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Discovery Benefits / fsa (Complaint)

Lauren Collier Mar 7, 2019

I have found dealing with this company to be extremely frustrating. I don't work outside of the home and do not have access to the technology I am assuming I would need to be able to successfully submit my claims for reimbursement. I have photographed all of my receipts on my cell phone, e...

PayFlex Systems USA / dependent care fsa (Complaint)

Jack DPJr Feb 8, 2019

I had the same claim for the same provider approved in 2016 and 2017, but denied in 2018. Exact same service provided. Appeal made. PayFlex dragged their feet, couldn't find the prior approvals, and then simply said that it didn't meet IRS guidelines. Somehow the prior two years did? In an...

American Access Casualty Company / fsa healthcare account (Complaint)

Richard Lionello Feb 8, 2019

The FSA coverage period was May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019 and they deducted $750 from me through week ending 11/7/2019. They then change the coverage period to end on 11/1/2018 and denied my $641. 33 December 2018 eyeglass claim due to being outside of the coverage period! I feel that I should have been allowed time to spend the funds that they took from me and also wonder how they can deduct more funds from me after the date they changed the coverage end date to? I now have more claims to file that fall within the original coverage period...

HealthComp Fresno California / healthcare savings account administration (Complaint)

ChristinaBanzer Jan 16, 2019

allow me to access my FSA funds. They will not issue me an FSA debit card, send me checks or even reimburse money that I submitted for reimbursement. I have 900 on the account and have until March to use it before they just take it away and they have given me NO way to access my funds. I have contacted them several times and was treated rudely and never given any answers...

WageWorks / fsa account (Complaint)

RM (mn) Jan 7, 2019

I have been contributing funds out of every paycheck and they have acknowledged that they received the funds. That being said, they show my balance as $0. I made a call into their help line last week and I was told that this was a system error on their end, and that I should submit my clai...

WageWorks / fsa healthcare card (Complaint)

TDulle Jan 3, 2019

Ceredian Wageworks for our FSA accounts for several years. This year I planned my daughter's wisdom teeth extraction for early January so my FSA would be re-funded and she could get it done before going back to school from her Christmas break. I ordered an additional card online, so my husband and I could each carry one...

Quirk Chevrolet Manchester, NH MANCHESTER California / flexible spending account (Complaint)

Gregory Georgoulis Dec 7, 2018

I was never issued a FSA card to use to cover my deductables. My employment was terminated August 29th 2018. When I called HR, I was treated like I was bothering the HR manager. She told me that my flex pay account was terminated when my job was cancelled and that it was too late to use the monies I paid into the account...

American Fidelity Burbank California / flexible spending/health savings account (Complaint Comment)

AFAJulie Nov 2, 2018

frustrated with your FSA experience. I'd like to have someone from our FSA team reach out to resolve any pending issues. Please email [protected]@americanfidelity. com with your full name, employer name, state of residence, and your phone number and I can have someone reach out...

American Fidelity Burbank California / flexible spending/health savings account (Complaint)

PeggyFlynn Oct 30, 2018

attempted to use my FSA card and it again was declined. It wasn't until October 4, 2018 at the policy renewal meeting with an American Fidelity rep that I was able learn what claims had frozen my account and that My out of pocket costs and balance were lost for 2017. In the meantime, the same agent had renewed my account for 2018 - I have not been able to access funds still because of the July 2017 charges and now 100% of my 2018 contributions ($1200) are at risk of being lost as well...

Coral Reef RPSL 336 Ho Chi Minh city / joining about fraud (Complaint)

Ankushmehta Oct 26, 2018

Coral Reef RPSL 336 joining about fraud Sir m vietnam m fsa hun (coral reef rpsl number 336) ne mare sath fraud kiya hai. 13 august ko mare fight the mumbai se aaj mujhe 26 october hoge hai na koi joining ho rhe na or india vapis jana de rhe hai na joining kra rhe hai. 75 days ho gye hai mujhe yha na khane ko acha na na rhne ko acha kbhi bol rhe hai hongkong se joining kraunga tanker par kbhi bolta hai malesiya se container ship pr krunga...

Aidnest Windsor California / student loan servicing (Complaint)

mikeydrew Oct 18, 2018

provide them with my FSA ID. A month later I was told I would have to cancel that service myself which means that FSA ID has no effect on who can receive payments. AIDNest has done nothinh to provide me an acceptable explanation for my situation and are very difficult to speak with concerning the situation...

Home Depot in Brunswick Georgia / installation of washing machine claim#b8184311316 (Complaint)

Kathi Maroney Oct 11, 2018

This is the process per Bobbi at FSA, she reported she is a third party insurer. I also spoke to Savannah at FSA and she requested I send all estimates to her via email @ [protected]@fsalogistix. com, she reported she works with Bobbi and I could email her. I have heard nothing even though I have emailed them twice asking for confirmation that they have the estimates...

