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The following incident happened when traveling, from Johannesburg Airport to Cape Town.

I, Edwina Frantz, was instructed  by 1Time crew staff to hand over my hand luggage for storage in the hold, as the plane was full and no further hand luggage could be accommodated in the overhead bins, and that 1Time would return the hand luggage to me on exiting the aircraft.

My MacBook Air, valued at R17, 000.00 was in my hand luggage. At no time was I told that I should remove any valuables from my hand luggage, and been fairly new to traveling by air, did not feel that I was in any position to argue.
The computer was specifically NOT packed in checked luggage per 1Time's instructions. I was assured that I would be able to collect my hand luggage when leaving the aircraft.

Between handing over my hand luggage  and receiving it back as I departed from the aircraft, someone was able to force open the bag, remove the MacBook Air from its cover and close the bag again.

So, what I would like is that 1Time compensate me, either supply me with a replacement MacBook Air, or the equivalent in cash.
This was conveyed to iTime, and there reply from their lawyers follows:-

From: Sandile Siyaka <[protected]>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 10:01:21 +0200
To: Selwyn Zackon <[protected]>

Dear Sirs

The above matter refers. Apologies for the delay responding  to your letter dated 12 July 2012.

We have now considered the matter and taken instructions from our client (iTime). Our instructions are to inform you that that our client is not at all liable for the claim by your client.

Our client’s rights are fully reserved.

Kind regards

Sandile Siyaka

I find this extremely unfair for the following reasons:-
(1) I was order by air line staff to hand over my hand luggage.
(2) I was not told to remove any valuables from my hand luggage.
(3) By rights I should have had the 5KG of overhead space reserved for each passenger. The fact that there was no space
meant that other passengers were using up more than their 5KG share.
(4) I suspect that there was some conspiracy between the luggage scanners and the Airline crew, as they knew who to target
for getting hand luggage removed to the hold, although I cannot prove this.
(5) I had not checked in any valuables in my checked luggage, per airline instruction.


  • Ed
    Edwina Frantz Jul 27, 2012

    Theft from hand luggage is a major problem in South Africa. Seems to be free-for-all as what airline staff will steal.

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