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248 reviews matching "LLoyds bank" / Seller charges but doesn't provide the order (Complaint Comment)

michelli Jul 10, 2014

i paid by lloyds bank, how can i Get my money back please help me...

Merrywood / Unauthorised use of card details (Complaint Comment)

Paling19 Jun 13, 2014

What a joke of a company. Back looking for a loan in February time, I came to find £69.95 had been taken out of my account from yours truly Merrywood Loan Explorer. Just after the time of this happening I was offered my dream job, so in all the excitement of that, and the fact I was ... croydon England, Greater London / Unauthorised payments taken (Complaint)

Stephen Guest May 21, 2014

I was online to Lloyds bank when a pop up asked me to complete a questtionaire for a free prize, i chose the juvesiio serum and they offered it free with £4. 95 p&p. I gave credit card details and they have since taken 3 x £87 Total £261 without my authority. I moved home a few weeks later to 48A Church Street, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5 BE and another questionnaire popped up and they had scammed me twice at each address before I realised what was going on...

Inland Revenue Service England Bhiwadi / Money Scam (Complaint)

Alok Joshi May 16, 2014

I receive the 5 to 8 mail from past one month regularly, I only want to know about the authenticity of these mails before proceding further action like deposite money.. The mail contents is -


This Notice Services as a reminder of Tax Declaration paymen...

british inland revenue commission England, West Midlands / money scam? (Complaint Comment)

Alok Joshi May 16, 2014


Alok Joshi
India ([protected]


This ...

Santander Bank Plc / scam (Complaint Comment)

NBano Apr 16, 2014

I have received same type of communication and believe all this is scam, see below email which I received today and 100% sure it is spam. Please ignore these email

Hello Friend,

I hope this information meet you well as I know you will be curious to know why/...

Halifax Bank - UK London England, Greater London / Teft of my money (Complaint)

George Dimitrov Mar 24, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you help me in resolving of this issue?

There is still no any information what is going on. Halifax keep quite even after my more than 3 complaints sent to them. There is still no any official information from their site what is going...

Lloyds Bank Edinburgh Scotland, Lothian / Mis-selling (Complaint)

The Famous Cash Mar 11, 2014

I have a legal document which gives me authority to deal with any and all of my disabled son's financial affairs.
Lloyds YSB denied having seen the document but I have proof they knew about it following an unrelated incident some years earlier.
Without my knowledge or permiss...

Merrywood / Unauthorised use of card details (Complaint Comment)

Elaine28 Feb 25, 2014

Don't think you ever get it repaid by Merrywood. It took 57 days and a registered letter to them with a crime number from action fraud and reporting them to the financial ombudsman. Before i contacted my discrepancy department at Lloyds, they refused to refund, i made an official complaint... - LEGIT / Fake Driving Licence (Complaint Comment)

RandomUsernameHere Feb 04, 2014

-56056680and Bank Branch Lloyds Bank Sort Code 30-96-48, Account Number 11776168he lives at 62 Kenilworth Avenue, Galashiels, TD1 2DB... England North Yorkshire / Scammer (Complaint Comment)

RandomUsernameHere Feb 04, 2014

-56056680and Bank Branch Lloyds Bank Sort Code 30-96-48, Account Number 11776168he lives at 62 Kenilworth Avenue, Galashiels, TD1 2DB...

Novelty ID Maker / Scam artists! (Complaint Comment)

RandomUsernameHere Feb 04, 2014

-56056680and Bank Branch Lloyds Bank Sort Code 30-96-48, Account Number 11776168he lives at 62 Kenilworth Avenue, Galashiels, TD1 2DB... / SCAM BEWARE (Complaint Comment)

RandomUsernameHere Feb 04, 2014

-56056680and Bank Branch Lloyds Bank Sort Code 30-96-48, Account Number 11776168he lives at 62 Kenilworth Avenue, Galashiels, TD1 2DB... / Scam (Complaint Comment)

RandomUsernameHere Feb 04, 2014

Kevin thomson is a well known scammer, he ran this site and many others. including Gr8t novelty ID for you. The bank details he asked for payment

Sort Code - 08-71-99
Account Number -[protected]
Bank Branch Lloyds
Bank Sort Code 30-96-48, <...

