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Andersen Windows & Doors Saint Cloud Minnesota / storm door (Complaint)

Irishman5486 Aug 21, 2018

My brand new door slams shut because the screw holes for the door arm are too big for the screws provided. As a result, the arm doesn't have proper tension on the door and it provides little to no resistance. Andersen customer service tells me I need to modify the door and they won't repla...

Andersen Venting Roof Windows / Do not operate properly! (Complaint Comment)

the last few years my Andersen windows have been rotting on the bottom window sashes some from the inside and most from the outside. There should be no reason these windows are rotting after only 14 years of use with regular yearly care...

Andersen Windows & Doors / storm door glass exploded (Complaint)

Jack2018 Aug 6, 2018

Anderson storm door glass exploded and shattered into pieces suddenly. It was just 14 months since it got installed by Lowe's. Anderson said no warranty for glass. I thought Anderson was good window glass product brand but obviously I was wrong. I googled this issue. It seemed it happened ...

Andersen Doors / internal blind working mechanism... (Complaint)

C Jean Triplett Jul 30, 2018

Andersen Doors internal blind working mechanism...We purchased a triple and double andersen doors because I wanted the internal blinds...the ones I had before had just a lever to slide and worked perfectly well, and also I could raise and lower the blinds...these new ones I am told have to stay down as they are crooked when raised...also ...

Renewal by Andersen Brewster Massachusetts / unethical behavior (Complaint)

plaidman Jul 14, 2018

Bought 4 replacement windows. Program was NO money down, NO payments, NO interest for 2 years.

Before windows were installed contract was sold to finance company who started sending bills for principal and interest. When I refused to pay until windows were installed they threa...

Renewal by Andersen / windows and doors (Complaint)

Greg Weir Jun 12, 2018

This company sends constant spam. I am not sure how I got on their mailing list, but I have been receiving 6 or more emails per day from them with various promotions. I don't even live in the USA or in an area served by them. I have contacted them and was told that they would remove my ema...

Andersen Windows & Doors / patio door (Complaint)

Harry41 May 30, 2018

When door was installed it would not close. It took a year but Anderson did replace one of the panels so the door would close. However the new panel would not lock. After more than an hour on hold the support girl said that was an alignment issue and was not covered by the warranty and wou...

Andersen Windows & Doors Merrill Michigan / anderson 3000 series door (Complaint)

Dennis Roehm Apr 16, 2018

I purchased this door about five years ago and the hinge plate is washed out, which makes the door droop. Thus the hinge came loose, this washed out the screw holes. I called Anderson and was told this is not covered. I'm alright to pay for some of it, but I believe 65.00 is quite a mark u...

Andersen Windows & Doors Lancaster South Carolina / series 2500 storm door (Complaint)

Joe Home Owner Apr 3, 2018

The pre-drilled holes for hinge to mount are in the wrong spot. If I put the hinge on using the pre-drilled holes the the hinge will not properly fit in the space between the door edge. When I call the number on the package for help what I get is somebody who will read the install directio...

Andersen Windows & Doors / installed windows by anderson leaking - and no call back!!! (Complaint)

rebeccajnichols Mar 15, 2018

windows installed by Anderson- now leaking. numerous calls placed with NO return calls. installed at 120 Sakonnet Rd Portsmouth RI 02871, installed about 5 years ago. a call to Barbara Beaumont would be nice.
This was confirmed- still under warranty when Barbara called. Rep stated s...

Andersen Windows / Poor customer service (Complaint Comment)

bemp Mar 5, 2018

I had a sales rep from the local Andersen Window come out to answer several questions I had, and give a quote for casement window replacements. Well, two sales reps came to my home with a double-hung "salesman sample"...not the casement sample as I had specifically requested. I asked why d...

Renewal by Andersen St Charles IL / recent window order (Complaint)

Robert Moll Feb 12, 2018

Did not receive or install a $3, 203.00 46W 80H window.
Installed the interior trim around the windows on unfinished walls, now I need to pull off all the trim ( possible damage) and re install it.
Was very rushed into an order before I had all the details on my home design. R...

Andersen Windows & Doors / anderson 4000 storm door (Complaint)

Lowee Nov 29, 2017

I bought 4 Anderson doors from Home Depot
2 Entry doors and 2 storm doors
Installation went well on three doors but the 4000 storm door was a disaster
The installer could not get the screen out in order to put in the glass
I called Anderson and they sent me a repl...

