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aol broadband England, Greater Manchester / over charging (Complaint Comment)

I too have had aol broadband empying my Lloyds bank account every month since last September and only got it stopped in February this year. BUT they have now got an Agency 'Advantis Credit' to obtain £12-83 which they say is a cancellation fee. I have sent my bank statement to Advantis Credit which shows that £12-83 was taken out in January this year...

Lloyds Tsb Bank Bracknell England, Berkshire / Indifferent to customer problems (Complaint)

Having contacted Lloyds TSB bank with a request to cease all further payments to EVERBRITE SMILE I was informed there was nothing they could do and I would have to contact the company myself, when I explained that it was impossible to contact them I was told it wasn't there problem and I w...

Pdc, Natwest Bank Liverpool, Heathrow Courier Express / claim of lottery prize (Complaint Comment)

AND FINANCE LLOYDS BANK Waterloo Liverpool St. John's Road 159 St Johns Road, Waterloo L22 9QE Great Britain E-MAIL; [protected]@cooltoad. com Tel: +[protected] Fax:+[protected] I write to lay claims over my winnings as was announced by the GUINNESS annual center...

Elite Courier Company Slough England Berkshire / Won on price of 10000000GPB (Complaint Comment)

Hey Friends, i too got a mail just have look. I believe its totally fraud. i have checked the sites, the web site address look alike but are different.
"The Coca-Cola Company" and "Elite courier" have mentioned and denied about any involvement in this lottery thing and have also ex...

Nokia UK Mobile Promo / [protected] uk (Complaint Comment)

Dear sir,
I received email on my email address you win nokiab prmo ‏‏‏‏‏CONTACT LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC LONDON WITH THIS FORM:
OFFICER NAME: Mr. Robinson Wales (Account Officer)
BANK EMAIL: [protected]

PHONE NUMBER: +[protec...

THAISTEROID.COM Scotland, Lothian / SCAMMERS (Complaint Comment)

I just emailed this company for a test sample, then found this complaints board. I got the same automated response as everyone else.

Hi, Thanks for your enquiry,
payment can be made into the following UK Bank,
David Langley
Lloyds TSB,
S.C. 30-...

Lloyds Tsb Firth ParkSheffield England, South Yorkshire / Fraud, Charges (Complaint)

Where do i start... I came to the UK in November. Opened up a Lloyds account in Jan, and a week later had money stolen via phone banking (Carphone Warehouse website employee stole my bankcard details, it was the only place i had used the card at the time after having it for 2 days)

IBM Greenock, Manpower Greenock Scotland, Strathclyde / Worst employer EVER (Complaint Comment)


I dont even know how the HR people became HR. They must have done something with their boss(es) cuz they dont even know what they are doing.

And lloyds is a good bank but about the Silver account true. But that's your own misstake u did sign for it and prob. didn't read the...

GHDLONDONSHOP.COM / GHD straightenners (Complaint)

Queried amount with LLOYDS bank and they advised they show invoice in british sterling but have requested chinese yen and the £57. 90 converts into £69. 50. Lloyds TSB advised that if I have not received the goods by 24th april they pursue a fraudulant claim against GHD LONDON. My order is still showing pending/processing...

Bank Of America Wilmington / b.o.a. closed my credit card account (Complaint Comment)

April 20th Fema changed our zoning for flooding (insurance required). Bank of America notified me I needed coverage (of course their letter took a week) but not to worry, they bought expensive Lloyds of London coverage for me (20th on) So I got my coverage for a year for $320 but also got ...

ICICI Money2india Service Massachusetts / misleading exchange rate posted on their websites (Complaint Comment)


partner in the UK, Lloyds Bank PLC where i filed a complaint re same issue and the time taken. Money was not deposited to India before four weeks as opposed to 48 hours they promise. I send written complaint to both the banks and for which Lloyds Bank got back to me and paid the compensation for the delay in payment and the loss I had to suffer because of the change in exchange rate over four week...

