate then why did they fail to respond to PayPal when they had the opportunity to do so...

BOTTARI Milan / Fake Job offer (Complaint)

Marco Bottari Feb 29, 2012

"Barr Charls Adams, Clifford Chance Chambers and Solicitors, 10 Upper Bank Street, London (+[protected]) the application FORM of the UK Border agency to get work permit to work in London. I am also asked to produce a payment of 1690£ through moneygram to my name at your headquarters address in London "Qatar Airways 1 Cluny Mews, West Kensington, London UK" to verify the financial situation and they would give it back to me afterwards...

Qatar Airways Group U.K / qatar airways group u. k. (Complaint Comment)

Arthur Lee P. Maluenda Oct 13, 2011

are advice to contact Clifford Chance Chambers & Solicitors for easy procurement of Active Secret UK Security Clearance/Affidavit of Oath for Terrorism from the British High Court because you're been assigned to work at British Military Base in United Kingdom. CONTACT THIS CHAMBER FOR THE SAID DOCUMENTS Ben Chapman Esq...

Global Visas / complaint, scam, fraud (Complaint)

dannielbarnes Apr 12, 2011

they told me on the phone i was elligible for something i was not elligible. THEY MADE FALSE PROMISES OF SUCESS BEFORE THEY EVEN CHECKED MY DOCUMENTS AND ASKED FOR MY CREDIT CARD DETAILS.

i contacted the home office who told me I have been badly advised. they took my deposit...

MannaLife International Largo Florida / Scamming People with Lies (Complaint Comment)

Deringer Clifford Chance Is there more? And did you know a government authorized agency has been listening. Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Contract, Common Law Fraud, Unfair & Deceptive Business Practices, Failure to Register Internal Securities, Fraudulent Practices Regarding the Sale of Internal Securities, Civil Racketeering Conspiracy (violation of the Federal RICO statutes) and Defamation The extensive real list is so huge, but why let them know while they play coverup...

Global Visas / refunds (Complaint Comment)

First of all I am one of the people conned by Global Visas.

I am going to court against global visas as i canceled my contract 4 days after i signed it thinking it was a scam, i canceled my credit card and now they are taking me to court because i paid the deposit and idnt p...

Plimus San Diego California / Ripoff artists (Complaint Comment)

Hello guys, I have been looking for a decent PC TV Player for a year and, although there are a lot of controversial comments on this topic, I decided to give Plimus / satellite-tv-player a chance for their basic service of $29. Well, to be honest, this is the best TV player I have seen so ...

Verizon Fios Ashburn Virginia / can't get service activated for now well over a month! (Complaint)


I’ve decided to publicly vent about my frustrations with Verizon Fios because the situation has just gotten so ridiculous that I had to share.

So the background to the story is that I purchased a home in Northern Virginia. The monthly home owners association fee with t...