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(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Feb 14, 2018    JT578
british airways flight
reservation for your recent British Airways flight. Skyscanner is a search engine only - we don't take bookings or payments. Therefore if you've paid for a bassinet booking then, and based on what British Airways have said as well, it sounds like when you've redirected away from the Skyscanner search results to make your booking, you've actually booked with a travel agent rather than with British Airways directly...


Posted: Feb 13, 2018    Marcarcher
british airways flight
6th jan flying with British airways, traveling was myself my partner, my daughter (4) and my new born baby (3month) I paid for a bassinete for baby, both outbound and inbound the flights did not have a bassinete on board so I spent 7 hrs with the baby on my lap both me and baby uncomfortable and baby very upset...

British Airways

Posted: Feb 4, 2018    Sandra plaskow
Booking ref 5YMEE5 we had no notification of our flight this week we did not know it was Cathay as it was ba flight number so 24 hours before we try to check in online and can't because we are referred to Cathay, as Cathay have 48hr check in there were no seats left and I spent a sleepless...

British Airways Amsterdam Montana

Posted: Jan 23, 2018    Dusti Wofford
about to stop flying British Airways. I understand mistakes happen but 2 times in a row for the amount of money and travelling I do. Claim # now is AMSBA62162 (Date January 21st 2018) Claim # in October 2017 (which has been another debacle getting reimbursed) 17204314 My AA# is C086C42 I would like some form of compensation for the stress, time and frustration...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango

Posted: Jan 16, 2018    Reyhana
lack of flexibility and service for flight je525 dated 16 december 2017/ booking reference pzpnqb
So, I booked another flight with British Airways for 2 pm and went home. I have travelled with Mango using these times on previous occasions, and I have never had a problem with missing my flight. As there was a three hour gap between flights, and I had no idea about the Emirates delay, this was not my fault, and I feel highly upset that Mango could not accommodate me at all, other than me having to wait for a standby flight...

British Airways Chula Vista California

Posted: Jan 15, 2018    LorenaAcevedo
canceled flight and no rebooking
I received a notice that my flights got was cxld O6YQBS récord locator so I called BA and they said I had to call AA but I told them it was a BA flight and customer service was not very friendly or tried to help with situation all he kept repeating was that he couldn't do anything. I alwa...

eDreams online

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 10, 2017    Ruth Amir
I am complaining about a recent booking I made online.
Purchase a ticket for the British Airways (BA) flight taking off at 16:30 and expect a compensation of 600 euros from Easyjet sent as a cheque to our address. 2. Request accommodation near the airport until seats on an Easyjet flight become available – possibly the same flight departing the following evening...

British Airways Newton Massachusetts

Posted: Dec 4, 2017    Michelle Anne Knupfer
flight service
Good day, I would like to complain about the following flights:
15 Nov 2017
Terminal A
16 Nov 2017
Heathrow (London)
Terminal 5
30 Nov 2017
Heathrow (Lond...

Qatar Airways Doha

Posted: Nov 22, 2017    SS74
e-ticket 157 236 7040847
with partner airline British Airways from Heathrow, London to New York, USA on 10 October returning on 15 October 2017. On this occasion, prior to departure I went through a special passport screening and the personal at check-in did not raise any issues with my passport and neither did immigration in the US...

Airlines Ticket Corporation

Posted: Nov 13, 2017    Belinda Lombard Weweje
online flights at "lower" cost
Africa to Spain on British Airways. Due to my son NOT getting the visa, I cancelled the flight. I was informed that there would be a charge of 499 USD for cancellation and the balance refunded in 4 to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks I contacted them for the refund and I was told it will take a little bit longer...

Air India London, England, Greater London

Posted: Oct 24, 2017    Manish Reddy9995
flight cancelled
But the flights British Airways and Jet Airways operated on the same date and flied to same destination Mumbai but the only Air India flight got cancelled. You would have arranged an alternate Flight for the passengers on the same day but you didn't and send me on the next day i...

British Airways

Posted: Oct 17, 2017    Ms chin
wrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month
I have called countless times to British Airways Baggage Team and I get different responses each time. On 17 October 2017, during the call, I was advised to call the courier services. The courier services said no baggage under MANBA 23430. I made another call again and I was given a new Missing Baggage Report Number which is LHRBA 26284...

British Airways

Posted: Oct 12, 2017    Ted Vincent
ba uses predatory practises! they cxl itineraries if you have a challenge with an existing flight.. at your cost!
BA uses Predatory Practices! they cxl itineraries if you have a challenge with an existing flight.. AT YOUR COST!

Never book a leg with BA if it is not mandatory to your trip! You only have down side.

