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E Feb 04, 2020

Although I have now involved my attorney I am posting messages regarding 1stopbedrooms on every website I can. When you go to their website they have great ratings, and you cannot find 1 bad rating. They have a C- rating with the BBB, and their are several complaint sites with past customers all saying the same thing. Here is my detailed email thread:


To whom it may concern,
I started the process of ordering bedroom furniture with your company on 11/29/2019, and it has truly been a horrible experience. I have either spoken to, or emailed several agents so unfortunately I cannot tell you who said what, but I will try to give you an accurate account of what has happened. On 11/29/2019 I placed an order for the majority of the pieces you offer in the Farrah collection, a king size mattress, and 2 lamps. Order# 8563693 was created =, and in it was 2 Vicka Brushed Silver Table Lamps, a king size TriBeca Modern Pillowtop Firm White Mattress, Farrah King Platform Bed, 2 Farrah Nightstands, Farrah Dresser, Farrah Mirror, Farrah Chest, and a Farrah Media Chest. I financed the furniture through Affirm, and they promptly paid your company for this order. A few days later I received an email that the Farrah media chest was on backorder, and I was provided a few options. I wanted to clarify my options so I called in, and spoke with a gentleman that said I could wait for the media chest to come in, and all my furniture would ship at once or, I could remove the media chest and order it later. I asked him if it was possible to go ahead and have the rest of the pieces shipped, and had the media chest shipped when it comes in. He said if I did that I would pay a delivery fee for the media chest. He advised that I go ahead and request to have the media chest removed from order 8563693 so that it would not prevent the rest of my order to be sent, and setup a 2nd order with just the media chest. That is what I did, and that is when order# 8573145 was created. Ok now let's go back, and discuss the 2 lamps I ordered on 11/29/2019. A few days after getting the media chest situated I received an email that stated the 2 Vicka lamps I ordered where on back order as well. Initially I opted to keep the order, and to just have the lamps sent when they were back in stick. However, after looking at the other lamps you carry I wanted to select another lamp, and that is when order# 8579223 is created on 12/21/2019, and the only items in that order are 2 Circo Brushed Uplight lamps. Although those lamps were on your website, and available to order I was later notified that order 8579223 was being canceled because the lamps were DISCONTINUED!

Let's continue on with orders 8563639, and 8573145 shall we. Since the media chest was now on a separate order I was being charged a higher price than I was when it was on the original order with all the other pieces. That issue was resolved when I once again had to call in to speak with an agent. I asked that the media chest be replaced with the bench since it was on back order, and although the bench showed up it's status remained on "adding" for almost a month. I again called in, because for several weeks there was no activity on order 8563693. The agent I spoke with that day was supposed to "fix" everything for me, because the Vicka lamps that were back order now showed that they were shipped out, my mattress showed it was delivered to the company that should have called me to schedule a delivery, but after having my mattress for 3 weeks they had not called, and my furniture order was still showed the same status for over a month. This agent was supposed to cancel my lamp order (although they showed they were shipped by Fedex they really had not been sent), she canceled my media chest order, and the bench that said "added" she was fixing as well. She apologized because apparently 1stop is big on customer service although my experience has been pretty bad. I will say that when she was done I did see that my order had moved to the next step. Days later I received a notification that my furniture was actually at the place that would be making the delivery, but once again after 5 to 7 days I had not been contacted for delivery so I once again had to call. The agent I spoke with placed me on hold to make sure my furniture truly had shipped out (it had) and she emailed the company so they would contact me to schedule my delivery. My furniture was delivered last week, and I absolutely love it, and it's beautiful! Attached is the delivery receipt from the company that delivered it. You will notice where it says was missing!! I didn't call right away about it because I was on vacation. To my surprise 3 or 4 days ago I received an email from 1stop that something had been shipped. Naturally I thought it was my bench, but to my surprise it is the media chest that should have been canceled!! So yesterday I called 1stop, and last night an agent called me back and informed me that the order for the media chest had not been canceled, and since it has now been shipped I would have to pay fees to cancel the order after it shipped!!! REALLY!!! She then tells me she will send me an email that I need to respond to in regards to canceling the order. Guess what? I DID NOT receive an email! So as I explained to her last night I will not pay a fee to cancel something that should have already been canceled! I have paid with my time, frustration, and lack of customer service. So let's try this again...the media chest that was shipped needs to be canceled (without fees), and the bench that was supposed to replace it needs to be sent. If the person that receives this email is not able to do that then please escalate this situation to a supervisor immediately! Although you have it listed that customers can contact you via email I have had instances when I did not receive a response...this needs to be one of the times you decide to respond. I picked your company based on the reviews, but I assure you I will never order anything else from you, and will tell everyone about this experience. I have spent more time emailing, an calling you than I have with some of my family members. Again I do not want the media chest that should have been canceled but was shipped to me anyway, and I am not paying any fees to have the order canceled! I would like the bench that I ordered, and paid for.