EZContactsUSA Brooklyn New York / contacts (Complaint Comment)

Don't Buy Here Oct 3, 2018

I have paid for my contact using FSA and I will need to follow up with the benefits dept of our company to see what to do next. I won't get my contacts there ever again, but it is debatable whether I will get the ones I ordered. Anyone reading this, go somewhere else. RUN...

Home Depot Darien Georgia / washing machine install that went horribly wrong (Complaint)

Kathi Maroney Oct 3, 2018

that someone else from FSA would be calling me. I asked his is that all you are going to say, that someone else is going to call me? He said yes, we are only a third party insurance. I got a call from Bobbi from FSA later and she asked me to explain what happen, I did and she preceeded to tell me "The process"...

PayFlex Systems USA / dependent care fsa (Complaint)

Todd G1 Sep 28, 2018

for administering our FSA (prior it had been with ADP). After the new year I sat down and tried to submit my claims to get my money back from Payflex. Their website requires you to have a "debit card" number they send you just to create an account to file the claims. I never received this card, so I called customer service and was told no problem one would be sent out...

WageWorks San Mateo California / flexible spending account (Complaint)

JIB33 Sep 10, 2018

Worst company ever to work with on an FSA. I submit fully completed legible receipts but they ALWAYS find something to complain to me about and deny the claim. Most recently I submitted a hospital copay - had all the details my name/date/hospital name and the type of service said Hospital. They told me I need to have it show what procedure I had done - I mentioned HIPPA and all they say is I am sorry but...

PayFlex McLean Texas / fsa administration (Complaint)

Audrey Figueroa Sep 7, 2018

Astonishing to see the consistently negative reviews. I am adding my horrible experience to the long list of unsatisfied customers. Payflex did not provide any communication on the 2017 reimbursement deadline so they get to keep my money! Is this even legal? How is this income accounted fo...

United Healthcare Online Atlanta Georgia / discrimination - - patient segregation (Complaint Comment)

Snowbiome Sep 1, 2018

com has made the whole section on FSA benefits and dependent care benefits disappear to make it harder to submit claims. Seems part of corporate policy. take our money first, then make it as hard as possible for people to retrieve their money back for legitimate expenses...

Carecredit Milwaukie Oregon / fraudulent practices (Complaint)

[email protected] Aug 30, 2018

As soon as my funds came from the FSA account, I paid the bill. Lo and behold, they sent a statement charging me a $50 late fee. I tried to contact them and asked for a manager. I was unable to locate anyone. I paid this bill one week after receiving the statement. On principle, I did not pay. They sent to collections and $50 was now $300...

FSA Winchester Virginia / self (Complaint)

robmelina1 Aug 15, 2018

delivery people at FSA [protected]). I called them once and they said they would have someone get back to me. They never have. Pamela at Sedgwick said she has sent them numerous emails telling them to contact me and they never have. This is effecting my purchases at JCPenny's. The way I feel right now, I will not by another product from JCPenny's until this issue is resolved...

Cigna International Laguna Niguel California / fsa (Complaint)

Robyn Tommarello Jul 11, 2018

saying I requested an FSA card 4 times and still didn't receive one until 7 months later on July 1st after several hours on the phone. On February 28th my coverage ended due to a temporary lay off, at that time there was still $500. 00 available to use good for 120 days from that date, which is June 28th...

OptumRX Carlsbad California / prescription renewal (Complaint)

Andrew Weibel Jul 6, 2018

I pay them through FSA feds. I immediately send the invoice to FSA feds and they sent the check over to optum. I go to order my refill in april and comes to find out that they never received the payment when I received confirmation from FSA that it was cleared and cashed. I was told it would be "looked into"...

WageWorks / fsa administration (Complaint)

ColoKat Jun 27, 2018

don't understand how an fsa works, and you get hung up on. I've begged, cursed, and finally lodged complaints with the bbb in the hope of getting someone who speaks english to figure this dumpster fire out. They are holding almost $1000 of my money and I can't use it. They suck...

Fsa Flexible Spending Account / Claim Denial (Complaint Comment)

skyebluerose May 14, 2018

FSA is horrible. I will never give them my money again. They are stealing and incompetent...

WageWorks / eligible expenses not being paid (Complaint)

Jendurbin72 May 11, 2018

paid by our money "FSA money that we have taken out of our pay" and now I have to re-pay the claims with my money "money that is not FSA money" because I didn't use this different process that no one mentioned. Now it is May so I cannot even request re-imbursement because it is after 03/31/2018...