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131 reviews matching "Worldventures"

World Ventures / dreamtrips membership and worldventures representative and business system (Complaint)

Kelsey Adams Dec 6, 2018

sent two emails to the worldventures group asking for my account to be cancelled and to be refunded my payment. The first email was sent less than a day after I signed up. Since then I have gotten two case numbers and no response. This was done during the period of late October to early November...

WorldVentures Holdings / nigerian prospects challenges (Complaint)

Joy Damian Dec 4, 2018

Dear WV Team,

My name is Joy Damian Onyia. I am from the Federal Capital City of Nigeria, West Africa. I am a banker and a Fashion designer and recently, an enrolled member with is no [protected].

I was introduced to your organisation by a brother in South Africa...

Worldventures / pyramid scheme with a twist (Complaint Comment)

Holly Christ Nov 30, 2018

ditch you because of WorldVentures🤔...

Worldventures / pyramid scheme with a twist (Complaint Comment)

Holly Christ Nov 30, 2018

their lives to save WorldVentures Reps from HELL. 🛑 STOP 🛑 deceiving people...

WorldVentures Holdings Timisoara / membership subscription (Complaint)

Adriana Sirbulescu Nov 28, 2018

Hi everyone,

Please be so kind and help me with the steps to follow in order to cancel my membership and receive my money back.
I paid for a platinum membership Saturday, 24th of November, and I really want to cancel it because I changed my mind, it seems to be a lot o...

Worldventures USA, Plano / cancellation of membership and refund (Complaint Comment)

litat Nov 18, 2018

to both email address support@worldventures. com and eteam@worldventures. com. By now I only received the trace number. They seem not to reply. Probably this is cheating membership fees company. Be aware!!!...

World Ventures Texas / travel membership / recruitment membership (Complaint)

mcgreen75 Jun 21, 2018

I signed up for a For World Ventures in April of 2015.

You are given points to use towards vacation packages for every months fee paid. I recruiter enrolled me, and told me that the points never expire. They said in their video, "it's like having a piggy bank, you can use them...

WorldVentures Holdings London, England, Greater London / refund not received on cancelled subscription on edreams / dream trips since october 2017. (Complaint)

Mickael Karatzas May 13, 2018

Hello, my name is Michail Karatzas and back in October 2017 I was contacted by an Independent Representative and was sold an annual subscription called something like "edreams / Dream Trips" at the cost of $514.92 while my assigned member id was [protected]. A few hours later, I contacted ...

WorldVentures Holdings Welkom / the vacations is not for two people but per person. (Complaint)

Angrie member Jan 31, 2018

I joined worldventures last year 2017 September, what attract me all vacations was for two people but the time I want to book in January 2018 says per person that is too expensive than I pay without worldventures discount. I email support @worldventures. com but they only send email back they already cancel my account but refund, I want my money back as you said if we don't take any vacation within a year you pay in all but as points, as for me now I fnt want anything about this company but my money back...

Worldventures / another pyramid scheme targeting already weakened people (Complaint)

lovelyd2d Jan 13, 2018

This company is terrible I wanted to cancel my membership but no one is getting back at me I use there website for travel and it was a mess and didn't get anything back from them. Customer service sucks I ask a copy of my receipts for the paid flights but it took them months. Im happy some...

Worldventures Snow Hill North Carolina / threw my back out could not take my trip (Complaint)

Kim Whitley Dec 18, 2017

Please cancel my World Ventures membership.

I am furious with the way that my situation was handled with my 1st trip and Customer Service was of no help to me wait time an hour. I threw my back out and was not able to make my first trip and nothing could be done to accommodate...

Worldventures USA, Plano / cancellation of membership and refund (Complaint Comment)

Lechane Pelotona Nov 1, 2017

where using support@worldventures. com Tried to explain to them they are taking long to respond to my complaints. At least they have cancelled my membership. I have learnt a lesson. I will never be caught up in companies like world ventures anymore. Yes it may be a good company with opportunities, but the problem is that they lie about a lot of staff when presenting their case...

Worldventures Nairobi / cancellation email acknowledgement. (Complaint Comment)

Outerspec Oct 24, 2017

here: support@worldventures. biz I also emailed them at their old email address. eteam@worldventures. com Hell, I even emailed them at another address associated with them. dtsupport@dreamtrips. com...

