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Allied van lines, United Van lines, Atlas, Moving Companies Atlanta Georgia / Scam Rip off (Complaint)

Just so everyone is clear, United Van Lines, Atlas, Allied and other major carriers all follow same guidelines for pricing.
HERE IS THE SCAM. Weight tickets. Where do they weigh the shipment? Who regulates weight tickets? The answer NO ONE. Most shipments are weighed at the truck s...

All My Sons Moving & Storage Miami Florida / All My Sons Moving & Storage - Repeat Customer With PerfectMoving (Complaint)


Ask questions!!! Most moving companies ask for payment in advance and before unloading. Its how it works!! My story is below, and its hard to believe I'm talking about the same moving company that these other reviews mention. Thanks to a snafu with our mortgage company, the house we though we were buying from my sister was in fact put up for auction...

moving with us Ocean City Maryland / corruptcompanies (Complaint)

I called both moving companies daily only to receive wrong information about delivery. While in Atlanta dealing with a family emergency, I was notified late on 09/21/09 that my belongings were to be delivered on 09/22/09 and asked for $1300 cash or money order. I informed them that I waited for them the whole week and weekend and had to take care of a family emergency in Atlanta...

Hawk Moving Services Dallas and Fort Worth Texas / Terrible moving company (Complaint)

Outdoorguy Jul 10, 2011

investigative report on bad moving companies and there is a website that lists them; however I am not allowed to post the link but you can search it. Hawk Moving Services is listed as having an unsatisfactory rating due to the high number of complaints. I would advise everyone to stay away from Hawk Moving Services if you don’t want your furniture broken and then one of the owners to laugh at you when you complain...

condor moving systems Arlington Texas / Worst Moving Co. Ever !!! (Complaint)

Jimmy68 Sep 26, 2012

had heard that some moving companies are actually brokers and do not own their own fleet of trucks. We did not want our belongings to be switched from truck to truck simply because the more it is handled, the more likely it is to get damaged. Mario told us that they were not brokers and that the 18 wheeler that showed up at my door would be the same truck that would carry our belongings to Oregon...

Moving Service Westmont IL / Moving Company Delivers Bad Service (Complaint)

Robert Vanderwood Dec 9, 2014

there are legitimate moving companies with similar names...

A Good Moving Company (aka ABC Moving) Westmont Illinois / Moving Company Changes Name & Phone Number (Complaint)

Robert Vanderwood Apr 11, 2015

or out-of-business moving companies in directories online, maybe with the intent to try to acquire an instant good reputation. Along with the change to the third phone number, on Craigslist the company quit putting their phone number in the “reply” box in the upper left, and only put their phone number in the ad body-under a button which must be clicked to see it...

Moving/shipping company North Miami Beach Florida / Scammed by moving company (Complaint)


learned not to ever use moving companies again and so should you. 10. They are experts. Yes i will agree that they are experts but not expert movers. They are highly trained in being scammers, compulsive lairs, manipulators, and down right stupid. Again they will not ever tell you what you really need to know, and do not care if you know or not...

Bravo Moving Company Atlanta Georgia / Bravo Long Distance Moving Scam (Complaint)


This is a company who makes a low bid on a long distance move and in the middle of the move decides to increase the moving fee 50% beyond the agreed contract fee. When I objected to the fee and asked them to uload my furniture. Bravo, the mover took off with my furniture aboard without my ...

A Plus Van Lines & Chicago Moving Systems Dania Beach when it was A Plu Florida / MOVING NIGHTMARE (Complaint)


I thought I had found a great deal with A Plus Van Lines, but all I found was a great deal of heart and head ache. At the time I was uneducated as far as the Moving and Storage industry was concerned. They made promise of one price, which was later raised. They failed to provide me with a ...

Allied Van Lines and Nor-Cal Moving Northern CA / Terrible moving services (Complaint)

B Owens Feb 19, 2014

Services provided were horrible and certainly inferior to what was contracted for. Used Allied for a move from CA to CO in
2013. We had received quotes from 3 other companies before deciding on Nor-Cal/Allied.
All other quotes were lower and offered “not-to-exceed&rdquo...

East Atlanta Moving Labor Services Atlanta Georgia / rip off moving (bad) services (Complaint)

BGgirl Jul 16, 2015

I hired MASIO FREEMAN at East Atlanta Moving Labor Services through the website (powered and referred by Uhaul), and it was a horrible experience. The owner told me the movers were experienced; -but they were not. Two young kids 'claiming to have 4 years of experience' p...