Merrywood / Unauthorised use of card details (Complaint Comment)

Elaine28 Dec 19, 2013

Can someone tell me what to do. I looked for a payday loan (first and last time I will do this). Then later that day a charge for 69.95 was taken from my bank. I rang lloyds and they told me it was Merrywood and even gave me the telephone number! they said ring and ask for a refund. I did ...

Sms Raffle Coca Cola / awarded gbp (Complaint Comment)

Md.Abdul Hamid Dec 11, 2013

But Lloyds bank wants award certificate & also FRC. To issue FRC, I need $980. But I am very poor man. In this time I have no money. Please deposit the money which is required by PRA and issue the FRC and send it to the Bank & release money. In case of requireness, cut $980 from my award. Please help me & God help you...

rewards first England, Greater London / rewards first scam (Complaint Comment)

Guernsey Tim Nov 18, 2013

pack, no welcome email, Lloyds Bank indifferent on the verge of not caring. I have email BBC Money Box in the hope they may investigate but Watchdog is a bonza idea! Rewards First offer no discounts here in a Guernsey so why would I sign up? Flybe should be ashamed that they allow such unscrupulous companies to advertise on their website... / Bad experience (Complaint)

David Silvester Nov 04, 2013

I had a call from these ###s some time ago and they said they were going to send petrol vouchers and a magazine. They also said i can cancel after 14 days.
I said look dont send anything i'm not interested and i've got too much going on to mess about cancelling stuff i dont want. <...

Otium Corporation Ltd / Fraud recruitment agency (Complaint Comment)

The Man Himself Oct 21, 2013

Oh gypsy princess, you really are something. Still as manipulative as you always were.

Wow, I must of really hit a nerve, what's up? did you actually forget about the truth and start believing your own stories? No wonder you call yourself an Author these days, I can only ass...

British Petroleum Company / claim procedure (Complaint)

blackbeater Jul 13, 2013

This prize has been deposited with the Lloyds Bank of London as they have been assigned to make this payment to you. Also note that the release of this prize shall be carried out in compliance with the British government's financial laws and stipulations on International transfers which will make it totally legitimate and successful...

HSBC UAE / poor service (Complaint Comment)

JFRO May 06, 2013

I agree - they are the worst bank I have ever experienced and I am in the process of transferring my accounts and loan over the NBD. Lloyds were sooo much better before HSBC took them over - which is the only reason I have with them. I don't think they are as bad in other countries - it is... / banking fraud (Complaint)

Snoopyandpig Apr 18, 2013

My debit card bank-Lloyds TSB phoned me by saying I was taken money from my card continuely by a company called which I haven't heard in my life. Because that debit card I use as a saving account to buy large goods like furnitures or flight tickets so normally I don't check the b...

Imt Credit Rpts Macd / Take my money (Complaint Comment)

Einars Juska Apr 13, 2013

30-63-47 acont LLOYDS Bank Sincerely Einars Juska...

My Money Helper Bradley Bilston England, West Midlands / Money taken without Permission (Complaint Comment)

amrik Apr 08, 2013

hi this is amrik singh, someone used my details for a loan or borrow money, someone used my debitcard, please pay my ammount £49.99, in my bank lloyds tsb account no- [protected], sort code-309777. i will be very thaikful to you thanks
this complaint is against mymoneyhelper.c...

filipino culture forum Manchester England, Greater Manchester / accusations are lies (Complaint Comment)

Joy Sin Apr 08, 2013

I am also one of the applicant of Tier 1 . However, I strongly disagreed what you have written because when I applied with 20 others by Flerida Frost. She gave direct advice not Lloyds Immigration. She was working in her own and worked to provide all documents but she used Lloyds and colle...