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Aegean Airlines London Heathrow Airport/Aegean AIrlines / lost baggage will not be released. (Complaint)


Now they are saying that British Airways (who carried me to Miami on same day July 15, flight BA 209) provide them with a courtesy report for liability purposes also. This seems ludicrous as Brtish Airways never had my bag to begin with. I contacted British airways who said to fill out online request for this documentation but it is not one of the categories listed and they said it could take 28 days, at which point I am not sure I will even obtain a document sufficient for Aegean...

FlyDubai Dubai / fly dubai for a first and last time! (Complaint)

Cornelia Brown Jul 17, 2018

I mainly use Emirates/British Airways/Egyptair. On this occasion I took my family( my son who is 6 and my husband) to visit Romania and obviously flying to Bucharest from Dubai doesn't give to many options. We have boarded our flight on the 15 July and we were kept in the airbus for 45 minutes with no air conditioning in an extreme heat...

British Airways / baggage damage (Complaint)

Chris We. Jul 9, 2018

I flew recently with british airways and my suitcase got damaged so I can't use it again. Ba says it's normaly wear & tear. So avoid them at all costs. They mishandle suitcases and that's normal for them. With 100+ flights a year I pretty much know what's normal wear and tear and a broken suticase is not...

Malaysia Airlines / immoral behaviour (Complaint)

Cumbrian Jun 28, 2018

year, I have flown with British Airways, Eva Air, Emirates, Etihad, Thai and Virgin in their respective business class cabins. One major airline was still on my agenda to undertake, Malaysia Airlines, which would then allow me to produce my article for publication in the most respected Travel Magazines and Worldwide Internet sites...

British Airways / luggage damage after landing in london (Complaint Comment)

Flight Safety Jun 19, 2018

the British Airways carrier does not attend this board . No connection between unspecified sutecase and any carrier is seen fro such story (bag tag, e-ticket, PIR) . Regards, manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations mattes, e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi. net, air. irregulations(at)asia...

British Airways / luggage damage after landing in london (Complaint)

RoyaP Jun 18, 2018

I bought a brand new suitcase for a trip using BA. The suitcase was damaged beyond repair.
I was told that I will be provided a suitcase losing 30% depreciation and not necessarily like for like.
I am really struggling with this as I plan to travel with BA during my retirement ... / lost reservation (Complaint)

Krista Smillie Jun 18, 2018

received an email from British Airways asking me to contact them about a concern over our layover time being too short in London. After, contacting this number and discussing it with this agent, I decided to leave the reservation as it was and hope that there would be enough layover time. (BTW, this agent was not proficient with the English language and I'm wondering if she was the one who totally wrecked our reservation...

Lufthansa German Airlines / lack of adequate food choice (Complaint)

greenwd Jun 5, 2018

When flying British Airways on the same sectors, sea food is an integral option, and with the hope that you'll be more customer friendly, I'd like to remain flying with you this trip, and in the future, with sea food being offered. Awaiting a quick email reply, no later than a week from today, Sincerely, Rajesh Malhotra greenwd@gmail...

Virgin Atlantic Airways London England, Greater London / customer service! (Complaint)

Erin Patersom May 25, 2018

we flew to Orlando, British Airways had 10X better customer service. Whilst waiting board the plane I found a boarding pass lying on the ground at the gate, I picked it up and handed to one of the staff, he took it off me and put it on the belt and left it lying there where anyone could of picked it up!!! This is a disgrace for customer service and passenger safety of who is boarding the aircraft! If you could email me a reply to: erinpaterson@nhs...

Travelgenio London England, Greater London / lying about flight date change cost and not replying to email after they failed to make me buy the ticket with wrong price (Complaint)

Jeewoo Kim May 25, 2018

Travelgenio lying about flight date change cost and not replying to email after they failed to make me buy the ticket with wrong price I also checked the British Airways flight fare just in case, and the price on the websites were still the same. I was very anxious and sent them the email again, saying that please explain to me what's going on. However, I didn't get any reply for whole day, so I wrote them the email three times, and called them three times, but the call just stopped during the call and went off, so I couldn't make any progress... Brno, Czech Republic / beware - very poor customer service (Complaint Comment)

AJ Lamb May 21, 2018

/> Airline: British Airways Manchester (MAN) Wed, Aug 22, 2018 13:05 Reykjavik (KEF) Wed, Aug 22, 2018 14:50 Airline: Icelandair Reykjavik (KEF) Wed, Aug 22, 2018 17:00 New York City (JFK) Wed, Aug 22, 2018 19:00 Airline: Icelandair...

