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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / will not payout (Complaint)

Shirlee Spang Jun 23, 2019

multiple documents first my address on my cdl was different then the address on my bank account -my pge bill - of which I explained my father died and I moved across town same town into my parents home to help my mother- then that was resolved now it was that on the pge bill my name was spelled Shirley Spang as pge had a type my name is spelled shirlee spang - wow that was now unable to proved proof of residency so I sent a IRS notice then that was not sufficient as the wanted the entire document not just my name and address, so I provided that and then after all that they said they won't payout to my business account - so I got a prepaid account as I only had one bank account - I sent all that info and no they won't allow prepaid account - so I open a new bank account and I added my minor son since I won't need that account after the payout and when he is 18 he can have it -I sent the new account info showing my name address and account number- and no they want a welcome letter from the bank - I sent that and nope they revert back to wanting document with name address and account number of which I already sent ...

Allied Universal / / payroll paycheck (Complaint)

Tarsha bryant Jun 19, 2019

Allied Universal / payroll paycheck I already call IRS they not taking my money plus my branch in Savannah Georgia Micheal Ellis . he don't know what is going on. i reach out to office in Savannah Georgia about this cause happen 3 weeks . I never had a deductable before I have been with this company for a 1 years some months...

MGC Mortgage Inc Plano Texas / no service (Complaint Comment)

Jennefer Polak Jun 17, 2019

They have filed false reports with IRS. Have returned mortgage payments by check they refuse to honor, will not reissue. Have tried to foreclose but they are going about it illegally and our attorneys have been able to stop them. They are now trying to fast track a foreclose to prevent us from selling...

Dollar Tree / service (Complaint Comment)

Biggus Dickus Jun 17, 2019

You are not the IRS and have no rights to audit their cash register. Overages can be caused by legal tender apart from cash money. Suck it up buttercup, your daughter's faulty math skills may have cost you $3. 60. But, just like the old Mastercard commercials, the shame you should feel for whining about it on a third party complaints forum? Priceless...

Coach - Outlet / refusal of tax exempt form (Complaint)

Brookealison2001 Jun 15, 2019

First time it was because CALIFORNIA law (we are in Pennsylvania) says you have to have a letter allowing you to you a tax exempt cert for an organization if you are paying with a credit card that doesnt have the organization's name on it?! (But you can pay cash) This time they require a form from the IRS stating you can pay cash for a purchase- no form exists to our knowledge, they claimed to have one in the store but they refused to show said form to us...

Fsa Flexible Spending Account / Claim Denial (Complaint Comment)

Nanadup Jun 10, 2019

I could do and the IRS makes the rules and we have to suck it up...

Victim of Fraud / gift card utilization (Complaint)

Ashley M Young Jun 07, 2019

said he was with the IRS and FBI, and that my "freedom was in jeopardy". He said I was involved with money laundering and terrorism, and I couldn't talk to anyone, I needed to immediately get funds to them. I immediately left work. I spend hours on the phone being yelled at, and told this was a matter of national security and I couldn't talk to anyone...

BluSKY Restoration Contractors / labor laws (Complaint)

Kittle77 Jun 05, 2019

labor board along with IRS need to investigate. They placed a sub under them that you cant find and unliscenced. This is a government contract our tax dollars are paying while they run off with the money and use free labor promising they will pay. After over a month not being paid and was an hourly weekly job, most left...

General Motors Corporation / 2016 gmc acadia and r.b. fries dealer (Complaint)

acadia Jun 05, 2019

Circular 230 by the IRS. I am also Code Enforcement Officer of FOrest City, Pa and must abide by the International Property Maintenance Code 2015 and the Ordinance adopted and enacted by the Borough. DUe diligence is most important by anyone and everyone. I am worried about the unseen damage that this lying water is and will appear in the near future...

Publishers Clearing House / / a fake federal program from pch (Complaint)

Crystal Davies196951 Jun 05, 2019

He says the IRS in my state which is Louisiana is holding it. He has been lying to me since day one. I have his phone number. My name is Crystal Davies. My number is [protected]...

Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, Judi Greenspan,, think computer, IRS fraud San Jose California / aaron greenspan, neil greenspan, judi greenspan,, think computer, irs fraud (Complaint Comment)

34-1937820 scam Jun 02, 2019

(B99) IRS Filing Requirement This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990-N. Sign in or create an account to view Form(s) 990 for 2009, 2006 and 2005. PROGRAMS + RESULTS You Can Make An Impact Better data starts here. Uh-oh! Looks like this nonprofit hasn’t claimed their profile yet...

Aaron Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, Neil Greenspan,, Complaint Shaker Heights Ohio / aaron greenspan, judith greenspan, neil greenspan,, complaint (Complaint Comment)

34-1937820 scam Jun 02, 2019

is provided by the IRS for free in the form of Publication 78 and the Business Master File (BMF). Learn more about unrated organizations. Think Computer Foundation SHAKER HTS, OH Add to My Charities Donate to this Charity Why isn't this organization rated by Charity Navigator? The Form 990 N does not provide the needed information to complete a rating What does it mean that this organization isn't rated? It simply means that the organization does not meet our criteria... / They posted wrong details about me. They ruined my life (Complaint Comment)

34-1937820 scam Jun 02, 2019

include: The IRS’s Exempt Organizations Selection Check can be used to verify if an organization has a valid 501(c)(3) or other tax-exempt designation. The IRS also lists organizations that have had their tax exempt status revoked. Private watchdog organizations often review data and reports on organizations and may grade them based on various spending standards and other procedures...

