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THAISTEROID.COM Scotland, Lothian / SCAMMERS (Complaint)

Yep i am one of those Idiots who has just lost £365.00 to this Muppet.
Got my self ropped in and was desperate to just find someone to trust, cannot beleive the amount of scamming Low Life out there and this guy's a Cracker.
Automated response at first with= Hi,

Donna Law Rose, Father Law on Dawson Road, and her company husban Paul Rose read all over British Columbia / Law and military mites (Complaint)


contract bounty: heard I was dying for resubmitting this complaint

several attempts against my life.

Donna Law Rose's interest in porno was unknowd to me prior to a decade ago when I also remet her business partners the McEacherns also assoc with Hendersons.

banks / What Banks are Planning (Complaint)

Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans own the U.S Federal Reserve bank and the governmental system and therfore, run the USA. THAT IS DOCUMENTALLY PROVEABLE!

Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans are all off-shoots from the British and European royalty and in Illuminati term... / Bad experience (Complaint)

David Silvester Nov 04, 2013

I had a call from these ###s some time ago and they said they were going to send petrol vouchers and a magazine. They also said i can cancel after 14 days.
I said look dont send anything i'm not interested and i've got too much going on to mess about cancelling stuff i dont want. <...

Forrester UK Holdings LLC England, West Yorkshire / Harrassment for non-existent debts (Complaint)

In 2003 my business, a small one which I run with my wife, acquired a card terminal through Lloyds TSB leased by Hypercom. Hypercom's leasing activities were sold to Forrester and after four years (in July 2007) we would no longer be liable to penalty for terminating the lease. A little la...

Divine Dating North Yorkshire England, Yorkshire / DIVINE DATING SCAM (Complaint)

Divine Dating
12 Clifford Street
North Yorkshire


Ref. F0R2307

Good Morning,

Thank you for recently submitting y...

Bright Forest Technology / guess how much I love you cot bed bedding substituted for fake cartier love bangle! (Complaint)

AndreaNJ Mar 29, 2019

Bright Forest Technology guess how much I love you cot bed bedding substituted for fake cartier love bangle!Earlier in March 2019 I attempted to order a Guess How Much I Love You 4-piece cot bed sedding set at the price of £50.98 plus £10 p&p. This set was in vogue about 2/3 years ago and the price was camparable with that in the UK, except everywhere was out of stock! Initially I tried to pla...

The MSN / Yahoo Lottery Incorporation, Uk National Lottery Headquarters, Royal Dutch Shell, Uk. California / scams (Complaint)


As of July 24th 2008
Appears I'm on a mailing list of spme sort for to get 11 of these scams to arrive in both of my e-mail accounts daily if something. I have tryed to inform people of these scams. But some places takes it for asvertisment and won't post it. So all i can say is wo...

Lloyd bank / Fake mail about prize winning (Complaint)

Lloyds TSB home
1st Floor, Po Box 1190, 8 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5NA
United Kingdom.

7th December, 2007

Your Kind Attention Deepika Sharma,


Your particulars have been received...

Nokia Lottery Corporation London England, Greater London / lloyds tsb united kingdon (Complaint)


18/1/2011 Nokia Commission wrote - Nokia Lottery Claims and Release Department, Government accredited licensed, Nokia Online International Lottery is registered under the data protection act of (registration U971133B) FROM MR ANTHONY FOWLER, SUBJECT : PAYMENT APPROVAL. Congratulations from...

Mr. Serge Makofo England, Greater London / OUR MONEY BPS 2000.00 CHEATED USING OUR SOLICITOR CADONA NAME (Complaint)

nazrulmadina Jun 23, 2012

Dear Sir,

I replied to the Lloyds TSB Bank as follows:

--- On Sat, 6/23/12, Nazrul Madina <[protected]> wrote:

From: Nazrul Madina <[protected]>

Lloyds Tsb Bank Bracknell England, Berkshire / Indifferent to customer problems (Complaint)

Having contacted Lloyds TSB bank with a request to cease all further payments to EVERBRITE SMILE I was informed there was nothing they could do and I would have to contact the company myself, when I explained that it was impossible to contact them I was told it wasn't there problem and I w...

David Pui London England, Greater London / Paid to David Pui with his associates more than USD16,000.00 (Complaint)

nazrulmadina Nov 12, 2011

David Pui Paid to David Pui with his associates more than USD16,000.00jpg Dear Lloyds bank Customer Attached to this email is a copy of your renwal notice of the money laundering clearance document. Kindly be informed that until your antiterrorist clearance document is renewed also, your funds cannot reflect in its designated account in india...

