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Posted:    Motivated2
changing the way ALL Moving Companies operate. WEST POINT RELOCATION, ALL POINTS VAN LINES, INC (ICC-MC NO. 382138 & U. S. DOT No. 872252), and WALTER Van Lines (US DOT NO. 872252) will assume responsibility for the horrible handling and packing up/damaging of my household items. The theft of my precious items are irreplaceable, and some of the broken items are antique and one-of-a-kind...

Umovefree Texas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    nbarber_umf
Bogus Claim
Trust me, if one of our moving companies really charged someone $250 in additional fees it should be in our system…and if it’s not I need to know about it and find out what’s going on. I just think if that’s a real customer with a legitimate complaint they would want a check...

SKY MOVING AND STORAGE Miami and Orlando Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    Tiffany K
I had called several moving companies in the area of Florida, as well as checking online with various companies from P. O. D. S. to U-Haul. However, moving from PA to Fl, I felt it was best to use a moving company for the first time. In order to simplify the entire situation, please review below the events and problems in chronological order...

Bravo Moving Atlanta Georgia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    hatemovers314
Dishonest and Unreliable
independent or other moving companies. Many items such my Washer and Dryer was broken, audio receiver, chairs, the majority of my dish ware and glass ware broken, book shelves, office desk scratched up as well. It is a script with them this Joanna person did the same with me and all of a sudden she is no longer with the company...

All My Sons Moving and Storage Delaware

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    gunny sgt
Damaged and missing furniture!
ALL REAL MOVING COMPANIES DO THIS. it ensures payment. I don't know how many times customers tried to feed me that no other companies do this. This is how it works: Depending on the situation but normally it takes ABOUT as long to unload as it does to load your items. therefore when the company asks for payment prior to offloading it is to ensure that they receive payment...

All My Sons Moving and Storage Dallas Texas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    customers_are_everything
The business as a whole
worked for 2 other moving companies and trust me, there is most definetly worse. Just use your head. In my personal opinion a lot of people look at moving like ordering a pizza. " I want this and I want it here in 30 minutes. " This is just not how the moving industry works. Sad but true. Logistics plays a large part in this equation...

Move Less Express Punta Gorda Florida

Posted:    2114Audrey
Theft Report
He said the larger moving companies were only "ripping" me off. He picked up my furniture late on April 16, shrinked wrapped it, took my check and I haven't seen or heard from him since. Ten days later, I tried to call to see what the estimated date of delivery would be and by that time he had already disconnected his phone number...

Federal Moving Systems Allentown Pennsylvania

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    billflying
Scammers Took my deposit, never showed up to move me, avoided my calls
company, so I googled moving companies. I had forgotten about what Federal did for me and when I seen them, I had give them a call, and now I am moving with them all over again. With my career I have to move alot for different projects that come up in my feild. I am an aerospace engineer, and when it comes to various defense contracts, my company will have me all over the country...

All My Sons Moving and Storage Delaware

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    JimandJanie
Damaged and missing furniture!
I HAVE USED SEVERAL MOVING COMPANIES AND WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. The last move I used day labor and supervised and nothing was broken and did it for about 1/4 the cost...

Sirena Moving Fort Lauderdale Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    Sad in AZ
unsatisfactory and felt misled
and after researching moving companies, chose Trans National Van Lines. Unfortunately, with rogue movers, rip off moving companies that contract out and subcontract the work, and all of the scams that we were warned about, there is no verifiable consumer assistance with finding honest and good movers...

Countrywide Transport Inc Norcross Georgia

Posted:    orgoca
Fundamental Breach of Contract / Rip Off
These people offer to contact several moving companies and all send an estimate competing for your business. Several companies all with completely different pricing schemes contacted me. Amongst them, I received an estimate from Countrywide Transport Inc from Dennis Vines. After going through inventory, reviewing, and negotiating terms, I signed a binding estimate for 200 cubic feet door-to-door service for $1, 900 USD...