First Priority Pay Hoboken New Jersey / Payroll Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Abdul C May 26, 2019

I had no idea First Priority Payroll was a scam company. I seriously thought the Georgia Department of Revenue and IRS had accounting issues, but I see that this Company withdrew the withholdings from my Company's account and didn't forward it to them. This is unreal, but so helpful. I have filed an Appeal with the State and t his information should help my case...

First Priority Pay Hoboken New Jersey / Payroll Fraud (Complaint Comment)

Abdul C May 26, 2019

First Priority Payroll, Inc. did the same thing to me. I have been assessed tax liens for unpaid taxes that were never forwarded to the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue. This is unreal. My email address is [protected]@gmail. com...

Jeffrey Allen Steinport Vianet, LLC Scottsdale, Arizona / abusive data mining monetized websites set up illegally as non-profit 501c's (Complaint Comment)

Oliver Jefferson May 25, 2019

com reportaffairs. com cheaterboard. com exposecheatersonline. com cheaterhoe. com cheaterblock. com cloudbadsite. com meribibi. com cheaterrant. com cheatandlie. com huandacareo. gob. mx badbizreport. is internetcheaters. com Once we gather all the evidence that Jeff Steinport is the one who is creating all of these malicious monetized websites, he will be sued for DEFAMATION, LIBEL AND SLANDER...

TurboTax / turbo tax for usa (Complaint)

Darrell D Norris May 23, 2019

I filed my return for the first time through your website. The IRS received a schedule C electronically that was different then the one I printed out. I called turbo tax 2 times and the agents both times transferred me to a recording asking for $100 more for unlimited access to specialists. I told the recording no and it hung up on me...

Govsimplified / ein number (Complaint)

Vicky Cardone May 20, 2019

thinking I was on the IRS website, I understand they are not a governmental entity but they appeared like so because they promised only they can get you a "fast" EIN. I paid them $247 but the filling was wrong. I only found out I had authorized a third party when I was at the bank trying to open my business account, then I called them to ask them to at least file the proper EIN or fix it and I was told I filed out the form wrong which I know I didn't...

Republic Bank & Trust Company Kentucky / IRS Refund Direct Deposit and Professionalism (Complaint Comment)

Yasmine 2 May 20, 2019

I have been referred to the IRS and other numerous departments, no one has been able to assist me. The Jackson Hewitt is Panorama City Ca is closed for the tax season...

kuscan and mccrea a professional law firm California / Watch out (Complaint Comment)

Dr. Juan Martinez May 19, 2019

tax es paid when they irs did not dig a ze ditch (labor does not ex-change)? Also, since dig a ze ditch, no studente loan either. Even if cannot obtain new credit, who needs it when cash es king? Who wants loans or drive around in loans anyway? Also, no forced placed in-surance (big bullet if you ask me) either...

Husov Jewelry / jewelry (Complaint)

Patrizia Sammartino May 17, 2019

like " We have been audited by the IRS therefore we cannot refund you the money because we are walking on eggshells". We have settled the lawsuit but it takes four weeks for a check from China to clear, Wells Fargo doesn't allow me to transfer you money. I will send my wife to the bank tomorrow...

TurboTax / online tax filing (Complaint)

courtney brown May 16, 2019

taxes from 2017 to the IRS. This is causing a huge inconveniece because I am still unable to file my taxes without being rejected. I am unsure and uncertain how you are willing to take my money for a service and not provide a final product to the most important entity of all...

TD Bank Mortgage New Jersey / escrow/mortgage payments (Complaint Comment)

SimonPer May 16, 2019

printed directly from irs. gov were 'not acceptable' and the appraisal classified our house as a 3 - bedroomed house ( it is four, trust me ! ) . They offered to arrange for and pay for a second appraisal but then inexplicably changed their minds and said that whether the house was 3 or 4 bedrooms wouldn't affect the price ( even though most of the comps were against other 3 bed houses in my town ) ...

Neil S Greenspan VP and Treasurer for under fraudulent 501c non-profit called Think Computer / hacking in to state and federal databases to download sealed and sensitive information (Complaint Comment)

Judith Keene May 09, 2019

complaints with the IRS against this guy and his father who we read is the Vice President. The complaints will continue to be filed until plainsite. org is shut down and these people get sued for monetary damages...

Allure Aesthetics Inc. Aurora Colorado / troy johnson ceo - palomar icon laser purchase (Complaint Comment)

Ripped-off SC May 05, 2019

His IRS & state refunds can be used to pay his debt. His very future earnings can be taken to pay his debtors FIRST! His wages can & will be garnished for payment to us from his CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, state & federal crimes & his purposeful intent to harm. He has committed TORT violations & there is both criminal & civil penalties...