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Inn Season Resorts West Yarmouth Massachusetts / Ethical Business Practices (Complaint Comment)

Jordan B Nov 1, 2018

action suit against Innseason Resorts going?...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire / Special Assessment (Complaint Comment)

Louise Myers May 5, 2015

Avoid Edgewater, InnSeason Resorts. It's a scam, a rip-off with multiple ways to take money from you and keep on taking. You cannot sell back to them a contract you have signed. I bought a timeshare at Edgewater, paid the annual maintenance, then traded in the timeshare for a more flexible points program that would have allowed me to take three-day vacations, instead of week-long ones...

Inn Season Resorts West Yarmouth Massachusetts / Ethical Business Practices (Complaint Comment)

JVecc_InnSeason May 30, 2012

other questions about InnSeason Resorts ownership...

Inn Season Resorts West Yarmouth Massachusetts / Ethical Business Practices (Complaint Comment)

Also Fed Up May 5, 2012

with these scammers at InnSeason Resorts. To add insult to injury, today we wasted yet another hour attending a meeting with a "customer service" person who said the only way we could get a vacation was to pay an additional $6500. We're ready to get our attorney after these dishonest people, and I'm curious if anyone knows what happened with the Attorney General investigation and/or the Better Business Bureau reports mentioned in 2010? From Also Fed Up...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire / Special Assessment (Complaint Comment)

Capearosa May 13, 2011

mentioned do not work for InnSeason Resorts. Also most of the Resorts mentioned are not an InnSeason Resort. I know because I purchased one of their club memberships and it works exactly as they presented it...

InnSeasons Resort West Falmouth Massachusetts / Diamond Member Fraud (Complaint Comment)

InnSeason Resorts, Pollard Brook, Lincoln, NH In November of 2007, I attended a seminar at Pollard Brook Timeshare Resorts in Lincoln, NH. I had previously and subsequently visited many other timeshare resort seminars and have never been subjected to the high pressure sales tactics I experienced at Pollard Brook...

Inn Season Resorts West Yarmouth Massachusetts / Ethical Business Practices (Complaint)

Seems like I am not the only one, but over the past 10 years, Timeshares were sold to thousands of people in Ogunquit, ME. (me being one). To make the sale they offered (Two for one) meaning you pay full price for a timeshare, and they give you as an incentive another week free to complete...

Innseason Pollard Brook Lincoln New Hampshire / Not clean rooms front desk does not fix issue. (Complaint Comment)

Are you freakshows kidding? First, if you want anyone to take you seriously don't write like a ###ed three year old. The pictures you posted make the place look nicer than 99%. of the hotels/motels/resorts. It appears you're actually doing Innseason a service by posting them.

InnSeason Resorts Massachusetts / discrimination (Complaint)

I purchased a points timeshare from InnSeason Resorts, which allows us to use any of their properties in New England. I am handicapped, and have been many years. InnSeason Resorts knew of my disability before the contract was signed. In fact, during the sales process, they put us up in handicapped rooms - several times...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire / Special Assessment (Complaint Comment)

InnSeason Resorts Scam Ripoff Avoid at all costs NERM, AKA New England Resort Management, Curran Management Services, Innseason Resorts AKA InnSeason Management, AKA First Priority Travel, AKA Crown Vacations, AKA Southern Peaks Companies, AKA R&B Development, LLC, William Curran AKA as Billy Curran AKA as Bill Curran, Dennis Ducharme, Leon Narbone AKA Leon Narbonne, Antony Constantine AKA Tino Constantine, operators of the Breakers, the Soundings and the Edgewater AKA Edgewater Beach in Dennis Port, MA and other resorts in Cape Cod and New England (Captain’s Quarters, HarborWalk, Surfside, Falmouth, MA, Pollard Brook, South Mountain, Lincoln, NH, The Falls at Ogunquit, Mountainview, Ogunquit, ME and Jackman, ME)...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire / Special Assessment (Complaint Comment)

InnSeason Resorts is the brand umbrella of the 7 NE resorts which are managed by InnSeason Management (a separate entity). Q. The constant names in all of these various "companies" are Dennis Ducharme and Billy Curran. How can we as owners be assured that development and management are being facilitated in the best interest of us as PB owners as opposed to them and their various companies? Further, how can we be assured the financial lines are as clear and separate as you would like for us to believe...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire / Special Assessment (Complaint Comment)

Mountain and the other 6 InnSeason Resorts are separate entities unto themselves. There ownership base is separate from ours and each other unless a few of our owners also purchased at the other resorts. Can you also share with me what exactly what Southern Peaks is? Response: Southern Peaks is the development entity who owns the rights to develop this property and who therefore owns the unsold inventory...

InnSeason Resorts Lincoln New Hampshire / Special Assessment (Complaint)

I am outraged by the fact that Innseason Resorts/Pollard Brook is charging its timeshare owners a special assessment to cover their losses resulting from their poor business decisions. As stated in their letter, the funds are due within 30 days of the date of their letter (7/1/09) and unless payment is received, they have threatened their owners with creidt collection...

Freebee Gas Largo Florida / Fraudulent rebate service (Complaint Comment)


timeshare presentation (at InnSeason Resorts in MA in my case) and received my FreeGas offer for $150 worth of free gas coupons. I also have sent $100 worth of gas receipts each month since June and received the perfunctory email acknowledging that my receipts were received "in good order. " I also tried to call FreebeeGas--unsuccessfully--and was unable to speak to a human being or leave a message as the message box was "full...

Freebeegas West Yarmouth Massachusetts / fraud (Complaint)


share presentation at InnSeason Resorts in Mashpee, MA, I was given a voucher for $150 in free gas through FreeBeeGas. com. I qualified each month: June, July, August, September and October by sending in $100 worh of gas receipts each month by the 25th of the month in order to receive a $25 gas gift card by the 15th of the next month...