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Purina Huntington West Virginia / advertising (Complaint Comment)

SubSquirrel Jul 25, 2018

Megan McCain is the daughter of John McCain and not a comedian. Whoopi is not a has been anything. Disagreeing with them is no reason to call them names. You’re like a weak bully, hating strong women with opinions...

Dollar Tree Mountain Home Arkansas / checker (Complaint)

Elainech May 23, 2018

said you mean Senator John McCain? She said yes. I nearly fell over. She didn't know his name but preceded to tell me how karma must have gotten him from what he's done in his past. I asked her what she was talking about in his past. She couldn't answer. I explained that he's a Vietnam was hero that was held in a POW camp for 5 years and could've been released earlier bc of his father's status but stayed with his comrades...

ABC Network / The tv show &the view& - Sherry Shepard is a hypocrite (Complaint Comment)


I have great respect for John McCain, but can not stomach his daughter. Can not ignore the faces she makes even if she tries to hide it. She really needs to go...

United Healthcare 450 Columbus Blvd New York / denied claims (Complaint Comment)

jcarr26 Feb 17, 2017

The office of Senator John McCain of Arizona United Healthcare sent me and the senator a response which they state justifies their reasoning for refusing payment. It seems to me that they should be finding ways to address their members health rather than putting so much energy into finding ways to deny claims...

John C Howe Sarah Howe Westport Connecticut / Westport, Ct. Private Hedge Fund Executive John C. Howe is the Target of U.S. Tax and Securities Fraud Case (Complaint)

Gerald Ford Media Nov 27, 2014

Senators Carl Levin and John McCain noted that only one percent of hedge funds are audited and that hedge funds, such as John Howe's funds, are engaging in shady techniques such as use of "basket options" and "carried interest" to allow taxable income to be taxed at lower capital gain rates...

Plenty Of Fish Vancouver British Columbia / fraud and cheating (Complaint Comment)


Tucson office of Senator John McCain, I told the office staff member that answered the phone about how bad Plenty of Fish online dating website is, and that the Senate alsong with the House of Represenatives will have to step in and completely shut down POF in the U. S. , I also called up the Tucson office of my Congressman Raul Grijalva and told the same & the Casas Adobes office of Senator Jeff Flake...

Insurance Los Angeles California / Insurance Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Catalyst626 Apr 22, 2014

on 6/19/2009: John McCain used the liquidity of his large life insurance policy to initially finance his campaign Doris Christopher used the liquidity of her life insurance policy to launch Pampered Chef—that she eventually sold to Warren Buffet for $900 million J...

Fanny Mae Phoenix arizona Safford Arizona / policy change (Complaint)

eden land Aug 16, 2013

I called John McCain office to look into it, they said they have their own rules we can't tell them what to do. the house goes up for auction today I am told. I asked if I could bid like everyone else on it. the realtor said same rules applied. this is why we need to get rid of them crooks for mom and pop and all of America...

Websites 4 America / Blog offer (Complaint Comment)

awakeheart May 16, 2012

John McCain. asking how can you let this continue. ALL to NO avail. My particular complaint is with the liar John Hanson and the daughter of Leslie Mersky known as Danielle strange of EFC fame. And the credit card co's. especially Chase . how can they justify believing these criminals?? There must have been thousands of victims with disputes dating back to the Bankcard Empire times of 2-3 yrs...

Eyepothesis Boulder Colorado / They stole my money (Complaint Comment)

bgtmbl Feb 20, 2012

$2, 110 donation to john mccain I'm not SUPER familiar with Boulder CO, but I believe 4743 Kincross Ct. is a very nice neighborhood to LIVE in, where the area around 6260 Lookout Rd might be a nicer place to LOCATE YOUR SCAM BUSINESS ADDRESS. Of course that's just my opinion...

Skypetcouriers. TK / scam (Complaint)

Piter Jul 06, 2011

John McCain. So i hope you have tracked and see the flight status of your puppy. So right now we are waiting for the payment for the transportation fee in order to buy the flight ticket and proceed with the delivery. Just get a pen and a paper, copy the payment address that you see below, then take it to the nearest Western Union office and make the payment...

prescott VA Prescott Arizona / poor service (Complaint)

gordon vanmoorlehem May 04, 2011

I have complained to John Mccain but i guess he is too busy to negotiate through my problems. I am going to correspond with the new director Donna Jacobs so she can start kicking some but...

