1StopBedroomsorder 8576377

D Jan 17, 2020

Spent over $3, 800 for product in early December. contacted yesterday for a delivery date on Feb 6 - ONLY OPTION -
1 stop committed to 4-6 week delivery - 8+ weeks unacceptable.
Called and asked for support - promised a call back yesterday... nothing.
Followed up this morning... nothing. They said that I could not speak to a manager, I could drive 2+ hours to Atlanta and pick up the product myself or wait 72+ hours for a call back (supervisor queue process).

Suggest everyone take a look at local small claims process. You can bring this to court in your home town, they are required to send rep. to your town to defend... most towns don't appreciate predatory scammers like these folks ruining their local economy. Guaranteed to cause as much pain for them as you :-) - $50 fee at your local small claims.

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