Divine Dating North Yorkshire England, Yorkshire / DIVINE DATING SCAM (Complaint Comment)


Please read from the bottom mail up. Sorry to all those guys that lost out but a big thanks for posting your experiences. This is the chain of correspondence between myself and them. dating&everything=everything&sort=popu...

Divine?Design Dating England, Cornwall / No services provided (Complaint)


In response to Design Dating/Divine Dating please read from the bottom e-mail up. Thanks to all those guys who posted about this company it helps everyone else not fall into the trap.
My wife and i thought this would be a great idea to earn a few extra pounds. but thanks to the guys... Wigan England, Greater Manchester / Failure to provide services (Complaint)

I submitted an online application form to become a male escort to earn some extra cash. The next day I got the email (copy below) saying that I had a booking for friday and could I pay a deposit for their commision. I did this and then the next day I got a text message saying the booking h...

Microsoft Revenue Streams dont know / charged my account without authorization (Complaint Comment)

the winnings ? Does Lloyds bank have different banking system than other country that exempts them and demands payment from the owners???...

Divine Dating North Yorkshire England, Yorkshire / DIVINE DATING SCAM (Complaint)

Divine Dating
12 Clifford Street
North Yorkshire


Ref. F0R2307

Good Morning,

Thank you for recently submitting y...

XM Brands Hollywood Florida / Unauthorized money taken out of my banking account (Complaint Comment)


Hi, i got sucked into this scam. i ordered Everbrite smile (trail order $3.87) & this was linked to BrilliantBrites (Teethmaxwhite) £3.95
Then a product called 'Cleanwhite' has turned up in the post with an invoice for £3.95. So i think that must be for BrilliantBrites (...

Files Express / Exchange Rate Rip-Off (Complaint Comment)

I will be contacting LLoyds bank if you do not make an immmediate refund. Peter Sender: Support Subject: Re: Gross overhcarging Time: [protected]:05 Dear Peter, Your request has been accepted. Your payment on Popular Files Membership has been refunded in full...

SUP*EXCLUSIVE BERRY Victoria / ACAI BERRY (Complaint Comment)


Lloyds Bank most helpful have reported fradulent debit and they are helping to refund the amount of money. They are only too aware of this company and what they are doing!!!...

Lloydshare Limited Incorporated Montebello California / scam/faud (Complaint Comment)

some information as Lloyds Bank have contacted me. But i am unable to get through by phone. I wan tot know if i am expected to speak with Lloyds bank as they have written to me, please get back to me as soon as this is recieved. Thank you in advanced. Marian...

aref ali jafari / transaction of funds (Complaint)

Dear sir,
I am one of the winner of the Lottery award. And i had paid all the taxes, transfer charges as required by the BRITISH INLAND REVENUE BOARD. For a long time I could not get my award. I dont know why? I complained to the BRIB( the above department).
In reply to my ...

www. Ugg. Gg / Fraudulent Transaction (Complaint Comment)


I have bought some off this website on the Mon, 7 Dec 2009.
As soon as i purchased them i checked the website again to make sure i did the right thing and soon started to realise it was a fake.
they have no contact information and when you go to click on contact information e...

SUP*EXCLUSIVE BERRY Victoria / ACAI BERRY (Complaint Comment)

contact your bank i had the same problem 2 payments of 119 us dollars plus a overseas service charge, i spoke to the fraud department at lloyds TSB and they cancelled my card and refunded my money from their own pocket. so speak to to your banks fraud department and you should get your mon...

PWW*INTERNET BIZ KIT Utah / unothorized funds were taken from my account (Complaint Comment)

Despite complaining to my bank Lloyds TSB about the scam after the 1st withdrawal, my account was again debited the following month. How can I stop the rot?

Lloyd bank / Fake mail about prize winning (Complaint Comment)

To Dear: sir / madam

Reference Number: 1037231LL
Attention: Iskandar Husein
I'm one of the winners of Skype awards promo 2009, I was told from the skype to contact:

Bank Name: Lloyds TSB Bank Plc, UK
Manager Name: John I. Palmer