All Points Companies Pacific Island Logistics Guam / Scam Moving and Storage (Complaint)


If Pacific Islands Logistics and Storage Hawaii has nothing to do with WPR Hawaii Inc., West Point Relocations and All Points Companies, wonder how it is they answer the same 1-800 number on each of these web sites at Pacific Island Logistics. I have done business with these companies and ...

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Toronto Ontario / Exceptinal Service (Complaint)

I had several moving companies visit my 6000 square foot home. The salesman from Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving was by far the most professional. He took a great deal of time to go thru the house to estimate the weight, and the estimated cost of packing. The rate he provided was competitive, and was presented to me in a clear and concise format...

Don Farr / Hindman Moving and Storage West Mifflin Pennsylvania / Money scam (Complaint)


moving date, we phoned 4 moving companies and requested 1-day service and a price quote. Don Farr Hindman agreed to start early and perform the move in a single-day, based on their estimate of our description of the furniture we needed moved and a 30-box load count (which turned out to be closer to 100 boxes)...

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Toronto Ontario / Good Guys (Complaint)


I have used several moving companies in my time and this was by far one of the smoothest moves I've had. I have read all these complaints and can't believe that one franchise can differ so much from another. Anyways this is my short comment. I felt that I owed it to them. Obviously they aren't all terrible...

ALL MY SONS MOVING COMPANY Brentwood / damaged furniture (Complaint)


So i called a couple of moving companies to get estimates for this "small" - one item job. They all have minimums and All My Sons took lots of time to talk about their being BONDED, INSURED and very CAREFUL. taking the time to wrap furniture in cloth or protective pads. We paid in advance on the phone (by credit card)...

Nationwide Express Moving And Storage / Awful company (Complaint)


almost a dozen other moving companies with 'Nationwide' in their name on another moving review site, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. From the moment Nationwide Express Moving began the move up until it was delivered, they failed to perform by the terms laid out in their contract...

Barnhart Moving / Unsolicited phone calls (Complaint)


information from local moving companies. Immediately they began calling me constantly. I cant take calls at work, so while i am there i answer, explain that i am at work and that i cannot talk, but they can try later and hang up. Most call later and i am able to talk to them about my upcoming move...

condor moving systems Arlington Texas / move/movers (Complaint)


Have used at least 4 moving companies before this one and they were the worst of the worst wouldnt recommend them to any unless your looking to be over charged and very disappointed!!...

Local Moving / Lost and broken (Complaint)


They unlike most moving companies, go by the square foot rather than weight so my estimated space needed on their truck was 500 sq ft. at a price between $1800 and $1900 a flat rate. I scheduled the pick up and specifically told them that I wanted everything on one truck and not moved from truck to truck...

Atlantic Plus Moving & Storage Inc. Passaic New Jersey / Deceitful practices (Complaint)

representatives of other moving companies, I have since learned that that doesn't happen or would be extremely, extremely rare. ) * The behavior of not returning calls; not having anyone available to accept a payment from me on Wed. , Jan. 30, before I left town; of waiting until the afternoon on Thursday, Jan...

Capital Moving Services Inc. Scarborough Toronto Ontario / No recovery of high-value stolen/lost box (Complaint)


numerous fraudulent moving companies in operation and something similar had happened to them in a long distance move. However, once a person signs a contract with the moving company, issues that arise become a civic matter. The officer encouraged me to pursue resolve of this matter through the courts because the moving company is responsible for the contents in the box...

Kings Vanlines Moving Company Van Nuys California / Consumer fraud (Complaint)

quotes from several moving companies, to move from N. California to Houston, Tx (1900 miles). Most of the companies offered quotes within the same price range, so I chose the company based on customer reviews & BBB ratings. Unfortunately, I chose Kings Van Lines in Van Nuys, Ca. They charge . 50 cents per pound and offer 30-days of "free" storage...

Verrazano Moving & Storage / Horrible movers (Complaint)


from a few different moving companies, and i stupidly made the mistake of choosing Verrazano, because they were so local. On the day of my move, is when it all went downhill. They promised they would be here first thing in the morning, i sat by the window for about an hour before calling the office...