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Global Ticket Market / scam (Complaint Comment)

GBLAD Jun 02, 2011

Hi Everyone
I've got the Bank Details!
I believe it's a Lloyds TSB account though am not 100% sure on that.
However the account name sounded like Grant Weston, although from other postings here it could have been Grant Western or Ground Wester.
The sort code i...

British Telecommunciation London / Prize Money of $850000 (Complaint Comment)

Thodda Kalyan May 31, 2011

Hi Sir/Madam

Actually, I have received same email from your when i contacted you at first time (Please refer first email) you have sent an email saying you won lottery money (3rd stage) please approach Sky International Bank UK, then i followed the instructions what Sky Int... Utah / Phishing & Blaming (Complaint)

Ho May 31, 2011

relates to customers of Lloyds Bank of England. A recent client of Hostmonster. com has informed us that a certain account was deactivated due to the issue. The interesting news is that Hostmonster. com could not prove that the phishing had originated at his site when asked, nor could Hostmonster...

acaisurge / overcharge (Complaint)

Jill coward May 30, 2011

After seing an advertisement on Facebook i decided to try the diet pills shown for £2.95 trail offer which i thought was a good offer so i tried 2 different types. i recieved the pills days later then to discover on my bank statement that i had been charged £125.99 twich in one...

antiaging store/pure collagen serum / beauty (Complaint Comment)

Dee Sutton May 24, 2011

If it wasn't for Lloyds bank i too would be out of pocket, so big thanks to them and their security checks. D Sutton...

Lloyds Tsd / Fake email (Complaint)

nimesh_gadhia May 24, 2011

Lloyds Tsd Fake email25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN

4th December, 2008.

From: Account Department,

My office is in receipt of your email and owing to your request, i want you to understand that the account opening deposit is the minimun requirement for you to ...

Shopperdiscounts, C / monthly debit of £10 to my bank account (Complaint Comment)

yuuki May 13, 2011

oh was a con site..! and i was even told that i don't pay anything..i only found out when i saw a deduction of £10 per month . whats worse is that my bank lloyds wasn't sending me statement and i only found out just now. thakns for posting so many comments, they were helpful... / perfume did not arrive (Complaint Comment)

Mailende Apr 25, 2011

I ordered 2 chanel chance from this site using Lloyds clicksafe, but a message appeared saying 3rd parties could have access to my information. I decided against going any further, but kept receiving emails saying It has come to our attention that your order with us is Open. If you are exp... / Impossible to join them on the phone, etc (Complaint Comment)

steve davies Apr 19, 2011

I had the same problem but with their clock company.I sent a cancellation which they then did not refund so I contacted my bank sending all the printouts etc.Five days later I have my money back after lloyds initiated a chargeback against them.So my advice is to write to your bank.The dire... / They took the money out of my account the day after my order was placed and as yet no sign of any goods (Complaint Comment)

steve davies Apr 19, 2011

I had the same problem but with their clock company.I sent a cancellation which they then did not refund so I contacted my bank sending all the printouts etc.Five days later I have my money back after lloyds initiated a chargeback against them.So my advice is to write to your bank.The dire...

Lloydshare Limited Incorporated Montebello California / scam/faud (Complaint Comment)

Butterfly Lullaby Apr 19, 2011

lady he was with at Lloyds Bank not to give him credit and explained he was very bad with money, and she ignored me! Thanks to Lloyds Bank he now owes nearly £20, 000. Thanks to Lloyds Bank and Cyber Bullies my little girl lives in a 84% damp house (so I am told) with Asthma and no help because I own my house, because I worked long hours before I met him...

Kelvin Kessinger / Email scam (Complaint)

Jbst85 Apr 04, 2011

Thanks for your effort in sending me a card, and remember before we started this transaction, i made you understand everything is confidential right?.I am in a very private hospital where everything need to be kept confidencial as possible.

I told you that, it need to be kep...

Gupshup connection England, Tyne and Wear / gupshup connection scam (Complaint)

76retina Mar 14, 2011


just google it and u ill get their web site

1414 London Road, Norbury, London, SW16 4BZ

Sales Support
Phone : 0044-[protected]
E-mail : [protected]@gupshupconnect...

