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Silverleaf Texas / warcalling (Complaint Comment)

take the recording and Silverleaf to small claims court. Yes, it works. Good luck...

Silverleaf Texas / warcalling (Complaint)


Im not interested in your ###ing timeshares.
I told them to remove me from there damn list. yet this ### called me again.
I kindly asked them to stop calling me. FOR THE ###ING 60TH TIME!!!
*this was at 605pm today*
Still the turd cant listen that Im not intere...

Silverleaf Arlington Texas / ripoff (Complaint)


Conartist and ripoff.
The lure you in thinking you won a nice prize of either, a new car, $40, 0000, prosche, shopping spree or a trip to some exotic land.
When you read the fine print you have to attend a 90 minute timeshare crap presentation and give them a valid credit car...

Silverleaf Resorts North Richland Hills Texas / constantly calls every 3 minutes (Complaint)


Dallas, TX 75287 Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. , Dallas Thomas J. Morris, [protected] x2218 or Investor Relations @ ICR, Inc. William R. Schmitt, [protected] or Media @ ICR, Inc. Alecia Pulman, [protected] Some email addresses for you to complain: [protected]@silverleafresorts...

Silverleaf Resorts / omg (Complaint)


I was wondering if anyone can offer help, I am a single 29 year mom and I went to this awful high pressure place, I am in sales and these guys put me to shame. I was there for 4 hours with them making me feel like if I didn't sign I wasn't leaving. I did the 1k thing and now I am $190 deep...

Silverleaf Resorts / scam and cheating (Complaint)


that works for silverleaf resort. Biggest scam artist there is. he get mad when you buy. and try to trick into buying. you should also be aware of the other reps. that works for him. They will try to sell you resort that dates are not available. DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THEIR DINNERS IT'S A BIG SCAM. From texas to chicago to boston and new york...

Silverleaf Resorts / fraud and scam (Complaint)


My wife and I are Silverleaf timeshare owners since 2006, and I regret the day I signed the note. I would like to express how Silverleaf has managed to basically strip my family of thousands of dollars. I have to admit that it was partly my fault for letting this people "*** in" into buying one of their properties...

Spirit Incentives / For off season travel only! (Complaint Comment)


hotel so I went to my Silverleaf rep and they made some phone calls for us and we were given better accommodations, but now we have to put up with not having a place to stay because they failed to pay for our hotel reservations...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)


We have been Silverleaf owners since 1991 and I can honestly tell you they have gone to *** in a hand basket. We recently stayed out at the Villages for "complimentary" stay as long as we attended the meeting. Well fine sure we needed a short getaway. So we get there on a Friday around 9:30pm, as we had to work all day, and low and behold they put us up in one of the oldest condos they had and we were specific we told them we wanted a lodge unit, not a condo unit...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)


Just an FYI ~ I just purchased a Silverleaf timeshare and I did get the bonus time transfer with it. I used it a couple of weeks ago, so I know its there. Kim...

Silverleaf Resorts / don't work there (Complaint Comment)


I am visiting the Vilages Silverleaf resort in east Texas (Lake Palestine) on Sunday 08/31/08. I have no intentions of buying anything. I am a fraud investigator and am very interested in the comments that were posted; especially about forging documents. If you have any advice or suggestions on questions to task these people - to potentially confirm their fraudulent activity - please email me at [protected]@aol...

Spirit Incentives / For off season travel only! (Complaint Comment)


presentation last year at Silverleaf Resort Office in Dallas Texas and was awarded two free giveaways from Spirit Incentives for attending the presentation. The first one was a 5day 4night free hotel stay at various locations. One of the locations was Montego Bay Jamaica. I followed the process on the form and submitted the three dates to Spirit...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint)


Silverleaf Resorts sends out mail incessantly saying "You've won a free vacation!" They say all you need to do is come for a free 1. 5 hour presentation on their resort. They also promise a $40 gas card from Spirit Incentives. These guys are a total scam. The presentation is a high pressure sales job preying on what appeared to be low-income families...

Spirit Incentives Ft Lauderdale Florida / Rip off, Scam, Criminal Organization (Complaint)


estate presentation by Silverleaf Resorts. They send out notices that "You've won a free trip" all you have to do is attend a 1. 5 hour presentation. Actually the presentation takes much longer. They promised a gas card for $40 and two free vacations. It was total bs. The gas card was to be awarded by Spirit Incentives...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)


your site regarding Silverleaf Timeshares. The maintenance fees keep going up, the bonus times keeps changing for the worse and due to the oversaturation of the resale market you can’t even seem to give them away and people keep paying companies more and more to only end up disappointed again and again...

Silverleaf Resorts / they're taking advantage of anyone (Complaint)


My parents are Silverleaf timeshare owners in Oak N’ Spruce, Massachusetts. They have been since 1999 when they were pressured into buying this worthless timeshare. They are so unethical. My family moved to United States in 1995 from Slovakia. Neither one of my parents spoke English in 1999, so the sale was basically made to me when at the time I was only 15...

Silverleaf Resorts / don't work there (Complaint)


Silverleaf is a s*ithole place to work and I finally have had it. life is too short to take this abuse anymore. The bosses there have this big power trip thing going. they think it's ok to yell at you like a child and break you down till you cry losing your dignity. They don’t care what life you have outside of Silverleaf, they believe they own your a** as long as you work for them and they can treat you anyway they want...

Silverleaf Resorts Flint Texas / scam (Complaint Comment)


We have been scammed by Silverleaf Resorts as well. We purchased one of the sampler vacations. We've requested a refund. All they have been telling us is that they will honor the week vacation that we have paid for. I called their Corporate office today. At 5:03 I was told everyone was gone for the day...

Spirit Incentives Fort Lauderdale Florida / Worst service imaginable and a hoax! (Complaint)

reviewing a timeshare for Silverleaf Resorts. For attending the timeshare in the middle of nowhere, you are given a 'free' gift of a vacation package to the destination of your choice- Orlando, Aruba, Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico. The Vacation Package provides for two adults 5 days/4 nights hotel accommodations at those destinations...