Subject: RE: Order #'s 8563693, 8573145, and 8579223

Hi Ebony,
Who and when did you speak to regarding cancelling the Media Chest?
While I do see there are a lot of moving parts with your order, I do not see anything anywhere indicating you wished to cancel the media chest.
On Jan 14th - you spoke with a rep for an update on 8563693 (Pulaski Bedroom Set & Ashley Mattress), the same rep advised you of the Circo Brushed lamps being discontinued (8579223).
There was no request to cancel the Farrah Media Chest (8573145). The initial order was placed for that item on January 2, you were price match refunded (per my own request) on January 3, and this order was not accessed again until yesterday. So, I need to know the name, and the date of the request to cancel the media chest. Because from our end, there was no such request anywhere. The bench was discontinued, as I explained. That's why it was "missing", the whole reason you were given the set price on the Media Chest was a customer service courtesy from me for the large order you placed, and for the bench being discontinued. If you wish to return the media chest, it will be subject to fees, as you were advised.
Customer Relations Manager
866.456.8823 ext. 7006
[email protected]

To: 1StopBedrooms
Subject: RE: Order #'s 8563693, 8573145, and 8579223

Do you realize how many people I have spoken to? You just that yourself! I have CONSTANTLY had to call to either get issues resolved, find out AFTER I have ordered an item that was available on your site that it has been discontinued, waited almost 2 months for a furniture delivery, and now the 1st time I hear about cancellation fees was yesterday? Where is the email the representative I spoke with yesterday was supposed to send? The email she told me was so important that I respond to? Exactly...she didn't send it. Ms. Joan P. you have acknowledged that I have spoken with several people so I'm pretty sure you knew the answer to that question before emailing me, but I will go ahead and answer I do not recall who I spoke with. I'm sure you had time to review my orders so I'm not sure why you are stating the order for the media chest was placed on Jan 2nd when clearly from your own website it shows I placed that order on 12/9/2019. Again the reason I placed an order for the media chest only was because I was advised by one of your associates that since the media chest was on back order the rest of my furniture would not be sent until the back ordered item came in. You state that it was you I spoke with regarding the price match so if you recall the price match had absolutely nothing to do with the bench it had to do with me telling you the media chest that was in my original order (that your rep advised me to cancel) was cheaper, because of the multiple pieces I purchased. You asked me if I could find the price, and I said sure let me look through my email. While I was searching you said it was ok, and you would give me the current price of the chest, and a credit of $83.75 was given. This was not a courtesy credit. The company has not given me anything I haven't paid for! Your rep told me the original price would be honored, and when it was not you corrected what should have already been done. If I spoke with you on the 3rd of Jan it must have also been you who realized my order had no movement including the lamps that said they were shipped, and sent via FedEx but had not really been sent, and when I said the lamps should have been canceled was it you who canceled that part of my order that had supposedly shipped? Was I also charged for that? My call on 1/14 was made because my mattress that had arrived several weeks prior, and my furniture was now at the point where someone should have called me to deliver them, and once again I had not been contacted. Magically after I spoke with the 1stop rep (I dont recall her name either) the company Ace called to schedule my delivery. Now let's back up, and discuss the bench. Yes I was told it was discontinued, but once again when I called back, and spoke with someone new it was available, and even right now if I search for the bench it comes up, and the price is $209! When multiple people give you multiple answers as a customer what am I supposed to do outside of trust that people know how to do the job they were hired for? So, if you as a Customer Relations Manager are not able to help me cancel the media chest that should have already been canceled without me paying a cancellation fee then please escalate this issue to your supervisor please. Also, if an item is truly discontinued you may want to remove it from your website so customers don't get their hopes up. So again let's move this issue along to the next level supervisor. Thank you

[email protected]

Feb 4 at 10:56 AM

On 1/28/2020 I responded to an email from a Customer relations manager by the name of Joan P. I asked that my issue be escalated, and as of today I have not heard from anyone via phone, or email. I also have not received the cancellation email I was told would be sent. On January 28th 2020 I began a chat conversation with 1stopbedrooms via Facebook messenger. That conversation ended on January 31st 2020 with me asking for the persons name I was chatting with. Although that message was viewed by 1stop I never received a response. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I have contacted my attorney. At this time I need the mailing address, and fax number for your legal department. If there is a specific person my attorney needs to address please provide their name.