Shell Petroleum Development Company of England / fake sms (Complaint Comment)

Lianiningsih Tiono Mar 10, 2011

I received the message in my mobile that I win the prize of 500, 000pounds and to claim I am asked to contact Dr. Mark Williams on [protected], I have send email to this guy and he replied my email as follows :

Shell Petroleum Plc
England Office: St James Co...

quickcredit England, Northumbria / takiing money from account with my concert (Complaint)


my jointaccount from lloyds bank in the name of mr and mrs Adejumo for the past three months for nothing I cannot contact the company or phone them to stop it as its rediculus i want them to stop it if not I will take them to court to recoup all my money with interest also they have just started taking money from my halifax account today they should stop it not as I am not happy with they are doing at all... / fraud scam (Complaint Comment)

Paulfairclougha Jan 24, 2011

Something needs to be done about this company.I have been scammed out of 100 pounds in total coming out of my account and when I complained to my bank LLoyds they basically told me it was my fault and I must phone Quickcreditscore and cancel .I initially from a pop up enquired about my cre...

Direct Finance UK Ltd Newport Wales, Gwent / £49.99 fee stolen from me (Complaint Comment)

later, I got a call from lloyds bank telling me I was £50 overdrawn, and I'm like "there should be £500 in my account". I still haven't got the money back over 2 years later. I will be contacting Newport Trading standards though about this. Thanks for the info...

choyngtea Scotland, Grampian / cannot stop money coming off my visa card? (Complaint)

I have been trying since i recieved my free sample of tea (£3.99) to stop choyngtea taking £59.99 off my credit card to no avail. I would be extremely gratefull for any help as my bank (lloyds tsb) dont seem to be able to help much. They managed to refund 1 payment to me (last ...

Diet Max Miami Florida / Unauthorized charges on credit card (Complaint Comment)

i am fukin demented the ###s theybtakin money no goods i got trsading standards citizens advice had to cancelkll bank acccount thisd weather no food no money got broken ankle bstards if ure with l, loyds tsb i8 can try give u a no it is08453006699 thenb more ppl that contact them they disp...

Sinykon Toys Trading Company Limited / havent received products (Complaint)

I placed an order for 40 Fisher Price products, the amount of money $ 1019 money were sent from the UK on November 8 and I have a faxed confirmation from the bank Lloyds TSB which I can send to you, prices of products were to include Fisher-Price Shipping to the UK. A few days later I rece...

Free Lotto Sweepstakes, UK / Scam Free Lotto Sweepstakes prize award (Complaint Comment)


Hi I received about the same letters... For a couple days I was in heaven but thank God I made some research and found out it was a scam, I spoke with someone who answered for Denise Butler he never wanted to tell me his name, I tried to call the transfer agent at TSB BANK and the answerin... Los Angelos California / Refund of cancelled order not paid (Complaint Comment)

An utterly fraudulent company that are based in the US (despite the site) I ordered a camera from them only to find several days later that there are 1000, s of forums slating this company due to them taking orders and never sending the goods, refunds are very rare, if you do get go...

Windows Live / Microsoft International Lansing Michigan / lottery scam e-mail (Complaint)

contact the lloyds bank plc for your wire transfer‏‏‏‏‏‏. ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏ sent by: "mr. jeremaih parker" . com> on: oct 10/15/10 6:18 am To: [protected]@comcast... / Missing concert tickets (Complaint Comment)

I made my complain to the local authorities and the bank also, but i just want to share the info that i have from the bank account transfer i made to eurolive whores.
A/C Holder: Super Trading Ltd
Bank: Lloyds TSB (UK)
sort Code: 30-94-42
Ac/N0: [protected]

aol broadband England, Greater Manchester / over charging (Complaint Comment)

Lloyds Bank were unable to stop this theft from my Direct Debit account when I alerted them in November 2009. They now owe me a refund of £15-99 which aol took out of my account in December 2009. I have contacted Office of Fair Trading, Financial Services Ombudsman, OTELO, Dominic Littlewood By e-mail 'no reply' and still waiting for an e-mail reply from OTELO...