Renewal by Andersen DURHAM California / sales representative (Complaint)

Rebecca Fox Oct 3, 2017

In August, Mr Crabtree [protected]) came to our home and quoted us a price of $23, 000 for replacement windows. He indicated he could not provide me with a copy of the spreadsheet with each window listed with the cost. I asked him to provide a list of local customers who had purchased Rene...

Renewal by Andersen Denver Colorado / false advertising (Complaint)

J Cardiello Sep 5, 2017

I am told Window Warmth/Denver d/b/a Renewal by Andersen spends more than a million dollars a month trying to brainwash Colorado Homeowners into believing that wood and vinyl windows are the worst, and Fibrex is worth 10 times the money. Truth be known, Fibrex windows are 60% vinyl and 40%...

Andersen Windows & Doors / anderson vinyl clad double hung windows rotting in bottom corners (Complaint)

Leslie LP Sep 4, 2017

Andersen Windows & Doors anderson vinyl clad double hung windows rotting in bottom cornersWe built our home in the end of 2000 and installed Andersen double hung vinyl clad windows. I've been noticing paint cracking along the lower corners on the inside for years. Finally I noticed the cracks were really covering black rotten wood. I have 29 of these windows in my home and I ca...

Renewal by Andersen Middletown, NEW York, New York / windows wrong size & not installed in 8 weeks (Complaint)

Barbara Ristano Aug 28, 2017

I Signed a contract with Anderson Windows on July 7, 2018. The salesman measured the windows on signing. A second man from Anderson came & measured. The windows came in & supposed to be installed August 14, 2018. The windows were 1/8 to big wrong size. My husband talk to a manager that day...

Andersen Windows & Doors / replacement part cost, procedure, and customer service (Complaint)

David Millson Aug 24, 2017

I need to replace the bottom half of a 200 series Anderson window and inquired with their customer service to find out that the part I need which is probably about 1/2 of the window costs more to replace than the cost of buying a new window. It's actually 50$ less to purchase the whole win...

Renewal by Andersen Louisville , KY / windows (Complaint)

J.T. King Jun 17, 2017

We purchased 27 windows from renewal by Andersen, big mistake. They were purchased is year ago. We were told about how efficient and easy to care for they were. Wrong. First of all my bills were not enough lower to even notice. Second they are not easy to care for. Every morning we wake up...

Renewal by Andersen Green Bay Wisconsin / windows (Complaint)

Robert Shampo May 15, 2017

Renewal by Andersen windowsThe windows slide from side to side when locked, sales man wanted to put pads in to help, all this will do is maintain a gap for more air to enter the home, recall this or fix it properly, not with weathers, if I wanted to use weathers, I would not have put in new windows. I paved over 13,...

Andersen Windows / Quality (Complaint Comment)

Optomist1 May 8, 2017

doubt I'll purchase Andersen windows again...

Andersen Windows Anderson Indiana / Rotting wood in thewindows (Complaint Comment)

dmohr Apr 30, 2017

1995 with double hung Andersen windows. Several have rot in the lower left window frames. 'They will soon be so bad as to fall apart. The lower frame rail came loose on one and another has a large chunck of rotted wood that just popped off one day. Andersen is going to be in trouble for this...

Renewal by Andersen Parker Colorado / Error in measurement and poor response (Complaint)

Bruce Daniel Finfrock Apr 28, 2017

Renewal by Andersen Error in measurement and poor responseRenewal by Anderson
Customer: Bruce & Sandy Finfrock 10255 Amethyst Way, Parker, CO 80134

February 24, 2017: Ordered windows with Mike Mattingly
April 11, 2017: Windows arrived for installation. Discovered the 3 family room windows were 10 inches too short.

Andersen Windows & Doors Middletown New York / Andersen windows (Complaint)

Matthew Frasier Mar 9, 2017

I have installed 11 windows in my home but when the gentleman came to give an estimate I was told he was putting in 12 windows because I wanted all my windows to be done he stated that two window will be done in in one frame so it counts as one but he lied. Then he put it on two different ...

Renewal by Andersen Middletown Schenectady NY / Installer misinformation (Complaint)

windowman Feb 28, 2017

All ( except a very few ) Renewal by Andersen United States locations are privately owned franchises. The Greater NYS Capitol Area and The Hudson River Valley Area territories are owned by Eric Minkiewicz who along with his wife Holly lives at 6001 Queen Mary Court Schenectady, New York Ho...