Umovefree Texas

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    nbarber_umf
Bogus Claim
bonded and insured moving companies. I take pride in ensuring every customer receives a valuable and satisfying experience. If we failed to meet your expectations, then it’s my mission to get the details, investigate the facts, and make sure after we talk you are another satisfied customer...

Neighbors Moving Company Denver Colorado

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    CaseyT
Fraud and scam
scarred me for life about moving companies! Well we get our stuff unloaded and they're missing 3 items on the inventory. He told me that he never loaded them onto the truck, sorry, nothing he could do. An entire box of DVD's, a swiffer and a broom. Granted the swiffer and broom werent that expensive but the fact that they lost them is what matters! When I began unloading some of my boxes I noticed different tape on them...

Moving Doesn't Have To Cause Stress

from at least three moving companies. " She suggests checking www. CityMove. com. Here, moving companies bid on your business, which gives you an accurate idea of how much a move will cost. While estimates are good, it's also important to have companies come to your home to do an in-person bid...

Two Men and a Truck Michigan

Satisfaction with Full Service Moving Companies” could resolve this issue yourself, but have chosen not to do so. I am sure this is not the first complaint against your Chattanooga office; I have heard several since my problems started. They acted as an inexperienced local “Joe Blow” moving company with a couple of straight frame trucks and inexperienced laborers...

All Included Moving New York

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    Healer7
Worst movers ever
like the scams of the moving companies that have been shut down for low-balling people with quotes/estimates then threatening them with not delivering their stuff unless the new, higher amount is paid???? UNBELIEVABLE. Definitely go with a different company AND research their references!!...

Comfortable Movers Scarborough Toronto Ontario

Posted:    francoandlinda
Moving company scam

After confirming 2-3 time of the price, they took a depos...

Australasian Relocations (Austrelo)

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    Bruce Matthews
Bad customer service!
and now recommends moving companies utilizing is vast 25 years experience???? (OF RIPPING PEOPLE OFF) Web address is: http://www. instituteofglobalmovers. com This man is nothing but a CON man SO BE AWARE!!!...

Cross Country Van Lines East Rutherford New Jersey

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    John
money saver!
from these types of moving companies...

Capital Moving Services Toronto Ontario

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    kelli gerrity
inept movers
used one of the bigger moving companies, but thought we'd try a smaller local company this time to save money. Boy were we wrong!! When you are dealing with a small company with an absentee owner, there is only so far you can go with complaints. Unfortunately following the chain of command up until you find someone who cares, does not exist here...

Citicard / Citicorp Sioux Falls South Dakota

Posted:    LoriKelsey
Credit rights for consumer
estimates from three other moving companies whose rates were $2, 000. 00-$3, 000. 00 less. I also sent a copy of a co-workers invoice that moved 2, 250 miles and paid a lot less than I did moving 350 miles. I disputed my moving charges with another credit card company and they honored my dispute...

a trans moving and storeage Passaic New Jersey

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    Deep B.
contacted a number of moving companies and requested quotes for a move from Brookline, MA to Rochester, NY I received at least 10 quotes with ATRANS being the lowest quote. So needless to say I hired this scam company. These guys are smooth and have all their t's crossed and their i's dotted...

Empire Automotive Group

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    Billy G
Avoid them
the realtors and the moving companies. Base advise- does not matter if it is a new car from the dealer or one from one of these used car guys, they are all hungry for a sale and sticker price is always negotiable unless you are naive or green to the market. NEVER EVER pay book value for a car- they no someone else will give you the deal if they don't so get some balls and talk them down a few grand...

Zen Van Lines Atlanta Georgia

Posted:    Andre
Complete Rip off
you avoid these rogue moving companies that show up in rental trucks and rip you off for your goods. the link is http://www. fmcsa. dot. gov/...

Mega Moving North Miami Beach Florida

(Complaint Comment)
Posted:    kelly
Overcharge/Missing Items
television show on MOVING COMPANIES I would like to see them go down. Klynn2_43@Yahoo. com...

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