Google Phone Las Vegas Nevada / Harrassing Phone Calls (Complaint)

Uncle Tommy Mar 25, 2011

Sharron Angle/John McCain. leave message" ! Probably a ruse! Checking the Internet found sereval files referencing similar calls. SEE FOLLOWING attached: """About 370 results (0. 04 seconds) Search Results [protected] - who calls me from [protected]? 7 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 3 days ago Got a call from [protected]? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number...

Saxon Mortgage Services Forth Worth Texas / SOLD MY HOUSE WITHOUT NOTICE (Complaint)

bellakai Mar 17, 2011

well as US Senator John McCain ans Gabrielle Gifford's This is truly a nightmare! . Tracy Wood Tucson AZ...

Sallie Mae / Usery (Complaint)

BSNICKS Mar 01, 2011

We wrote our congressman, John McCain, but that did not do any good. When your broke you are broke. They advised my wife that they will start wage garnishment. Go figure so they can take more of what you don’t have. If they are sued, please count me in...

Sallie Mae / Student loans (Complaint Comment)

BSNICKS Mar 01, 2011

We wrote our congressman, John McCain, but that did not do any good. When your broke you are broke. They advised my wife that they will start wage garnishment. Go figure so they can take more of what you don’t have...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / Fraudulent company (Complaint Comment)

VA designed it (Ask John McCain a POW what he thinks of the loan) The complaints are about the fees (every lender has fee's and the origination and discount points are tax deductible, hey accountant wannabe did you read this?) Take your old truth in lending statement that is required by the government and deduct the new truth in lending statement required by the government and see the difference mr...

Childrens Miracle Network Reno Nevada / Fraud (Complaint)

Travolta/John Kennedy/John McCain/ George Washington/John Adams/Thomas Jefferson/Andrews/Franklin/Lincoln/Polk/Cooliage/Hamilton/Grant/Lee/Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt/Dwight Eisenhour-Ike/Malcolm Little-X/Jimmy Hendrix/Martin Luther King, Jr. /…), III President Vincent Jean Trinidad MaganaMandela Tutu (Wesley Snipes/Vincent Cherry/Matt Damon/Clint Eastwood/Mr...

Walmart / terrible experience (Complaint Comment)

it's not like your john mccain and you had to say "i admit defeat, i did not win the election but i would like to congratulate the winner, mr barack obama. " it's not a big deal, it won't kill you, it won't hurt your career (if you have one which i assume you don't since you spend all your time bullying people online), and it won't alter the universe...

Pell Technology / Terrible company (Complaint Comment)

Republican petri dish, John McCain's home state of Arizona, they allow this sort of "Freedom From Regulation" crap. If the website owner is hidden, 19 times out of 20, the website is a fraud, or scam. I got taken, don't you be next! Btw, domainsbyproxy. com also needs to be put out of business...

Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage Peoria Arizona / loan modification (Complaint)

I emailed John McCain, my legislator, but got no answer back. Linda...

VH1 / Disturbing Commercial (Complaint)


commercial realize that John McCain cannot lift his arms higher than his chest because of the intese torture and beatings he went through while being held a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for five years. The fact that someone would use this to poke fun at him is a slap in the face to all our men and women serving, and to the many who have at one time been a P... Massachusetts / Terrible scam! (Complaint Comment)


you: Do you know who John McCain is? Angela: is there anything with it?what do you really want to do here? you: Would like to buy an account, but I need to know I can trust you? you: Simple straight up question since you are from the US Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to 'King'... / Bans accounts! (Complaint Comment)


/> Do you know who John McCain is? Angela 08-10 06:32:57 very long time Angela 08-10 06:33:15 what do u want to know on earth? Angela 08-10 06:33:22 can u make the thing easy Angela 08-10 06:34:10 if u want to buy an acc, we will gurantee that the acc is very clear to sell You 08-10 06:34:27 I don't understand you at all, are you sure you are from the US? Angela 08-10 06:34:32 we have a very safe way for purchasing accs Angela 08-10 06:35:03 u can undertsand me, i know that You 08-10 06:36:12 I just said I cannot understand you You 08-10 06:36:23 I only understand a few words, the sentences are not complete You 08-10 06:36:42 You either are a 3rd grader or lied to me and are not from the US Angela 08-10 06:36:48 there must be some thing wrong with ur computer Angela 08-10 06:37:01 what i said is very clear Angela 08-10 06:37:34 Our reputation and success is dependent upon providing a safe and reliable service to our customers... or ga-sale Montana / Illegal Chinese Scamming Fraud Company, (Complaint Comment)

california or who is john mccain or who is abe lincoln. They will say something like if you dont believe we are american, we cannot do business with you. Live chat sells me on RMT sites and unforuntely the truth of the matter is there are only a few out there you can trust, and one is not the ga-sale network...