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Silverleaf Resorts Texas / Lies (Complaint Comment)

mlreadusmcret Apr 9, 2013

I am looking for some Silverleaf Resort, Inc. owners or anyone who has visited and would be interested in helping my wife and I by sharing your experience with us. I retired from the Marines at the age of 18(TDRL until full retirement in April of 1969). I was shot in the head with an AK-47 on 7Nov1966...

Silverleaf Resorts / Don't work there (Complaint Comment)

AshleySchmoo Mar 14, 2013

You're more or less their slave at Silverleaf...

Silverleaf Resorts / Denny Moore Texas / Silverleaf Resorts/ D&M Marketing (Complaint Comment)

anonomo8836 Mar 6, 2013

I started there Silverleaf is a scam and Rip off to employees and owners i don't get time with my children at all any more I have to choose in between a job or my children which is ridiculous I can't believe what I got myself into I feel stuck in don't know how to get out if I don't go to work I lose my job if I do go to work it's a possibility I lose my job is true does this money that they gave you is a scam u pay it all back upon interview they said family friendly n not true at all i hate this job i needa lawyer...

Oak N Spruce Silverleaf South Lee Massachusetts / Michael Morrell-GM (Complaint Comment)

Truth-Speaker Jan 21, 2013

He was a snake when he worked for Silverleaf and he is an even bigger snake now! Not only ripping off timeshare owners but ripping off his employees stealing countless dollars. He cannot keep employees just the few mindless drones he has brainwashed into believing he is some sort of god. DO NOT do business with Leisure Getaways you will be taken for a ride a very expensive ride...

Silverleaf Resorts Texas / Lies (Complaint)

Houston_scammed Jan 18, 2013

We've been scammed by Silverleaf. They liked to us, manipulated us into buying a timeshare, and now won't book any reservations we want. We're tired of it! So we're working on a court case against them. Join with us to expose them for what they are! Write stopsilverleaf@hotmail. com. It's time we all stopped complaining and did something about them once and for all! NOTE: This is not a message from a law firm...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / Scam (Complaint Comment)

Tired in Houston Jan 12, 2013

explained to the staff at Silverleaf and their response was to just open the door). Since that time they call all day, every day, first on the home and then on husband's cell trying to get us to give them the names of family members and friends that they can harass in an attempt to get them to buy into the scam...

Silverleaf Resorts Galveston Texas / Warning Will Robinson - Danger (Complaint)

Whats Up With This Nov 18, 2012

Last year we were roped into Silverleaf’s free vacation cruise scam in Galveston, Texas. In essence they promise you all manner of freebies from cruises to hotel stays, and then make it impossible for you to claim what they promised. Then, and I suspect now, once you are bored to death with their condo sales pitch, they hook you up with a company called “Spirit Incentives” who process your so called prizes...

Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. Dallas Texas / Misleading Sales Practices (Complaint)

Madinhoustontexas Nov 8, 2012

call sales leads for Silverleaf. In order to have a small chance of winning the car, you must go to the resort with your spouse and listen to both a soft sell and a hard sell for a timeshare. Then, after waiting to see a director, you get to pick from 2 possible vacation sites, which I imagine you could find for yourself online at the same costs... Spirit Incentives Florida / Complete Travel Reward Scam (Complaint Comment)

LIZBOBDE Oct 5, 2012


Silverleaf Resorts several Texas / Dishonesty (Complaint)

JC HOT Sep 1, 2012

Silverleaf Resorts are nothing but a scam that takes your money and lies to sell more. My wife and I own two timeshares and now wish we would have never bought. They lied to us and told us at one point they were no longer going to sell timeshares that you could own, they were going to have a time limit on them, ie 25 years, 50 years etc...

Siverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas / Charging camping fees (Complaint)

hoghead Aug 30, 2012

Silverleaf changed the rules after our purchase and are now being charged for the camping. Some customers are still camping for free!...

Oaks N Spruce Massachusetts / Lies to sell @ Oaks N Spruce (Complaint)

Duc Pham Aug 20, 2012

Oaks N Spruce sales team are a team of liars, they deliberately lied in our face to get us to buy one of the white odd week timeshare. They did not know how to take no for an answer, the whole time they were hiding information and rushing us to buy something. We asked them that we what to ...

Silverleaf Resorts / Avoid at any cost guys (Complaint Comment)

Duc Pham Aug 20, 2012

Oaks N Spruce sales team are a team of liars, they deliberately lied in our face to get us to buy one of the white odd week timeshare. They did not know how to take no for an answer, the whole time they were hiding information and rushing us to buy something. We asked them that we what to ...