Free Gala Bingo E - Mail Promo England, Nottinghamshire / FILE YOUR CLAIMS‏ (Complaint)

therefore to contact Lloyds Bank for your claims payment as stated below: MR JEAN LYNN MANAGER CUSTOMER CARE UNIT LLOYDS TSB BATELY BRANCH 25 COMMERCIAL STREET BATELY BRANCH WF17SEQLloyds TSB TEL: +(44)[protected] FAX:+(44)[protected] EMAIL:[protected]@llbitl...

Uk National Lottery Inc. / Unverified email (Complaint)


To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to confirm if this email is really true or is it a scam? I even called the said courier service and they responded by letting me send my email and address as well as the winning batch number.

If this email is n...

Lloyds Bank Tsb And Us Government / Cuban sanctions (Complaint)

As an ordinary citizen with a Lloyds TSB bank account, I have read with concern and anger the decision by you to suspend banking services to UK retailers because they trade with Cuba. You say it is because the US will prosecute any business that trades with Cuba. There are several issues h...

Lucylouxx / myfreecams cam model (Complaint)

nowayhosay Oct 07, 2018

She will use a Lloyds bank account 77-17-11 [protected]. When you ask for skype she will block you and let you keep asking on skype about your show you, ve paid for then she;ll say your being pushey and threaten to ban you on skype making you out to be the bad guy. If you have been a victim of shaniecexx1/lucylouxx plz inform action fraud on [protected]...

quickcredit England, Northumbria / takiing money from account with my concert (Complaint)


my jointaccount from lloyds bank in the name of mr and mrs Adejumo for the past three months for nothing I cannot contact the company or phone them to stop it as its rediculus i want them to stop it if not I will take them to court to recoup all my money with interest also they have just started taking money from my halifax account today they should stop it not as I am not happy with they are doing at all...

Nokia / winning the nokia prom (Complaint)


html Your lloyds bank account is : 09999353501a All you have to do is to copy the above link into your browser to access your account. Thanks, Mrs jane smith Finance director Lloyds tsb bank When I tranfer the money it asked cot cod no and I asked them what is cot cod they said that to tranfer money from one bank to another there is some amount of money is deposit a fee then only they issued it I want how much true it is ? plse replay me my mail mukesh...

Yahoo Nokia E-lottery North Fort Myers Florida / Winner of Lottery (Complaint)

Fred Hamilton Account officer @ Lloyds Bank London Email [protected]@live. com Mode: 3) you can receive via Delivery by Cheque to your residence by Skynet Courier Express London Contact person Mr. Kevin Williams Email [protected]@rocketmail. com (For option 2 and 3) Please contact the courier office or the paying Bank via email immediately to enable them release your £750, 000, 00 ponds Note that you are required to contact the Bank or Courier Company with your Details bellow 1...

Gupshup connection England, Tyne and Wear / gupshup connection scam (Complaint)

76retina Mar 14, 2011


just google it and u ill get their web site

1414 London Road, Norbury, London, SW16 4BZ

Sales Support
Phone : 0044-[protected]
E-mail : [protected]@gupshupconnect...

Lloyds Tsd / Fake email (Complaint)

nimesh_gadhia May 24, 2011

Lloyds Tsd Fake email25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN

4th December, 2008.

From: Account Department,

My office is in receipt of your email and owing to your request, i want you to understand that the account opening deposit is the minimun requirement for you to ...

Lloyds Tsb Firth ParkSheffield England, South Yorkshire / Fraud, Charges (Complaint)

Where do i start... I came to the UK in November. Opened up a Lloyds account in Jan, and a week later had money stolen via phone banking (Carphone Warehouse website employee stole my bankcard details, it was the only place i had used the card at the time after having it for 2 days)
... / banking fraud (Complaint)

Snoopyandpig Apr 18, 2013

My debit card bank-Lloyds TSB phoned me by saying I was taken money from my card continuely by a company called which I haven't heard in my life. Because that debit card I use as a saving account to buy large goods like furnitures or flight tickets so normally I don't check the b...

Kinetic Resource / Melbourne Technologies Birmingham England, West Midlands / Fake Job vacancies (Complaint)

hey Alex Jan 15, 2013

Would just like to share my recent experience about Kinetic Resource and if possible, help someone else not to fall for this scam.

I'm currently unemployed seeking a job in the IT field when I applied for a job entitled JUNIOR IT ADMINISTRATOR at a company called Apollo Res...