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CELADON TRUCKING / The company asked me to pay for the repair, but it wasn't my fault (Complaint)

Reviewer95615 Dec 25, 2015

I leased the car from Celadon Trucking. We signed the contract and I read it all to pieces. I was surprised to find out that I needed to cover all expanses for the repair. I had an accident and it wasn’t my fault. I informed the company and the representative said that they would figure everything out...

CELADON TRUCKING / The owner of this company misled my provider and hadn't paid the deposit (Complaint)

Reviewer27128 Dec 25, 2015

We signed the contract with Celadon Trucking. This company transferred our freight, because our trucks were in the car service. I spoke with the owner and this ma seemed to be hard-working and professional. We spoke about truck and he said that he searched for new trucks. I said that I could give the details of my provider...

CELADON TRUCKING / They don't want to pay for the leased truck (Complaint)

Reviewer23162 Dec 25, 2015

The company Celadon Trucking has leased the truck from my company. We agreed that the whole sum would be paid back with 5 installments. We received only one and the company stopped to send money. We called the owner and he said that there were problems with their payment system. Ok, we waited another 2 weeks and again we didn’t get money...

Make Wide Turns Texas / Recruiters make promises and do not follow through (Complaint)

rand69 Apr 02, 2012

This has to be one of the worst recruiting agencies. I put my resume out to a company and these knuckleheads call me up promising me they got me an orientation setup. After about a week I had already turned down two other offers coming directly from trucking companies, and I call the recru...

DAC/USIS ,Celadon trucking Indiana / bad DAC report (Complaint)

I was hauling freight, and due to a bad road rolled my truck, I did not recieve any ticket's, and I was only going about 5 mile's per hour. Celadon's safety fired me and put it on my DAC report because " my rear tandom's should not have been on the shoulder.", It was a congested, two lane ...

CELADON TRUCKING Indianapolis Indiana / wrongful termination drug test (Complaint Comment)

Celadon Lied on me after almost 2 &1/2 years with them. I had a car try to cut me off at a tollbooth and then when we got through the toll booth the car got in front of me and came to a full stop for no reason. I motioned the driver to pull to the side of the road. I got out of the truck a...

CELADON TRUCKING Indianapolis Indiana / wrongful termination drug test (Complaint)

I took a random drug test and after i took the test i call and told my safety dept. that the test was done wrong and that the collective had the containers already open. This is in violation please see CFR 40.63 section C. I won both of my hearing thru the unemployment, they have been payi...

Celadon Transportation Indianapolis Indiana / Scam and lies! (Complaint)


AXIS OF EVIL! Lowndown and Dirty! Celadon terminates unjustifiably based upon past and inaccurate info reported to DAC; I'm a new driver three years, over 100,000 miles, no accidents.Driver manager gave wrong directions, I followed in the middle of nowhere late at nite in fields, pitch bla...