Worldventures USA, Plano / cancellation of membership and refund (Complaint Comment)

Outerspec Oct 24, 2017

I'm having the exact same problem with worldventures. i'm even trying to call them but they're stonewalling me! they don't want to respond to me right away so the time i'm eligible for a refund expires and they get to keep my money. This has to be illegal! Why is it so hard to cancel something which i've paid for? I would appreciate a response...

Worldventures USA, Plano / cancellation of membership and refund (Complaint)

Lechane Pelotona Oct 15, 2017

this email: support@worldventures. com, they took 5 days to respond and they responded on the 6th day of cancellation. They are now indicating that i am not eligible for refund. I am not happy with how they responded and the fact that they said there is no refund. I need help, WILL BE PLEASED IF MY REQUEST WILL BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION LECHANE PELOTONA ID70881483 MY email; nonopelotona@gmail...

Worldventures / worldventures membership (Complaint)

Osbert Tufuor Oct 12, 2017

I canceled my account some months ago and they still keep charging my account. I just want my money refunded back to my account. I worked hard for my money and yet they continue to take the money out of my account. Now I have to change my card just to not be charged. If this is not resolve...

Worldventures / pyramid scheme with a twist (Complaint Comment)

Ahjan Oct 3, 2017

from a fellow Happy WorldVentures Rep...

Worldventures nairobi / training (Complaint)

cmmutua Sep 15, 2017

i will never forget world venture for breaking my family. My wife enrolled in this world venture without my knowledge only to come and learn of overseas training's and trips which am not aware. Its all in pain to just swallow this and see your family being destroyed because of something li...

Worldventures Fries, Virginia / payment (Complaint)

Laura3508 Sep 7, 2017

She sent an email to 'support@worldventures. com' the 5th of August 2017 in order to cancel her account and be refund. However, you took 400 euros on her bank account . Please, refund it on the next two weeks and there will not have any problems, with no answer from you in the within one week we will file complaint...

Worldventures / account info (Complaint)

tezra Sep 7, 2017

One of my member Lavar Watkins [protected] only wanted the product and business was taken out on his account. I tried to submit this 2 weeks ago and still no response I do not want to lose him as a customer please fix this problem and if possible refund him for the business part and maybe ...

Worldventures Miami Florida / membership cancellation (Complaint)

Herroitskenny Sep 1, 2017

worldventures. biz Sponsor: David Pupo, [protected], Pupo. david@yahoo. com Reason: I change my mind about the program and feel as if it is not suitable for me. I would like the full $299. 96 refund please as I need it immediately due to my financial circumstances. I do not want to be a sales representative or a member anymore...

Worldventures / termination of membership (Complaint)

Josephash Aug 31, 2017

membership request to Worldventures via email, no one is responding and they are still debiting my credit card. Here is the copy of the email, I would like to cancel / terminate my recent membership / representative with WorldVentures. My data as below: Name: Joseph Onzee Mukabwa Rep ID#: [protected] Address: PO Box [protected] Webuye Kenya Physical address: KCB Bank Ltd Webuye Branch, Kenya...

Worldventures / termination of membership (Complaint)

Abigail Rankokwane Aug 31, 2017

representative with Worldventures. My data as below: Name: Abigail Rankokwane Member ID#: [protected] Product(s): DreamTrips Platinum Websites: sjankie70. dreamtrips. com Product(s): DreamTrips Platinum, Sponsor: Lenah Garegope Reason: Change my mind about joining the program/ membership and feel that the program not suitable for me...

Worldventures Nairobi / cancellation email acknowledgement. (Complaint)

Teresa wambugu Jul 13, 2017

a representative of worldventures. My data is as follows; Name; teresa wangui wambugu Rep id; [protected] Phone; [protected] Date; 12/july/2017 Products; dreamtrips gold representative business system Website; teresawangui@dreamtrips. com, teresawangui@worldventures...

Worldventures Vancouver British Columbia / irregular business practices (Complaint)

Fringellidaeus Jul 11, 2017

I was enrolled as a representative on 24 April 2017. My client number was [protected]

The person who enrolled me may have used another representative's number as sponsor (the number shown on the web page was XXXXXXXX, which was likely the number of the person immediately ahead...