Silverleaf Resorts Inc. Texas / Fraud, Breach of Contract (Complaint)

Ted Gresham Jul 23, 2012

Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. , has been around for more than a decade. They’ve used a marketing scheme aimed at lower middle class families, promising far more than they ever delivered. They’ve lured people with the promise of “free gifts” to meetings at resorts where they’ve applied a number of tactics, some unethical and some illegal, to persuade families to buy a timeshare property...

Silverleaf Resorts Katy Texas / cruise scam (Complaint)


time has expired and silverleaf resorts is not responsible. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. WE WENT TO THE PRESENTATION IN GALVESTON TEXAS...

Silverleaf Timeshare Dallas Texas / Executive Scam (Complaint Comment)

mama of five Jul 15, 2012

four hour episode at a silverleaf resort and everybody was so nice and the deal sounded like a no brainer we are a family of seven and the cost of vacation seemed so much cheaper than what we spend normally. But my husband and I left still with kind of that sick feeling in our stomach asking did we do the right thing? Now reading these reviews I feel like maybe we have been conned...

Silverleaf Resort Conroe Texas / Rude Awards Verification Call (Complaint Comment)

warewolfjake Jun 11, 2012

to silverleaf owners i been member for 12+ years know they charged us member 20. 00 a day to camp water&elec i think u can camp anywhere for about that kind of money and then they took out tent camping all toghter i let them know i weas not happy with this so if you would maybe they would look into it thanl you!!!...

Silverleaf Resorts / Avoid at any cost guys (Complaint Comment)

Shellsponies May 15, 2012

As for Silverleaf I have owned for 9 years and have been very happy, you have to know how to buy and use it. Don't buy from Silveleaf. A red week Presidential is the only way to go. Maybe I deal with different people but I have always been treated well. The staff is always friendly. We use our bonus time at least once a month usually 2 times a month with no cost...

Casablanca Express / Scam (Complaint Comment)

Melissa21077 Apr 30, 2012

I recently attended Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort in Conroe, Texas. after about 4 hours of us saying NO we can not afford that they give us a $40 Visa which I used to fill my car with gas =D and a cetificate from Casablanca Express for 3 day 2 night paid trip to Las Vegas with a $100 deposit for fees and taxes...

Silverleaf Resorts / Unauthorized credit check (Complaint Comment)

dulabob Apr 16, 2012

Did you ever get ahold of someone with Silverleaf? I unfortunately bought into them in 2000 and it has been a nonstop nightmare. Here is a number for their corporate office, hope you give 'em hell! [protected]...

Silverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas / Untrustworthy customer service and collections (Complaint Comment)

Willie Martin Apr 2, 2012

If Silverleaf is being too greedy then that could be the reason why the reservation department talks to customers like they are stressed. It is not like a customer service line. Don't call unless you want to upgrade...

Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. (Timeshares) Flint Texas Texas / Silverleaf disrespects combat wounded (Complaint)

mikereadusmcret Feb 17, 2012

I was invited to Silverleaf resorts at to the Villages in Flint, Texas. As a presidential suite owner I was told that I would be accommodated at the Villages in Flint, Texas guaranteed the ADA facility, because my situation is a company wide notation on every computer they own. I was told that there may not be enough room at that time to have a presidential suite...

Silverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas / Untrustworthy customer service and collections (Complaint)

Gold Phoenix Dec 9, 2011

We stayed in touch with Silverleaf to explain the situation and made arrangements. After we completed the payment arrangements we were still struggling and had to miss a payment. They started calling all our references under false pretenses and telling them we owed them money. When I called them to confront them after they called my cousin who was right next to me (I heard the conversation) the rep denied it (was the same rep)...

Silverleaf Resorts Conroe Texas / Lack of Leadership/Customer Service/Mold (Complaint Comment)

sharon Mcbeath Dec 7, 2011

Now we pay more to silverleaf than we did at RCI and get less satisfaction and have to try to meet their dates not ours. Which is frustrating they seem to be controling our vacations our times and our money. I say if you want to do timeshare stick with RCI!!! Well worth not having to deal with the sells of timeshare mainly silverleaf and I also have had trouble with Wyndham which told me my family was not worth the cost of timeshare I exploded! sharon McBeath Midland Texas...

Silverleaf Flint Texas FLINT Michigan / Abuse, high Pressure Sales (Complaint)

Beachlver Nov 24, 2011

sign outside of the Silverleaf in Flint Texas. I want to tell others DONT DO IT. DONT GO IN THERE. I was showed a timeshare that was SO NICE and the first place I stayed there I couldnt even use the grill as I couldnt get to it in my wheel chair. The UNITS WERE terrible. Had this been a Hotel I would have checked out...