2Go Express/Luckytime 888capo/rubber pillow

The first return was the making of 2GO. The "refused to accept, " "return to customer" and "order cancelled" were merely remarks made by the courier. I communicated this to the seller and requested me to call the 2GO office which I did. I told them it was clear the delivery guy, whoever that is, was lying to his teeth. For the other item that he was supposed to delivery to me on the same day, he remarked "bad address." Question: how could I refuse a delivery (forone) when he couldn't find my location due to bad address (for the 2nd)? Fortunately, that 2nd item was delivered to my address a few days after calling their main office in Manila because their office here in Bulacan, I've also learned, is the one with the bad address, Its still listed address is in Baliuag when the office has been transferred here in Malolos for quite a time now. And without a telephone number to be called for follow-up. The "cancelled order" item was "returned to sender" the same day it was reported "refused to accept." But I noticed they extended that report to "cancelled order."

For the 2nd return, I indeed refused to accept the item after talking with the seller upon delivery. They sent me a different item from what I ordered. My housemates could have accepted that had I not been around during the delivery. Fortunately I was there or it could have spelled more trouble for me undergoing the process of return and refund. The seller acknowledged the mistake.

I have my record of exchanges of messages with these sellers to back up my claims.

I didn't expect that those transactions could be unfairly taken against me. By suspending the COD option Shopee deprives me of a more convenient and faster way purchasing. Why should the buyer be blamed for returns that happened due to sellers' or couriers' faults and inefficiency? That's a terrible policy.

Sep 30, 2019

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