Thank you

Here is my conversation with 1stop on FB Messenger: (I sent the email thread above through FB Messenger as well)

I apologize for the long email thread. This is a conversation that I have been having with one of your associates that claims to be a Customer Relations Manager. In her response she provided inaccurate dates of when I placed an order. I was told (by her) that the Farrah Bench I ordered was discontinued. At this moment it is still available on your website! When I started this process with 1stopBedrooms I was planning to be a return customer, but after all of this I am no longer sure that I will be continuing that relationship. I feel the return of this media chest that is currently at Ace Commercial Logistics should be returned without ME paying cancellation fees for something that should have already been canceled, and not shipped. I would also like to truly confirm whether or not the Farrah Bench has been discontinued? If it has not it was an item on my original order, and I would like it

THU 8:47 AM
Is anyone looking into this issue? I see my messages have been viewed, but no one has responded...not even to say we are researching the issue. Could someone please respond, and if you are not able to assist me may I please have a phone number, or email address to your corporate office.

THU 2:24 PM

Hello, thank you for contacting us. Please be advised If you need immediate assistance, please call our customer service at 866-456-8823.

So let me understand...the only thing your company has to say to me is "if you need immediate assistance please our customer service at..." If customer would have done their job I would have no need to send a message. I will just proceed with filing a complaint with the BBB. Thank you so much for addressing my concern!

I see that our management is working on your claim as you reached out to us long time ago and the management got involved. I have sent them a follow up so they can update you. Facebook is a social media platform and I can only assist you here with the estimated delivery time frame. All complaint addressed to 1Stopbedrooms should be submitted via email. I do apologize for the miscommunication.

The BBB is only a mediator. You are of course free to open a complaint with them, but their only course of action is to ask us to try to resolve any outstanding issues with the consumer. It slows the process down as messages have to be read over by a BBB complaint analyst before being forwarded to the disputing parties.

THU 4:43 PM
Thank you for your "human" response. Since the moment I was made aware that the media chest that I initially wanted was on back order I have been trying to resolve issues, and based on the response I was given from Joan P. whose title is "customer relations manager" I am not confident in the company wanting to resolve my issue. Thank you, and have a good day!

FRI 2:46 PM

Hi Cassandra, I have looked into the order 8573145 ( Media chest). I understand that you are not satisfied with the response from Joan. However, we have our policy like all other companies. The item was custom ordered from the manufacturer and shipped to you. We paid for the item and the shipping as well. The item has already arrived at your local carrier. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not accept the returns and the item will go to the garbage, that is why the restocking fees involved. You may reply back to the last email from 1Stopbedrooms with how you would like to proceed with this order. Thank you.

I don't know how much clearer I can be! I ASKED THAT THE ITEM BE CANCELED PRIOR TO IT BEING SHIPPED!! How much money did I spend with your company? I also ordered lamps, and a bench that YOUR COMPANY did not have yet they are still available to purchase on your website. I am being asked for the name of the person I spoke with, and since you can see the amount of times, or emailed your company trusting that what I asked was happening I didn't think that I needed to write down the names of every person I spoke with or who replied to an email I sent! You're speaking to me about the money a multi millionaire company has paid to ship an item as if I in some way am responsible for that. Obviously I wanted the items I ordered or there would have been mo reason for me to keep calling to inquire what was going on. So once again I CANCELED THE MEDIA CHEST!! If you are not in a position to resolve this matter than please escalate to someone who can. I know this is not the 1st time this has happened. I find it comical that each of you can comment on the amount of people I spoke to, and the issues I had, but connecting the dots to the fact that I requested for the item to be canceled can't be done. The 1st set of lamps I ordered showed they had been shipped by FedEx for a couple of weeks I believe before I called. That agent told me "it shows that they shipped, but they really didn't go out!" Since I had already placed another order for different lamps that your company had on your website, but were discontinued they were removed. So what that tells me is it's ok for the company to fix issues as long as it benefits the company. May I have your name please since it is apparent I need to track everyone I am speaking to.

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