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I have gotten 3 phone calls TODAY for an unpaid account THAT HAS BEEN PAID. THey stated that I had to go to the local location with a copy of my bank statemnet to prove that the charge went through. I refused and gave them the confirmation ID number from my bank, and they HUNG UP ON ME!!! I called the customer service line. THey offered to comp me a free month, but I refused anything but a monetary refund because I am cancelling my membership. She refused and I requested a supervisor. I was on hold for 26 minutes!! I then spent another 20 minutes on the phone with that "supervisor" who did nothing to resolve the issue. I spent a total of over 70 minutes on the phone. I DEMAND A REFUND FOR THOSE CELLPHONE MINUTES!!! THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!


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      Jan 12, 2011

    Your story does not make ANY sense. If you pre-pay, they can't call you and request any further payment until the limited term has been fulfilled . And even then, it requires your prior approval to make a new agreement IN PERSON as limited memberships (prepaid) are not automatically extended after the original term.

    If you already pay at the beginning of your limited term agreement and 24 Hour Fitness charge your credit/debit card and refuse to issue a refund of the overcharge, simply contact your bank or credit card issuer and request a charge back from them providing them with the documentation that support your claim for the refund/charge back.

    You're ONLY entitled to a refund of the membership dues that 24Hr. Fitness charged you after your original payment if you haven't agree to any new agreements. You are not entitled to any refund from cellphone minutes use for any calls you initiated.

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