We flew to UK, a week later we had a challenge with a flight in...

FlightHub Cornwall Ontario

Posted: Oct 9, 2017    Solangecarneiro
misleading, not enough information
Toronto, flying with British Airways @ 17:55PM, flight number 6158. Myself, unaware that now we need an ESTA to enter the US (even if it's only a layover) and that one needs an ETA to enter Canada, I try to check in 2/half hours before my flight at the counter of American Airlines...


Posted: Oct 8, 2017    Gillian Hepworth
flight booked with opodo, have been emailing, phoning and getting nowhere.
partner airline to British Airways/ Vueling and the flight number on the board was prefixed with BA. I was sold 2 business class seats!! The seats and leg room were the same as all the others on the plane which were economy. The food had run out so no food, where was the business class? No lounge at Gatwick so I had to pay for Number one lounge myself on top of the fare...

British Airways

Posted: Sep 20, 2017    Jh99
customer (dis) service
I just spoke to a guy at the BA "help desk" trying to reserve a seat for my Mother who is 86 & profoundly deaf.
Traveling San Diego to London next week.
The agent insisted on speaking to my Mother who couldn't understand his very strong Indian accent (I barely could myself & ...


Posted: Sep 20, 2017    Warren Davies
delayed flight
of time to catch my British Airways flight BA0142 from Delhi to London departing at 01:50 on the 20th of September. Air Asia then cancelled that flight and issued me a new flight departing at Goa 19:25 landing in Delhi at 22:00. This gave me 2hrs 50mins to collect my bag and check it into my British Airways flight...

British Airways Irving Texas

Posted: Sep 19, 2017    reenajogi
flight delayed
Booking reference: U9NGV5
Flight was delayed, got off the plane and back on.
Someone took my seat on the flight
The flight did not leave till 2am, missed my flight to Budapest and had to pay to reschedule which made me miss time with my family. I am very disappointed and ...

Malaysia Airlines

Posted: Sep 17, 2017    khaysoon
priority tag and refused admission into singapore sats lounge
Executive Club member of British Airways (BA14466763). We were at the SATS lounge at 10:45am before our flight on MAS, MH628, at 12:15pm. This is in contradiction to the Oneworld terms and conditions (as given below in the websitehttps://www. britishairways. com/en-gb/executive-club/tiers-and-benefits/lounge-access): "Enjoy the comfort and facilities of over 60 dedicated British Airways lounges and an additional 90 partner lounges worldwide...

Kuwait Airways

Posted: Aug 28, 2017    Abhi0607
ku302 13th aug
complaint was raised with British airways hence I should be following up with them 2. BA said they had nothing to do with it and Kuwait airways needed to follow up 3. The lost and found at the airport in Vienna had not understanding of how to manage the process. These people are the most useless lot on the planet...


Posted: Aug 26, 2017    CazSu01
flight reservations
the flights are with british airways, we have flown with them before with him and they were great. I received an email from e dreams which stated at my earliest convenience to call them and state what assistance was needed and if using his wheelchair the dimensions. I rang the numbers given on the email for both uk and spain and was told the first number for u...

British Airways

Posted: Aug 23, 2017    wojtek
seat assignment
2017 charged by British Airways. Unfortunately contrary to our belief that everything was taken care of upon check in the gentleman handed us tickets for the completely different seats than the ones we purchased. We went to complain before boarding to the lady and boarding station who despite to our please continued telling me - sorry you have never made reservation with British Airways, we don't have your assigned seats in our system sorry whoever you gave your money too hopefully you can get a refund (she consistently kept embarrassing me trying to convince me in front of other people gathered around that I have not made my arrangement on British Airlines because she would see it then a I must be a liar)...


Posted: Aug 21, 2017    Alessandro Prando
flight cancelled by british airways
My flight (BA 034) on 18th August has been cancelled. I am seeking compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004 for this disrupted flight. The amount to be given is 600€uro (accordingly rules defined). I was trying to contact directly the airline but they said I have to deal with Skyscanner...

British Airways

Posted: Aug 18, 2017    Chris Giliberti
old aircraft
Flying by their planes is like traveling by an old bus. Almost the same. The seats are small, uncomfortable, old and in a horrible condition. The salon is dirty, some trash can be seen. Maybe it's ok during a flight, but what about the moment when passengers come into the plane? I really h...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango Durban

Posted: Aug 17, 2017    Sheena22
mango airlines
flight to Cape Town on British airways I rushed to find out the delay. My parents were in disarray and no one assisted them even at that time, being told that their seats were sold to stand bye. They were then asked to go and book another flight and be on standby by. Finally my mum and brother who needed assistance went on one flight and my dad on another all different times...

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