Caribbean Airlines New York New York / flight delayed (Complaint)

Fabme May 15, 2018

Confirmation QS34Q5 (British Airways) QS34Q5 (Caribbean Airlines) Booking ID QS34Q5 Ticket # 1257110864928 (Nadia Chin) My flight time was initially set out to be for 12:15am for the 8th of may to head to NYC. To my surprise I was not told that there would be a delayed flight, nor was I told that it had been rescheduled until further notice...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / mr and mrs driescher flying from king shaka on 9.5.2018 and back again sameday at 16h00 (Complaint)

Riana7 May 10, 2018

They ended up booking a flight with British Airways who were awesome and compassionate with their dilemma. The same can not be said about Mango. I work in a bank and we are drilled about customer service and putting your client first and listening to what they are asking. Mango staff have no clue what client service is about...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight je249 on 19th april 2018 (Complaint)

Denise250861! May 4, 2018

I travelled with British Airways from Heathrow to Johannesburg on the 18th April 2018. On embarking with British Airways I was advised that my luggage weight should be 23kgs only to find that I was 2kgs overweight. On arrival in Johannesburg I was advised by one of your staff at the terminal, that I was only allowed 20kgs...

Skyscanner / travel trolley (Complaint)

Hardeep Soomal Apr 22, 2018

British Airways were listed £252. Since I was looking for most competitive and best deal I went with Virgin fare and was diverted to Travel Trolley. The full price was around £700 and I filled passenger details and went ahead to payment. I then got an email stating your ticket had not been confirmed that I need to calll...

Bestattravel London, England, Greater London / holiday cancellation (Complaint)

Lynda Cattell Apr 19, 2018

sent this e mail to British airways yesterday. I buried my mum today. She fell and knock her self out on the 2nd March and because of the severe weather condition the outside pipe froze up and the heating cut out. She lay there and got severe hyperthermia. We were all packed ready to set of for a Gatwick hotel ready for our flight from Gatwick to Costa Rica on the 3rd March...

Sky Sports / sky sports (Complaint)

Mike Perkins Apr 5, 2018

back! We have contacted British Airways and they want another £600 to change these flights! As we cannot a flight back on the Saturday we would have to get a hotel for the night which is going to cost another £200! I assume that Sky Sports will re-imburse us for this cost?...

British Airways / air ticket I purchased (Complaint)

muusada Apr 4, 2018

june from Dublin by british airways and return on the 6th. the ticket was 602 per person, for three, i have not yet recieved any details of the flight in my email. i purchased it three to four days ago. my names are muusacda adjei . from ireland my email adress muusada@gmail. com. my date of birth 20 april 1976...

Expedia Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / hotel (Complaint Comment)

Injyezzat Mar 21, 2018

destination and it’s british airways fault so they didn’t want to charge me so they filled a complain to try to change the date and return ticket for free even though I paid before. Fourth attempt Waiting on the line for hours and same result 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, etc...

British Airways canada / I was denied boarding (Complaint)

suny1354 Mar 21, 2018

British Airways I was denied boardingdissatisfaction with the British Airways /Air Canada and complain about their support and much worse customer service in Istanbul airport. My mom and I have round trip flight ticket from Shiraz-Iran to Calgary-Canada on March 6th, 2018 through the connections Istanbul (Turkey) and London (UK)...

British Airways / unethical behaviour and loss on my part (Complaint)

Cordelia.O Mar 6, 2018

dissatisfaction with the British Airways since January 2018 but i got no response till date. i am highly disappointed, below is the email i sent months ago. To: British Airways 2 Jan at 13:37 To whom it may concern My Name is Cordelia Obolo and i booked a flight to Nigeria to see my family and attend my son's graduating ceremony, booking reference(TE32FB)...

Airports Company South Africa Stockholm New Jersey / bag broken into, and item stolen. (Complaint)

David Bresler Feb 27, 2018

On Monday 26 Feb 18, I flew with British Airways to ORT, then on to Singapore, with Singapore Airlines. My suitcase was sealed with 2 cable ties. On receiving my suitcase, the cable ties were missing. Inside the bag, the inner zip was open, and a plastic ziplock bag, containing a TENS machine, was unzipped, and the little machine was gone...

Skyscanner / british airways flight (Complaint Comment)

JT578 Feb 14, 2018

reservation for your recent British Airways flight. Skyscanner is a search engine only - we don't take bookings or payments. Therefore if you've paid for a bassinet booking then, and based on what British Airways have said as well, it sounds like when you've redirected away from the Skyscanner search results to make your booking, you've actually booked with a travel agent rather than with British Airways directly...

Skyscanner / british airways flight (Complaint)

Marcarcher Feb 13, 2018

6th jan flying with British airways, traveling was myself my partner, my daughter (4) and my new born baby (3month) I paid for a bassinete for baby, both outbound and inbound the flights did not have a bassinete on board so I spent 7 hrs with the baby on my lap both me and baby uncomfortable and baby very upset...

British Airways / ba4143 (Complaint)

Sandra plaskow Feb 4, 2018

Booking ref 5YMEE5 we had no notification of our flight this week we did not know it was Cathay as it was ba flight number so 24 hours before we try to check in online and can't because we are referred to Cathay, as Cathay have 48hr check in there were no seats left and I spent a sleepless...