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Silverleaf Resorts / unethical (Complaint Comment)

SVR Comments Jan 25, 2016

become very FACTUAL that Silverleaf Resorts is a HUGE CON!! The "updates" are NO MORE THAN A HIGH PRESSURE SALES EVENT'!!! Further, when I have explained very clearly to the member services representative DURING an update, that I was having serious health issues ~ CANCER ~ and was experiencing financial difficulties, I was told ~ "pay what you can as often as you can and that will keep the financial folks off my back...

Silverleaf Resorts Sheridan Illinois / vacation package (Complaint)

Twhy Dec 7, 2015

About a year ago, I was called by a Silverleaf associate that I won a cruise deal. After attending the meeting, I was convinced to sign a vacation package. I tried cancelling before the 6th day but they kept prolonging the issue without resolving it. After couple of months around February or March; I was told to visit their other facility, I was told it is not a timeshare and how upgrading to a better package will be suitable...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

NMacharia Nov 15, 2015

completely stop paying silverleaf. I'm reading all these horror stories in this post but we really cannot afford another payment. We do not own it, though so I fear the worst from them. To anyone who has stopped paying or been able to give the property back (not having the principle paid off) could you please contact me? Nastassiac...

Silverleaf Resorts / unethical (Complaint)

Bellad Nov 4, 2015

This timeshare has been a complete nightmare! We have never taken a vacation & have been married 20 years. It all sounded great & after being so tired & hungry at the 1hr turned 5hrs of hounding from one manager to the next we gave in that was in July 2015. I have yet had anything they tol...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

Christina Barr Sep 23, 2015

UPDATE! Silverleaf resort was bought out by ORANGE LAKE RESORTS in early 2015. From what I have been told by a family member, Silverleaf is not allowed to collect any money from people who haved stopped paying or harass them for non-payment. And ORANGE LAKE RESORTS has had to pay back people that Silverleaf collected money from illegally...

Silver Leaf monthly dues Houston / major increase in dues (Complaint Comment)

Chpeter82 May 1, 2015

Silverleaf have been increasing monthly dues almost all every year and I don't see any improvements they claim to do with the money. I am regretting having a silverleaf timeshare and to make matters worse they are members who don't pay dues at all. This is not fair. What is point of owning a timeshare if the company can increase dues without your consent...

Silver Leaf monthly dues Houston / major increase in dues (Complaint)

Roger Schmaltz Mar 30, 2015

anyone who asks about Silverleaf to not sign any papers...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Michigan / foreclosure (Complaint)

Laura A Hamilton Feb 7, 2015

worth of payments, Silverleaf foreclosed on my timeshare. For the past 5 years Silverleaf has been trying to get me and my ex-husband to upgrade on our current deed because under the new management we have much more benefits than the new owners. They have tried many tactics to get us to upgrade so when I fell behind on the maintenance dues by $200 they took the opportunity to foreclose...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

Trice loves 2 Dec 17, 2014

I just recieved a letter also from SilverLeaf and it did seem to good to be true . so i called my aunt and she researched them and true enough they are big liars i even asked the guywho was on line if it was a scam bc i just didnt trust this. Thanks everyone for your hinesty so i wouldnt waste my time...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

Mary olivio Oct 5, 2014

I stop paying on my Silverleaf payment they keep sending a bill I just cannot afford paying for it anymore...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

miakobe Aug 8, 2014

to help me againts Silverleaf. I submitted my paper last May and right now just waiting. According to Kayira Law Team, this could take months if not years but they could not recommend me to either cancel or continue with the payment. I am still paying cause because I don't want this againts my credit...

Silverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas / financial services department (Complaint)

B. Greenwade Jul 21, 2014

Silverleaf however, continues to send me a bill showing an amount due and of course it increases each month. I've called their department to no avail. They state the amount was applied to the maintenance fee even though that fee is mailed to a separate address and is a totally different amount...

