401 Leavesley Road Chevron Gas Stationfaulty gas hose repair/ claim

M Aug 13, 2018

I was with my son at the Gilroy gas station on Leavesly Road 10am using pump 5. My son tryed to pull the pump hose closer to our car. It did not move far then fell down. It was held by a string. I took photos and video of the hose, pump, and another pump. Manager started in with we should have gone in to contact him. I stated it was a faulty string. No sign was posted. No "out if order" Or " Do not use". He and my son begin to argue who is at fault. I try to intervene. Both blaming the other. I got my son to stop and take photos. I was not willing to give our insurance information. I will not take responsibility for a cheap fix to a non repaired hose. I called corporate and as it was the weekend got no answer. I am sending this out of courtesy. The hose does need to be correctly repaired.

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