1StopBedroomsterrible customer service - ordered 11/20 - bed still has not been delivered

B Jan 06, 2020

I have been calling one stop for over a month now in reference to not receiving a bed that I ordered and every time I call I am told the it has been taken care of, but no one ever calls to follow up with me and I still have not heard back on when I will receive my bed. I have even asked that the order be cancelled and refunded, but was ignored. I was even told that my replacement was expedited, another lie….this was told during the Christmas break. This is the worst service that I have ever received and I will NEVER shop here again. No one has ever been able to provide a date or a resolution. I even had a person at extension 7015 telling me to call her directly, but she never returns my calls. On top of all this, the hold times are ridiculous just to be told a quick answer to get you off the phone. Since this is a financed purchase I will be contacting affirm directly and letting them know the issue.


I spoke with Steven in claims today at 10:25 CST who advised that he would email deliveright and call me with a status..either good or bad today. I know that I have been told that deleveright has been emailed many times so we will see.


I have just called deliveright myself (your service team could have done this, it took me minutes) they advised me that they received the bed on January 4th and are waiting on 1st Stop to clear the delivery balance….this is horrible that I am having to do your agents job for them. I guess that I will call 1 stop back and ask that they clear the balance so that I can get the bed delivered.


End of business and no one ever called back!!!

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