Silverleaf Resorts Tyler / hostage situation (Complaint)

Texasnursecindy Jun 30, 2014

We "won" a vacation after spinning a wheel at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. After a payment of $99.00 to secure us a great deal at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine where we were to get a 3 day, 2 night stay and $100 VISA gift card. We only had to go to a timeshare spiel at The Villages Resort ...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

Junadi Jun 24, 2014

monthly payment for silverleaf resort, did it affect your credit?...

Silverleaf Resorts Houston / liars and bullies (Complaint)

TiredoftheScams05 Jun 10, 2014

she said they had a Silverleaf there too and that I should take my time out of my vacation to go to their tour. what? yeah, sure). The girl on the phone reluctantly said she was going to cancel my appointment. Today another girl calls me and basically tells me that I'm obligated to go because when they made the reservation in my name, they had bought the "prize" tickets for the free vacation in my name as well...

Silverleaf Canyon Lake / misleading (Complaint)

boonewyatt86 May 26, 2014

Silverleaf is a terrible company. They lie consistently, beginning from where you spin the wheel at the fair to the session with the counselor. Here is a list of problems we had with Silverleaf: 1. At the fair, the salesman said we would receive $100 gift card to places like Red Lobster/Applebess - the restaurant...

Silverleaf Resort Conroe Texas / rude awards verification call (Complaint)

Unknown713 Mar 11, 2014

The first call was made to me before a friend of mine visited for the weekend and they said she listed me as a referral. I was okay with coming out but on the way I get a call from the appointment line stating that they are having scheduling problems and needed to cancel my appointment and...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

texanlady Feb 28, 2014

to visit all of the silverleaf resorts. which of course now, we all know that is just a lie. we have tried to talk to them, but they just try to give us another unit which is a bi-annual & only bout $50. 00 cheaper. well, that still don't work. they call about 2 to 3 times a day about 3 to 4 days a week trying to tell us all those scare tactics of what they will do to us if we don't pay...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

joe2014 Feb 15, 2014

Silverleaf has made a lot of false statements. I have stopped making payments. They are continuously harassing me to make the payments or downgrade or change payment terms. I cannot afford these payments...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

miakobe Feb 5, 2014

paying for my conroe silverleaf timeshare but I am scared; has your credit been hit or lawyers been after you?...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)

silverleafh8ter Aug 29, 2013

Heres what silverleaf dosnt want you to see print these out and bring them in to your appointment you will be pushed right out the door i hope this information was helpful and please dont buy this its a scam plus the intrest rate is 17% go an tell me if im wrong. /The documents have been removed/...

Silverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas / foreclosure lies (Complaint Comment)

knittingmom Jul 13, 2013

We had similar issues with the SIlverleaf customer service and staff, it never got any better. We are finally getting refunded from them scamsters. All they want you to do is keep upgrading anyway. Anything you have is never enough. We didn't need an attorney or anything. We had looked at hiring one in Texas and they wanted a $1000 retainer to handle it...

Silverleaf Resorts Dallas Texas / foreclosure lies (Complaint)

Dzzkitty Jun 29, 2013

fees last month from Silverleaf resorts. We have (had according to them) a 2 bedroom unit in the Oak and Spruce in Lee Massachusetts. We had not received any prior certified letters of any intent to foreclose. Our unit mortgage had been fully paid for over a year - we just owed this maintenance or fees...

Silverleaf Resorts / I stopped paying! (Complaint Comment)

Carla Gregg Jun 26, 2013

I received a silverleaf guest card with a $40. 00 value ( supposedly ) on it and when I went to use it, the card was rejected for no funds available!!! the tracking # [protected], this card has never been used before and I would like for the $40. 00 value to be put back onto the card or there will be serious consequences to bare!!! My name is Carla Gregg and can be reach at this phone # [protected] at any given time! So please call, email, or do whatever you are supposed to do to refund my $40...

Silverleaf Debt / Lloyd Ward And Associates / debt settlement (Complaint Comment)

allan cowan May 14, 2013

Lloyd ward, silverleaf, and debt rx usa have scam me big time, then they sent my account to meracord. I just found out that they are going out of business. I paid a total of $284. 01 for 36 months, then they wanted more. that's when I close the bank draw they were getting from me for 36 months. they called and said they were working on settling...